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  1. Yes. I have them and a direct replacement for LEGO versions.
  2. I also got my R56 curves today! Same quality as your R104 and R120. Thanks @coaster
  3. Jedi Bert

    Large Layout Questions

    My LUG has a lot of experience in setting up layouts for short (2 weeks or less) and long term (3 months) shows. For any long term show, we use 9V as it allows us to "set it and forget it." The main problems with 9V are the power distribution that @BrickMusher mentioned and the 9V train motor wearing out. For your existing layout, did you replace the motor with a newer motor to see how it runs? Do you clean the track on a regular basis - during our long term shows, we do that about 1 once a month or more depending on how dusty the place is.
  4. Jedi Bert

    BrickTracks: R104 Switch Kickstarter is LIVE!

    I would back a Kickstarter for the power pickup wheels and the move to hybrid. Can the pickup wheels be used to charge a LiPo battery via 9V straights that allows the train motor to work during the PF curves - R56/104/120 and R104 switches.
  5. Jedi Bert

    Powered Up FAQ and Community Wishes

    Does PU have the 2 hour time limit as LiPo and standard battery packs - I know that standard battery time limit can be disabled.
  6. Jedi Bert

    7897 - parts or complete set?

    I have recreated this set from Bricklink parts and using PF. It is almost similar to the current 7938 passenger train. I would download the instructions to see the parts your will need. Except for the front car, they all use the readily available white train chassis 6x24. This is the same that the 7938 uses. The 1st car uses the white train chassis 6x30 with integrated battery (6xAA) and RF controller. As there is no plain 6x30 train chassis, you will need to work around the 6x24 or 6x28 standard train chassis and add the PF components to motorize it. There are several Bricklink sellers that you can buy the sloping front of the train.