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  1. brownie5968

    Narrow gauge goodnes

    The yellow and dark red tu-4 is beautiful. Some of the most comprehensive narrow gauge builds ive seen with all the colour schemes, different locos, different rolling stock etc. Love them!
  2. brownie5968

    LEGO Trains 2021

    i feel the same way about the model railroading aspect, im starting to convert some of my stuff to ball bearing etc, but i must say ive had fun modifying and improving the crocodile since i got it a couple weeks ago. Easy to do, so hopefully any other trains they release will be the same, easy to improve, but decent to start with
  3. brownie5968

    LEGO Trains 2021

    It would be nice to get another steam loco at some point, hopefully with some somewhat detailed valve gear. Either way, i hope creator expert trains become like creator expert cars. The crocodile has been sold out more than the fiat 500 has this year so far, so theres clearly a demand for trains, i just think the 18+ branding needs removing. I got the croc finally the other day, and there wasnt anyhting id say was 18+ about it, other than maybe the gears in the central portion, and the pantographs are a bit fiddly for younger kids maybe. I am hopeful that we get more creator expert trains though, either in 2021 or 2022...
  4. brownie5968

    [OcTRAINber] Arlinsport Quay

    That shunter is sooo cute, love it!!!!
  5. Those old finger hinge arms look really good on the bogies, simple but effective! Good job!
  6. brownie5968

    Power Pick-up Wheelset

    That prototype sure looks good, surely you could run wires from the wheelset and use them to power things within the loco, also, what about the old 9v plates? could they be sacrificed to make wheelsets? sorry if i seem dumb here, but the idea behind this is somehting id totally be behind, even just for a mechanism that works that could be modified to be 3d printed for use on standard gauge hobby track ie O-gauge
  7. brownie5968

    [MOC] Jaguar XKSS

    Simply lovely, size is certainly accurate to how small these are in real life lol
  8. brownie5968

    [moc] Narrow gauge 0-4-0 logger

    This is super cool, what drives the pistons may i ask?
  9. brownie5968

    Lego GmbH DB Kof II - 8 wide

    Thanks for the kind words everyone!
  10. brownie5968

    Lego GmbH DB Kof II - 8 wide

  11. brownie5968

    Lego GmbH DB Kof II - 8 wide

    sorry for the double post, but @JintaiZ, hows this look for the front? Köf II - modified grille by JoelBrown5968, on Flickr
  12. brownie5968

    Lego GmbH DB Kof II - 8 wide

    By front part are you referring to the narrow grille? I did sit for a fair few hours coming up with different designs for the front with wider grilles, but didnt get any i liked. Some grilles styles then made the nose out of scale with the cab etc. Ill keep trying and update the thread if i change it Thank you so much, amazing how they all look so similar but are built very differently. Thanks for the kind words, the 8 wide boxcar ive started building does look big compared to the loco, i think im just struggling to get into my head that this is a small loco!
  13. brownie5968

    Lego GmbH DB Kof II - 8 wide

    Here is my first ever MOC lego train, a DB kof II in the colours of the loco once owned by Lego GmbH themselves. This is also my first post here on Eurobricks, so hello everyone!! Lego GmbH Kof II - 9 by JoelBrown5968, on Flickr It is unpowered, and is 8 studs wide. There is a somewhat detailed interior, and you can fit half a minifig inside it. Im planning to build a powered boxcar to go behind it, similar to the ones it shunted around the distribution centre in Hohenwestedt. There is no room inside to fit PF components at all, a 9V motor may work but the wheelbase is currently larger than that of a 9v motor. The stickers are custom made, and a fair few "illegal" techniques are used, one being how the upper centre light is mounted to the nose. Lego GmbH Kof II - 8 by JoelBrown5968, on Flickr I have instructions available for sale on rebrickable (linked below) if anyone is interested, and theres more photos availabe on my Flickr page and my instagram, @browniesbricks. Instructions:öf-ii/#details Any feedback or ideas/improvements are totally welcome. Finally, should i go 7 or 8 wide for the boxcar?