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  1. kabel

    [Moc] berlin noir (modulars first try)

    Thanks for the praise lads! Well, the doors leading to nowhere, will eventually be leading to another wing which will include the bathrooms, half a stair down shared by various apartments. Actually, when I was living in Berlin in the late 90s early 2000s many people in Eastern Berlin still lived like that!
  2. While in the fancier parts of town the citizens of Berlin saw indeed the thwenties roaring, the working class neighborhoods remained as shabby as they had always been. Crime, poverty and desease were ever prevalent and once okay looking houses started to crumble ... This is actually my first try at anything modular but building this was so much fun, that I already have 4 more houses in the making. So stay tuned for how this one will continue ... constructive feedback always welcome of course
  3. kabel

    LEGO vs. Held der Steine

    I think the main problem is that we AFOLs associate happy (if not the happiest) days of childhood with building Lego. I, at least, certainly do very much so. So building with Lego as an adult is a highly nostalgic endeavour to begin with as it means spending hours in a kind of "flow" situation in which the harsh realities of adulthood seem very far away. This also means that those of us growing up with Lego in the 80s and 90s have a completely conception of what you can and should do with Lego and what it should look like. Thomas really caters to this feeling when he produces his hour long HDS videos in which he builds and talks about everything and nothing. I guess he sort of promotes a certain nostalgic feeling/atmosphere there. So the sudden realization that Lego is (and has always been) nothing but yet another capitalistic business enterprise driven by the interests of the share holders comes as a kind of shock. It kinda destroys the feelings we associate with plastic bricks and minifigures. It's almost like this moment when your parents interupted your playing with Lego as kid telling you that you still have to do the homework for tomorrow's day in school. I always almost hated my parents when did that to me as a kid. Maybe this explains this extreme reaction of Thomas's fans. For me it certailny seems very silly now, as I've become a 100% mocer over the last ten years anyways. Why should I care which sets Lego sells as long as I can buy used bricks on bricklink or on conventions. They even come cheaper that way! So I feel kind of embarressed to have started this thread the way I did.
  4. kabel

    Lack of original themes

    True, but many of us are parents too. It's actually because of my kids that I got out of my dark ages to begin with. And I don't want to think about how much money I have spend on Lego sets ever since they were born ... Unfortunately, and against my will, for a few years my kids had drifted into Playmobil exactly because Lego sells neither Castles nor pirate ships.
  5. kabel

    LEGO vs. Held der Steine

    What I don't understand is why all of the sudden Lego pulls off this one after HDS having registered and used his Logo since 2014, as he claims. Hard to find answers for this one as long as Lego remains mute about this whole issue. But apart from the entire dispute, what strikes as really odd in this case is how in 2019 Lego doesn't seem to understand how social media/influencer marketing actually works these days. Did they really think that Thomas was not going to talk about this letter in any of videos? Is Germany really such an unimportant market?
  6. kabel

    LEGO vs. Held der Steine

    Nothing mysterious about that man, don't know how you got that impression. BTW, here is a new interview with him. Maybe some online translator helps you to make sense of it. I actually edited the frist page. Maybe this helps to put the discussion into a more objective light. And yes, I too read a bit too much into the video!
  7. kabel

    Lack of original themes

    As much as I would generally agree with the complaint about there not being enough generic themes, HP will be the only Lego I might buy this year. I wouldn't know what else could strike my interest. LEGO is going to help me save me a lot of money this year.
  8. kabel

    LEGO vs. Held der Steine

    Actually, his criticism is often grounded on his experience as the owner of a small Lego shop in the middle of Frankfurt. So he basically keeps on relating to what his costumers tell him they'd like to buy (real castle, real space, pirate ships, straight rail track etc.) and the way TLC treads him as a business partner (sending beaten advent calenders [without minidolls] in August, not supplying him with LEGO bags anymore, keeping him from selling exclusives etc.) Generally though he keeps repeating how much he loves the product itself but despises the management, especially the marketing department for various reasons (price strategy, weird usuage of colors in Technis sets etc.). Lego designers are usually excempt from his criticism though. Personally I can't always share all of his criticism but generally his point is usualy fact based and constructive. For instance, in his last video he talked about how much he loved the the design of the new Hogwarts Express but critisized that at 80 € it came without (straight) track and magnet cupplers and was difficult to motorize and that he could not sell it in his store since it's a Lego exclusive. I usually have his videos running when I'm procrastinating since I really enjoy his sense of humor (believe it or not, some Germans are funny!) and sometimes base my buying decisions on his reviews or building videos. Actually a lot of German AFOLs do that. Today more facts came to light though. Appearently he wanted to register his own HDS logo as a trademark so he can sell some channel based merch (like cups) himself as a little extra. This could actually be the reason why Lego's lawyers caught him on their screen.
  9. Looking pretty good for a "noob project". I'd suggest you add some vegetation to the rock section and try to bring in even more variation in the wall sections! Definetely a good beginning!
  10. kabel

    LEGO vs. Held der Steine

    The point is that the 160.000 (by now) subscribers are by no means his entire audience. Some of his videos reached over a million clicks. Personally, I've watched like every second of his videos for about 8 months now, depending on whether I was interested in the Lego theme or not. However, since I don't have a yt account I'm not one of the subscribers ... Germany with its 83 mio inhabitants is actually Lego's largest market in Europe. To piss off one of the country's most important AFOL influencers was just plain stupid. Not that LEGO really cares for the AFOL community anyways, but many of us are parents! So of course my kids (two boys 12 and 9 - the relevant group I suppose) thought for example that NK was rubbish and bought their castle stuff from Playmobil instead of from Lego. I could actually see how crazy their demand was when they killed their entire savings in order to buy all Harry Potter sets at once ... Having said all of that, I will not boycott TLG, as many people suggested. But I've finally taken off my pink glasses for good and will consider my spending habits (and those of my kids) more critically. Fortunately 2019 seems to be the worst Lego year since 2003 or so anyway ...
  11. kabel

    LEGO vs. Held der Steine

    He's already changed his logo but also canceled the buisiness deal with TLG so he can now sell other bricks besides Lego in his store. A huge shit storm is currently sweeping through the German Lego community.
  12. kabel

    LEGO vs. Held der Steine

    But then again I've just read that promobricks got a similar letter! Could it be that TLG is scared of some critics recieving too much attention?
  13. 1st Edit: On January 20th the Youtuber "Held der Steine", well known in the German AFOL scene, posts a video in which he describes how he got a letter from Lego's attorneys to change a logo he's been using in his videos and on his Bricklink account since 2014 as Lego proposes it infringes their trademark. Annoyed by how Lego handled the situation he describes how he will henceforth cut direct ties with TLG and also review sets from other companies from now on. German Lego fans actually read an attack of Lego on a critical reviewer into the situation and start a shit storm against TLG. Several questions arise from this and leave the German AFOL debating hotly wether it was TLG or youtuber HDS who overreacted over this issue. Original Post: Not sure what is wrong with Lego these days, intimidating Thomas Panke aka "Helder der Steine" with a lawsuit over the usage of "studs" in his old logo is one of the dumbest moves Lego has ever done! If you want to know what I'm talking about, watch this video!
  14. Actually I think Maxim is poking fun at me for my VW T4, which in fact has lower emissions than all those crazy super-duper compressed new Diesel engines!
  15. A new hall? Not Waagnatie any more?