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  1. Actually I think Maxim is poking fun at me for my VW T4, which in fact has lower emissions than all those crazy super-duper compressed new Diesel engines!
  2. A new hall? Not Waagnatie any more?
  3. rumors have it that Renato Filamento might have survived his trip to the jungles ...
  4. kabel

    MOC: Le Fleuron, 1729 third rate French ship of the line.

    Mate, where are those 333 minifigs, can't find them in your pics? Anyway, can't wait til Friday to finally see it in real live!
  5. kabel

    MOC: Ding Dong Alley, a western layout

    Well Capt., it definetely a lot of fun to collaborate with you on such a big layout. What you forgot to mention is that we originally came up with this for BMA 2016 within something like two months or so. Anyway, I for my side will keep on exapanding my side of the layout as I promised my kids a fixed layout where we can run our trains!
  6. kabel

    The Town of Rock Ridge

    Wow, such an amazing dio! When I build Western houses, I often feel like it all looks the same. So the diversity in your buildings is rather inspiring and great so see!
  7. As a yellow supremacist I fully approve of your treatment of those fleshy *err* monstrosities! The rest is great as always! (wow, this was my 4000th post)
  8. kabel

    Future Castle Sets?

    Still, they are both fishing in the same pond, which is why I think it's highly unlikely
  9. I'm actually still building the same one, but it's actually growing out of proportion and I can neither stop nor finish it ...
  10. kabel

    Future Castle Sets?

    As I've said a handful postings above, and which you guys obviously didn't read, Playmobil already owns the HTTYD license! So this part of the discussion is rather futile!
  11. just wanted to menion that I'm still lurking around, just not posting. And, I'm also building, it's just that I don't build small stuff anymore and my large castle takes a lot of time, bricks and effort!
  12. kabel

    ["A Safe Haven" Challenge: Cat. C] The Nagra Luca

    Well thank you Henjin for crediting me. That does not happen very often in this here forum! As for your ship, there's some cool stuff going on, but I guess for an Elven ship it's a bit too chubby for my taste .. @Kai NRG I've actually used this technique numerous times before, I think here for the first time.
  13. kabel

    Collection of Medieval Tutorials

    Why did you guys not add your stuff to the already existing turials? That's why the topic got pinned there once!
  14. kabel

    Small pine tree design?

    We actually have several tutorials right there, first post of the forum, you might go and find inspiration there!
  15. kabel

    Future Castle Sets?

    Actually Playmobil already has the HTTYD liscence!