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  1. [Moc] Western Town

    It's great to see all of them connected to each other, amazing view! Too bad you only had so little room as it does look a little tight here and there, more room would have given your creations more justice!
  2. Yeah, that Romans vs. Egyptians line got my kids (8 and 11 year old boys) really crazy, the eventually spend their pocket money to get all of them since I don't buy them any Playmobil sets myself! And often enough it's Playmobil that borrows ideas from Lego.
  3. Well, I guess it‘s more of a gutt feeling because of Elves getting so many waves. Personally I really liked where Kingdoms was going, with those civilian sets of which I bought mutiples then. Just consider how expensive the goat has become. And then it got cut short because of Lotr with a lot of potential left. So I don’t think Classic European middle ages castle is dead. Playmobil is still selling castles like crazy and my kids went there because Lego doesnt have good castles. The thing is just that castle deserves the attention other themes got! Castle 2013 failed because it was done in a rush, designed without any love for the topic.
  4. I'd suggest that this was because it was really dark in tone and not catered towards kids. Seems like Elves does well because it's good humored and of course well designed. Those goblins are really cute evil guys after all. And, let's forget about the prices Lego asks for licensed themes either!
  5. A more elaborate Western House

    Honestly, I really like this one the best so far. Quite a shame I can't come to Antwerpen to celebrate our Western layout together! But, I'm already working on new modules that will go on display next year!
  6. Oh man, this is really gorgeous, kinda hard to say what to like in particular, since all of this looks really nice. What really kills the beast though is the roof! What a great idea!
  7. Münster Anno 1643

    Great creation, it's missing all the tourists though that usually crowd that street there ... ;-)
  8. Western MOC: Confederate Fort

    The fort itselft is great, but I'm not sure why you did the walkways in dark tan instead of brown. Also I think your ground could still use a little detailing. And btw, my entire Western stuff is now at Maxim's and is wayting to get united with your stuff on BMA!
  9. nice snot rocks, exactly my taste! However, I guess I would have preferred pics over a vid!
  10. [MOC] Western Town & Bull-Riding Tournament

    Neat little town but adding a few more closeups of the town would have been great!
  11. Haha, Western mocs all the way! Great stuff to be seen here, great wagon, main building and path! However, the shack seems a little out of place when compared to the rest.
  12. History Guides and Indices

    Western Moc Index is done, if you still find mocs I haven't mentioned, feel free to add them in the respective thread
  13. Roofing

    There is a collection of roof building techniques in the index section!
  14. You may also refer to all the other tutorials in the index section, for instance the tree building tutorial
  15. A journey to Mitgardia

    I really like, quite similar to something I'm still building right now ... Anyway, hope the rumors of Steens demise are not true and that you will find him in or near Thorshaven ...