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    mercenaries vs monsters
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    I customize Fang-Suei figures.

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    Gleneagle Farms
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    Skateboarding, roleplaying, swordsmanship.


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  1. Krol Zmija Sebastian

    Heroica: Glory Amongst The Stars - General Discussion

    Here, and in Person. {My Profile photo, ch-ch-E-ck it O-ut}
  2. Krol Zmija Sebastian

    KB image question.

    That worked wonders. My thanks, Moderator VBBN. Would it be okay if i reevaluate my Images into a new Topic here with the same intentions as before? *new topic on the forums, not this topic area.
  3. All my Figures are named Sebastian, because I'm Sebastian. My Kingdom, "Naitsabes", is my name backwards. The 1st Zmija {Viper} is Krol {King} S. Iksworbad. The other two are a Knight, Rycerz S. Shaglar, and the Lesnik {Ranger} S. Pyranger. I'll intend to make just Vipers for my Kingdom. If any thing else I'll make Mercenary Companies, Diplomacy Senates, and so much. Krol S. Iksworbad is a "Down To Earth Brown" Zmija {Viper} with peach eyes that have "Scorched Metal" Irises, with peach-skin colored belly scales, and straight spots down His back; Krol S. Iksworbad. Rycerz S. Shaglar is golden with bronze eyes and scales. His Irises are peach; Rycerz S. Shaglar. Lesnik S. Pyranger is peach with "Scorched Metal" eyes that have peach Irises. His belly scales are "Jungle Mist". His back scales have random brown spots; Lesnik S. Pyranger.
  4. Krol Zmija Sebastian

    KB image question.

    Krol S. Iksworbad. Testing... Testing...
  5. Krol Zmija Sebastian

    KB image question.

    I want to create MOCs but the images to attach in each comment of mine has to be 10KB or less. I'm baffled at this new Internet phenomenon. Code, and fonts are vaguely ignored, but ruefully so, I've learned to roleplay to accede storage capacities, like logistics, and can assess foundries... Background removers for images, image inlargers, and somewhat compression. Vectors I can't do. So, tell me, how do I make 9KB images?
  6. Krol Zmija Sebastian

    Latest news about Lego animal moulds

    Had to find what species the serpent was, as I wanted to say it was a Viper. Seeing what set it belongs to it is not.
  7. Krol Zmija Sebastian

    [MOC] Sir Reginald's Return

    That Hennin on that Princess totally reminded me how it's meant virtuously outside a Party, jolly good! Yes, a proof of a Landed Princess being a Lady, thus a Knight's Daughter. Seems virtue gets repugnant with howfar I've accomplished... worth memorizing. Explains the Royalist ethusiasim when shadow boxing purging the "martial art" of it.. Interesting, or I mean well, well, well.
  8. Krol Zmija Sebastian

    Potted Plant

  9. Krol Zmija Sebastian

    What are you listening to?

    Come Clarity by In Flames.
  10. Krol Zmija Sebastian

    Hi from Vilnius! I'm Nastassia

    Welcome to the Party!
  11. Krol Zmija Sebastian

    [MOC] Redwall: Descent Into The Mushroom Forest

    Any enemy of a weasel is liked by me. I couldnt fathom those mushroomcaps not straight, though, for the fundamental idea you said. I enjoy their colors, though.
  12. Krol Zmija Sebastian

    [COMIC] The Monday Deathmatch Tournament

    Hehaha a real Tourny! I must read more, thanks for the 1st Sector of this topic. I'll add an EDIT instead of making another comment: looks like it may not be exactly finished. Good work Aliencat!
  13. Krol Zmija Sebastian

    [MOC] Pirate Death Star

    Magnificient! I can already hear the iconic stormtrooper yelp.
  14. Krol Zmija Sebastian

    [MOC] Summertime in England

    Good work, nice and simple.