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Found 5 results

  1. After the battle in the space I finally arrived on solid ground. But I was quickly forced to leave Kuat and head to the rims around it. One of the small hangars is a base of a small group of rebel soldiers. There I got a friendly reception by their leader. Our mission is to find a skillful technician, who will crack the super-computer. Please consider, that it was raining for a couple of days and that making better photos is impossible.
  2. After the Imperials had successfully captured many Rebels in Kuat, Dark Trooper Tyrus had been personally requested by Admiral Zapal to attend an interrogation of a Rebel hotshot pilot that had destroyed the Admiral's Star Destroyer a month ago with a lucky torpedo, leaving him with just an Interdictor. He had made contact with the Avenger and was delighted to hear that Tyrus' squad had captured the fleeing pilot on their surveys of Kuat. As a gesture of thanks, Zapal invited Tyrus to join him on his Intedictor cruiser, personally decorated to his tastes (though far to light and cheerful for Tyrus'), to witness the interrogation and eventual destruction of the pilot. Tyrus walked into the interogation bay and squinted at the harsh, white lights that illuminated the room. The Admiral had been joined by another Commando, Jargo Fine, along with a couple of Stormtroopers. Tyrus had brought a trooper that had carried the pilot 9km across Kuat's surface back to the Imperial Shuttle, SK-13L. "Don't you just love to hear them scream..." The Admiral said to Tyrus and Fine, as a few small drills pierced the pilot's stomach. Tyrus had heard things about Admiral Zapal, about how he had crushed the heads of a Rebel woman and child with his bear hands, but he was even more sadastic in person. He grimaced as he watched the torture take place, but the pilot didn't really yield anything they didn't already know. He was just being punished by destroying the Admiral's flagship. Suddenly the other Commando, Fine, murmured something into his headset. No one else seemed to notice, but Tyrus suspected something dodgy... SoNE XI by Lord Tyrus, on Flickr SoNE XI by Lord Tyrus, on Flickr WP_20160220_11_51_31_Rich (2) by Lord Tyrus, on Flickr Suddenly a trooper walked over the the blast doors and opened them. To people, a man and a woman, dressed in scruffy clothes entered the room. Tyrus and SK-13L de-holstered their weapons and the Admiral turned round but the other Stormtroopers and Fine didn't react. SoNE XI by Lord Tyrus, on Flickr SoNE XI by Lord Tyrus, on Flickr The man strode over to the Admiral and held a long blade to his throat. "Admiral Zapal. It's nice to finally meet you." "Who are you? How did you get onto my ship?" The Admiral replied, his staunch gaze failing to falter. "We have had men stationed on your ship for weeks. Jaul and Lo'kar here," he said, pointing at the Stormtroopers beside him, "are prime examples of this. They've been reporting your movements and plans for ages, my men slowly replacing yours on this ship. Next we'll have the Avenger. As to my name, that doesn't matter. All that matters is you," He said, "And him," pointing at Tyrus. "Tell us what you want," said Tyrus, walking towards the newcomers. "I just said. We the Admiral dead for all the atrocious war crimes he has committed." Tyrus secretly couldn't disagree with that point. "Also, we would like you as well." With that, the man stepped towards the Admiral and sliced his throat open. The Admiral gasped and fell into a pool of his own blood. "You want me dead too? Well come and get me!" Tyrus said, signalling SK-13L to join him in cover behind the medical equipment. SoNE XI by Lord Tyrus, on Flickr SoNE XI by Lord Tyrus, on Flickr Tyrus and SK-13L fought hard. They managed to take out one of the traitor Stormtroopers and the Commando, Fine. "Run," Tyrus said to SK-13L, "I'll cover you. You need to inform the Avenger that they are going to be under attack. Tell them to purge the Intedictor, Vanquish, It's not worth the risk they could cause. An Intedictor in the hands of bounty hunters will be very dangerous." SK-13L nodded and started to rush down a ventilation shaft. He didn't get far before. The bounty hunter male had thrown his blade and Tyrus watched as SK-13L's back was split open. Tyrus could hear his cries of pain before they were suddenly silenced by a blaster bold from one of the rogue troopers. Tyrus looked back at the attackers and was immediately hit by a stun bolt. He dropped his blaster pistol as he fought to stay conscious. He saw the woman stride towards him and watched helplessly as a bag was pulled over his head, the darkness looming ever closer until he could see nothing but black. He dropped to the floor, unconscious... Sorry about the mediocre build and rushed story, hopefully I'll have time tomorrow morning to modify the story... Modified.
  3. The story so far: First Day Aboard the Avenger At The Table-Before The Storm Rescue Mission Reassigned Eliminating The Competition Target Practice “Here we go again…” Evac Escape A Quick Transaction "Black Sunshine" Repel and Retreat Flatline Reflection A Promotional Meeting Previously: The New Squad Any Rebel on Kaut was a prime target at this point, but Beltar’s new squad was tasked with attempting to locate the stolen supercomputer. DC guessed that it A: Wouldn’t be in a high populated area, they wouldn't risk civvies, and B: Would be using large amounts of power for the Rebel’s to attempt to decode it. He was right. On the scanned map of the planet’s surface, there where multiple locations where large amount of power being used...In the middle of farmlands nonetheless. Using this information, he triangulated the possible location of the supercomputer. And now this squad was in the outskirts of the farmland of the bigger cities, they had discovered a trench, recently dug and decided to follow it. DC: Watch it soldiers, in coming! Beltar stay here! DT’s- With me! Alyin, you know the drill. Entire Unit: Sir, yes sir! The squad engaged the Rebels, two more had come off the pathway near the house, while the other two were completely off guard. DT-202: I got him! DT-101: Yeah right you did! DC: FOCUS MEN! DT’s: Yes Sir! Alyin: Yeah, you normally get left behind for a few missions, and as a medic. Beltar: Figured… Wait…Woah what’s going on over there? The two idiots where beating the one living Rebel, all of them where dead except this one, but Beltar knew this Rebel’s strategic value and that he was needed alive. DT-202: EY! Where is the computer! TELL US! Rebel: Ughh…. DT-101: HE WASN’T ASKING! Beltar pushed Alyin out of the way, and ran towards the other three, he pushed the two aside as DC watched in wonder…Beltar set his pack down, took the needle, and instantly administered it too the injured soldier. Beltar: Woah, move! Stop STOP! DT-101: What? What is the meaning of this, soldier? DC: Hmm….? Beltar, again knowing the value of this target, tried as much as he could to save him, and this kept that one Rebel alive. Beltar: Stay with me Rebel Scum… DT-202: What are you doing! Beltar: He’s an asset! We need him ALIVE! DT-101: But- DC: Let him work! I have to agree… Beltar had knocked him out to continue to work, once he was stable for the time being, Beltar got up and they continued to discuss the rest of the mission, and rather than continuing the search, they’d send DT’s for more scouting, and the rest would return to the rings to interrogate the Rebel. DC: I just dispatched the two nitwits, we will be taking him to the interrogation room. Beltar: Understood sir. Wait, he’s waking up. Alyin: Sir, The Room will be ready. DC: Good, now one second... DC: My turn...*punch* Alright, know that he’s out cold we are all good. Beltar: Well…That was…slightly unnecessary. Alyin: For now Beltar, yes it is. ===Later=== DC: Look…This is gonna heart real...real bad… Or I’ll take some information…You know… Rebel: I… Don’t know anything! Please! AHHHHHHHHHHH DC: I JUST NEED THE LOCATION! After a little more…’convincing’ the Rebel spilled out much information, about the location of the supercomputer, who they were recruiting, and how they were getting into the system undetected. Even though the Rebel gave all the information he knew, DC continued to torture him, and at one point the screams became truly haunting. Beltar: That’s ENOUGH! We got what we need! DC: FINE! But next time…Don’t interrupt me. Admiral, now that we know, keep the Rebel’s from entering the system for now. And Beltar, Alyin, and I will head back to the surface using the information, and combine it with what the two found on the surface. We might have to contact Kiriana about this, if he’s been looking in the city, that’s most likely the wrong area. We need to act fast. Admiral: Understood, I will notify Kiriana at once, Mr. Beltar, you are dismissed, you may return to your barracks. Beltar: Sir, yes sir. End Thanks for making it through this long episode build. Finally finished it, might edit the story tomorrow, but had to post it today because I won’t be home till 10:15PM PST, which leaves not much time. I tried to combine all of the ideas of this episode, interrogation, searching for the supercomputer, near the farmlands like in the episode topic, etc. More Images on my Photostream! Way too many extra pictures for me to embed in a spoiler, cause I'm really busy at the moment. The lighting was finally decent, but there is a huge crack in my photo studio now, so I’m going to have to get a new one…Thanks for stopping by and as always Comments and Criticism welcome! ~Beltar Edit: I got an OK by a judge to embed my photos afterwards.
  4. Given the large scope of the Empire's operation we were all pulling duties we might not be usually assigned to. I had been sent to interrogate a captured Rebel. I figured that since I wasn't a trained interrogation specialist that this would not be a high value target. Since I wouldn't be dealing with a Rebel that would have likely been trained in interrogation resistance techniques I decided that bluffing would likely be my best choice. I entered the holding room and didn't address the Rebel at all. I set about powering up the interrogation droid and busying myself with looking like I was getting things ready when I really was just doing nothing. I never directly looked at the Rebel but I could sense his growing apprehension. Finally I finished with my "preparations" and got the droid positioned right in from of the Rebel. It was at this point that the Rebel tried to put on false bravado and defiantly said: "Do you really expect me to talk?" I calmly replied: "No Rebel scum, I expect you to die." The mask of arrogance was quickly changed into a sense of panic. "But ... but you haven't even interrogated me!" "Correct. We know that you have little of value to offer us as far as information. But you do have value. You see, this droid here will make sure that your screams are heard in the nearby cells. And then THOSE Rebels will be far more willing to offer up their information. See, you can be helpful!" I wasn't even sure if there were any Rebels in nearby cells. Or how well sound would travel for that matter. But it worked anyway. The Rebel started telling me everything he knew without me even asking.
  5. They told us to hide. Empire will be searching for rebels and it isn't healthy to be found. So I did what they told me. I joined the rebellion 3 months ago and became a soldier. But all I was doing was working in large warehouses. I'm not really brave, you see. My father owns a large oiling company and helps rebels with free oil. But then, one day, he decided that it's not enough and send me to join them. And now? I'm hiding, as they told me to do. Another mission. We have to break the super-computer. I'm not really familliar with science, so I have to find someone who is. Oh, WE have to find him. But I can't find Toby. He's same as all those rich boys. He doesn't know how to work hard, he cannot fight. But it seems, he is good in hide and seek. The first part especially. I joined the army to see the world. Well I'm in the middle of it. But it isn't really interesting. Sand. Like the good old Tatooine. Me and my mate Arnie are searching for rebels. Again. All I do since I joined the army is searching for someone - rebels, rebels, Boba Fett and more rebels. Well ... I joined the army the same day as Rory. And we didn't join it because we wanted to see the world. No. We were just coming from the stag party and well ... Never drink with an ergesh! -----------