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Found 3 results

  1. After the Imperials had successfully captured many Rebels in Kuat, Dark Trooper Tyrus had been personally requested by Admiral Zapal to attend an interrogation of a Rebel hotshot pilot that had destroyed the Admiral's Star Destroyer a month ago with a lucky torpedo, leaving him with just an Interdictor. He had made contact with the Avenger and was delighted to hear that Tyrus' squad had captured the fleeing pilot on their surveys of Kuat. As a gesture of thanks, Zapal invited Tyrus to join him on his Intedictor cruiser, personally decorated to his tastes (though far to light and cheerful for Tyrus'), to witness the interrogation and eventual destruction of the pilot. Tyrus walked into the interogation bay and squinted at the harsh, white lights that illuminated the room. The Admiral had been joined by another Commando, Jargo Fine, along with a couple of Stormtroopers. Tyrus had brought a trooper that had carried the pilot 9km across Kuat's surface back to the Imperial Shuttle, SK-13L. "Don't you just love to hear them scream..." The Admiral said to Tyrus and Fine, as a few small drills pierced the pilot's stomach. Tyrus had heard things about Admiral Zapal, about how he had crushed the heads of a Rebel woman and child with his bear hands, but he was even more sadastic in person. He grimaced as he watched the torture take place, but the pilot didn't really yield anything they didn't already know. He was just being punished by destroying the Admiral's flagship. Suddenly the other Commando, Fine, murmured something into his headset. No one else seemed to notice, but Tyrus suspected something dodgy... SoNE XI by Lord Tyrus, on Flickr SoNE XI by Lord Tyrus, on Flickr WP_20160220_11_51_31_Rich (2) by Lord Tyrus, on Flickr Suddenly a trooper walked over the the blast doors and opened them. To people, a man and a woman, dressed in scruffy clothes entered the room. Tyrus and SK-13L de-holstered their weapons and the Admiral turned round but the other Stormtroopers and Fine didn't react. SoNE XI by Lord Tyrus, on Flickr SoNE XI by Lord Tyrus, on Flickr The man strode over to the Admiral and held a long blade to his throat. "Admiral Zapal. It's nice to finally meet you." "Who are you? How did you get onto my ship?" The Admiral replied, his staunch gaze failing to falter. "We have had men stationed on your ship for weeks. Jaul and Lo'kar here," he said, pointing at the Stormtroopers beside him, "are prime examples of this. They've been reporting your movements and plans for ages, my men slowly replacing yours on this ship. Next we'll have the Avenger. As to my name, that doesn't matter. All that matters is you," He said, "And him," pointing at Tyrus. "Tell us what you want," said Tyrus, walking towards the newcomers. "I just said. We the Admiral dead for all the atrocious war crimes he has committed." Tyrus secretly couldn't disagree with that point. "Also, we would like you as well." With that, the man stepped towards the Admiral and sliced his throat open. The Admiral gasped and fell into a pool of his own blood. "You want me dead too? Well come and get me!" Tyrus said, signalling SK-13L to join him in cover behind the medical equipment. SoNE XI by Lord Tyrus, on Flickr SoNE XI by Lord Tyrus, on Flickr Tyrus and SK-13L fought hard. They managed to take out one of the traitor Stormtroopers and the Commando, Fine. "Run," Tyrus said to SK-13L, "I'll cover you. You need to inform the Avenger that they are going to be under attack. Tell them to purge the Intedictor, Vanquish, It's not worth the risk they could cause. An Intedictor in the hands of bounty hunters will be very dangerous." SK-13L nodded and started to rush down a ventilation shaft. He didn't get far before. The bounty hunter male had thrown his blade and Tyrus watched as SK-13L's back was split open. Tyrus could hear his cries of pain before they were suddenly silenced by a blaster bold from one of the rogue troopers. Tyrus looked back at the attackers and was immediately hit by a stun bolt. He dropped his blaster pistol as he fought to stay conscious. He saw the woman stride towards him and watched helplessly as a bag was pulled over his head, the darkness looming ever closer until he could see nothing but black. He dropped to the floor, unconscious... Sorry about the mediocre build and rushed story, hopefully I'll have time tomorrow morning to modify the story... Modified.
  2. SoNE X by Lord Tyrus, on Flickr Tyrus’ latest mission was to infiltrate the engine bay aboard the Suprosa, and take out the power to the command deck computers. Once completed, he would be able to take full control of the blast doors, as the engine room engineers had second in command in the case of an airlock breach or other technical problem. His task was to shut off the Rebels’ route by closing the blast doors, preventing them from accessing the central computer terminal. While seemingly a fail-proof plan, on closer inspection, Tyrus could see that there were some problems. He knew from first hand experience that the Rebels had specialised equipment perfectly capable of breaching through Star Destroyer-grade blast doors, let alone the minimal plasteel plates on a frigate like the Suprosa. Upon facing a closed door, the Rebels would merely blast their way through. Tyrus had already thought of this, however. He’d secretly planned with Sergeant Davon an alternative: he'd close all of the doors, but one, in the hope that the Rebels would go for the easier option, and run straight into Davon's and the other troop's blasters. A small, but significant deviation, but he hoped command wouldn't mind. While loyal to the Empire, Davon had the same doubts in its leadership as Tyrus did. He’d turned down the job of captain because it meant he would spend almost every day at a desk with the same men that had sent many of his squad to their deaths. Instead, he’d become the sergeant of the Stormtroopers under Tyrus’ command. He liked Tyrus, and, despite being several years his senior, looked up to him. He knew that if there was anyone who could do a good job of commanding a legion of Stormtroopers, it was Tyrus. Therefore when Tyrus approached him after the briefing on the Avenger, saying that he had a slightly different plan, he didn’t stop to think before agreeing. Tyrus sat down on one of the seats aboard a HAAT, commanded by a pilot by the name of Artizan, alongside the Sergeant and a few troopers. Upon landing, Tryus gave a quick nod to Davon and they split up. SoNE X by Lord Tyrus, on Flickr He found the engine bay to be deserted, he presumed the crew had run for cover. He wasted no time in heading towards the computer terminals, carefully resting his blaster against the wall. Suddenly he heard a noise. He quickly spun round and flung the small knife in his belt, ducking just in time to miss the sizzling laser bolt that struck the wall where his head had been a split second ago. He heard a thud as the knife hit its mark followed by a second thud as an overall-covered body hit the ground. He reclaimed his blaster from the limp hand and fired at the engineer’s head before quickly returning to the console. SoNE X by Lord Tyrus, on Flickr Within minutes, he was through security and shutting all of the blast doors, bar the central corridor. He watched through the cameras as the Rebels turned and headed for the clear route. Tyrus smiled to himself as the stupid Rebels fell for the bait. With a simple ‘Now’ through his comm, he signalled to Davon to spring the trap. The cameras in the lower half of the central corridor saw a sudden flash of red, then lost connection... And an overview:
  3. Lord Tyrus was at his desk after his new promotion to the ISB. He had an office, a medium sized apartment and his own separate lounge but he wasn't happy. He could never be happy. His extreme hatred for the Rebel Alliance had lessened but he could never forgive what they did. His hatred had also extended to the Empire. He was alone. He would, of course, stay in the Empire, maybe enough to be promoted to a high enough rank to make a difference. He would never join the Alliance. Not after what they had done... Suddenly he got up, opened a draw and took out a cargo crate. He sat back down and emptied it out. The smell of his homeworld, Aaeton, filled his nostrils. This was the last thing he had from his home. He lifted all of the contents onto the floor except for a mysterious helmet. This was his last memory of his father as well. He remembered back to that fateful day when he chose his destiny... _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The sirens wailed throughout the building. Lo'red 'Lord' Tyrus looked up from his work, annoyed. He and his colleague, Kelj Varn, were working on their most extreme, possibly crazy, schematic for a house for a rich inhabitant of SolStar, the city on the the north-west of one of the smaller landmasses on the planet Aaeton, in the K9 sector of the core worlds. It was fairly close, within viewing distance, of Tyrus' house, so he was attempting to make it as less of an eyesore as possible, which seemed to be the growing trend with rich people's houses who had more money than sense. As you can imagine, being disturbed while at work was extremely irritating, especially as they were at a very tight deadline. Tyrus and Varn looked up to see 3 of the planets PDF (Planetary Defence Force) troopers pursuing a gang of strangers with guns through the corridor. Tyrus was incredibly surprised to see this as the PDF were very rarely seen, and only used in very extreme circumstances, not for a mere gang of thugs. He stepped outside, closely followed by his friend, to be met by a stream of blaster bolts. "Get down civilians!" The voice of a PDF officer rang in his ears. He jumped behind some crates and narrowly avoided a red bolt. Kelj Varn wasn't as lucky. He was hit by one of the gangs blaster shots. "No..." Gasped Tyrus. This was his first experience of death. "Get behind here!" Bellowed the soldier. Tyrus didn't need to be told twice. ​"Civilian, go back to your home! We are here to free you from-..." The voice of one of the gang was cut short by the roof of the corridor collapsing. Tyrus didn't hesitate from picking up a dropped blaster from the floor. "Who are they?" "We've been told they're from the Rebel Alliance. Trouble makers." Tyrus had been told about the Rebels, and their ways. They were intent on planet-wide terrorism, hitting at the Empire in any way they could, Tyrus wasn't particularly keen on the Empire, it did seem like a dictatorship, but it seemed to work. The Rebels were just causing chaos. Aaeton wasn't controlled by either the Rebels or the Empire, a thing Tyrus was very proud of. He would do anything to keep it that way. "Don't try and stop me, I'm fighting too." He said. "Well it's against protocol, but we have suffered heavy losses. Ok, you're in, but don't get too cozy..." Was his answer from the sergeant, "Come on, follow me the rest of you." They had fought hard, but were surrounded on a balcony on the side of one of the offices on the highest floor in the building. They had taken refuge behind some crates. "We can't give up." Tyrus heard a voice of a young trooper. "There's no hope," The sergeant replied, "Apparently they have us pinned in the air and we have hardly any troops left in this building. They are swarming through this building and will soon be in the rest of the city. Suddenly a they heard a roar and a figure in a Mandalorian warrior suit flew on top of one of the groups that had pinned the group. They heard a hiss as he ignited his weapon. Most of the group gasped, but Tyrus couldn't see why. He dispatched the group quickly before hurrying to the party. He ignored the PDF troops and hurried towards Tyrus, removing his helmet. "Son..." "Father? Is it you?" "Yes. Who else would it be?" Tyrus suddenly became angry. "Where have you been for 21 years? You just dissapeared when I was six years old!" "They locked me up. For no reason, you realize, I had done nothing wrong." "Then how did you get out?" "In the attack. The detainment centre was attacked and they freed us! I think they were trying to cause havoc, but most of us were innocent anyway. You have grown into a fine young man." Suddenly more of the Rebels flooded out through the doors onto the balcony. Tyrus' father again activated his jetpack but instead of attacking the group, sliced the supports of the balcony from under the two attacking squads with a mysterious weapon Tyrus had never seen. He jumped back to the defenders and turned to his son again. Suddenly he collapsed, clutching his side. "Father" "Son, it is not as it seems." Gasping the old man turned away, looking over at the city below him, around them, the remaining PDF forces were slowly being picked off one by one by a few lone gunmen around them. "These are the Empire's forces. All this time, they have ruled us without us even realising." "No... It can't be true..." "Of course you believe that," and he saw in his son's eyes his pride in his city, his planet, crumbling, "That is why they locked me up you see... I'm-..." He was cut short by another shot hitting him, this time on his chest. He breathed his last breath, with Tyrus clutching him in his arms. He shot at the gunmen with new fury, killing three of them and knocking the remaining off of their perches. The few remaining 'PDF' troops, that Tyrus now realised were Imperial troopers clapped and thanked him, but Tyrus wasn't focused. He had heard a loud roar, followed by the image of a huge Rebel cruiser, headed right towards the middle class areas of the city. Tyrus' heart just stopped. In a few quick seconds, his entire neighborhood had disappeared. Before, he'd never seen heath. In one day, in just a few hours, he'd lost his friend and colleague Kelj Varn, his father who he had a mere few minutes to catch up on a lifetime with, all of his family, friends, his wife and three children gone. Forever. And it was the Rebel's fault. Yes, he may hate the Empire for ruling without even telling the inhabitants of Aaeton, but he hated the Rebels like nothing else. Their excuse was that they were 'freeing' the people of Aaeton. Freeing them by devastating everything they held dear. He would never forget this. Never. He would join the Empire to crush those terrorists. He would never forgive... Just to say that I apologise for the first picture, I had planned to rebuild it, but as you can tell, I'm running pretty low on time... EDIT: Just realise I'm taking on BEAVeR for longest stories!