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  1. Rikus

    42083 - Bugatti Chiron

    Hi, Since I was very concerned about the criticism on the shape of the set... I decided to do some quick comparison between the real car and the TLG model... The result are the three following pictures. From top view, the model is very good IMHO. Overall proportions are almost perfect: only the canopy seem to be somehow narrower than the real one and mirror position is a little much towards the back... also the back end of the car is a little bit wider in TLG version. From side view the differences are more visible, because of two main issues in 42053: smaller wheel size and longer "nose". I made two different comparison pictures; the first one have the real car and the Technic model aligned by using same wheelbase. You'll notice that the overall proportions of the whole model are good, except for the "C" shape on the side (a little too short on 42053) and, of course, the front end that is MUCH longer than the real one (almost two times longer, from the fender to the nose). In second comparison the two cars have been aligned by total length... and the overall shape of the TLG version seems to be even flatter than before... It's almost good, anyway, except for the wheels size and position: the from wheel is really too much towards the back, it should have been positioned about 3 studs more forward. Anyway the global proportions (height, width and length) seem to be (almost) correct and the main issue, IMHO, is related to wheel size (almost acceptable) and front part of the car, especially the "long nose" and/or wheel position (the only real flaw of the set).
  2. I fully second this... I made some very simple test using the 5 different shocks I own and a digital wight scale... Long shock absorbers (9.5L) have a stiffness, at almost full compression, of of 550g (Soft), 1000g (Hard) and 1200g (Extra Hard - Unimog type) Short shock absorbers (6.5L) have a stiffness of 500g (Soft) and 1100g (Hard - the same used in the Chiron). So, by using 2 of them on same wheel means thay can stand easily up to 2000g for each wheel, without being fully compressed... Considering to have them halfway compressed (that’s the correct setup for a car), the weight on the front axle should have to be 2000-2200g maximum...
  3. Rikus

    42083 - Bugatti Chiron

    @Jim May you, please, answer the three main questions about the model, in your review? 1) Is there really a problem on the front suspension? 2) Does it have 8+R or 8+8R shifts gear? 3) Are the 8 gears in the right order? thanks
  4. Rikus

    42083 - Bugatti Chiron

    Look at this video... 9:32” The front suspension have some issues.
  5. Rikus

    42083 - Bugatti Chiron

    All episodes are available also on Stitcher and on Google Podcast
  6. Rikus

    42083 - Bugatti Chiron

    It seems a totally new "Exclusive Contents" experience is coming with the Chiron... The "LEGO Technic Podcast" trailer is already (officially) available on iOS Podcast App and even on Stitcher! https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/lego-system-as/the-legor-technic-podcast
  7. Rikus

    42083 - Bugatti Chiron

    The most unbelievable thing is... the used TLG pics of the set, too! Even to publicise the set on their store (actually, they used some leaked footage...)
  8. Rikus

    42083 - Bugatti Chiron

    I really hope it will have a 7+R gearbox... It’s hard to tell from the first images, but I really fear the blue-red gearswitch could be used for reverse... meaning only 4+R gearbox... let’s see.
  9. Fully agree... but I perfectly know that it’s inside every adult fan the small kid is still strong. I remember myself, when I was about 10yo) dreaming for hours while looking at the new forthcoming sets shown inside LEGO catalogue... that I just received together with a brand new set! It was over 30 years ago (l’m 47), but nothing have changed in such a long time... except for the amount of LEGO I own (much much much more)!!!
  10. According to what is happening (and I have seen) in Nuremberg regarding trains, TLG is likely to introduce a kind of Bluetooth receiver AND remote, for PF 2.0. This will be the best, cheaper and most flexible way to switch to radio controls, today: by including a BLE remote (like the one that will be in the new trains system), TLG will be able to grant a perfect “out of the box” experience, while allowing for more complex and advanced control (even programmable) by means of a mobile app. BTW, the trains remote have a sort of “proportional control” (exactly like it was for previous version, that is perfectly compatible with current Technic PF, should someone forget it), so it is likely that something similar will come in next year PF v2.0 for Technic. An S-Motor would be much appreciated, but I dunno if it will ever come.
  11. I fully understand your anger (and your “hunger” for news), but this year in Nuremberg everything is really strange... a suspicious feeling is running through all of the the booths... especially in the big brands ones! All major brands (TLG, Mattel, Hasbro, Spin Masters, Giochi Preziosi, etc.) have “closed” booths: walls all around, CCTV inside, bodyguards at entrance, registration desks and bags for smartphones to be handed to the staff and received back only at exit! After my tour at TLG, as soon as I received my phone back, I just took an innocent “selfie” in front of the LEGO logo at the end of the entrance corridor, to send it to my family... and immediately a bodyguard came to me asking to see my pictures (after seeing them, I was allowed to keep and share them, of course)!!! Consider even that at the same TLG and Hasbro booths I was not admitted to see anything inside, at a first time, because I am an exhibitor... Only after giving them more info about what my company does (basically, emebedded elecronics and controlling apps for some tabletop games and videogames), and after a couple of “strategic calls” (I’m a supplier for some of these brands), I was finally allowed to enter... this never happened in past years! Every time I was taking a picture, when just having a brief tour around in the fair, I was feeling myself as a thief... even if pictures were totally allowed in many booths (all of the “opened” ones) and I was only wanting to share them with my little daughter! Just to give you a complete view of the thing, if my memory doesn’t fail, till last year pictures were allowed (except for new IPs, were a simple “no pictures allowed” notice used to be shown) and the press was allowed to take and show videos on YouTube and TV...
  12. Rikus

    42082 - Rough Terrain Crane

    From what I remember, during the presentation they told it have 4 WS
  13. Rikus

    42083 - Bugatti Chiron

    Unfortunately, as I already stated in the 2018 thread, there is no Chiron in Nuremberg... only the 4 rims poster... The others 2h 2018 sets are all there, but no Technic Chiron, no Star Wars “Solo” movie sets, no new Marvel Superheroes and no Jurassic World ones... all of them are there only as “black boxes” as seen in the leaked catalogue.
  14. No pneumatic motor.... it moves back and forth, together with the clams
  15. I confirm it’s 2 in 1, but there was only one box and I wasn’t able to see behind it.... sorry. Yer, rope and pulleys. Something like 8416, but the set is much smaller.