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  1. I’ll be in Nuremberg fair... hope to be able to see something more than black curtains...! Really don’t understand the reason for this secret... Lepin is maybe the cause...
  2. I'm sorry to disagree... Here is a comparison between the original concept and the TLG version of the ship... Find the differences yourself.... The bottle is really beautiful and the stand look nice, too... but the ship itself is really awful IMHO... Note to moderators: Should there be any problem in posting the (public) pictures from Ideas Site, please just let me know. Thanks
  3. Seems Grohl (Milan) striked again...! This is the preview of the wonderful 42078 - B model... Is so nice it could have been an A model itself! It's full of nice details (like 6cyl engine, screen wipers, ...) and plenty of functions!
  4. Sorry... posted in the wrong thread...
  5. As Doug72 already stated, be sure the differentials are set in the proper way.
  6. The Mack is already for sale in Amazon.de... Just bought mine yesterday.
  7. 42078 - Mack Anthem

    Yup! Didn’t notice it at first but... you can see the two steering wheels from the first leaked pictures! See the last picture in the first page: between the screen whipers, on the left, you can (barely) see what seems to be a second steering wheel... Definitely, the Mack is a must buy at first day!
  8. RC doesn't work

    It happened to me, too... I bought a sealed 8475 about one year ago... just after building it I discovered the RC remote was not working. Unfortunately, the only way to fix it was to buy another remote (on bricklink).
  9. Sheepo 4 speed sequential mini-gearbox and 7 speed sequential gearbox are free to download, actually. Another good starting point can be Sariel's ultra-compact 4 speed sequential gearbox... free instructions as well.
  10. I'm sorry... As I stated, this is the only picture I've got for this part (is part of a pic-by-pic MOC instruction)...
  11. Can someone, please, help me identify the black part in the attached picture? Unfortunately the picture is very grainy and I'm not able to identify the part myself... Thanks in advance
  12. You're welcome ;-) About the air tank delay... it's only a matter of how you make use of it! The air tank is not supposed to be connected to an "open" system; you should put a pneumatic switch after the tank, to let the pressure rise. Only when the tank will reach a good pressure, by turning the switch you'll start the train.
  13. I really like your project! I only suggest you to take in consideration the option of using a multiple small pump compressor, instead of a single big one... Sariel showed some good building options, using up to 4 pumps, easily operated by an M motor. Take a look HERE Or a reciprocating, 8 pumps, version, HERE Using a single L or XL motor should allow you to use up to 8 small pumps, that will give you a really big and smooth air stream. Should you have te opportunity, it could be great to add an Air Tank, too, for an ever smoother movement.