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Found 7 results

  1. So, what are your hopes and speculation for the future of Lego's partnership with Blizzard Entertainment for the Overwatch theme? Which characters, vehicles, and locations are you anticipating for potential future waves? Here are @Oky's pictorial reviews of the theme's very first wave of sets: Eurobricks - REVIEW: 75970 Tracer vs. Widowmaker Eurobricks - REVIEW: 75971 Hanzo vs. Genji Eurobricks - REVIEW: 75972 Dorado Showdown Eurobricks - REVIEW: 75973 D.Va & Reinhardt Eurobricks - REVIEW: 75974 Bastion Eurobricks - REVIEW: 75975 Watchpoint: Gibraltar
  2. So I just logged into the Blizzard app and found this advertised: If you ever wanted to see Lego World of Warcraft, well this is as close as I've seen. Was this already posted or is it news? It's fan made but supported by Blizzard, who make Warcraft. P.S. It's a trailer for the new Hearthstone expansion pack card, Saviours of Uldum.
  3. This interesting article on Forbes gives some good insight into how Lego Overwatch came to be: For me, the most interesting tidbit was the Warcraft mention: "Newman: If things go well, that you can see pursuing LEGO products with other IP? Beecher: It needs to be the right time and place for both parties. I mean, we would definitely be interested in discussing that. With World of Warcraft, there’s a hundred million-plus people that have touched that experience at some point in their life, so there’s a very broad and diverse audience around the world that supports World Of Warcraft. But it obviously would be a mutual decision. We need make sure there’s enough indicators pointing to that it would be a great idea. [Ed. note: LEGO spokesmen declined to comment on the possibility of WoW products.]" Another interesting note is the aim to target an older audience than normal: "Chee: I think with Overwatch being a very new IP to the LEGO group, and also we’re hitting a different age group than we’re usually targeting, a little bit higher age mark, we spent quite a fair bit of time trying to strike a balance between a set that has play features, versus a cool model that they can just display. With older children, they might not want to play with the model that much, but they find it cool and they might want to build it and display it. Newman: And with some very adult children. Beecher: Kidults." P.S. - Posted here rather than the Licensed forum because I think this article has broader appeal to gain understanding of how Lego work with IP holders to come to product fruition.
  4. DigitalWizards

    LEGO Overwatch Review

    Who's excited for the LEGO Overwatch sets! I had the chance to look at all the LEGO Overwatch sets in great detail. Here is my review
  5. PolkovnikOnTheWhiteHorse

    [MOC] Sylvanas Windrunner

    Hi all! Let me introduce my new MOC: Sylvanas Windrunner. Sylvanas Windrunner is a fictional character who appears in the Warcraft series of video games by Blizzard Entertainment. Let me introduce you a lego model of this character. Model Specifications: Brick count: 855 psc (includes PF battery block and lights). Height: 24 cm Instruction available on Rebrickable: *Instruction was made using mecabricks, Libre Office, GIMP, and pdfsam. Lighting eyes: Thats all, I hope you enjoed! Comments are welcome. Have a nice day!  You can check my other MOCs on my flickr.
  6. DigitalWizards

    LEGO Overwatch House

    What do the heroes of Overwatch do after pushing the payload? Go home and live together at Overwatch House! Scientists, Assassins, Mercenaries and Oddities all live together experiencing love, life, murder and mayhem. From the folks at Digital Wizards Studios. Here is the first episode- Sound off in the comments and tell us what you think.
  7. ThePlasticWerks

    [LDD/MOC] Boston Blizzard Blues

    I have shoveled my truck out of massive snow banks about once every three days for the last month and watched other cars get completely buried to the point of no return. People are cross-country skiing to work. On days where there isn't a citywide parking ban for snow removal, the sheer amount of snow piled up has basically eliminated street parking. Local mass transit has been down so long, they're literally paying anybody who shows up to shovel snow off the aboveground tracks. Of the literally six days I've been able to get to work this month, my half-hour rail commute has stretched to as many as three hours (and yes, I simply walked at some points). I think this quick little ditty sums up how we all feel at the moment. (By the way, this is my first-ever vig) Aiming to build this IRL some day (if the Post Office ever shovels themselves out). .lxf attached for those who want to explore a bit (I have to say, those new Mixel "teeth" bits are great for snow detailing! Stay warm out there. SNOWVIG.lxf