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  1. hmm, that sounds to be a good solution. At the moment I'm rewriting the whole app and I'll consider applying this rebind feature.
  2. Hi, Earlier someone also reported the same issue with swapped triggers, so I added a common app setting for it. You can find it on the main screen by pressing the three dots, then select the settings menu. In the settings you can find a switch for swapping the triggers. The reason why your trigger buttons don't work is a good question. :( I was also thinking of some controller configuration page but could not figure out a simple way to do it :) Also there are configs for Button 1 to 10 because some other controllers were able to work only that way. Unfortunately handling game controllers in Android is not an exact science :)
  3. Hi, The app has never been in the play store, I only share it on Dropbox. Please try this link: SBrickController.apk Happy playing! :)
  4. Hi, New version (0.92) of the app is available here: SBrickController 0.92 It contains two fixes: - Controller action setup screen for 4:3 screen aspect ratio (eg. Galaxy Tab). - Preserving SBrick name. Please let me know if you face any more issues. Happy playing! ;)
  5. Ups, it seems to be a bug in the app. There are other missing settings as well. I'll check it today...
  6. Cool, then I keep waiting. Anyway I also tried to get in contact with the Buwizz team but noone answered to me :(
  7. Hi, what you could do is to reduce the max level on the horizontal direction. I haven't tried if it's working because there is no similar vehicle built here at the moment, so that's just a guess :) BTW I'm currently redesigning the whole app.
  8. Hi, well, once I have the buwizz protocol I'll see. I was thinking of the same though, maybe it would make the app a little bit complicated but theoretically it's feasible.
  9. @kbalage Put the same horizontal settings on the left joy and keep the vertical settings as is and you can control the vehicle using only the left joy and also won't have the "overlapping" effect.
  10. Hi, This link also should work:
  11. I have one but haven't really used so far.
  12. Hi, I just tried it but could not reproduce this issue. It must be something with your phone's bluetooth stack.
  13. Hi, Yeah, it's a known limitation of the app. Unfortunately whenever the app goes to background it stops getting the controller inputs.
  14. Hi, It's not the turning angle that is different using different voltages but the speed of turning. The more the voltage the faster the servo turns.