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  1. Hi, there is no need to find the controller on the devices screen, you need to pair the controller as other bluetooth devices in the Android settings. Once it's done you can test it on the app's controller tester screen. I hope it helps. Happy playing :)
  2. Hi, the app is not on the PlayStore (at least yet) but you can download the apk file from here: BrickController_0_32 Happy Playing! :)
  3. Too bad it has been leaked - IMO. I hoped Lego could keep it in secret until the release date :(
  4. Hi, Could you proceed with the email sending so that I can get the crash report from the app then I'll look into it... Thanks, I
  5. Hi, I managed to reproduce the issue and started working on the fix...
  6. Hi, Actually I have a couple of features to add and one of them is the live BuWizz level setting on the phone's screen during playing. Please be patient I don't have too much time to deal with the app nowadays...
  7. Hi, theoretically all Android compatible game controllers should be OK, however a guy has reported issues using the official PS4 controller. I'm using a cheap one from a chinese webshop and that is completely fine. To set up the app for your model please follow the instructions of the manual: BrickController manual Happy playing! :)
  8. Does the controller work in other apps, like some gamepad tester from the play store? If not then the issue is in the new firmware.
  9. Hi, Hmm, that sounds strange. I'm just guessing but my controller has 4 modes and only one of the is working as a normal controller. Maybe the default setting on your controller has changed (if it has multiple modes at all). Doesn't it work in my app's controller tester either?
  10. Hi, please try removing the controller in the bluetooth settings by forgetting the device and re-pair it again. Let me know if it helps.
  11. Hi, it doesn't seem like you did anything wrong. Basically both my apps discover the bluetooth devices the same way so it's weird why BrickController doesn't see your SBrick. Could you check the firmware version of your SBrick in the official app? Mine is version 20 and it says it's the latest. And BTW is it a "pure" SBrick or an SBrick Plus? For the SBrickController issue: could you check if the outputs can be driven full speed in the device settings using the sliders? If so then I assume the issue has something to do with the controller, but I'm not 100% percent sure.
  12. imurvai

    SBrick Watchdog

    I meant what software were you using to send the drive command?
  13. imurvai

    SBrick Watchdog

    Hi, Isn't it possible that the "program" disconnects after stopping? What program is it anyway?
  14. Good to hear it's working :) I don't have any PS3 controller but here's an instruction on how to connect it to Android devices: Connect PS3 controller to Android