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  1. imurvai

    Documenting the LEGO PoweredUp! System

    Yes, this is what I'm doing but it's not fully sufficient eg. for the batmobile.
  2. imurvai

    Documenting the LEGO PoweredUp! System

    Hi @treczoks! Thanks for the doc you made. I've already created an Android and iOS app that can utilize the PUP hub but it has a little limitation: I can't operate the two outputs with a single characteristic write. Do you know if there is a way to send commands on both the outputs with one single command?
  3. Hi, According to this guide it should work with Android devices with a little trick, but personally I don't have any experience with this controller.
  4. Thanks! Did you experience the output swapping between channel 1-2 and 3-4? Cool crawler what you created! And great video!
  5. Version 0.9 has been published: - BrickController2 0.9 on Google Play Store - BrickController2 0.9 on Apple App Store Happy playing!
  6. In the meantime I found a tiny little difference how SBrickController and BrickController identify the SBrick, so I'll try to fix the SBrick connection issue in the next release...
  7. No it is for SBrick as well. Others have also reported that their SBricks can't be found during scanning. I'm looking into the issue...
  8. In the meantime I found a way to make the iOS beta test version publicly available: BrickController2 0.71 for iOS
  9. Is it BuWizz 2? My BuWizz 1 can give power to the connected SBrick even before connecting to it.
  10. Hi, I'm glad you like it :) The button options (toggle, alter, pingpong, ...) are mainly for operating the servo motors. And yes, I'm planning to create a manual once I have enough time for that.
  11. Hi, BrickController2 0.71 has just been released on the Google Play Store for testing: - Improved device scan (hopefully it'll find the bluetooth devices on nVidia Shield) - Attempt to fix the BuWizz 2 output layout. Also I'm looking for volunteers to test the iOS version. So if you would like to take part in the testing please PM me with your email address and first and last name info. Happy playing! :)
  12. Hi! No BC1 didn't have the live output level setting. Do you have BuWizz 1 or 2? For BW1 the are ok for me. Unfortunately I don't have any BW2 so I can't test that. If you confirm that the port swaping only affects BW2 then I'll fix it in the next release. Rating is disabled most probably because it's still in beta, but I'll release it as final very soon :)