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  1. Good to hear that it works on Huawei tablets :) I'm not sure what you would like to achieve, but you can already assign the triggers for any outputs. Thanks anyway ;)
  2. Technically it would be possible to add such a feature, but for that complex movements I'd rather use the Scratch app. SBrick already has a plugin for that.
  3. Hi, Nothing wrong, just most probably you are using a bit older version which doesn't support BW2 yet :) Here's the latest version: BrickController 0.32 I'll try to keep it updated on the first post of this topic.
  4. Hi T Lego, That sounds weird. I'll take a look at the controller setup code and try to figure out why it shows different things than the controller tester. For the BuWizz 2 issue: have you tried to connect to it from the device management? There you can test the BuWizz ports. I'm wondering if that is working OK.
  5. Update: New version of the application: BrickController 0.32 User Guide: BrickController User Guide Changes: - Added BuWizz V2 support. - Minor UI fixes. Many thanks to @kbalage for the great help and contribution to add the BuWizz V2 support. Also many thanks to @Kelkschiz, @Anto and @Limga for testing and helping improving the application. My further plans are polishing and maybe improving the app as much as possible and then I'm planning to put it into the Play Store. Happy playing!
  6. Yay! It's working! I just tried to connect in Infra receiver to the 3rd output of the BuWizz and an SBrick on the 4th output and both the SBrick and infra was working after just turning on the BuWizz. Also I connected a motor on the Buwizz's 4th output next to the SBrick and that was also working. So it means the BuWizz is a fully functioning battery and BT receiver in one box. :) So theoretically 1 BuWizz could handle 20 motors at the same time (4 on the BuWizz directly + 4 SBricks on each BuWizz output).
  7. My concern is not the output but rather if the higher voltage could damage the SBrick.
  8. Yes, it's under investigation at the moment... Currently it's not possible within the app but I have plans to add this functionality. My concern is though how tolerant the SBrick is against the higher voltage the BuWizz could provide at high output or even in ludicrous mode. So it could be a little bit risky. Has anyone tried it?
  9. BrickController has been updated: BrickController 0.3 User guide: BrickController user guide Changes: - Corrected the Invert channel text - Added the gamepad tester screen Happy playing!
  10. Hahh, yes, I just realized I used revert everywhere (even in the code). It should be invert of course. Good point, thanks for letting me know. The minimum requirement for the app is Android 4.4 but as far as I know there's a 5.0 upgrade for S4.
  11. Hi, I decided to make the current version of the new BrickController app public: BrickController 0.22 I also created a brief user guide for it: BrickController user guide It supports Lego IR (on phones having infra emitter), SBrick and BuWizz V1. It finds BuWizz V2 during device scanning but doesn't support it yet. Please let me know if you have questions and/or issues. Suggestions are also welcome. Happy playing! :)
  12. First of all: Happy New Year for EveryOne! I'm not sure if the IR protocol is the same for Mindstorms as for PF, most probably it's very different. Currently I'm not planning to support Mindstorms as - in my opinion - it's mainly designed for autonomous creations like robots.
  13. Sure, I'm gonna publish it once it's ~production ready.
  14. Another demo on the new BrickController app: Finally BuWizz is also working :)