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  1. imurvai

    [APP] BrickController2

    Hmm, to be honest I've never tried BC2 on Chromebook so I have no idea if it's compatible with that. Is that Intel based though? Yes, the main goal was to control Lego models using a physical controller. Hmm, basically it should not be sluggish, I don't know what the problem might be with your setup.
  2. imurvai

    [APP] BrickController2

    Hi, yes it's possible. Assign the to motors to the same direction for the Y axis and the opposite direction for the X axis and the app will do the rest like this: The video was taken on my previous app, but the functionality is the same in BC2 too.
  3. imurvai

    [APP] BrickController2

    This one (among others) is on my TODO list, however I haven't had too much time for BC2 recently. So currently multiple controllers can be used but BC2 doesn't differentiate them, meaning if two controllers send the same event then the app can't distinguish which one it was.
  4. imurvai

    [APP] BrickController2

    Yes, this is what I'm working on currently :)
  5. imurvai

    [APP] BrickController2

    Hi, unfortunately the app gets the controller events only when it's in the foreground, so when the screen is off or the app goes to background then it doesn't. Therefore BC2 disconnects from other devices too - like BuWizz - not to drain the battery.
  6. imurvai

    [WANTED] SBrick Pro Programmer

    Hi, BrickController2 is open source and can be found here
  7. imurvai

    [APP] BrickController2

    You need to pair the PS4 controller in the Adnroid settings not in BC2. Once they are paired then go to the Controller tester page in BrickController2 to see it is working (it should show the controller events in a list when moving the joys or pressing the buttons).
  8. imurvai

    [APP] BrickController2

    Maybe the model goes out of the bluetooth range of your phone? Thanks ;)
  9. imurvai

    [APP] BrickController2

    Ah, good to know such an issue exists. Please let us know about your findings.
  10. imurvai

    [APP] BrickController2

    Hi, yes, as @kbalage mentioned the official latest version (2.6) doesn't support the duplo train yet as BC2 is not functioning 100% with that.
  11. Hi, check this: It's not official though.
  12. imurvai

    [APP] BrickController2

    Yes, once they are paired with iOS BC2 automatically can use it.
  13. imurvai

    [APP] BrickController2

    Hi @Jim, For iOS you need an MFI compatible controller or a Sony PS4 or an XBox One gamepad. As far as know the XBox 360 is not compatible with iOS.
  14. @kbalage has created a great documentation on the PUP app here Reversing the polarity is possible by using a multiplicator with -1.