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  1. Hi, yes both BW3 and PU hub supports normal and servo modes, stepper works somehow but not perfect. Sorry, what is the question exactly? BC2 has both auto and manual calibration for servo mode if you asked for that.
  2. Hi, actually the problem with working in background is relating to the controller input, not the bluetooth. The controller events are dispatched only to the application in focus unfortunately. This is why I implemented the dark mode, to save some battery on amoled devices, but a fake display off is also a good idea. I'll try to implement it.
  3. As I can see version 3.2 is already out in the PlayStore. Please let me know if the fix is working.
  4. Yes, I removed this permission request from v3.1 and it worked on my old phone that way (don't really understand why as Android used to require that permission before). I just added back the location permission request but bluetooth scan still doesn't work on Android 12. So I keep investigating it...
  5. Hi, Just got my new phone running Android 12 and I'm facing the same issue. I'm on it and push the fix as soon as possible.
  6. Yes, the zero point can be set to any position, but found that it is safer to restrict the automatic calibration to set the zero position 90 degrees aligned. Simply it was the most stable solution. If your model requires the zero point to be set elsewhere, then you can use the manual calibration.
  7. Hi, I need to check how I implemented it (it was quite some months ago :) ), but as far as I remember the auto calibration tries to find the nearest 90 degree position to the center. Most probably in your model it's not the exact center position. The reason is that the endpoints can't be measured precisely, therefore the exact center can't be calculated. What you can do is to manually calibrate your servo. Also: Good news, version 3.1 has been released for Android too (for iOS it has been out for a couple of weeks). It contains the BuWizz 3 servo support which has been added by Vit Nemecky. Many thanks for that.
  8. Hi, Once the gamepad is paired with the phone there is no need to do anything else. BC2 uses the standard gamepad API. Does the contorrel tester work in BC2 with your gamepad? And did you try it with games eg.? Maybe the controller is in a wrong mode. Unfortunately I'm not familiar with that controller.
  9. Oh I see, then I'll look into the PU spec for the speed servo mode. For the screen off, I'll look into it as well for iOS and see what I can do.
  10. Hi, To be honest I don't know what's the difference between steering servo and speed servo mode as I don't have any BW3 device. But basically the servo works the same way as for the PU hub as far as I know. Yes, unfortunately the screen has to be turned on. I've added dark mode to the app so in case you have a oled display phone then it could help a bit.
  11. Hi, For up to iOS 12 only the MFi compliant game controllers can be used. I have a Mad Catz controller and works ok, but I'm not familiar with the cheap ones unfortunately. Starting from iOS 13 however Apple has added support for the PS4 and XBox One controllers too (and most probably PS5 as well since then). And yes, BrickController 2 version 3.1 has been released for iOS and it contains the full BuWizz 3 support thanks to Vit Nemecky who developed this feature. I'm still fighting with Google to be able to release this version for Android, they keep rejecting the app for some reason. But I'm on it, so I'm expecting it to be released very soon. And also yes, BC2 can't work in the background as the controller events are dispatched only to foreground apps.
  12. Hi, I think the official app does the -1 to 1 (or vica versa) transition on the outputs gently unlike BC2 which just sends the current command to the device and it might cause some high current on the output and the BW2 protection shuts the device off. This is just a theory but it could be an improvement area in BC2. Thanks for the feedback. Hi, you could try setting the 'Joy dead zone' to some high value like 90% or so. Maybe that does the trick.
  13. Well, it's hard to tell if I can properly implent it without having a physical unit. But you can still use the PF servo.
  14. Hi, BrickController2 2.9 has been released for Android too. Changelog (basically the same): - Basic BuWizz 3 support (only normal mode for PU motors yet).- Profile load/save from/to local folder (unfortunately doesn't work on Android 10 and 11 due to changes in folder policies).- Minor fixes. Happy playing!