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  1. Hi, New version of BrickController is available on the following link: BrickController 0.6 Changes: - Max output level indicator - PlayStation DualShock 4 support - Other minor fixes Happy playing!
  2. Hi, Thanks for your suggestions. To be honest I haven't used the official SBrick app for a long time so these functions are new to me :) So I have to look into them. For the PS4 controller support I'd need one to properly add those option. Anyway in the current app you can setup toggle buttons.
  3. Hi, In the Android settings somewhere (manufacturer dependent) there's a list of installed apps. Find the BrickController and tap 'Clear data'. Both data and cache. Please let me know if it helps. BR
  4. Uh, this sounds odd. Have you ever updated the app from one version to another? And which version are you running at the moment? I have also seen such an issue when I updated the creation database structure but a reinstall fixed it. Maybe some permission issue?
  5. Hi, My controller looks very similar. You need to pair the controller in the Android settings not in the application. Also be aware that it has 4 modes and only one of them is working as a game controller. It can be switched by the home button on the controller. Hope it helps. Happy playing! :)
  6. Hi, In the current version of the app you can only switch the mode in the device details page. I have plans to add a switch option on the player page too. Happy playing :)
  7. Yes, I've heard this limitation or weird behavior of the PS4 controller. Unfortunately I don't have any so I can't really test it.
  8. Oh, I forgot this. Unfortunately the Android system doesn't forward the controller events to the application when it is put to background or the screen is turned off so it won't work :( iOS is even more rigorous in this regard.
  9. Hi, Thanks for the suggestios. Let me go through them one-by-one: - If I understand correctly you would like to have an option for the toggle button to switch between -1 to 1 instead of 0 and 1. That would not be a big deal. - Dead zone is also a good idea. Someone also suggested to be able to set the characteristic of the joysticks or at least to have some presets like linear, exponential, logarithmic, ... I'll think about how I could add it without making the UI too much complex :) - Yes, the BuWizz output level option during playing is also on my TODO list :) - Unfortunately I don't have the EV3 set, but I bought the Boost for my daughter and I'm planning to investigate whether I can support it (along with the new PU receivers) - Playstore upload is also on my TODO list. And one more thing, I'm currently redesigning the whole app to support iOS too. So far it's very promising but I can't give any deadline at the moment. BR and happy playing :) I
  10. Hi, there is no need to find the controller on the devices screen, you need to pair the controller as other bluetooth devices in the Android settings. Once it's done you can test it on the app's controller tester screen. I hope it helps. Happy playing :)
  11. Hi, the app is not on the PlayStore (at least yet) but you can download the apk file from here: BrickController_0_32 Happy Playing! :)
  12. imurvai

    42083 - Bugatti Chiron

    Too bad it has been leaked - IMO. I hoped Lego could keep it in secret until the release date :(
  13. Hi, Could you proceed with the email sending so that I can get the crash report from the app then I'll look into it... Thanks, I
  14. Hi, I managed to reproduce the issue and started working on the fix...