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  1. Derek Yu

    [APP] BrickController2

    Thank you for the prompt reply. But it's not Sbrick app, it's profile designer, I use it a lot because it will make more sense to make ur own definitions. Without the profile designer, the official app alone is too boring. I believe not many users knows this thing, because their official site is so confusing.... like where to login and how to get into social forum, and how to link to designer page. So far as I known, It seems has two different user database, so sign up Sbrick app account is not the same as sign up to Social Forum or Designer. Check this: Ah ha, I found that like joy vertical can't mapping to toggle buttons, some controller's like ps4 Dualschock4, R2 L2 is analog like joy stick, but I really don't know how to define these kind of value mapping to Toggle buttons. Maybe it is not a issue at all. Also I can understand may be there is not a good source code to use on getting motion signal (3 Axials...and maybe it will combine two or three values at same time? ) It is a hard work, but if we can steering by turning gamepad, must be fantastic! Hope you don't mind, I'm somewhat picky, but really hope this project going further :) Already tried ur system on 2.4G gamepad via Otg dongle attached with 2.4G receiver. Your warm reply is definitely appreciated.
  2. Derek Yu

    [APP] BrickController2

    Furthermore, If that is possible, hope ur next version can support like sbrick profile designer already has. like minimum output, auto reset, reset and start point, these are really useful to control cars like making a simulate idle speed etc. and the toggle also can set the thing like that. I am wondering why we can't use toggle on Sbrick in ur app? Thanks! hope these dream will come true :)
  3. Derek Yu

    [APP] BrickController2

    Hi, imurvai , I found that Dualschock 4controller(ps4) that supports motion detection via a three-axis gyroscope and three-axis accelerometer and vibration, these kind of motion detection gamepad can't properly use in ur app, it seems like it will always has motion value, so I'cant select the button or joystick I want. And it motion value is not capable to steering or accelerate either. Can U support Motion controller like PS4's Dualschock in next apk version? Maybe Sbrick source code can make it happen on gamepad. Thanks!