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  1. Have you tested? Studio files does embed all parts, including custom ones. That's a way to distribute custom parts (using cut and paste between models)
  2. Yeah, seems heavily broken. Seen on Studio Facebook group: (note that this duiscussion would be better placed in Studio thread, not Part Designer one...)
  3. Philo

    General Part Discussion

    All of mine have assymetry on the same side.
  4. Philo

    General Part Discussion

    1-01, 9-01, 6-01 and 7-01. I guess it means mold 01 / position 1/6/7/9 ?
  5. Philo

    General Part Discussion

    Ah OK, it's on the box... Got mine from B&P (in France), so no box ;)
  6. Philo

    General Part Discussion

    All I can say is... yuck! How do you know the factory? a code somewhere?
  7. You can use Alt key to move in 1LDU increments, you can also key in values in coordinate fields.
  8. Philo

    General Part Discussion

    I still use them from time to time when I need a very stiff single point connection. Just need to remember not to mix with others after dismantling ;)
  9. I have a parts pack containing LAs separated into components. You can get it here: To use it, unzip it and place its contents in your C:\Users\{your username}\AppData\Local\ . Spike Prime parts will then be available in Custom Parts palette of Studio. ...and no, i'm not a expert!
  10. Philo

    General Part Discussion

    I measured 46.8mm. What's the purpose? removing the tire looks impossible, and there is a dent in the rim...
  11. Looks like the dinosaur MLCad doesn't like that the submodels don't carry a file extension... You have to add a .ldr to each submodel file name and reference. I too would like to know if this thread is still maintained and indexed. I posted my latest models only on LDraw forum
  12. LDCad information tool gives 5 decimal places, which should be more than enough for most usages. The limiting factor actually seems to be the number of digits kept when you save (3 dp), but that could improve in the future.
  13. Or in LDCad: open the submodel, then Session -> detach this subfile.
  14. Tried that yesterday, but the pipe is long (and information is lost in the process, resulting LDraw parts that have no edge lines!): Find the fbx in the right folder (or export part with minigame) open the fbx in Blender Set scale part to 25 (when you open fbx, scale is 0.01) Export to STL ascii mode if you can (for some reason, my Blender crashes on me when I do that!). Otherwise export to obj and use anoter tool to convert obj to stl ascii, eg. meshmixer convert stl to ldraw using stl2dat. Clearly we need a proper .fbx to .dat converter!!!