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  1. No problem for the motors themselves, the limitation comes from the components inside the hub (the LB1836M motor driver is specified with a 9V maximum voltage, 10.5 absolute maximum rating). Buwizz uses a different chip (the one used in PF V2 receivers).
  2. This is far above specifications of Powered Up hub components...
  3. I also reviewed EnBo battery pack, as you guess in a more abstract way ;) This page compares 4 solutions: Phondly EnBo rechargeable pack Plain alkaline cells NiMH rechargeable cells My own LiPo home made Spoiler: EnBo is awesome, alkaline is the worse...
  4. I don't have a definitive answer as it depends on so many parameters... I have the feeling that the 50% motor load will give the best compromise between acceleration to reach speed and top speed, but not necessarily the best top speed!
  5. Thanks @shroomzofdoom! The fact that LEGO supports the id of the small motor on Technic and RI hubs proves that they consider it to be compatible. Of course the may have capped the duty cycle to limit effective voltage on the motor. Anyway, DC motors are very rugged and the real limitation would be power dissipation in the motor. But we won't ask the puny small motor to make the work of an XL one ;)
  6. Medium motor: Small motor: The big question with the small motor is voltage... according to specs its max voltage is 6V. If we take that strictly it is not compatible with Technic hub. Note that Pybricks has a special setting to limit voltage for motor output. Unfortunately I have neither the hub, nor the motor to check deeper.
  7. Very nice! The great thing with GBC is the possibility to repurpose oddball parts to functional uses!
  8. The right location on Windows is C:\Users\<your user name>\AppData\Local\\CustomParts\parts If CustomParts doesn't exist in folder you need to create it (as well as the parts subfolder)
  9. @captainmib I think you won't have long to wait: all files are in Studio library, but the part is not listed. Add 80286.dat ( to your CustomParts\parts folder, and you'll be able to use the part (it will appear in your Custom Parts palette)
  10. Looks like I forgot this one... I'll update my Technic parts pack tomorrow to add it. See
  11. I made the part, and it's available on LDraw parts tracker ( but I've not yet created a parts pack. I was waiting for the blue spring shock absorber, not yet modeled.
  12. Yes, that's one of the reason why I didn't try to follow the route of output converter (the other beeing simplicity!!!)
  14. Which makes sense since I made the LDraw part from Jim's photo