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  1. Philo

    General Part Discussion

    Interesting... exact fit, not too tight. But the beam is not exactly on grid, this: is a forced fit.
  2. Philo

    General Part Discussion

    OTOH even old (and very old) 24t gears don't rub against beam in this situation (even with some torque)...
  3. Yes they do use the trusty but voltage limited LB1836M chip. So going above 10.5V means taking risks! Screenshots from the datasheet:
  4. Philo

    General Part Discussion

    Yes, connexion is... sturdy! something I consider to be a good thing, just hope the new version is not too relaxed. I use a large rubber band to pull them to avoid (mostly!) sore fingers...
  5. Philo

    Powered Up - A tear down...

    Another possible difference: I recorded the initialization sequence during hub power up without any BT sync with smart device. Any setup done on app initiative was thus not done.
  6. Philo

    Powered Up - A tear down...

    As far as I remember, that was City hub...
  7. Philo

    2020 Mindstorms set

    Yes, this is a drawback for conventions. OTOH, if you use the USB cable, the hub recharges during the time you spend programming it. My Spike Prime tends to be always fully charged...
  8. Philo

    2020 Mindstorms set

    A few positive points compared to EV3, not yet mentioned: Small size Light weight Built in rechargeable battery Screen is coarse, OK, but large and visible from a distance (try that with EV3!)
  9. Philo

    [MOC] 42099 - B model - Rocky

    @Didumos69 You'll probably find this funny Granted, the color sensor kills ground clearance, and obsctacle clearing capability is not stressed...
  10. Philo

    [MOC] 42099 - B model - Rocky

    Hi @LegoIstanbul1907, Sorry, I haven't got further on this (actually I'm not such a great builder )
  11. Philo

    General Part Discussion

    No problem, rubber is very flexible. I didn't have to pull on it so no fear it becomes loose on intended rim.
  12. Philo

    General Part Discussion

    42007 and 42063 BMW are the same tyres, and they do fit easily on large Spike Prime wheels. But actually the wheel is a bit too small to really fit inside of tyre...
  13. I know I am (very) late to the party, but... A few years ago, the AA Power Functions battery packs was replaced with a new model. The old model (58119, top) had a weak, yellowish green LED, while the newer one (16511, bottom) has a brighter pure green LED. After opening, you see that the PCB seems to miss the protection device, a resettable fuse (rectangle marked HL5L). This conducted several people to think that the protection, which cuts power at a current above 750mA, had been removed, and that the new battery pack was more suited for high power models. But if you look at the bottom of the battery pack, you see that there is a wired protection, inserted in a hole of the case. ...and the rating of this resettable fuse is just the same as previous one, 750mA. So no luck with power-hog models! Note that the different technology might slightly impact the behaviour (more or less thermal dissipation/conduction).
  14. Philo

    GBC General Discussion

    This table top Small Ball Contraption was built for FreeLUG Spring 2020 on-line contest, whose theme was "Perpetual Motion". This is a small scale version of a Great Ball Contraption loop, fit on top of a 32x32 baseplate. I tried to keep the modular structure, with a specific color scheme for each module. More details and LDraw file available on Rebrickable: A must-build for all GBC fans