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  1. Looks like the dinosaur MLCad doesn't like that the submodels don't carry a file extension... You have to add a .ldr to each submodel file name and reference. I too would like to know if this thread is still maintained and indexed. I posted my latest models only on LDraw forum
  2. LDCad information tool gives 5 decimal places, which should be more than enough for most usages. The limiting factor actually seems to be the number of digits kept when you save (3 dp), but that could improve in the future.
  3. Or in LDCad: open the submodel, then Session -> detach this subfile.
  4. Tried that yesterday, but the pipe is long (and information is lost in the process, resulting LDraw parts that have no edge lines!): Find the fbx in the right folder (or export part with minigame) open the fbx in Blender Set scale part to 25 (when you open fbx, scale is 0.01) Export to STL ascii mode if you can (for some reason, my Blender crashes on me when I do that!). Otherwise export to obj and use anoter tool to convert obj to stl ascii, eg. meshmixer convert stl to ldraw using stl2dat. Clearly we need a proper .fbx to .dat converter!!!
  5. Thanks! On Windows, it's in the same location: C:\Users\Philo (etc...)
  6. @M2m...and where are these files located? I installed Unity and started LEGO microgame, but I can't seem to find anything...
  7. Philo

    2020 Mindstorms set

    Yes: (not yet tested here yet!)
  8. Could you report what you found wrong? Might be intetesting to fix LDraw models
  9. What about creating A3 size pages, with actual BI stuff in an A4 sized middle (using a background with proper size frame might help), generate images than crop them to A4 size? I think I used a similar trick to create EV3 instructions for LEGO app that required a weird image format.
  10. LDCad is THE tool for me (especially for Technic models). Rock solid, handles big models with ease while remaining pretty fast. And as mentionned by @supertruper1988 it contains tools and provides measuring tools that make your life easier (eg. the triangle closure calculator!)
  11. Philo

    General Part Discussion

    Interesting... exact fit, not too tight. But the beam is not exactly on grid, this: is a forced fit.
  12. Philo

    General Part Discussion

    OTOH even old (and very old) 24t gears don't rub against beam in this situation (even with some torque)...
  13. Yes they do use the trusty but voltage limited LB1836M chip. So going above 10.5V means taking risks! Screenshots from the datasheet:
  14. Philo

    General Part Discussion

    Yes, connexion is... sturdy! something I consider to be a good thing, just hope the new version is not too relaxed. I use a large rubber band to pull them to avoid (mostly!) sore fingers...
  15. Philo

    Powered Up - A tear down...

    Another possible difference: I recorded the initialization sequence during hub power up without any BT sync with smart device. Any setup done on app initiative was thus not done.