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  1. My personal recommendation is LDCad (, very practical for building, especially for Technic stuff. See for exemple my virtual build of 42131 bulldozer... It also allows relatively easy creation of flexible parts such as cables or hoses.
  2. Yeah, Friction in turntables can be a pain. In some critical cases I opened them and added a teeny bit of silicon grease... Helps a lot!
  3. Oh sorry I missed these pings! All Zetros parts are now on LDraw parts tracker (including the shield with Mercedes logo). And I made a parts pack for Studio, available here:
  4. No problem for the delay ;) No it doesn't... this is clearly a problem caused by Studio to LDraw import export function that doesn't account for different orientation/origin of parts .Fortunately, since most of Studio library are directly issued from LDraw library, majority of parts work fine. I tried to report this problem MANY times years ago in Studio forum, but never got any acknowledgement or action so I gave up :(
  5. Brickset uses LEGO inventories thus uses design numbers. searching for "Pneumatic tube" provides a list: tube
  6. This one is intended to be a baseplate to add your own electronics, such as a Raspberry Pi. "The Maker Plate makes integrating your choice of single board computing devices fast and simple." (quoted from
  7. Very interesting tool! Two little quirks I found: - 18575 gear is not supported (modern version of 32269 20t double bevel gear) - 35185 20t double bevel gear with clutches appear at the wrong place (when I open a native LDraw file, not an exported Studio file), thanks to a stupid origin chosen by Studio for this gear. The problem would be the same for 35188 rotary catch... if it was supported
  8. You're welcome 😀 I don't doubt it was a good exercise to create connectivity, but I already made the job, a parts pack including the planetary hub is available here (along with other parts!)
  9. Have you tested? Studio files does embed all parts, including custom ones. That's a way to distribute custom parts (using cut and paste between models)
  10. Yeah, seems heavily broken. Seen on Studio Facebook group: (note that this duiscussion would be better placed in Studio thread, not Part Designer one...)
  11. All of mine have assymetry on the same side.
  12. 1-01, 9-01, 6-01 and 7-01. I guess it means mold 01 / position 1/6/7/9 ?
  13. Ah OK, it's on the box... Got mine from B&P (in France), so no box ;)
  14. All I can say is... yuck! How do you know the factory? a code somewhere?