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  1. I already did ;)
  2. Many people asked for the possibility to use Duplo parts in Studio, so I created this parts pack (including connectivity): To use it, unzip it and place its contents in your C:\Users\{your username}\AppData\Local\ . Duplo parts will then be available in Custom Parts palette of Studio. More details on custom parts in Studio forum: Caveats: - Many Duplo parts are missing here (and are not available in LDraw library anyway) - Studio doesn't provide specific connectivity for Duplo, so I had to make do with simple stud or axle connexions. - Compatibility with regular LEGO is limited (you can place bricks over Duplo, but Duplo on bricks doesn't position correctly and generate collisions). - Some parts create unwanted collisions, eg. Duplo wheel on axle. Problem is that Studio part designer generate collision data automatically, I have no control on this. Turn collision off when this happens.
  3. 42099 - 4x4 X-Treme Off-Roader (Technic 2019) Download MPD (OMR compliant) Known errors: No stickers. Done with LDCad 1.6c Rendered with Studio 2.0
  4. If only this given link was not a big pile of crap... SR3D builder, given as the top choice, has not been updated since 2014 and will not be in the future since is author passed away, BlockCad has not been updated either for 10 years. MLCad is not much better in that regard, LDraw is not a model building program but a library of parts, Brickutils or LEGO EV3 software have nothing to do with virtual model creation. And two of the most meaningful alternative programs (LDCad and Studio) are missing from the list. Fortunately, Mecabricks and LeoCAD are part of it!
  5. Actually I like the result, eg. with a low density of grey over white (71,15:10). Did you improve top covering with randonm height option? it seems to look even better now ;)
  6. Perhaps not perfect, but definitely better! The results with a limited max slope are pretty nice.
  7. AFAIK buffer exchange is not supported in LeoCAD. You might want to have a try with LDCad, even more powerful (connectivity, flexible parts, dimensions/angle measurements) than LeoCAD. It also supports buffer exchange.
  8. Now, I feel really confused. After disassembly of my little thickness comparison, I see that I managed to swap gears!!! the thicker, burry gear is actually the OLD one. The new is thinner and smoother (and so should work better!)
  9. Honestly I don't see much change in teeth shape: new tooth Old tooth: Interestingly, the old gear can show burrs too, but located at the base of teeth where the new design is perfectly smooth. Different molding technique I guess...
  10. Old and new design. Not sure I have a new-but-not-so-much version. New comes from 42099 so really recent.
  11. Arghl!!! the new OLD version of this gear is significantly thicker, and there are aweful burrs :(
  12. ...but the one just in front is not that flat ;)
  13. Another possible addition would be some cliff height variation. While the flat top is useful if you want to build something there, it looks pretty un-natural in itself (while the rest of the cliff and shore really looks great). Some green "pebbling" perhaps?
  14. Really great (and very fast)! Could you make a post on LDraw forum?
  15. @SylvainLSResult looks awesome, but the Download me! remains greyed out (Chrome v.77)?