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  1. @Talles I started the LDraw model from photos sent by @BusterHaus then completed it when I received the part form s@h, so I have no DXF/DWG. But you can try to export the LDraw model to .stl (using LDView). No guaranty that the exported model will be perfectly exact (should come close) and it will certainly not be "watertight", which is a requirement for 3D printing (but your printer software may be smart enough to figure the proper shape anyway).
  2. S-brick is available from LDraw parts tracker:
  3. Now available on LDraw Parts Tracker! AFAIK it completes the list of Chiron Technic parts (still missing: license plate and... stickers!)
  4. @BusterHaus No problem with DXF. DWG should be OK too, but I've not tried often. Thanks in advance!
  5. I am eagerly waiting for good photos in cartesian directions (top/bottom/left/front) and dimensions (diameters, height) to make the LDraw model!
  6. Extension ring done:
  7. "3680", "3679" or "Turn Plate" do work in extended mode. Found nothing in standard mode...
  8. 20 gear with clutch done...
  9. Thanks... But I still need front/right/top/bottom photos of rotary gear changeover catch to be able to do this part right.
  10. @SNIPE Not yet, but I'm working on it... Just started with the new 20t gear with clutch (done from photos). The new extension ring should be easy too. The wave selector will be more tricky, and I'd appreciate detailed closeup photos and measurements! I'll keep you in touch as I progress...
  11. Philo

    Lego Technic 8479

    Yes, both motors are almost completely equivalent, though performances of original 71427 motor were slightly better.
  12. Philo

    Powered Up

    This is extremely surprising, if only because the new Boost/Wedo 2 motors are named "...lpf2" (LEGO Power Functions 2):
  13. Thanks for the photos/confirmations. The PCBs of your V1 receivers are slightly different from the old pre-V2 ones (photos on my remte receiver page), but all use the same LB1836M chip so performance should be very similar. As a side note, the number above the channel switch is most probably a date code of PCB manufacturing, well in sync with LEGO date code on the case: 36N5 PCB was done in 2015 week 22 31N6 PCB was done in 2016 week 23 20N7 PCB was done in 2017 week 10
  14. @kbalageAs far as I know V2 receivers are printed "V2" so most probably LEGO reverted to old design because of M-motors problems. Unfortunately I have no receiver from recent sets so I can't tell for sure. You could try to open yours, needs to be careful when pulling the circuit board but it's not very hard (see here You can then see the type of motor driver used...