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  1. Denes

    MOC: Autumn House

    Amazing colors
  2. Denes

    MOC - Boardwalk Arcade

    THis is awesome, I like the colors -specialy the floor- and the tablesoccer is perfect
  3. Denes

    Confirmed: 10242 Mini Cooper

    The first thing what i do, change the wheels to old stylish stud rims
  4. Denes

    MOC: 3..2..1..Demolition!

    This is awesome!
  5. Denes

    [MOC] Modular Old/New clinker house (LDD)

    I like how matching the horizontal grey lines, on the old and the new building. And the flowers and the tree on the walkway. Awesome work 'Nightfall'
  6. Denes

    Newspaper Kiosk - LDD MOC

    Awsome work 'Yooha'. My favorite is the Negro sweeties. And I have a suggestion too, same building different color: National Tobbaco shop?
  7. Denes

    Advent Calendar - Xmas in a small town

    Thank you, Yooha the Excellent work and the funny stories. I wish a merry Christmas and happy new year too Boldog Karácsonyt és BUÉK
  8. Denes

    [MOC] Mini Modulars "Café Royal"

    Those old snot windows on the front facade, i love it
  9. Denes

    MOC: London hotel and pub

    Excellent job, i like it how mixing the monochrome facade and the colorful interiors ...and the flippers roof, wow
  10. Denes

    My first MOC, a Flemish Barroco house

    Great work Ophrys, its simple cute. and really great how catch the vibe of the original buildings
  11. At the first sight i toght this is gigantic, but the many details and little things so amazing. And yeah the hot-rods are awesome
  12. Denes

    MOC: Police Station based on 10184 Town Hall

    That 4 stud wide policecar is so amazing. Great work 'patox', I only miss maybe on more floor or a rooftop.
  13. haha this was fast, great work 'daystar'
  14. Denes

    The Greenville layout - WIP

    Ohh, this "buildings on the floor" style remember me my childhood, and i like the way how you mixing different Lego classes -modular, pirates TMNT and SpongeBob-. Great work 'Commander'
  15. Denes

    MOC: Mini Modular Apartment II

    Art Deco, from the Miami beach. Great work 'pillpod'