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Found 9 results

  1. Due to a lack of space, I am clearing out a bunch of Lego. I am anxious to get these to people who might enjoy them. I generally ship with USPS and always provide a tracking number. In the past, I’ve traded and bought minifigs from other members and am a straight shooter. Now's the time to get some Christmas shopping done! ONLY THE MIXELS ARE LEFT! Mixels: $100 for the whole shebang! That's 36 sets total, with instruction booklets. Footi (41521) (Series 3 Spikels) Scorpi (41522) (Series 3 Spikels) Hoogi (41523) (Series 3 Spikels) Glomp (41518) (Series 3 Glorp Corp) Glurt (41519) (Series 3 Glorp Corp) Torts (41520) (Series 3 Glorp Corp) Mesmo (41524) (Series 3 Wiztastics) Magnifo (41525) (Series 3 Wiztastics) Wizwuz (41526) (Series 3 Wiztastics) Meltus (41530) (Series 4 Infernites) Flamzer (41531) (Series 4 Infernites) Burnard (41532) (Series 4 Infernites) Globert (41533) (Series 4 Glowkies) Vampos (41534) (Series 4 Glowkies) Boogly (41535) (Series 4 Glowkies) Gox (41536) (Series 5 Klinkers) Jinky (41537) (Series 5 Klinkers) Kamzo (41538) (Series 5 Klinkers) Krog (41539) (Series 5 Frosticons) Chilbo (41540) (Series 5 Frosticons) Snoof (41541) (Series 5 Frosticons) Spugg (41542) (Series 5 Lixers) Turg (41543) (Series 5 Lixers) Tungster (41544) (Series 5 Lixers) Kramm (41545) (Series 6 Weldos) Forx (41546) (Series 6 Weldos) Wuzzo (41547) (Series 6 Weldos) Dribbal (41548) (Series 6 Glorp Corp cousins) Gurggle (41549) (Series 6 Glorp Corp cousins) Slusho (41550) (Series 6 Glorp Corp cousins) Snax (41551) (Series 6 Munchos) Berp (41552) (Series 6 Munchos) Vaka-Waka (41553) (Series 6 Munchos) Camillot (41557) (Series 7 Medivals) Mixadel (41558) (Series 7 Medivals) Paladum (41559) (Series 7 Medivals) Bike Shop and Cafe (31026) $70 SOLD Bricktober Mini Modulars: ALL SOLD Hotel (40141) $12 Bakery (40143) $10 Theater (40180) $10 Town Hall (40183) $10 Pizza Place (40181) $10 Fire Station (40182) $10 Train Station (40142) $10
  2. GhostDog

    Mini modular MOC

    After having put together most of the Bricktober mini modulars, I finally decided to get a little creative and put together a mini modular MOC. It started out as a tenement apartment building but evolved into a more historic looking building. I made it with parts exclusively from the town hall and bakery mini modulars. I particularly like the frog gargoyle on top :3 Here it is with the town of mini modulars: Hope you like it!
  3. Hi Everybody! After finishing a couple of other LEGO projects, I found some time, to execute another mini modular model. Though the most of you should have already seen it on my flickr photstream, I want to share it here as well. Here we go with a few pictures of my latest mini modular - no. 11 by now - the "Café Royal": In this case it makes no sense to search for more pictures on my flickr site, 'cause I only shot these three! Anyway - feel free, to leave your comments and tell me, what you think about it. Thx & so long, Jens
  4. Hello Everybody! By now it seems to become a passion for me, to build these little houses on an 8x8 stud groundplate and I really can't get away from it! So during the last few weeks I was busy with creating another two mini modular mocs (no. 9 & no. 10) and here are the results: "la Villa bleue" "Green Apple" ... and both models combined with "Public Library" & "Blue Ave No. 7" in a row of houses: Find more pictures of both 'minis' as usual on my flickr photostream and feel free to leave your comments. Thanks to '2013-lego' for inspiring me with pictures of his beautiful Modular Apple Reseller MOC on EB! Special thanks to Harry alias 'steindrucker' for engraving the Apple logo on the black tile! So long, Jens
  5. Hello Everybody! Some of you might have already seen the pictures on flickr, I guess. But anyway - with the following photos I present my latest Mini Modular MOCs on EB as well. The "Blue Ave No. 7": The "Public Library": Though flickr changed their site-layout last night, my flickr photostream is still online! So you can find more pictures of the two models there. Thanks for your interest! So long, Jens
  6. Hi everybody! A few days ago, earlier than expected, I could finish another mini modular model. It's my 2nd corner house in this style and I call it "Central Plaza": Find more pictures as usual on my flickr photostream: more: A lot of people asked me to show all my mini modulars in a row of houses. So I put them together and took the following picture - hope you like it: Thanks for your interest! So long, Jens
  7. moctown

    MOC: Mini Modular "Basilika"

    Hi Everybody! About 3 weeks ago I finished another mini modular model, which is equally my 1st moc I've done this year. I call it "Basilika" and finally today I find time, to post it on EB! Here are two pictures: Feel free to leave your comments and find more pictures as usual on my flickr photostream ( Have a nice weekend everybody! So long, Jens
  8. moctown

    MOC: Mini Modular "Townhouse"

    Hello Everybody! Today I present you my latest mini modular moc, which is my 4th one by now. I built it as an another addition to the official LEGO Set 10230 and I simply call it "Townhouse". The pictures: Find more pictures, as usual, on my flickr photostream and feel free, to tell me, what you think about it! Thx & so long, Jens