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  1. I need money for some other things, so I am selling off some of my built lego sets. The ones that I am selling are the 8297 Off Roader, the 8265 Front Loader, the 9398 Crawler, and the 8041 Race Truck. I am selling them on eBay, the links are down below. If I am not allowed to link to eBay posts, then a mod can delete this post.
  2. Paul202

    Patria AMV 8x8 WIP

    The BTW has independant suspension. The farthest I got in my moc was only 1 axle, however I am reading through Sariel's book so when I have another attempt it will be better.
  3. Paul202

    Patria AMV 8x8 WIP

    Yes, I loved 8x8 Military Vehicles, however very few people make then. :( I tried to make a BTR-80 about a year ago, however it can't scrapped due to my lack of building skills. If this is successful then I may reattempt to build it.
  4. In the first paragraph you said that you were inspired by an AWD Chassis by Efferman, can I please have a link to where you found it? Google isn't helping me at the moment.
  5. Awesome vehicle, I wish more people would make military vehicles. What pieces did you use for the grenades in the launcher?
  6. Paul202

    Inconsistent color within a set.

    Mwahaha, the occasional joys of being colorblind.
  7. I think that although it's not directly plagiarism, I would consider it morally wrong. If I were to sell a lego set and copy the description, I would at least credit the author for taking time to write the description I used. Case in point I am planning on selling a Crowkillers Gallorado, and when I make the listing I will put his name and website all over the listing. (BTW I already PM'ed him and got his permission.)
  8. That's amazing, you are truly skilled.
  9. Paul202

    New project

    Holy Necropost Batman! Although you were the OP so it's okay. BTW beautiful trucks you have, they're making me jealous of my small lego technic collection.
  10. IMO, it's the perfect blend between system and technic.
  11. Paul202

    Motorised stingray

    That's amazing, definitely the most creative technic moc I've seen in a long time.
  12. Paul202

    ETF HTX-380 Mining Truck.

    Holy crap, that thing must weigh a ton.
  13. Now he just needs to make it in red and it will be awesome.
  14. Paul202

    ETF HTX-380 Mining Truck.

    ^^I think you're going to need some stronger motors if you want to power that behemouth.
  15. On the contract to what it seems to be for a lot of people, I spend very little annually on technic. The only purchase of $20+ last year was the 9398 Crawler.