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  1. Hey Joe

    REVIEW: 3677 Red Cargo Train

    I can briefly share my experience with lighting 3677 before I have to go make dinner. It's easiest to put lights on the end that's shorter. I ordered about a dozen parts to reconstruct it to give the wires room to get through. It's not as physically sturdy now, but it doesn't really matter. The key parts for me were two of these 1x2x1 Red Panels; After I put it together using these panels I realized that it's possible to do it w/o them, but at a minimum it does involve some modification (a.k.a. Bricklink order) as it's solid bricks inside there and you gotta make a hole to run the wires through. Anyway, hope that helps. Joe
  2. Hey Joe

    Odd sighting at Meijers today

    I learned last week that the red tag on items at Wal-Mart don't necessarily mean it's on sale. It just means that it's a discontinued item at Wal-Mart that may or may not be on sale. That place disgusts me with their anti-labor policies. The only reason I go in there is to get distilled water and look for Lego bargains. Sometimes they have some good ones. The blue cargo train has been 15% off on Amazon for the past few days. 15% off is still too expensive for me, however. Have fun, Joe
  3. The articles said that her fence had $50,000 worth of Lego merch in his apartment. They don't say how much of that came from the Lego employee who was busted for stealing. It could be a very small percentage. I cannot condone stealing, but it's somewhat understandable given the low wages and little or no benefits that most retail workers are given here in the States. I'll stop there before start to go off on a rant about how unfair and unequal American society has become. Joe
  4. Hey Joe

    3677: Red Cargo Train

    Hey! 3677 is the best set I've ever bought by a long shot. It's a major workhorse. Honestly, I thought it was kind of a bizarre looking thing when I first bought it because I thought it was too long. However, it's easiest to put lights on the shorter end, and then run it with that end facing forward. It very much looks like a mid-sized American road unit when it's facing that way. Joe
  5. Hi Annie, It's good to see you back on board here. Joe
  6. Hey Joe

    NEWS 2014 trains!

    There are some Lego videos of the new trains posted on Lego's YouTube page. There's a CITY mini movie and a TV advert. Joe
  7. Hey Joe

    NEWS 2014 trains!

    The expense of the sets really puts me off as well, but I do have a couple theories about it. First-of-all; I think a lot of these sets are priced with their sale price in mind. Take a look at Brickset's sale page; ALL of the sets seem to go on sale at one time or another. These sale prices are the true, fair retail price of the sets IMO. This excludes the exclusive, or D2C sets, of course. If you want to pay full whack they'll take your money, but... Secondly; these CITY train sets are sold for longer periods of time than most. The two current ones have been on the shelves for what, four years now? What seems expensive in 2014 will be cheaper in 2018, especially when it's on discount. Patience is on order for me. It's tough though, those blue engines are awesome! Joe
  8. Hey Joe

    Review 6180 - Hydro Search Sub

    Thanks for the great review. The minifigs are awesome, and you got love all those printed pieces. The ship kinda reminds me of the Avengers plane with that large downward sloping piece. Underwater themes are great, aren't they? Atlantis is one of my all-time favorites. Cheers, Joe
  9. Hey Joe

    1920s German museum train

    Hey, looks great! Joe
  10. Hey Joe

    3661 Bank & Money Transfer Modular MOD (wip)

    Hey, looks great. I might suggest making the left side three doors wide instead of four. It looks a little too large maybe? Joe
  11. Hey, looks great! Thanks for sharing. Joe
  12. Hey Joe


    Hey, I really like it a lot. Thanks for sharing. Joe
  13. Hey Joe

    MOC: Aquarium Car... With a Twist!

    Hey, it's funny and thanks for sharing. It would really go well with a circus train. I might get a handful of 1x1 trans blue plates (is that what they call the little round ones?) to throw in there for 'water'. Joe
  14. Hey Joe

    Bring back Alien Conquest!

    Hey! I loved this theme, but seriously; what more could they do with it that would SELL? It's a pity, everyone (except me) is so fixated on licensed stuff that quality stuff like this is shunted off to the side. The discount aisle at my local Wal-Mart is full of Castle and GS sets, I scored some great stuff! Anyway, in this upside-down value system what we need is an Alien Conquest movie! The sets will follow naturally. 'Nuff said.
  15. Hey Joe

    NEWS 2014 trains!

    I couldn't agree more. These sets are too expensive, and I'm a little upset. The new Simpson minifigs will be $4 each? $250 for a whacked out floating cow? Madness. I'm going to stop buying new sets for awhile. Joe