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  1. Once properly lubed you don't need to relube very often. On plastics and rubber use a silicone based lubricant. Oil based lubes will destroy the rubber and plastics.
  2. I am hyped for the new valves!
  3. nicjasno

    [MOC] Project Supercar X

    You need a better rear suspension. Look at what i did with the challenger suspension in one of the newer videos.
  4. nicjasno

    [MOC] Project Supercar X

    That is a very correct assesment. It was put together in a few minutes just for demo purposes.
  5. nicjasno

    [MOC] Project Supercar X

    That multilink from one of my old videos is total shite btw
  6. I want wheel hubs that have as little slack as the small turntable hubs and fit 8880 cv joints. Also they must not have any already integrated balljoints.
  7. That pushrod shows the slack. :) You could try relocating the pushrod ball 1 stud closer to the wheel by reengineering the yellow liftarm into something that can carry the ball pin. 2 #1 connectors with one of those new pinhole connectors with 1 stud axles on each side whould do the trick.
  8. Maybe not much left and right, but try twisting the hubs slightly and they go all over the place. The slack in ball joints is amazing. I tried this with the challenger suspension in one of my videos.
  9. Cute as a proof of concept, but not really usable due to the excess amount of slack.
  10. The porsche was basically the lemans car with added gearbox and better looks.
  11. nicjasno

    Oiling Lego Technic motors

    Never use mineral based oil with lego. It has acids that will destroy the lego plastic. Use silicon spray lubricant or silicone grease. Lego uses white silicone grease in its motors from the factory.
  12. I broke some 8880 hubs aswell.
  13. Looks like this is going to be an audi. Nice sculpting.
  14. nicjasno

    RC4WD Wheel Adapters

    Most R/C wheels are plastic and not that heavy, but they are bigger in diameter and have more momentum as such.
  15. nicjasno

    RC4WD Wheel Adapters

    I have 3d printed adapters for the Turntables for the new challenger project and they cost me 1eur a piece + a few cents for the main bolt/stud on to which the wheel mounts to.And with the new turntables, the slack is even less than with the old ones. Those black spacer-style adapters just increase the hub depth and make the slack in the lego hub even more apparent.