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  1. nicjasno

    [WIP] Ford Sierra Cosworth Sapphire

    I'll give it a try.
  2. nicjasno

    [RUMORS] 6x6 Mercedes Zetros

    Sadly the lego version will be NOTHING like that. Image Removed
  3. Steering goes over the diff.
  4. I am glad the small turntables come in 2 pieces, but would like them to be designed in a way, where it is possible (even if some prying tools are required) to be taken apart.
  5. nicjasno

    10295 Creator Expert Porsche 911 Discussion

    Double post... :/
  6. nicjasno

    10295 Creator Expert Porsche 911 Discussion

    I am probably going to make a turbo version of the targa. To combine the best of both worlds :)
  7. nicjasno

    latest lego quality standards

    That problem is with us since the dawn of technic.
  8. nicjasno

    [MOC] 1968 Dodge Charger

    Hey! Everything is included with the instructions (except the parts themselves :P ) I do hope to see some variants, like different colors, superbird builds, etc...
  9. I don't want parts that are too specialised. Especially not wheel hubs that are too elaborate. If lego would make a mould design to be stuck into the black small turntable bases, like what i do with the LPEpower wheelhubs... that would be grand. But i would love a 8880 style CV joint on an axle. For the more "adult" models that i want to make. As for the shock absorber, i'd love to have one, that would allow us to make (among other uses) macpherson suspensions. Would need a pin/axle connection on top for the pivoting, and and axle and a pinhole on the bottom like the actuators.
  10. nicjasno

    [MOC] 1968 Dodge Charger

    The LDD model is done, and i need to put finishing touches on some things. It's a matter of days now.
  11. nicjasno

    Unknown Red Supercar MOC

    Ah! I see.
  12. nicjasno

    Unknown Red Supercar MOC

    Cada red supercar. Has been reviewed here on the forum before.
  13. nicjasno

    10295 Creator Expert Porsche 911 Discussion

    Lego went completely nuts on its pricing in the last few years.