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  1. TriAngle

    Has anyone bought a nicjasno LPE?

    I would love to see that. Are you still working on it? Or did you quit the project?
  2. TriAngle

    Efferman's Custom Parts this one
  3. TriAngle

    T-Hammer WIP

    My 1st serious spacesip build. Picture:
  4. TriAngle

    Storage and Sorting LEGO

    welp i guess i'll be dunking everything out the bins soon:)
  5. TriAngle

    Storage and Sorting LEGO

    so how does one go about sorting 10 buckets/drawers filled to the edge... i kinda feel like starting all over again collecting sometimes.
  6. TriAngle

    No space for the Buwizz (sort of)

    i'll be getting a pf servo if it doesn't fit i have a return to center brick
  7. TriAngle

    No space for the Buwizz (sort of)

    i know the steering problem. but due to packeging it's the way it is (for now until i get a pf servo) 1XL? hmmmm i'll run some tests with it and see how it performs. Note: that i use rubber bands to help with the steering.
  8. TriAngle

    Efferman's Custom Parts

    @efferman Your 6 spoke small wheel uhm can you design one to fit the 81.6X34? tire
  9. so after working on my rally car which is desinged to run on seperate batteries (handheld) few months ago i discovered Buwizz and i know it'll perform with one. so i made a moc-up of one and test fit it. it fits but doesn't look good at the same time anyone got some ideas? Pictures here:
  10. TriAngle

    RC4WD Wheel Adapters

    What diameter are the hex are on 1/8 road wheels?