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  1. Tatra 815 8x8 help!

    So I am thinking that I will connect the steering, driving, and gear changing to one channel, will it mess the receivers up if there are three on one channel? Also, are there receivers that have 3 motor outputs?
  2. Tatra 815 8x8 help!

    Thanks a lot!
  3. Tatra 815 8x8 help!

    I will not use them because the brick is way too expensive and Lego elements aren't powerful enough for this type of project I was thinking about having a switch on the car for lights, and the reason why I want two drive trains is to eliminate slip situations and have skid steering(one would control the four left wheels while the other would control the four right wheels), Also the reason why I want two servos is because I want regular steering, and crab steering. I could also live with having a switch on the vehicle for the winch. I was thinking about having a 3 or 4 speed transmission, could you explain why it would be overkill? Also I was thinking that one of the drive trains and a servo would be one battery, the other drivetrain and other servo would be powered by the second battery, and a third battery would have on board switches for the winch and lights while controlling the transmissions (one for each drivetrain). I want to roughly scale the model using the wheels for scaling, so using the wheels that I specified in the original post you can scale it, although I am not trying to get a 1/8 or 1/10 scale, just something large enough to house all of the functions. Legos breaking isn't a concern of mine since people sell metal Lego pieces and I am planning on using ball bearings to increase efficiency.
  4. So I would like to build a tatra 8x8 scaled with the 94.8 x 44 R Balloon tire. I would like to put in 3rd party r/c elements. I would like to put in 1 lipo for 2 motors for the left side of the wheels and 1 servo for the front t4 tires, another lipo with the same for the right side and a servo for the back 4 tires. I would also use another lipo for the lights, winch, and two stepper motors with 90 degree rotations each for the transmission. it would be helpful to know if it would just be better to use 1 motor for each side and what elements I should buy, also I would like a remote control with two vertical sticks controlling the drivetrain and two horizontal sticks for steering, I would prefer to have a physical remote but if there is a r/c IOS app with a antenna I could buy that would also be good. Thanks in advance
  5. Best power supply?

    Would this 2 cell lipo work?
  6. Best power supply?

    What is the lowest voltage that the eneloops get to
  7. So I want to use stuff like the powerfunctions and rc system, but the voltage drops with regular batteries and rechargeable batteries only offer 7.2 volts instead of 9 volts, and rechargable lego pf battery is super expensive. So, is there a rechargeable AA size battery with 1.5 volts that maintains steady voltage?
  8. Pneumatic air compressor

    how do I close the topic?
  9. Pneumatic air compressor

    I would like to build a subaru impreza wrx sti, would a 4 cylinder engine be enough for it (I would make it the size of your mustang) It will be used mainly off road
  10. Pneumatic air compressor

    ok, is it fine to use the long pistons in a rally car for suspension though?
  11. Pneumatic air compressor

    ok, thanks What tubing do you use for your LPEs? And would it be a bad idea to use a pneumatic cylinder v2 2x11 for an lpe
  12. Pneumatic air compressor

    ok if I build something like your mustang and put the battery powered air compressor I was talking about in it do you think it will run well? will it have enough air? Also, when you build the charger, will you post instructions for it on LPEpower, and if so, will the mustang instructions price drop, I would like to use it for the suspension Oh, and will you make a boxer LPE?
  13. Pneumatic air compressor

    Thank you for the answer, I found a YouTube by the name of OOOONeoGamerOOOO who I'm pretty sure is taking credit for your engines and showing people how to make then, check out his/her YouTube channel just in case