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  1. Oh, just a moment ago I've found some YT reporter's video that features my arm. You can see me interviewed at 8:20. It's in Polish, therefore follow is my translation of that short conversation: Reporter: Why you've named that "the claw"? Me: For me, firstly it's association with the "Toys Story" movie - the animation I've known well from my childhood. R: The fact, a gripper is three-fingered is a pure inspiration from the movie or it has any different sense? M: Not exactly. I was going to grip spherical shapes by this, because I also intended to use it in a system that may help planters, for example in picking tomatoes. And then if we want to grip any spherical object - two fingers aren't enough. It had to be more complex, but my (current) solution is also not the best.
  2. Firstly, I'm not going to make instructions of any of my models myself, but if there's anybody, who wants to do this - maybe, who knows... I'll willingly share any useful documentation, bill of material, etc. Secondly, you can see my latest (and I think the best) creations among others at my YT channel: Thanks. If you only saw how exhausting and ungrateful the designing process was... Moreover, as I mentioned above, here's some work of progress photos:
  3. A spontaneuosly built creation, somewhat as a result of good purchase for electric elements I've done almost 2 years ago. Then I just was made a tracked machine, at one forum named after "the wallie on roids", due to obvious similarity to one of Pixar's characters. So, ladies and gentlemen, I have a pleasure to present you... Robbie - the human-friendly robot (at least in theory :)). The robot is fully based on Technic theme elements and Power Functions electric system that consists of a total of 10 motors, 5 IR receivers and 2 battery boxes. All of this makes the model relatively heavy - over 2.2 kg. It features clever and easily RC controlled arms and independently propelled tracks. Luckily, I had taken some videos during work in progress, so you can see how much it was changing over the building phases: Traction tests featuring my slippers: And finally working shown to the world at one of small displays: And that's all. Sadly, I don't have so many photos this time, but I hope you liked it :)
  4. I was able to put the cotton threads through holes in studless parts, such as 2-stud long round pin connector: but fitting them through pneumatic or other hoses was at least uncomfortable and impractical, anyway. Thanks for giving me constructive feedback :)
  5. My second creation I just have for you to show today, simultaneously my private second place in workshop achievements, the 6-axis manipulator. The robot is a successor of older humanoid's arm. It was made mainly due to one reason: I want to design an arm that has wide range of movements, because his predecessor was shame of it. Moreover, a goal for near future is to make the arm (finally) programmable, perhaps with using of non-Lego components... But a model you see is still pure fully Technic-themed robot prototype that looks better than works : Arm, similarly to my other creations was presented at a bit of places in Poland's exhibitions or events for robotic and engineering enthusiasts. It has been appreciated at "Diamonds Explorers" foundation for talented students' innovative ideas. Technically, it contains of 5 motors (only because one had been broken during tests), 3 IR receivers and 3 battery boxes (a pair as a counterweight). Features 3 primary and 3 additionaly axes of movement and a pneumatic gripper that reminds me well one Toys Story scene... So, let's watch the video featuring an egg as 3-eyed alien mascot: Some photos: PS: I'm still working on next version...
  6. Hi! As a new member of our large society I'd like to present you one of (as I humbly think) my greatest models so far - the humanoid's arm. Creation has been building by mine for January and February this year. In April it has taken a third place in local competition for students and, as if that wasn't enough, in June I was also presented it at Warsaw, Polish capital. Here's also a humorous entry featured it at Brother's Brick blog: The arm itself is a combination of pneumatic and electric (Power Functions) componenets controlled remotely or by panel with system of valves. It's quite large, even slighty more than actual human's arm. It includes a total of 6 motors, 2 IR receivers, 7 pneumatic cylinders and 4 linear actuators. Features prehensile palm with tendon-like controlled fingers, natural range of thumb's movement, fingers abduction, movable forwards and backwards wrist axis, rotated and elevated forearm. Just look: Also let's see some photos: If you liked it, I'll try to upload some photos and videos of my robots soon! Sorry for my poor English :/