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  1. Warspite03

    Port Callao Invasion

    This is a great diorama! I like that the main fortress is modeled along classic pirate lines and is supported by eldorado fortress. Lots of classic pirates feel here with all of the official ships. Nice work! I feel bad for the pirate wading between the four alligators...
  2. Warspite03

    English warship "Revenge" from 1577 in minifigscale 1:50

    WHAT HE SAID! That is an awesome building technique and this huge ship shines with such incredible detail! Fantastic ship!
  3. Warspite03

    Port Royal • Modular version

    That's pretty awesome! Now we just need to see it in bricks!
  4. Warspite03

    Governor's house

    This is a beautiful MOC with lots of great details, and given the apparent size, you did a great job and I must say that I love that awning! Now... 1. Tristram 2. Pirata Codex 3. Pick a number between 1 and ____
  5. Warspite03

    The Scorpion's Wrath

    Those colors always look good together. Very nice for a first MOC.
  6. Warspite03

    HMS Audacity

    I just got to see this ship in person at Brickcon and I must say that she is quite the beauty! You really did a great job on her. Keep it up!
  7. Warspite03

    More ships for the fleet!

    All of these ships are fabulous works of art! The color schemes look great and you have made some fantastic sails and rigging!
  8. Warspite03

    The bone collector

    Nice looking ship! The color scheme definitely makes it look like a pirate ship. Add some more bones to it and you have the QAR's big sister. I can't tell too well from the pictures, but are those dark red or standard red? I like the technic anchor too.
  9. Warspite03

    Small Harbour Fortress

    I like it. It reminds me a little of both Sabre Island and Imperial Outpost. Nice MOC.
  10. Warspite03

    The 64-gun Ship of the Line Persephone

    That is pure awesome! Incredible build! I for one would never have the patience to keep at it for that long. Well done.
  11. Warspite03

    East guard house

    Yeah, that guard putting the moves on the lady was nice! And you have to love the poor sap facing down the shark. Nice MOC, full of the classic feel.
  12. Warspite03

    Valiant WIP Brig

    I originally started working on a brig but ultimately, could go no further with it. I was massively unsatisfied with my product. http://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=67995 When I started working on this, it was going to be more of a merchant vessel for the Spanish, but as it came along, I realized that it was shaping up to be a decent warship, and decided to make it into a privateer brig. Currently, she is a 16 gunner with a pair of long nines at the bow. She needs her sails, and some more detail work and most of all, a crew. Sorry for the less than adequate lighting. Here is the Valiant.
  13. Warspite03

    [MOC] Scurvy Dog Distillery

    Now THAT should become an official Pirates set! Excellent work! Jack Sparrow would never have to ask, "Why is the rum gone?"
  14. Holy S***! That is the mother of MOC ships! I think you need and 18-wheeler lowboy just to move it! Wow, just WOW!
  15. Warspite03

    The Black Seas Barracuda

    How did I miss this one? You have delivered another fine update to one of the best ships Lego made! IFS has nothing on this BSB!