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  1. Big Adam

    New LEGO Speed Champions 2022 Rumors, Speculation

    Bond and F&F sets now on UK Lego site. £20 each, so a £2 premium over the ‘regular’ single car sets. I’ve got every 8-wide set and my head says ‘yes’ but my heart isn’t feeling the love for these movie crossover models. If the next models are a K.I.T.T. Firebird or an A-Team Vandura, I’ll be all over them. Starsky & Hutch Gran Torino? I’m guessing a Hardcastle & McCormick Coyote X would be too niche (but very cool!) If TLC stick with movies, Blues Brothers Dodge Monaco? Bullitt Mustang? Smokey and the Bandit Trans Am? I’d be disappointed if they go with the obvious BTTF/Ghostbusters/Herbie options. Heaven would be an Italian Job triple pack of classic Mini Coopers! 😎
  2. Pah! That’s nothing. You should have seen me when I connected the Titanic engines up! 🍆
  3. I’m with derekthetree on this. When I was a kid and actually played with Lego, the pleasure/satisfaction I got from the functional aspects of 8860 was due to the fact that it had springy wheels and the engine pistons and fan ‘moved’ when pushing the car. Back then, I’m not sure I ever registered that the speed of the engine changed via the simple 2/3 speed gearbox. One of those gears was likely reverse. Again, I didn’t notice. I was too busy building the B-model dragster for my Hulk figure to drive. Fast-forward 40 years, and I no longer ‘play’ with Lego but not much has changed on the functionality side. I get pleasure from the complexity (in my eyes) of the build, the innovative way challenging angles/arrangements are constructed, and the overall impact of the final piece. But while I enjoy the technical build, the final models may as well have a single speed connection from one wheel to the engine to give me the same ‘Ooh, it spins!’ buzz that I got with the 8860. And no, adding simple functionality to a Creator range would not do it for me. They may be pretty, but the (clearly very casual) engineer in me loves just knowing that I built a complex mechanical system under the pretty skin. So, I apologise to all the ‘real’ AFOLs here. I am clearly the sort of Neanderthal shallow-gene-pool AFOL-lite audience that Lego are targeting with these 1:8 cars. Hopefully you are able to modify the Ferrari to address it’s failings. I’ll just build the vanilla version with a big grin on my face. EDIT: Although I will incorporate Balage’s fixes to address Lego’s instruction errors!
  4. The USD and CAD prices are excluding sales tax (but your point still stands)
  5. In my cynical old eyes, Mustangs, Camaros, Chargers all look the same. Honestly, Lego could do a Mustang recolour and it would amount to pretty much the same thing. Orange would at least provide a quick and easy a Dukes of Hazzard option for kids of the 70s like me.
  6. Big Adam

    [MOC] Ford Escort station Wagon MK1 1974

    Love this! And the ‘Granny’ name and the authentic 70’s beige colour scheme made me laugh! With this Mk1 platform nailed, the obvious next step would be a re-colour and some minor mods to create a Mk2 Mexico/RS2000 rally rival for the Audi Quattro!
  7. Available for next day delivery via Amazon UK.
  8. Big Adam

    New LEGO Speed Champions 2022 Rumors, Speculation

    I still fail to appreciate the obsession with F&F (and another generic square US muscle car). Let’s hope the SC DB5 captures the beauty of the real thing better than the Creator version. If they include gadgets like the ejector seat and guns, I’m afraid it’ll be a bit of a mess.
  9. Hamilton’s team-mate is Russell, not Bottas.
  10. Presumably embargo is lifted when actual car is launched on 11 Feb?