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  1. What a great build...I really enjoyed it. Has anyone else toyed with the idea of motorizing this?
  2. Hopefully, this is allowed but if not, apologies in advance. I was browsing ideas on TLG's site and came across this gem... It only has about a month left and the numbers don't look promising but I thought this was extremely creative and just wanted to pass it along. It has several details that really capture that iconic 2x2 slope. It's not my work...just wanted to share.
  3. Thanks for the quick reply. I pushed a few steps further and I'll tell you, it still doesn't seem right. I recently purchased the 9396 set and ironically ran into this same type of issue with the winch. The instructions called for a friction pin with a stop bushing on one end. This configuration prevented the reel from turning. I ended up replacing the friction pin with an axle and this resolved that issue. I found this posting (after-the-fact) that called for the same solution. My hesitancy to proceed is if something similar has to be done with the Airbus, I'm afraid the whole assembly is going to have to be torn down.
  4. Hello, I'm building the 42145 Airbus H175 Rescue Helicopter. On step 142, the instructions show inserting a red pin with axle through two narrow beams, through a wide beam, and in step 143, placing a pinion on the axle end and another pinion on the axle beneath it. After installing both pinions, the longer axle is almost impossible to turn due to the friction from the red pin with the axle end holding the pinion above it. Before continuing, I want to make sure this is correct as it doesn't seem right. Thank you!