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  1. phool

    Your Best Technic Bargains

    Probably not the best deal compared to others here but I was happy to pick up a Bucket Wheel Excavator with a store-damaged box locally for around 160 Euro. They normally retail here for 245 euro, so it was a pretty substantial discount in terms of local prices.
  2. phool


    While slightly off topic but linked to this comment, can anyone advise what alternative rubber bands I can use for 8002 Destroyer Droid? All the rubber bands in the second hand version I got have perished and I don't know what size replacements I need or whether I can get any from TLG direct?
  3. These are very nice. Would be great for displaying official sets at the smaller public displays we have here locally.
  4. Is there a website or app that easily allows you to keep a record of the parts you have for each lego set in your collection? I've obtained a large number of sets second hand and I would like an online source where I can keep a record of what parts I am missing for a particular set. I had a look at rebricakble but I couldn't see obviously see if it has this functionality.
  5. phool


    And here I was about to post a belated remark on the improvement in the photos. Thanks for all the effort that goes into this site Blakbrid, it's truly a wonderful resource for fans of Technic.
  6. phool

    [MOC] McLaren F1

    Awesome MOC! Would love to see a little video of the functions in action. Once again, great work here on this beauty
  7. phool

    Volkswagen Beetle (Type 1)

    Nice to see a fellow South African frequent this forum! Good luck with your package and the postal strike I haven't been able to justify ordering parts from brick link yet, shipping just gets too expensive. I'll have to be content admiring these beautiful MOCs over the web (or until I have the heart to breakdown my sets for parts).
  8. phool

    [C-MODEL] 8110 Jeep

    Fair enough. Just thought I'd provide another option to making the instructions available.
  9. Mines, pretty simple - finish inventorying second-hand sets I acquired in 2013!
  10. phool

    [C-MODEL] 8110 Jeep

    Did you try use Mocplans to sell the instructions? Great looking MOC btw
  11. 02: 1 04: 3 08: 2 14: 3 23: 1 Tough choices, plenty of great models. I decided to go mostly with models that are not well represented in the normal Technic line. Congrats to all participants for making it so difficult to choose favourites!
  12. phool

    Your Best Technic Bargains

    Yesterday my wife manged to pickup: 2 x 9398 2 x 42000 2 x 9394 1 x 42006 1 x 42011 And some other misc smaller sets still to be fully identified (slammers/racers and such). All for the equivalent for 290 euro, pretty good deal if I do say so myself
  13. Thanks. It's actually supposed to be my birthday present, and the fair was before my birthday. I decided to at least show off the box at the fair since it was not made available locally.
  14. This past weekend we had a local LegoFair and I displayed some of my Technic collection. I didn't get time to build everything I wanted it and I only displayed some of the larger models, so this isn't my complete collection
  15. Having won ebay auctions on the 8461 Williams Racer and Silver Champion, I have my eye on finding the 8466 4x4 Off Roader for a reasonable price. I suppose patience is the name of the game.