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  1. Angeli

    Ideas for a CMFs

    this is amazing :)
  2. Angeli

    21328 Seinfeld: The Review

    What I would love to see is How I Met Your Mother, one of my favorite shows :) Edit: what an amazing review :) strong, simple, honest and done with love
  3. wow, those are some great suggestions, and I often get that both bussiness and lack of good photography chip away from the enthusiasm of viewrs online, although feedback live is amazing I was purposly going for the bussy ambient as the life under the sea is like that, especially in clean waters where there is not lot of human trafic. And that is the issue, in person (live), I have watched people spend 20 min in front of the display, just searching trough every cravise, trying to spot every animal that is hidden (some are repetative trough whole display, but some are unique and there is only one of them, or they are rare). It is hard to transfer that "feel" trough picture, especially with larger builds. And even so bussy, there are areas that feel plain and empty (when watchin it live) So there is always a choice, do I build it for show, or for internet (pictures) I have seen this choice mase over and over with the best of builders, when their builds look amazing in picture, but just ok on show (usually technics robots, mecha and some of the most amazing npu builders) because with photography,m you can choose an angle and light, in real life, you just approach the build as visitor and builder has no controle on what you are focusing on, where you stand when watching etc Additionaly, most of them are flimsy and if touched, parts will fall off, so they are not suited for transport and setup on events, especially if builder is not present, while things that are made for exhibit are usually modular for easy transport, and some beauty is sacrificed for mobility and sturdiness Coral Reef is built for live events, but I still hoped pictures will bring at least some of the beauty of the build, enough to make a wow effect I will try another approach in October, I will hire a proffessional photographer and try to make some really good photos (I made all of these with my phone). Hopefully this will show moc in another light But other than that, your observation is spot on, thank you thank you very much for kind words :) Where do you live, what country (city)? I am planning to send Coral Reef on a tour, and maybe your town is on the list of those I will visit with it Actually, where I will go deneds a lot of where I have great AFOL friends :) This is how I usually plan those kind of roadtrips :D And mostly Europe :)
  4. thank you very much :) This is my favorite build, yet it doesn't attract any attention :) Yet I believe it is the most beautiful thing I have ever built :)
  5. I like building big with LEGO bricks :) What is actually "Big" is subjective, but for me, if it doesn't fit the house - it is big :) Check out 5m Millennium Falcon (link) or world's largest Notre Dame (link), Sword Coast (link), Suldanessellar (link) and similar (Eurobricks is the only place I post my mocs directly, so you can find a lot here :) I would like to present my latest build, Coral Reef, and speak a little bit about the future, and building 7x5m large Coral Reef from LEGO bricks I would also like to make this post highly educational, so you will be threated to some facts about Coral Reefs in blue color, and also some facts inside normal text (link) I love building aquariums from LEGO bricks (they are without water, of course:) and I have special love in my hearth for Coral Reefs. Did you know that 25% of all marine species live on coral reefs? And yet Coral Reefs are less than 1% of living surface of the sea I was inspired by Siercon& Coral's build, and many that followed - building world that is alive, changing on every step, with animals that are diverse and literary different under every rock, in every cave - it was something that brought me a lot of joy. Being scuba diver for decades (I started diving when I Was 18, I am 43 now), especially loving extreme diving (night diving, ice diving, night ice diving :) and being in love with the sea, above and under surface, building underwater dioramas were source of lot of enjoyment for me. t (link) Siercon& Coral's - moc On a side note, I love coral reefs, and there is a good chance my 2 year old kid will not see them, as they could cease to exist by the time he is able to dive. Global warming, acidity of the sea, rise of CO2, pollution and other factors are ecology issues we should seriously think about, not just for us, but for our kids also. I am hoping this project will be another drop in the sea of activity which will raise awareness about the world we are about the loose, both the beauty of it, and its importance for our survival. Did you know that corals clean the water by feeding? Water is always amazingly clear near coral reefs First I made 1x2 (48x48) aquarium, where I used every single notable themed bricks (basic, technics, duplo, Galidor, clikits and similar). This will be part of the large 7x5 Coral Reef I am preparing, and it was my first test run. Galidor heads make for such a great Moray Eel - for me, one of the most dangerous creatures I have encountered, and I have dived with 2.5m sharks in open water, and one of them brushed on me, caught on tape. Why? Moray Eel in not poisonous per se, but she is a vulture, and her mouth if full of bad bacteria. Also, when she bites, she roles like a corkscrew - making wound so hard to heal. I once came into face to face with one who had a head big as a horse - and she was not alone. Notice clikits parts on flowers (yellow technics stem) (link) Did you know that not buying souvenirs made from corals can actually help preserve them. Other great way to contribute is not stepping on them or breaking them - they are amazing to take picture of, and not touching them helps preserving them. "Take nothing except pictures, and leave nothing but love and bubbles" :) Then I made 2x4 (48x48) Coral Reef, to date, my favorite creation. In there, I incorporated hundreds of animals, some original, some made from bricks. My idea was to introduce so many life in it, that you could spend hours going around display, always seeing something new - just like in the real Coral Reef. There are so many crabs and other arthropods, snails and other creatures crawling on the sand and rock, and hundreds upon hundreds of fish. If LEGO made a fish as an animal, you can see it in there (link) But my favorite part is vegetation's on the sea floor, and coral strains. So much life, and so many ways to use uncongenial bricks to show that :) I also incorporated a lot of trans neon green and trans neon orange parts, but more on that later. I use blue light (black light makes neon bricks to shine stronger, but dims all other colors, blue light allows them to be seen, while neon still is intensified. Check out the pictures, and let us talk about the parts I used: I used a lot of modern ghost lower part of bodies (legs) to make complex shapes, adding flower stems in strange colors to mimic coral polyp tentacles - same thing is amazingly achieved with the crown introduced in Angry Birds sets. All types of fire brick in all possible colors are my main source of seaweed. Also, building seaweed from mostly transparent (light blue) bricks and adding just one solid part made them look aerie in blue light, almost like alive Clickits flowers make amazing anemones, when combined with solid color minifig heads :) I used hundreds of "Mission on Mars" rigged tubes, but more on them later. Good thing about them is that they randomly bend, so with them the build gets more natural look I loved using technics masks and body parts for mimicking huge crustaceans Clickits hand bands when grouped together make amazing corals - I think I had bought everything you could find on the bricklink, as no one was using them in such amounts, except Bart de Dobbelaer. They are amazing, and one can never have too many of them - goes for any clikits part, actually :) I know a (pretty amazing) guy who has a (pretty amazing) wife who has 70 kg of clikits :) That is happiness right there :) Another amazing AFOL, Eilonwy77 (Katie) developed lovely technique for bending creations made from 1x2 plates and bunch of 1x1 round plates - this allows for larger, more robust anemones. Spikey Galidor legs also make the same thing, when arranged in circle The little blue brush from the truck that cleans the streets is a must, and when combined with round plates changing the height, they make lovely sea floor I was very careful to present life in caves different from life outside the caves, so you can feel the difference when watching it, making it more realistic. Many of plants and animals can be found only in caves, some only hanging upside down :) 1x1 brick modified with four studs, one on each side is great tool for this type of build Manta Ray is probably the largest aquatic animal I have seen in person - she was so big, I thought the grass was moving, when I was suiting up for the dive, and she was skulking beneath. They have intelligence of the cat, and are extremely curious - This big one came to me, exploring, and I was able to do some macro pictures of her eye - I don't think I have ever seen something so complex and alien, but also mesmerizing and beautiful - the most beautiful thing I have seen during a night dive was a cuttlefish, she was floating like UFO, with her lateral fins moving in waves, and colors changing - it was surreal Coral Reef is full of eggs - some are in the grass, some are beneath a rock and some are on the ceiling of a cave - we don't always know what made them, but my moc is full of them I was lucky to find a seller with hundreds of seashell headgear from Pirates of the Caribbean, they were extremely cheap and affordable and I took them all. I use wanted list and notify system a lot when bricklink is in question, and if certain factors come up (part, price, quantity, location) I get notify same second, and I tend to react fast. Good use of notify and wanted lists are core of strange and unusual parts usage, when large quantities are in question. Some fish, like duplo and basic yellow fish from little mermaid (named Flounder, although he is not really a flounder, but yellow-blue tropical fish :), they have silly large human eyes - so I turn them with their back to the viewer, and usually facing a wall of dense vegetation, so they can't be seen from other side And when the blue light gets switched on, magic begins - look at the pictures: Did you know that almost all corals need warmth and sunlight to grow? Although, almost all, there are those living in 4°C and 2km undersurface, relying only on food they gather, with no photosynthesis. Now I am building 4x8 (48x48) Coral Reef I am using thousands of trans neon green antenna, pearl gold wheels from Disney princess, and alien brain headgear from ufo attacks, mimicking sponges. I am also incorporating thousands of coral fish from sea exploration Friends themes, and note that coral color is behaving same like trans neon colors under the blue light. I use technics to provide me with stability and shapes and leaves to provide me with holes for tentacles Note that this is just a test run - I have to tear everything down to add sand and rocks The green things you see are just temporary holders for the upper level, meaning everything you see is within a cave :) Notice handful of Demogorgon heads from Stranger Things :) They fit so nicely in underwater diorama :) Did you know that there are 240.470 species in the sea, in the World Register of Marine species, but that is only small part of actually marine species that we have not discovered yet, and new species are added on daily basis? And here is my plan: During November 2021 - April 2022 I am going to build the world's largest LEGO made aquarium - 7x5m in size. At the moment, if I am not mistaken, the world record is held by Warren Elsmore and his creation 7x5m will be the complex in which the visitor will be able to enter: it will be closed from 3 sides, with pvc screens printed with real coral reefs photos from both sides and inside, all through the walls will be one long line of baseplates with creations on a continuous table. From the table to the ground there will be printed pvc screens also. In the middle there will be 8x4 (48x48) table with creation in glass display, again, from table to ground will be printed pvc screens. On the ceiling (the whole construction is like a tent with flat roof) there will be 1:1 scale of various fish hanging, with octopus tentacles in one corner, giant turtle in the other, and similar, suspended to the roof construction. Lights: there will be several types of lights: - normal white led lamps, that will be light for maintenance and setup - Blue LED strips in the corner of glass displays (that will have all sides transparent). The LED strips will shine away from visitor, so taking pictures will be possible, and no lights will go into eyes. Blue LED will also make all the trans neon green and trans orange green (and coral red) colors shine and glow - LED diodes inside creation - I love using Mars tubes in my creations, I have couple of hundred of them (there is an anecdote when I received several hundred of them in a box from Bricklink seller from USA, he put them in a TV box and send it with regular papers with true value (which were similar to that TV set :) Customs officials opened the box, saw bunch of plastic ribbed pipes in it - and decided that I was subject of a fraud, and didn't charge anything - and VAT here is 20% and customs tax 10% :) It was a pleasant surprise :) Anyway, I will put one LED lamp in each of them - imagine the effect in dark :). There are many other parts, that are opaque or semi opaque, that will benefit from LED lights inside or around them. I desire to make it magical - like the real sea floor is at night Did you know that sea is more alive during the night then during the day? More creatures are active then. - Caustic imitators - there are lights for clubs that imitate caustic (caustic is reflection of sun rays on the bottom of the ocean). They are from 100 to couple of thousands of EUR, but for such a small space (7x5m) the smallest one will do. This will give illusion that we are under the surface. The reflector will be mounted on the celling construction. The ceiling will be metal construction with pvc screen, only in pitch black color inside and white on the outside (in case we exhibit outside) - There will be extra light from a large screen, where marine life will be displayed, and a msg from someone with a nice voice, narrating about ecology, marine life and beauty of the sea. Did you know that Corals are actually animals, not plants. Coral reefs are the largest biologically originated structures on Earth. Water - I desire to implement water, but water has several issues: - it makes residue (hard water, the one we usually use in taps or drink) - In the case of breakdown and spillage it makes a mess - closed systems are heavy for transport, and open systems that one can refill are not as secure The solution of residue is using demineralized water, it is available everywhere and can be bought in almost every supermarket. Solution to possible spillage mess is bolting the container to the table, and also suspending it to the ceiling of display Solution for transport is open system and being extra careful while setting it up. And here is the idea - I desire bubbles. So I will make one-piece beaker that will be closed on all sides except on two holes: one for tube that will pump air, and second for that air to get out. This will reduce the dust and particles gathering in it. The beaker will be bolted to the table with removable bolts, so it can be dismantled, but it will be (I hope:) impossible to tip them and spill them. They will be 1m tall and as small of radius as possible, 10cm is just right. The pump will be suspended on the ceiling of the display (In case there is power shortage, if it was under the level of table water would spill, solution for that is special pump that has protection, but it is more expensive, and it can malfunction and water mixed with dust that always find way into display would be VERY hard to remove, especially after some time). Tube will go from the pump into the beaker to the bottom, where air will leave it and float back to the surface - just like in the real aquarium. In case I desire to put more of this crafts in diorama, I will use stronger pump or silent compressor. Did you know that we have explored less than 5% of the ocean? Mid Ocean Ridge is under the water, 65.000 long, and it is less explored then surface of the Mars. Animals: - in last few years I have been gathering marine life animals, whenever I get a chance or have extra funds - 10 stingrays here, 20 sharks there, 10.000 plain fish here (opportunity arrived:) And although I have been using that plain fish for other projects, plenty are left for Coral Reef - brick built animals are my favorite. Especially snails, using large Power Miners drills from snail houses - Coral red - this is the color that has same glow when subjected to black light or blue light as trans neon colors. And there is variety of sea animals that are being produced (Friends theme started it). These two boxes hold several thousand of coral colored animals, a gift from friend, someone who loves diving as much as I do, and loves idea of raising awareness regarding importance of Coral Reefs Did you know that shark teeth are not actual teeth, bus scales, and that is why they grow back when lost? Did you know that sharks kill 20 people per year, and people kill almost 12.000 sharks per hour? Who is the monster here? Did you know what is the most cruel fate in the sea? Being hunted by Harlequin shrimp, and being a sea star - Although shrimp can be 100 times smaller, they will turn the star so the starfish can't run away, and slowly eat it - and feed it at the same time, so the star stays alive longer. Truly nightmarish fate, right? Especially as starfish can regenerate. On the other hand, some star fish species are known to attack and destroy coral reefs, so there is some balance in the universe :) There is so much I would like to tell you about this, but post is as long as it is already. I will be glad to answer all question in thread, and any ideas that you have how to make it more beautiful, it will be wonderful to brainstorm about it
  6. Angeli

    5m long Millennium Falcon

    Thank you :) Every year we have an international LEGO (AFOL) convention called Lugs United (link) where clubs and individuals from all over the world (yup, world, not just Europe:) come and visit us for 4-5 days of non stop parties, fun and creativity. And the best part is - we pay for almost all expencess for international visitors (Depending from year to year, on our financial state and number of people visiting), or, at least, help with costs and provide good hotels with insane low prices :) It is invite only event, but everyone can visit us, so it is actually open event. People tend to have a lot of fun, as we are adults, we are not sponsored by anyone so we can dance naked on our raft and get drunk everynight in the local pubs, as far as anyone is concerned - if it is something to your liking :) Joking aside, it has been going on from 2012, and 2022 (if pandemic allows) is going to be an A-M-A-Z-I-N-G one - and anyone that likes cute and deadly crabs is a friend of ours :D Sned me an-e-mail to and we will discuss further Btw, we had two LEGO clubs visiting us from Greece :)
  7. Angeli

    5m long Millennium Falcon

    I am no lord, call me just Brienne of Tarth :) Joking aside, beautiful compliment, thank you :) Regarding future projects, and I never considered myself a SW builder - SW is VERY popular amongst visitors, both kids and adults, even more with adults, but this built was at a request from a friend, who thought it is impossible, or possible but so expencive that it can;t be done by a regular person :) Truth be told, my next desire is Enterprise, and even more, 2x2x2 borg cube, with green LED strips and EL wires. Imagine that monstrosity that is 2x2m in base and 2m high, floating - anmd with such a scale, I can call it minifig scale and even put some minifigs in it. This is the desire of mine, I have other obligations until November, then I will build the largest LEGO aquarium in the world (I have been gathering bricks, animals ans fish for years now, you inspired me to make a new topic, I Will, after I finish the reply), then I am resting until oktober 2022, then I am building those two, Enterprise and Borg Cube. Keep in mind I do this for joy, meaning I can change my plans in any moment, it depends on financial situation, pandemic situation, family situation ( I have almost 2 years old kid that requires more and more time together (and what a joy that is), my regular job, and general mood of the day :) Do you have any suggestions what you would like to see being made from SW in sucha large scale? I have several hundred of Ewoks minifigs, that I have been gathering for a large giant Ewok forest village, for example, and I am also making 2x4 (48x48) Hoth diorama at the moment, but with a twist (Christmass on Hoth, fights are with snowballs, lots of cookies and present making with robot-line, all vehicles and ships are colored with Christmass colors and there is couple of hundred puppies just for "aw" effect :) long time no see, old friend :) Thank you for the wonderfull compliment During 2022, I was planning of making a Terminator (robot) in 1:1 scale, that moves - maybe we could play on it together, if you are still in the country. I am guessing left-right head movement will be easy, but up-down movement of the hand will be tricky. I want to make a board with buttons for kids, and when ever they push a button, something happens, from lights to movement. I have an amazingly talented metal frame worker in club, and there is nothing he can;t make, and metal frame will make construction easier, moc firmer and more suitable for tranport on events, and I have also been gathering technic parts for this, and I have a lot (well, for my scale, probably I have very little when compared to true technic lover). I think this would be a great challenge and could be a ton of fun building together
  8. Angeli

    [U13 - Altor 14 - TT] Invasion in all sizes

    it is supercute :)
  9. Angeli

    5m long Millennium Falcon

    thank you :) It is actually not so much a work of art, as how much it is big, which steals the show :) thank you :) LEGO is always coo,. even if you step on it :) well that is an amazing compliment, dear friend :) It gives inspiration to build something new
  10. Angeli

    5m long Millennium Falcon

    that is an exelent question :) and thank you for the compliments :) My main desire is to look as much as original. But, I deduct from that desire in regarding to several factors: - Time that I have to build, if there is a deadline (and there is always a deadline, sometimes event is approaching, other, a holiday could be finished, other obligations regarding regular job and similar). Time is a main reason I opted to add satelite dish and cannons later. Also, if I build something, and try to attach it and it breaks, chances are I will not rebuild it, but improvise - Money I have available for pieces - this is a huge factor :) I usually do not plan that I want to build something, then buy bricks, but buy bricks when there is a good deal, then think what I could build with them. For Millennium Falcon, a friend expressed desire to have it on event several years ago, but said it was impossible, as price for doing it would be so high, no one would do it. I saw his designes, his Millennium Falcon was spot on, but was several tons heavy, and VERY hard to break in modules. And also VERY very expencive, when he put numbers in bricklink - literary several apartments could be bought for amount of needed money. So when oportunity to buy a lot of lbg parts for very good prices, I took it, and was stockpiling for some time, until I thought I have enough (I didn;t have enough :D But, few more purchases (mostly bricklink at the end), and I was ready - Complexity of the part - sometimes something is so complex to build (not only building, but transportin, attaching, making it modular), that I just opt to disregard it completly (or ignore it). Legs are example - it is on the bottom, and adding legs would make everything so much complex, that I opted not to have them. Sometimes something is so complex (angles, position) that I simply don't have skill to build it - Stupidity is a facor also :) |For me, at least :) For example, I made plating of the hull, both sides, up and down, and then remembered that I need to make holding area for legs - but I already built the whole half ot hte ship - i simply opted not to include it in this version, as I didn;t had strenght to open model, add extra metal, and build everything from scratch for the bottom (including dissasembling already built, and trust me, plates of that size are holding like their life depends on it :) - Estetics - sometimes the original is not as beautifull and what you can make - my Millennium flacon actually has more details on surface, as othervise it would be just plain hull of the ship. It is just that ship is so big, that if you come closer, there are patches of only baseplates on it, with minimum bricks. I opted to add lines made from 1x4 trans light blue tiles, as they look cool and futuristic, although they are not present on original Those are factors that come to mind :)
  11. Angeli

    5m long Millennium Falcon

    uhhhh, I have been planning for years :) I have made few ships that are few meters long, but they were never spaceships , always fantasy :) Sci Fi is somehow not my domain, but, I will try to make one ship during July, so I will keep you posted :) here are few ships that are more then 1m long: thank you very much :) what a nice compliment :) Thank you :) thank you, old friend :) Long time no see :) Drow have multiplied, and as soon as I catcha moment, I have few addons for GoH :) Here is a sneakpeek :) thank you :) There is actually an anegdote about it, the transport crates were to tall for transport docks, so when it arrived, workers there had to mannualy take EVERYTHING out, and unload, then return in crates to wait for AFOLs to setup And imagine this: not a single brick was taken from it's place :) I bet those who unloaded it loved to play with LEGO when they were kids :)
  12. Angeli

    5m long Millennium Falcon

    actually, it is unbelivable hom much is possible if you give your best :) You really wouldn;t believe what people are able to achieve if they manage their time and skills to the best - we actually do not know where is the limit of a person :) Building a ship made out of LEGO bricks is just a small thing compared what people can do :) Trust me, try something, for example, made a 1m tower (castle, Sci Fi, steampunk, anything that is close to your theme of preference :) When you do, we will talk about 2m, then 4m - within a year, we will be discussing techincal needs of your future 10m tall tower :) You just need to start :) thank you very much :) it was not hard, it just needed some planning, and experience in building and acquaring of bricks yessssssssss, thank you very much :) The angle was very important for me, and inner construction is thus made so strong so it can support it - actually, an average weight person could climb on the ship and it would not move a milimeter :) It is my experience that, no mater how many "please do not touch" papers you have, there is always some (parent, not kid) that will desire to touch it, then push it, then ride creation :) I made Notre Dame, and after event I;ve noticed people rebuilt some of the parts, one person actually added some brick of another color to the vitrage glass :) So it was important that it could wistand mendlings of more curious AFOLs and visitors (kids are usually very nice and caring, never had a problem with a child visitor, always if there is an issue, a parent is doing it :)
  13. Angeli

    5m long Millennium Falcon

    I had a proffessional metal worker weld the metal frame together. He also modified my design so it is possible to hold that much weight, and also to be able to dissasemble it in modules This project didn't need any assistance other then few guys lifting it. The project I am refering when goverment is in question is 100x100 48x48 baseplates mosaik (or 36x36 meters) This is 10.000 large baseplates (48x48) with 5.760.000 2x2 bricks. The weight of this, just LEGO would be 7.76 tons for 2x2 and 2.3 tons for baseplate - so, 10 tons (10.000 kg) would be the weight of this creation (alone, without packaging) If the average price on bricklink is 0.05 eur for 2x2 and 12 eur for baseplate = 288.000 eur for bricks and 120.000 for baseplates, which equals 300.000 eur for the whole project. 100.000 more or less, depending on colors. Keep in mind that shipping for 10.000 baseplates would be huge, as you can;t buy it from one source, most one seller has on bricklink is 168 in this moment I need 13 minutes to build one baseplate with 48x48 following mosaic instructions. From my experience, people build 2 to 3 per hour. So to build 10.000 of them, one person needs to build 30.000 hours. If he builds 10 hours per day, it is 3000 days ( almost more then 8 years, every day, for 10 hours per day. Meaning 8 people will do it in a year, 96 people (8*12) will do it in a month, 2880 will do it in a day. Let's round it up to 3000 people if you do it in a weekend, you need 1500 people to work. You need work stations, you need food, water, refreshments, medic, printed instructions, coordinators (10 people should have one coordinator), then team leaders (30 coordinators should have one team leader) and project manager, with at least two assistents. You need people who will carry bricks, setup the working stations, you need vehicles for transport (keep in mind it is 10 tons of LEGO bricks, you need packaging for finished modules, you need media team that will record, etc etc etc - the list goes one :) And truth is that you will most likely have 150 people working for 20 weeks :) still, you need good structure and good logistics for such a project Even a simple LEGO themed event done by a club requires certain level of structure and logistics, of organisation, people who make those events know this. And this requires resources, some of them are time, money, skill and love for the brick. thank you :) I acquired briucks legaly, I gave example of possible routes, damn, I must refraze it somehow so there is no confusion :D
  14. Angeli

    5m long Millennium Falcon

    the truth is out there :) (disclaimer, younger AFOLs will not know this is from X files, amazing TV show:) But no, there are no dark deals and soul selling moments here, I was jast talking how bricklink is not the only source of bricks :) mafia, goverment or rouges had no involvement in building this moc :) just one small room, bins of bricks and loud music :) heh, I actually ment it as a warning, that shady characters get to be shady even in doing business with AFOLs, I thought I made it clear with " Note that buying stolen goods is not ok, and people who steal are bad people who can easily become bad to you too. " But nothing to fear, average AFOL will never come in contact with these type of characters Funny story, when I did my first international event where I wasn;t present in person, I organized a truck to transport (then) all of my bricks in creations (some 300 baseplates under creations). I was so on the edge that someone could pick up the mini-truck clean when he was stayign the nigh between travel, that I organized another car with two guys who followed it and kept an eye on it, making sure the transport goes ok With years, I got relaxed and today I don;t have armored armed escort to my mocs :D but in time, it was all LEGO I had, and I was edgy and nervous about shipping it to unkown person, for safekeeping until event setup Today, all of my creations are insured, mostly from theft and burning/melting (fire, sun), but only bricks, not the artistic side (work of art, time and effort invested in building). The insurance company didn;t wanted to insure it that way What is Scomo? :) You know, if you have a project that will bring good to your global community, I am sure they will coinsider giving you funds, but be aware, not only bricks come into price, you have manpower and many other administrative costs, especially if project is going to last several months (year). I have costs projection, very detailed, for a project I plan to do with my goverment, and I can post it in a separate topic, where we can discuss, if there is interest
  15. Angeli

    5m long Millennium Falcon

    hahah, truth be told, I almost never use bricklink for large amounts of bricks :) I buy from re-sellers (sometimes they buy large quantities of brick and it just sits in seller, and when I offer to buy everything, they reduce the price - I once bought 10.000 1x2 new bricks for 70 eur :) or 0.007 eur per piece I buy from dark-sellers (those are sellers that keep 2m tall bags full of bricks literary in their sellers, and you never ask them for the origin of those bricks, as many "fell out of truck". You need to know them for being able to buy, and they have SO MUCH. Dark sellers also have access to The LEGO Company's (TLG) special projects (Certified LEGO Proffessional, Merlin Entertainment, Local LEGO Officies) and can buy - I once bought 100 cammels for 0.5 eur each. Imagine that, guy had a working relashionship with Merlin (they own Legoland parks and have access to everything - or they used to have:) Note that buying stolen goods is not ok, and people who steal are bad people who can easily become bad to you too. I buy from PaBs (Pick a Brick wall in original LEGO shop, where they sell on cups and is measured in volume - amazing for 1x1 elements) I used to buy from LEGO programs (Lugbulk, Project support, Projects, Events support) - all those are part of the LEGO Company support to AFOL communities. As a respect for what they do, we never discuss pricess, but I am allowed to tell you that they are amazing. How to become part of a reckognized community, check But they do not support commercial projects, and bricks acquired there should not be used for commercial projects, even if you leave community - out of respect for what they do and support they offer (and because it is in interest of global community that support continues) I used to buy trough Local LEGO Office (mine is in Hungary, but I made contact with several working with LEGO bricks in other countries:) They also have amazing prices, sometimes better the LEGO programs, all depends on how much merrit they see in what you do - and although LAN is heavy focused on love, feeling of belonging and community, most of Local Officess are heavy focused on results, good PR and profit - which is better depends on where you are :) But most of bricks you can get trough Goverment support - one million euro is nothing to goverment of your country, and you can buy more bricks then you can imagine with that amount of money. So make a good project and approach someone sho is responsible for decidion making, or someone who is a link to someone who is decision maker :) And there is so much good you can do with support, bricks and team - there is an endless line of socially responsible projects that can be done, that can bring something good to community around you. I think this option is best for real impact --- I built it in a month, but I am 43 years old, and I have been building all of my life. I have very good system regarding storage and accesibility, I have a lot of experience in logistics and building for transport (I have organized or participated in more then 200 events, in 23 countries). I am extremly fast builder (when I am inspired), and I have feeling in hands, so rarely I have to fix something. It is just experience, goes for any field - the more you do it, the better you become :) I don;t think that I am a great builder, as I know many, many AFOLs who can do wonders with handfull of brick :) I am more of "I build for my own joy" and I am aware it does not have the beauty of artists who create with bricks. Sometimes scale of things I build "buy" attention :) -- At the moment, the display is exhibited in Stockholm, Sweden, and will stay there for couple of months (or at least until the entry ban because of pandemic is lifted and I can enter (without carantine, as I can;t afford to sit 14 days in a hotel room not working:), and I can come and transport it to another place. My possible next stom is Warsaw (I love Warsaw, people there really love visiting events where I exhibit:), and after that, we will see --- In the past, I always re-used bricks, as I didn;t had many. But today, I have around 4 tons of LEGO bricks, and I almost never re-use bricks, as it take time to build something, and I would like to exhibit it for couple of years. That being said, I never use glue, so all my bricks are re-usable, and I have a dream of bringing all of my creations home one day (I am exhibiting in 7 diferent countries at this moment), and building one large scale Castle diorama, with 100.000 mionifigs all with same armor, helmets, swords and shields. I love minifigs and have ammased 40.000 of them already, and the only reason I don;t have more is because I don;t have money for it - but I guy offered to sell me 25.000 fully equiped minifigs (new) for 9.000 eur - how he got them? They were promo that was done with some newspaper - meaning they were legaly obtained, as he works in that paper company. I just didn;t had money :) But that is something regarded to where to buy bricks - you need to have connections, and after a time, people will approach you themselves. For example, when Fairybricks headquaters (humanitarian organisation that sends LEGO sets to kids in hospitals), I contacted their owner and LEGO representative with idea to lep my tendrils out and feel, as someone was boud to offer me what was stolen - but nothing happened, unfortunatly. I was so sure they would contact me. Once, I guy offered to sell me a truck full of stolen LEGO sets - the issues is, other then the obvious that it was stolen, the fact that I had to gather it outside my country - and I still have borders. But when people hear ou are possible buyer, they will contact you, good and bad people. Good are always better choice for doing business, as bad people are bad to everyone. I do not support stealing, but what I hate even more are copycat brands. But that is a story for some other time I am here and available to answer any questions (link) Someone asked me what is my favorite photo, and what is my favorite moment of building Millennium Falcon - this is my favorite photo, and also my favorite moment, as we were sharing love for LEGO as father and son. It was my dream come true. My lovely (very smart, very pretty, very strong and agile - he has everything, mine is not to mess him up with upbringing :D) son Aleksandar, 18 months when picture was taken, now 21 months old - imagine when your age is measured in months :D