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  1. do you have measurements of Notre Dam? I have been scouring Google for hour now, and I can;t find any - lenght, height, etc - I would like to build replica, but I can;t find any data to use as scale If anyone can help, I would appriciate Right after I post it, I found it Ok, for future references: dimensions of Notre-Dame Total length: 130 m/427 ft long Transept length: 2.25 m/14 ft Choir length: 11 m/36 ft Total width: 48 m/158 ft wide Height of roof: 43 m Height of vault: 35 m/115 ft Height of side aisles: 3 m Height of spire: 96 m Height of twin towers: 69 m/226ft Lancets: over 16 m/50ft high South tower great bell: 13 tons, with 500kg clapper, tolled only on ‘solemn’ occasions Total floor area: 4,800 m² Diameter of north and south [transept] rose windows: 13.1 m/42½ ft Diameter of west rose: 9.70 m 1,300 oaks, representing 21 hectares of forest, were used in the timbers and woodwork.
  2. Can import already done modeals in ldd? Also, I have 20.000+ bricks project - and I woul dlike to generate instructions. Doing it old fashoin way would take weeks - any suggestions?
  3. Angeli

    Toy Story

    Toy Story
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    Pirates - underwater

    Underwater pirates
  5. I have few new creations to show you Here are Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles:
  6. Angeli

    Challenge I: Aslanic Temple in Barqa

    I saw it on faceboo, so I had to come back to EB to see what is going on :) Imagine the empact of a good creation :) great job, friend, masterfully done. You can see the amount of love for building when you look at pictures with details
  7. Angeli

    [Moc] Helms Deep

    very nice, friend :)
  8. Angeli

    Book III - Challenge I: A Time to Rebuild

    Well, I will show you reasoning of the Drow :D (there is still time :) (I just saw the thread:)
  9. Angeli

    Congratulations New Ambassadors!

    Well, the topic is already back, and it does need a new update anyway, as the number of communities explodede exponentially in last few years :) 300+ Why is this important? AFOLs visiting EB could have desire to joing a club, but still feel shy or unsecured about what it is all about - having ambassador as EB friend can help For everyone else who doesn;t know where to start, here is a good link: Commuity map - search where you live, and see who is active there (link) I see many friends that I hang around here few years ago, that have ambassador badge, but I have no idea who they are on LAN (@I Scream Clone, I am looking at you:) On a personal note: damn, so many connecting to do :) Eurobricks was my first love (well, it was a fling with Classic Castle, I was too young to know anything :) I wonder how many people I know from here who become ambassadors, and I didn;t had a clue :) Connecting nickname with a real name and a face :)
  10. Angeli

    Rules for RLOC / RLUG.

    Hello :) I just saw this thread, so answer is maybe little late :) @DwalinF I suggest you take all those questions and send an e-mail to the Truth be told, we have been reckognized for so long I am not quite sure hwat is needed to become reckognized, but I am sure this is a prerequisite - there has te be a group of you (usually 20+) who get together and have some fun with LEGO bricks, or talk with them (RLUG), or make some content connected with AFOLs or LEGO products (RLFM), or have an internet-based community (like Eurobicks) (RLOC) There are many types of support, I can give you my perspective of what is really helpful and important: - at the beggining, when we had a handful of bricks, the most important support where free sets (for frist two years), free loose bricks (for first 5 years), pbb boxes (for first seven years). At this moment, we have evolved so much that incomes of the club allow us not to be depenant on free support, but we do rely still on paid support (luhbulk, project support (not active at the moment) That is "hardwer" support (as we call it) hardwer being anything you can touch in computer :) Softwer support that we really needed (and still need) is experience and advice of community managers (firstly Jan, who was our regional community manager). The community managers visited more events then any AFOL, and have seen many issues and many solutions, and can help with brainstorming or advices. Just talking also can be very helpful New type of support that is not from TLG directly but is a product of being reckognized is LAN, a huge database of experiences of other communities. And you have a choice - you can completly igrnoe it, or you can go into every croock and crany and explore everything. From experience, my life, and life of many, many members were literary changed from the moment we become reckognized. What we do, how we live, where we go and who we hang out with - it i sheavily influenced with our connection with community - take a look at our sites club (link) and event (link). We literary started from a basement, and now have mebmers in hundreds, our own vehicles, tables, houses (on on the sea) and huge network of everything needed for doing this hobby very cheap (PaB net, for instance:) Ukraina - you are part of Eastern Europe, just like we are (Serbia:) If I am not mistaken, we plan event there in 2021 :) So maybe we will meet and share few beers, community with community (we come in pack:) In any case, I wish you luck, and do continue in the road of being reckognized, the most valuable support you will get is - becoming part of global community :) For any additional questions, click me here with pm or trough e-mail,
  11. you know what I would love to see? Sketches of things that didn;t make (yet:) into CMF I saw a ton of wonderfull things with that sketch 10 years ago
  12. Angeli

    A quick comment on spam

    " Which LEGO set did you recently purchase or build? " well, damn. zero. None. Zich But I did spend small fortune on bricks, it should be as an option :)
  13. Maybe it is time for Drow to return and take over (everything:) city by city :D story aside, I have been building more then ever in my life, almsot on dayly basis, but I have been going trough themes a lot - I don;t know if there is a theme I haven't touched - it appears new challenges gave me new joy :) I could tell you, though, I am preparing a world record Castle diorama, a Drow scene :) 12x12 48x48, and if it all goes as planned, with 10.000 minifigs, 3m tall castles and a 1:1 real life statue of some creature (possibly Cyclops), who will stand on the floor, one hand on the desk, other hand in air, with club - size of real human. I will try to contact Guiness book of records for this - and ALL will be built within 3 months :D I will keep you informed :) I will also make a series of posts with all my new creations, from last few years :) So, what is going on in Historica? :)
  14. hi people, What can you reccomend as Uma Thurman;s tors from mobie Kill Bill, japanese restarant scene (yellw, with black stripe) It needs to be official torso, and I can put some hands from other torso It has to be best fit, it doesn;t have to be perfect, but visitors would have to guess who is she So, just yellow would be last option, if I can;t find anything else thank you there is one pale oragne, open jacket, that one I have, it looks pretty good