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  1. great update, thank you :)
  2. Liebherr LR 11000

    wow, very nice and inspiring
  3. Warcraft characters - ideas

    wow, @Fantu, they are beautiful, thank you very much Sorry for the late answer, I didn;t get notification about posts on this topic (I must have not clikced it:)
  4. [MOC] Grand Palace Hotel

    I love it :) ambient is great
  5. Index?

    Hi guys where have we lost index page? is it somewhere I can;t find it? If yes, plz link me :)
  6. Hi :) Is there an index of builds? :) I remember some fantastic creations, I wanted to browse for inspiration, but can;t find index page
  7. how do we do this? I am stuck :( I don;t see the option anywhere to see how many bricks of what color I must use, and instructions hot to build
  8. Ideas for CMFs

    man, this is fantastic Why didn;t you already been contacted by the TLG for a job possition? I am sending your data now to them :)
  9. Dark Elves

    love it - now here's a topic with my own taste - Drow I would prefer to see them dark skinned, and beautifull, but there are still no good original heads for that - black head with beautiful female print Check out my Flickr and my Brickshelf for more details about my Drow minifig and cities ;) I have a ton of topics on Eurobricks with Drow towns :) Also, Viconia is always present, with her silver or white hair, and there is a 12x6 48x48 diorama called just Drow and 1x2 called just Underdark dig a little, you can find a lot from me on Drow topic
  10. Contest: Elves Autumn Animals

    reading posts, I have a question - what is the age limit to become member of Eurobricks? 18+? AFOLs only, or are kids aloowed two (7-12) I really can;t tell the age when I read questions, once I was substituing a second grade, and the feeling is similar... anyhow - the contest - a jewel :) Perfect way to show creativity, with a such a lovely subject - caring for animals. Somehow, I always connect with love for ecology, so the subject is stop on. Even not being my cup of tea, I am going to build something and join the contest :)
  11. Separation Alert device

    Hi guys I have a tendency to leave my cell on a table in clubs As I have a new cell, I would like to take some device, one part in my pocket, other attached to the cell, and when the distance between two is at some point (1m, 2m) it emits a sound After some searching I found TrackR 2 generation, then trackR Pixel, etc - what are your experiences and what would you suggest? I need a loud tone, and working ...distance testing is really not an issue, as I guess all will work on those 2m I need tnx
  12. Hi guys, I am making plans of making world record regarding number of minifigs inside one diorama - do we have any info what is the highest number until today? I am planning to have 10.000 fully armoured soldiers inside (I don;t know how big diorama, as I have no idea how much space they will take, I managed to cramp 1000 minifigs into 8 baseplates to look ok, so 10.000 would fit 80, + 20 for dispersion, + at least 72 more for terrain So, what is the biggest diorama regardign minifigs? tnx
  13. PaB piece - diamond

    it's a deal :) always large cups :) if you have viber and you tell me when you are in the shop, I can choose live (it is always a tempting to take something else :)) In Skaerbaek, I am bringing a small moc and a lot of alcohol, which I share, you can;t miss me :) What is the price nowdays for a large cup? Including VAT? And who is your ambassador? :) At the end, we can continue talk on private :)
  14. PaB piece - diamond

    Can you get me 6 cups? I will be comming to Denmark in two weeks, and I can pick them up (I will be at the opening of LEGO HOuse, and later on Skaerbaek FAN Weekend). I will send you the money :)