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  1. Contest: Elves Autumn Animals

    reading posts, I have a question - what is the age limit to become member of Eurobricks? 18+? AFOLs only, or are kids aloowed two (7-12) I really can;t tell the age when I read questions, once I was substituing a second grade, and the feeling is similar... anyhow - the contest - a jewel :) Perfect way to show creativity, with a such a lovely subject - caring for animals. Somehow, I always connect with love for ecology, so the subject is stop on. Even not being my cup of tea, I am going to build something and join the contest :)
  2. Separation Alert device

    Hi guys I have a tendency to leave my cell on a table in clubs As I have a new cell, I would like to take some device, one part in my pocket, other attached to the cell, and when the distance between two is at some point (1m, 2m) it emits a sound After some searching I found TrackR 2 generation, then trackR Pixel, etc - what are your experiences and what would you suggest? I need a loud tone, and working ...distance testing is really not an issue, as I guess all will work on those 2m I need tnx
  3. Hi guys, I am making plans of making world record regarding number of minifigs inside one diorama - do we have any info what is the highest number until today? I am planning to have 10.000 fully armoured soldiers inside (I don;t know how big diorama, as I have no idea how much space they will take, I managed to cramp 1000 minifigs into 8 baseplates to look ok, so 10.000 would fit 80, + 20 for dispersion, + at least 72 more for terrain So, what is the biggest diorama regardign minifigs? tnx
  4. PaB piece - diamond

    it's a deal :) always large cups :) if you have viber and you tell me when you are in the shop, I can choose live (it is always a tempting to take something else :)) In Skaerbaek, I am bringing a small moc and a lot of alcohol, which I share, you can;t miss me :) What is the price nowdays for a large cup? Including VAT? And who is your ambassador? :) At the end, we can continue talk on private :)
  5. PaB piece - diamond

    Can you get me 6 cups? I will be comming to Denmark in two weeks, and I can pick them up (I will be at the opening of LEGO HOuse, and later on Skaerbaek FAN Weekend). I will send you the money :)
  6. PaB piece - diamond

    You are wrong, friend. The LEGO Company has transparency policy, and all programs, including support, are available on LAN (LEGO Ambassaddor Network), to all. Actually you (and all other AFOLs) are encouradged to learn more about great support programs TLG has for RLUGs, and they include Event support, Lugbulk, Annual RLUG support and a ton of differant support for RLFM (Reckognize LEGO Fan Media). link to all basic info The only information that is case sensitive is the price of the elements, and that information is shared with persons who are participants of this support Trust me, I am 100% sure in this info :)
  7. PaB piece - diamond

    Thank you, Vndicare, but they are really not updated at all, ony few, and I need a person near to make buying :) I need a lot, it is better then lugbulk, much better deal (as is PaB cup for all 1x1 plates and tiles and similar small things) Edit: for thoe who don;t know, LUGBULK (Lego User Group BULK) is a support TLG (The LEGO Company) gives once per year to Reckognized LUGs, where one can buy 85 lots from 6000 (more or less) elements, with really cool discounts. Amount of discounts is a privilidge informacion shared only with participants of the program, but it is big, and also non-color depending, meaning white 1x2 and sand green 1x2 should be the same or similar price.
  8. PaB piece - diamond

    Do you live close to the store?
  9. Hi guys few lugs (LUG - LEGO User Group) from the neighborhood got together and we are making one big warcraft diorama We decided to include all of you, dear AFOLs from Eurobricks - so, make Warcraft characters and post them here. This is just for fun Focus on Warcraft III, here is the list of hero characters and the list of unit characters And, as a special threat, for every minifig you make and we decide to include into our giant diorama, first, we will give credits, and second, bag with ten fully equiped fantasy castle warriors. They will be cool, I will personally make every one of them :) Please note, this is not a contest, there will be no judges, no rang between minifigs Diorama will be exhibited o Lugs United event in November and trough September until we are out of power to drive it in countries trough Europe (September Romania, October Montenegro, December Poland, January Bosnia etc) take a look for more info regarding Lugs United: The gifts are provided by me. I will pay for shipping - I can also bring them to Skaerbaek Fan Weekend I would love if you make Night Elves - Ilidan, Naisha, huntress (black feline cat came perfect for this), Tyrande, Maiev, Cenarius, giant, wisp - etc Also Arethas (my son:), Sylvanas, Thrall, Grom Hellscream, Cairne (tauren), Gul'dan etc There is no time limit on this Little sneakpeak on moduls of the diorama:
  10. Lego minifig scaled animals

    hey are fantastic, Eric :)
  11. a 1000 people - a 1000 mindsets :) plus people tend to be hearded and they act like others act - it is simply nature of most people. You can;t change it (maybe you shouldn;t, like a chicken is not ment to fly, and eagle is not ment to be grounded - everything has some explanation I think that what is changed is that community is more heard today then a decade or more ago, and TLG is activly being part of conversation. People tend to change tone of talk when talking to the company, and have sturider, more critique attitude - which can be both good and not, depending on a tone and idea I think we aso get used on a quality set, and tend to rise the bar, which is also a good and a bad thing :) All in all, balance in the universe :)
  12. I think it;s all about taste I am not a set guy, but I am a part guy (sounds silly :))) So, I am all about parts - and parts and molds have never been better I guess, sets from past wher emore for playing, and sets now are more for exhibiting We should really ask children :)
  13. Hi guys Does your local PaB have diamonds? If yes, what color? Thank you in advance
  14. Duesenberg SJ Dual Cowl Phaeton (1:8,5)

    wow, fatastic! And frontapged by Milan, congrats :)