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  1. Very nicely done. The headlights remind me of old Tamiya RC cars
  2. Decision made, Lambo ordered The appeal of funky doors swung it. A lime green helicopter with really big landing gear
  3. Opinions please, 42083 Bugatti or 42115 Lamborghini? Both hovering around the £250 mark at the moment. Intention is to build once then use for MOCs. Is one much more interesting to build? Is one chock full of useful (or useless) parts?
  4. ukbajadave

    UK Sales

    42126 Ford raptor £99.99 at Smyths LINK HERE seems like a reasonable discount for such a recent set.
  5. ukbajadave

    UK Sales

    My local Sainsburys made the toys section half the size just about the same time as they opened an Argos concession inside.
  6. ukbajadave

    Powered up App not compatible?

    Just checked. No longer supported on my tablet Galaxy Tab A but still on my phone Galaxy A50. Back to a tiny screen I go Is this the same for Control+?
  7. I rather like this. The clam shell bonnet and rear lights are instantly recognisable and I personally think the reversed panels and arches work well to recreate the original lines. I prefer my 4x4s Japanese but my brother had a V8 one of these and it was a beast!
  8. I feel option A might encourage more entries. Also allowing for different scales might broaden the range of entries, who wouldn't like to see a giant technic Galaxy Explorer? People may be tempted to build enormous supercars and claim they're city but perhaps the voting should include points for accuracy.
  9. What a great gift! Did you produce all the packaging and instructions yourself or is there some amazing website that makes one off kits?
  10. ukbajadave

    melting and fusing Lego

    Nothing to add to the thread as I've never melted or fused any of my parts but that railcar! What a fantastic looking machine.
  11. Off topic but I'd love to know more. Any links to old scanned images?
  12. ukbajadave

    Help with identifying parts/sets!

    That's the one! In my mind the fragile hinges were too old but bricklink says used until 2004 and Miniland is having its 25th anniversary so perfectly reasonable
  13. ukbajadave

    Help with identifying parts/sets!

    Legoland Windsor Buckingham Palace model. What are the yellow fence pieces? They look like the old finger hinges on one end and a stud on the other.
  14. ukbajadave

    Which studded supercar?

    Thanks for all the replies, I wish I'd added a poll now! It looks like 8880 gets a lot of love for its features and I like the look of the beams for bodywork so I'm going to go for it. 8448 is a close second, lots of features and I like the different builds but a bit too studless. @Berthil Those F1 cars look fantastic on display. I'm more a builder than a collector but I am slowly bricklinking Jeracs Countach which I will display once built.
  15. When I was little my older brother got 8860 as a gift and I was so jealous! Over the years it was boxed up, put away and somehow lost. Fast forward 40 years, I got him a nice used 8860 for christmas and once again I'm jealous! Prices for used Lego seem to be creeping back to normality so its time to scratch my supercar itch. Which supercar will give me a nice build with lots of features, studded for that retro experience? I'm tempted to get another 8860 for nostalgia value but are other models better?