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  1. ukbajadave

    [REVIEW] 42121 Technic Heavy Duty Excavator

    Off topic but I'd love to know more. Any links to old scanned images?
  2. ukbajadave

    Help with identifying parts/sets!

    That's the one! In my mind the fragile hinges were too old but bricklink says used until 2004 and Miniland is having its 25th anniversary so perfectly reasonable
  3. ukbajadave

    Help with identifying parts/sets!

    Legoland Windsor Buckingham Palace model. What are the yellow fence pieces? They look like the old finger hinges on one end and a stud on the other.
  4. ukbajadave

    Which studded supercar?

    Thanks for all the replies, I wish I'd added a poll now! It looks like 8880 gets a lot of love for its features and I like the look of the beams for bodywork so I'm going to go for it. 8448 is a close second, lots of features and I like the different builds but a bit too studless. @Berthil Those F1 cars look fantastic on display. I'm more a builder than a collector but I am slowly bricklinking Jeracs Countach which I will display once built.
  5. When I was little my older brother got 8860 as a gift and I was so jealous! Over the years it was boxed up, put away and somehow lost. Fast forward 40 years, I got him a nice used 8860 for christmas and once again I'm jealous! Prices for used Lego seem to be creeping back to normality so its time to scratch my supercar itch. Which supercar will give me a nice build with lots of features, studded for that retro experience? I'm tempted to get another 8860 for nostalgia value but are other models better?
  6. Great build! This has lots of nicely thought out building techniques and spot on shaping. For me the stand out is the simplicity of the door catch mechanism
  7. ukbajadave

    Eurobricker's share your trucks!!!!

    This thread has inspired me to get off the sofa and start a new MOC. To the people who have built lots of trucks, do you always start with the same basic chassis or is every one different? Nothing wrong with that, most of my cabs start with the basic structure of 42043, then I chop it about until I'm happy
  8. ukbajadave

    Eurobricker's share your trucks!!!!

    Ooh, I like trucks!
  9. ukbajadave

    Help with identifying parts/sets!

    Spot on! The surfboard from 60011 is also present. Cheers
  10. ukbajadave

    Help with identifying parts/sets!

    Yep, its mostly Lego City from the last 15 years but I'm certain there's some 70s or 80s stuff in there too (and a whole lot of sweet wrappers, beads and megablocks!)
  11. ukbajadave

    Help with identifying parts/sets!

    Nope, its just a giant mixed box of stuff! @Aurore Nailed it!! I wonder if the shark was two poly bags put together.
  12. ukbajadave

    Help with identifying parts/sets!

    Evening all, I'm sorting through a big box of old Lego and a couple of bits don't seem familiar. Any help gratefully received Some kind of creator style shark, perhaps a poly bag? Another creature, this time a crab or spider? Last but not least this legless guy and his enormous weapon. Bigger pics should be available on bricksafe LINK HERE Cheers
  13. ukbajadave

    Control+ General Discussion

    This is correct, however Powered Up app on my Samsung galaxy requires high accuracy setting to be turned on in addition.
  14. ukbajadave

    Hinge part problem

    But pins (with or without friction) won't allow you to pull the two box sections apart so that they can rotate?
  15. ukbajadave

    Hinge part problem

    Here is a floating pin idea. Once the rods are in place they can be locked in with bricks. There is enough slack to hinge the sides and minimal protrusion. As long as this is the bottom row you can make the boxes taller as you need. I originally tried the Pin with bar shown in this photo but as the bar is always central in one of the beam holes there was not enough movement. Also once the chess board is opened a plate across the gap would add some security. Thanks for giving me a fun exercise to occupy my mind