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  1. ukbajadave

    LEGO lighting kit Back to the Future DeLorean

    Faster than me, I took two days (not solidly) to install a "sirod" branded kit from amazon and that didn't have your light up wheels or flashing plutonium chamber. Light kits can be an absolute time sink but so worthwhile if the model is for display
  2. ukbajadave

    Hot drinks (not Lego)

    Ooh yummy but my GP would probably tell me to cut down on salt! Why is all the tasty stuff also the bad stuff
  3. ukbajadave

    Hot drinks (not Lego)

    For many years I've started the day with a lovely hot cup of coffee. As time has gone on I've cut out the sugar but now I've been advised to cut out the caffeine too! What does anyone else start the day with that's delicious and not too labour intensive (sometimes my day can start at 02.30 so I don't want to be grinding beans and swapping filters) Any suggestions welcomed
  4. ukbajadave

    [MOC] Depeche Mode - Violator, LP Cover

    At 5 studs deep do you think there is scope to add 67139 wall hanger?
  5. ukbajadave

    10300 BTTF DeLorean DMC-12 Time Machine

    To answer my own question yes the printed tiles do come back into stock. I managed to order some and they arrived today Very pleased with the quality and well worth the expense I think.
  6. ukbajadave

    Lego furnitures

    I like the free standing aerial for the television. It would be ideal for adding to the new Galaxy Explorer if you were building the command hut too
  7. It feels like the point is a technical exercise to see what is possible but looking at the first picture gives me a mars lander feeling. I'd stick a third axle in the middle and build some bigger Lunokhod style wheels using connectors and axles. I don't know much about mindstorms and pybricks but are there enough outputs for a robot arm? It would be cool to have something you could drive into the kitchen to fetch snacks
  8. Did you mean 60 stud track? Or is this essentially square?
  9. ukbajadave

    [MOC] Depeche Mode - Violator, LP Cover

    Great work! We have a 17 year old depeche mode superfan in the family and I reckon this could be a good Christmas present. I'll probably try to bricklink all new parts, is there anything super rare or expensive?
  10. When I modded my 42053 I used 2 of the small pumps and a M motor which worked fine. @doug72 How purist are you? I tidied my hoses using RC car aerial tubes.
  11. ukbajadave

    [MOC] Rumors of a Vault

    Another Fallout fan here, you've really captured the vault aesthetic. The radio and security officer are both great touches. Is "you rock" the lego equivalent of "you're special"?
  12. ukbajadave

    10300 BTTF DeLorean DMC-12 Time Machine

    I gave up waiting and bought this using real money. How long did it take people to build? I have a couple of days off this week. This will be for display so I'm not too worried that one wheel is printed offset, I'll put that one at the back. However it would be nice if the stickers didn't peel off in 6 months. Does anyone know if the Steindrucker printed tiles are occasionally restocked or are there other printed alternatives?
  13. I have now reached stage 75 where a 3l axle is inserted and realise it was clearly builder error
  14. In step 30 for the red model should the black sub assembly be secured to the brown thin beams with a 10th red 2l axle? It seems kind of floppy without. The parts list calls for 9 axles and I've used them all already. Any help gratefully received
  15. ukbajadave

    UK Sales

    42126 Technic Ford Raptor now £70 at Argos LINK Seems like a good parts pack at this price