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  1. What connects to 4184169?

    They look like perfect bits for making a drawbar. Cheers
  2. Possibly a bit of a noob question but what part connects to 4184169 ball with friction snap? I'd like to make a trailer for 42053 Volvo EW160.
  3. 42053 - Volvo EW160E

    I bought and built this set over the weekend and I love it. The pneumatics are much more fun than linear actuators. My only problem is the front blade. I've rebuilt it twice to see if I made a mistake but it still doesn't lock in place very well, especially when pumping the compressor. Am I missing something or is it a ploy by TLG to make me buy power functions? (I'm going to buy PF anyway, this set is so much fun
  4. Lego Starbug from British TV show Red Dwarf

    Great interiors. Is the chest in the cargo bay Javenese camphor wood?
  5. 42006 Excavator question

    I used the front bucket from 42004 mini loader and made a link for the mini LA. As I only have these two sets I'm happy with my work but as said above it doesn't really have the curl under. I'll post pics when I can.
  6. Combining 70404 and 70402?

    Vorkosigan, your blacksmith reminds me of my childhood set 6040 I like the idea of plugging in extra features like an armoury or perhaps stables. I placed my castle on a large baseplate to add a moat across the front so there is plenty of room for a permanent gate. If you could post a couple of pics of your modified castle that would be great. I arranged my towers the same way as you, the front looks imposing now but the back is a little bare by comparison. I wonder if with two 70402 sets you could have a gate beyond the drawbridge, replace the kings tower with the second gate and use the kings tower pieces to bulk out the back corners? Edit: I've just noticed Vorkosigans castle also has the two towers at the front
  7. Combining 70404 and 70402?

    Thanks for the replies. I've read the review of the castle and on the back of the Gatehouse box it says it can be combined but I'm not sure its worth it for the tiny extra amount of space if you can only use the sides. I did come across a picture of someones castle with 2 gatehouses used and that was bigger but getting a bit pricey and it looked kind of open with doors in every wall. Not what you want in a castle :) I think the best option might be to buy the castle and then design modular walls to add in.
  8. I've seen that it is possible to combine the gatehouse raid set with the castle to lengthen the walls. Does anyone know if the whole set is used or is it just the little sections either side of the gatehouse?
  9. Set identification help needed...

    Thanks for the quick reply. Through your link I got the item number and then 30 seconds with google got me the image I wanted for inspiration Cheers
  10. Driving past the newsagents today I glanced in the window to see what looked like a Lego set showing a grey large baseplate with a petrol station and little house on it. The picture also showed a couple of minifigs in cars and in the top right hand corner an image of the same baseplate with a lunar base built on it. Is this a set or is it a baseplate showing ideas to build on it?
  11. Tire 'Ballooning'!

    There is no extra pressure in RC tyres. Unless you glue them there isn't usually an airtight seal either. The main reason this wouldn't happen with lego is that all the lego wheels I have are solid rubber. RC tyres are hollow like a car tyre and rely on foam inserts to provide the cushioning. This means they are more flexible and deform much more easily. A foam insert taped to reduce ballooning. Only moderately effective :)
  12. Tire 'Ballooning'!

    As owner of several RC models from 1/36th to 1/5th scale I'm pretty sure tyre ballooning is caused by centrifugal force, not air expansion.
  13. LDD 4 is released!

    Every time I try to check a price I get the following message. I've tried restarting the application and the same thing happens. Is it just me?
  14. Review: 3180 Tank Truck

    Thanks for a great review. I'll have to convince the kids they want this so I can build it :)