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  1. I think it is a 5x7 frame. The grey axle runs in front so you can't see the bottom. @suffocation Are you using any kind of track tensioning? It looks like the is very little slack, something I struggle with on tracked vehicles. Also I see you are using PU motors, is there a profile on the app which matches your motor setup?
  2. Help needed please with Linear Actuator geometry. Pictured below is what I have so far. The problem is that when the tipper is flat the LA is almost horizontal. When I start to tip the LA pushes the bed back before it starts to lift with a jerk. Is there an optimum spacing that gets me lots of range with a smoother motion? The less rebuilding needed the better All comments gratefully received.
  3. What an interesting back story, this is absolutely what I would do left alone in a Lego factory. Thanks for sharing As far as value goes they are worth what someone is willing to pay so I also think an auction would be the way to go.
  4. ukbajadave

    42112 Concrete Mixer Truck

    Welcome to the world of tomorrow! Mirrorless Mercedes Actros
  5. In a word no I think when you drive the yellow input both diff outputs (black axle, red axle) turn in the same direction. When you turn the red axle the black wants to rotate in the opposite direction? I'm not even sure it isn't some weird friction type thing. If someone else wants to build and confirm it works (or doesn't?) My instinct is that a worm gear solution exists but I haven't found it yet.
  6. First attempt, Yellow is input, red is output. Turning yellow axle turns red axle freely. Forcing red axle results in skipping teeth between differential and tan 20z.
  7. I like it when I have something to occupy my mind So: One input and one output. Should not allow backdriving. Any gearing up/down needed? Does input/output need to rotate in both directions? How much torque? (Would a linear clutch on the output be sufficient?)
  8. ukbajadave

    [MOC] Number Five is Alive

    @Kris_theCat Welcome to Eurobricks If you click a the username at the top of a post it takes you to their profile page where you can see Pepa Quin has not been on the forum since 2018 and this thread is from 2015. It may be they have taken a break from Lego and won't see your reply. Why not challenge yourself to recreate the model digitally using something like Lego Digital Designer or The top half looks fairly easy with obvious connections, the tracked section is trickier but I'm sure you could figure out something that looks right even if you come at it from a different angle.
  9. The Cobra is a fine looking model in itself. The fact that you made it out of a Mustang in one week is even more impressive. Well done
  10. Buy this set!! One of my all time favourite builds, great playability, good parts pack and great for mods too I dont own any PU but I believe the motor and hub are both larger. The motor only by one or two studs but the hub is sizeable. If you look at my pics you'll see I had to move the switches slightly to make room so it might be a squeeze. Maybe consider putting the motor and pump or hub in the chassis? Once again, GREAT set! Don't miss out on it just because PU might not fit.
  11. Thanks, that will make it simpler This all started when I tried to motorise 42077 B model. Nice and easy to swap the fake motor for a L or XL but it barely moved after I geared it up loads. So then I stripped it down to a chassis and it was only a little better. Now I've started from scratch with 2 L motors and it is still sloooow. I'm going to look foolish if it's just flat batteries...
  12. Opinions required please. I'm trying to make a fast(ish) car using only PF, no Buwizz or sbrick. Is there any advantage to coupling motors like this rather than hard coupling with 24z gears? Also, am I simply barking up the wrong tree with 2 L motors and gearing up? Will there be enough torque to actually move stuff?
  13. Interesting that these crazy times meant I suddenly found myself almost adrift. Thank goodness someone had the idea to organise a competition I felt I could enter to give me a focus I've already said that I think a small size limit encouraged people to enter and it seems a lot of entries were from new members who will hopefully continue to contribute to the forum as a whole. This was a great experience for me, thanks to Jim for organising it, and thanks to everyone who entered or commented
  14. ukbajadave

    1:7 Bugatti Chiron Grand Sport 300 Aero

    So so much going on in this. How many servo motors do you have?! In fact how many motors total? I could go through and count myself but it would take a while... I'm a sucker for functions and this seems to have them all, I really like the novel idea of a Lego airbag. Whilst not actually a function the minifig hands for speedo needles is a nice touch. I'm interested in your build process. Did you do any prior planning digitally or just build? Was the body shape limited by existing functions or part availability? Whilst the turning headlights are great maybe sacrificing one small feature would have allowed a large change in shaping. Finally when photographing MOCs try putting your phone on a 2 second timer to reduce shake.
  15. ukbajadave

    [MOC] Overly complex mechanism

    Pretty close but my bath table has a holder for both a phone and a tablet already (and a wine glass. I love my bath table ) Lego for me is a way to relax and shift focus, especially building MOCs so that was one purpose. I tried to learn some video editing skills this time around so that was another purpose... but mainly like many I've had to get used to video calling my family instead of visiting. I got annoyed with propping my phone on the salt shaker only for it to fall down halfway through a call so built this. Also it's nice not having to stretch your arm to fit everyone in. And the lights are for when it is dark of course. Thank you all for looking and commenting, I hope its final purpose was to bring you a little amusement :)