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  1. This sounds like a great idea and I hope you teach your target Could I charge from a powerbank whilst in operation to increase runtime? If this is successful will you be considering a version for the 88012 technic hub?
  2. ukbajadave

    Drift chassis question

    RC drift tyres are effectively solid shiny plastic but I used to put off cuts of PVC plumbing pipe over regular wheels. I'm sure you could do the same with Lego wheels.
  3. ukbajadave

    Drift chassis question

    Have you considered taking inspiration from the RC drift world and running an AWD "counter steer" setup? You basically gear up the rear wheels in relation to the fronts
  4. ukbajadave

    Driving - Automatic v Manual Car

    Another vote for manual here. Get a licence for both and then you can drive whatever you choose. All my own cars over the years have been manual but my working life has been spent driving automatics. As I get older and automatic car gearboxes get better I'm ready to make the change so my next car will probably be an automatic (with auto wipers and auto lights and active cruise and lane guidance so all I have to do is get in )
  5. @baris41 Long since taken apart for other MOCs I'm afraid. I never got around to posting it in the mods thread but here is a link to the bricksafe folder.
  6. ukbajadave

    Has the pandemic slowed your building?

    Having my ego stroked sounds rather lovely, I suppose I'd better build something postworthy! I've definitely been building more as I've been furloughed for a few months now but spending has had to be stopped as I may not have a job to return to so no new sets, just MOCs and rebuilding old sets. I also sorted out all the kids city sets but they didn't last long before being one huge pile again
  7. Late to the party as I had a week off from the internet but I motorised this with 2x L motors, servo for steering and 2x M motors for winch and roof. Battery box in the back replacing the sliding tray. Lots of room but IIRC the fake motor was replaced by the servo.
  8. Very compact, I must get some of those old diffs I still think this seems like witchcraft though...
  9. ukbajadave

    Lego 2-Stroke motor

    CY Flywheel £10 CY Ignition coil £14 Spark plug £5 You aren't going to get any cheaper or simpler than that. Looking forward to the video
  10. ukbajadave

    VOLVO A40G 1:30 FULL RC

    Very impressive to get so much functionality in such a compact build. I like the way that the 3 axles all move independently but only one is actually pendular (take note 42114 ) The video of the original build is lovely to watch and well made but I'd enjoy seeing your improved bed in action. Any plans for a video?
  11. ukbajadave

    Lego 2-Stroke motor

    To me the question here is how much non Lego can you use and still call it a lego motor. That video is interesting but is it a Lego motor? I've dabbled in many things over the years including 1/5th scale RC cars powered by 2 stroke petrol engines. A CY or zenoah flywheel and coil would get you a spark but what are you using for a carburetor? Please post some pictures of your work so far (use bricksafe or flickr to host)and make sure to video it when you finally fire it up, even if it explodes I'd like to see it!
  12. ukbajadave

    Guessing game!

    I can't believe no one has got this yet. The background is another clue right?
  13. ukbajadave

    Blue and black pins

    I'd like to imagine that the small ones are regular size and the large ones are some kind of enormous Duplo Technic hybrid
  14. Hi all, I'm trying to make a steered driven suspended axle to go at both ends of a 4wd 4ws chassis. I've come up with this and was wondering the best way to connect it to a servo for steering. Top arm. Bottom arm. Is a long steering rack and 6L link arms going to give me Ackermann steering? How best to go about it? Right now I'm at the very start of the build so everything can be altered if you can see any improvements. All help gratefully received
  15. ukbajadave

    Guessing game!

    I was going to go for a popular online Estate Agent. For this my answer is this: