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  1. ukbajadave

    sturdines of Eifell tower set 10307

    Perhaps OP is planning something like this?
  2. Here's where I'm at so far. Orange pieces are placeholders for unowned parts and scaffolding. The chassis is very much following the instructions from rebrickable with the following changes: PF servo replaced with PU L motor. 2x PF L motors replaced by 1x PU XL motor. Some pin swaps due to motor pin hole differences. 1:1 Gearing due to meshing constraints. Now I have a feel for how the chassis goes (11 wide) I'm considering trying to squeeze in 2x XL motors. This may change the distance between motor and drive axles and allow me to select a lower gear ratio. Once the body is built I can only imagine the hub sitting where the rear seats would be.
  3. It's interesting to see how the three chassis have developed as features have been added. I think I'll build as per your original instructions and then look at how to fit C+
  4. Thanks for making instructions for this cute little model. I've downloaded them and I'm going to see if I can use Control+ as I don't have a Buwizz. Is the new chassis change just colours? I'm going to have to make some substitutions anyway.
  5. ukbajadave

    10300 BTTF DeLorean DMC-12 Time Machine

    Gentle thread bump, is there a mods thread for this set? I've searched but can't find one.
  6. Can't help with the Hydrogen situation but I see this is not a cheap part, £40 or thereabouts. I'd be cautious of anything I thought might damage it permanently so for paint have you considered plasti-dip? You can usually peel it off after painting.
  7. ukbajadave

    Advice on rebuilding from bit of kits

    @jainser Any chance of pics? I'd be interested to see where you were starting from and how you work as I have a few similar boxes.
  8. ukbajadave

    Advice on rebuilding from bit of kits

    Do you know what all the sets are? If not post pictures of the chunks you currently have and people will easily identify them. In my experience it can be better to sort by type. It's easier to find that LBG 3L bar in a box of other colour bars than in a box of LBG everything.
  9. ukbajadave

    Driving in Germany

    Not only have I returned from Germany but I have also returned to Eurobricks! Thanks to everyone for the info. For anyone coming across this thread in the future don't worry, driving in Germany is nicer than the UK. The roads are better maintained and standards seem generally higher. Note that people don't indicate until they are leaving roundabouts, so no signal means give way. We did find a bit of derestricted Autobahn in our rented Clio, and when you check your mirrors before an overtake bear in mind that tiny tiny car you see a mile back may catch up quicker than you think.
  10. ukbajadave

    Crimson Lake & Cream

    I don't usually wander into the train forums but I thoroughly enjoyed your description of the build process and various iterations as it is something we all go through if we MOC. After all that does your 6 year old appreciate the accuracy or do they just like the big train?
  11. Yep, I bought a new 42145 and built the helicopter first. 42145 is one of the best Technic sets I've built in a while, lots of gears and interesting linkages and actually very realistic in terms of function
  12. PEW PEW! It's a big beast when it's built, it won't fit my display cabinet so I'm thinking about hanging it from the ceiling with some fishing line. This was a challenging build but never annoying and I'm still amazed that it is from a single set. Well done!
  13. ukbajadave

    10497 Galaxy Explorer 90th anniversary set

    Is the black part on the end a 2L axle connector? I thought they had a stop in the middle which would stop a bar going through.
  14. ukbajadave

    Driving in Germany

    Hello to all the European members from a former European (but enough about Brexit ) The family and I are heading to Germany next week and plan to hire a car for some trips around. Apart from driving on the wrong side is there anything the locals all know that us foreigners could benefit from? We'll be in the Black Forest area.
  15. I'm not familiar with the real thing (I'm more Hotshot/Boomerang era) but I very much like that fake 540 motor at the back