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  1. GrandPixelMan

    [MOC] Rc railway crane

    What a giant! the picture of it on the curve is amazing!
  2. GrandPixelMan

    DB F-Zug

    Wow, what a lovely consist. The mix of colours looks great!
  3. GrandPixelMan

    [MOC] Sächsische I K

    Thank you all for the kind words! Thanks! The cylinders were difficult to get right with the pieces I had at hand. Maybe I'll have to experiment with it some more. I did actually have that exact design for the buffer, only it looked too small. I liked the look of the larger plate more, so I stuck with that! I love the green colour on smaller engines especially! It makes them stand out so lovely.
  4. GrandPixelMan

    [MOC] Sächsische I K

    Hey everyone! A month ago I showed you my Sächsische IV K. Now I want to show you its smaller predecessor, the Sächsische I K. This locomotive was used in the early days of the Saxon state railways, and were built between 1881 and 1892. They served on various narrow gauge railways up till the late 60s, when all of them were scrapped. In 2006 a plan was made to build a new I K, which was finished in 2009. Sadly in September of 2022 the locomotive was heavily damaged in a collision with a road vehicle. Reparations are still ongoing. To go with it I made a crude Ommr Flatbed railcar. Please tell me what you think! -GPM-
  5. GrandPixelMan

    Trains in 4-Wide

    Wow! Those are absolutely stunning. The little details and especially the little people make it look so good!
  6. Congratulations, what an amazing achievement!
  7. GrandPixelMan

    [MOC] Sächsische IV K

    Thanks! It's something I never knew was a thing, but once I started looking into it I fell into a rabbit hole of mixing gauges and the incredible techniques used to do so.
  8. Such a nice locomotive and great detailing! Also love the video of it running, together with the sounds it's so majestic :D
  9. GrandPixelMan

    [MOC] Sächsische IV K

    Thanks! I wanted to make a closed wagon to place on top of the Rollwagen, but I didn't have the pieces for it. It's so funny seeing those enormous wagons behind a small narrow gauge locomotive. Though I did build it with running ability in mind, it's going to be one for the shelf :P Oh wow what a coincidence! Must have seen a few of them running around then? thanks! I like a challenge :D Thanks a lot! They're both so numerous the chances are high! thanks :D
  10. GrandPixelMan

    [MOC] Sorefame 60's/70's passenger coach

    Love the exploded view! Really shows some of the clever building techniques you've got going there!
  11. GrandPixelMan

    [MOC] 0-10-0T Coal shunting steam engine "La Gorda"

    Wow, what a pretty locomotive and a very nice build!
  12. GrandPixelMan

    [MOC] Sächsische IV K

    Hey everyone! I'd like to show you 1/42nd builds I made of the Saxon IV K with an IFA W50 on a Rollwagen. Narrow gauge in Germany is fascinating and once was very wide spread. Nowadays you can still find loads of heritage narrow gauge railways around Germany. These team locomotives were used till as late as the 1990s on these railways. After visiting some of them I just had to build some of these magnificent machines with LEGO. To go with it I built a typical truck found around East Germany with an interesting transport solution. First up is the Sächsische IV K. These Gunther-Meyer type steam locomotives were built for the Royal Saxon State Railways between 1892 and 1921. They're the most numerous built narrow gauge locomotives in Germany with 96 of them built. In 1994 the last of them left regular service. The locomotive I have built is a representation of the modified locomotives run by Deutsche Reichsbahn between 1962 and 1994. To bypass the need to transfer cargo from standard gauge freight cars to narrow gauge a special wagon was designed. These were narrow gauge wagons with standard gauge tracks built onto them. This meant that standard gauge cars could be rolled on to them and transported over the narrow gauge. These wagons were called Rollwagen. The version I have made was modified with plates to accomodate a road vehicle. The road vehicle in question is an IFA W50 ADK 80. A mobile crane built onto the base of an IFA W50 truck. IFA (Industrieverband Fahrzeugbau) was the company in charge of building road vehicles in East Germany. ADK 80 meant the crane was able to hoist up to 8 tonnes. Please tell me what you think! Stay tuned as there's more rolling stock and locomotives coming up!
  13. GrandPixelMan

    BR 0F 0-4-0ST 'Pug'

    Your build makes it look a lot better than it is in real life :D very nice job on the saddle shape
  14. Damn! that's some impressive detailing! Looks great
  15. GrandPixelMan

    vienna tram rectifier car

    What an interesting concept. Are you planning on making the surrounding substation or just the carriage? Either way it looks like it's coming together great already!