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    Star Wars & Sci Fi
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    Devestator UCS MOC

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  1. Canuck33

    Battletech (Mechwarrior) Catapult Mech

    Fantastic! Love your work! I have built your Uriel, and will definitely build your Catapult! you inspired me to do an updated Stormcrow [Ryoken] & Nova [Black Hawk] here: your builds opened my eyes…well that and HBS Battletech computer game, with Roguetech mods… Ping me and I will hook you up with instructions for these if you want em…
  2. Canuck33

    [MOC] Battletech/Mechwarrior Ryoken (Stormcrow) Mech

    Love your stuff! Inspired me to reconnect with my Battletech table top days, and inspired me to build modern MechWarrior & HBS Battletech version of the Ryoken. Here is a mecabricks screen shot. I borrowed a few elements such as the MLs from your Ryoken build, scaled down some of the LRMs from your King Crab, and the pelvis from your Uziel (thank you). I have this built in the 'real' but need to setup a little studio to take some decent shots...soon I hope. Stands up on its own and is possible. Scaled around the canopy piece and SRM 6s...fits a mini fig pilot. If anyone has some tips on best way to pull some instructions togther I would love to learn the process and get this one out to the community.
  3. Canuck33

    [MOC] Imperial Star Destroyer - The Eviscerator

    Handsdown the best ISD MOC to date! Just picked up the Instructions! Gonna modify my Devestator next…
  4. Canuck33

    Aquanauts Utility Sub

    As an avid diver I love your builds!
  5. Wonderful light hearted theme! Love the fast that you have a number of interrelated builds. Bering an avid scuba diver I love the reef with the Rover!
  6. Canuck33

    Issue with UCS AT-AT!!!

    Manglerat that duplo build puts most schoolie RV conversions to shame! way to lighter things up.
  7. Canuck33

    [MOC][Instructions] Battlestar Galactica - UCS Scale

    This Will go nicely with my David Duperron - Flickr Colonnial Viper MKI & II
  8. Canuck33

    [MOC][Instructions] Battlestar Galactica - UCS Scale

    Wife not gonna like that I found your MOC! Very impressive. Will visit your page for sure!
  9. Canuck33

    [MOC] Battletech/Mechwarrior Ryoken (Stormcrow) Mech

    I have yet to build your stormy, built your Uzzie & Planning King Crab once all the parts get here. you inspired me to get into digital modeling builds, and test fitting prior to ordering pieces. Will post images of modified storm Crow build shortly, just on the ipad right now…
  10. Canuck33

    [MOC] Battletech/Mechwarrior Uziel Mech

    Thanks for the Instructions on your site. Great work! I have donated to your cause! love this build, her base is great, but wish the legs were strong enough to support weight and poseable. you have inspired me on this theme…that and roguetech’s mod to the HBS Battletech game have really brought me back 25 years ago. Thank you!
  11. Canuck33

    [MOC] Battletech/Mechwarrior King Crab Mech

    Best mech in Lego period! I downloaded your Instructions and donated to the cause! keep up the good work. I have an updated stormcrow (ryoken) inspired by your builds. Will export some pics From mecabricks and post.
  12. Canuck33

    [MOC] [INSTRUCTIONS] UCS Tantive IV - CR-90 Corvette

    Best Tantive MOC i have EVER scene! would like to aquire the Instructions. I am New to Eurobricks and cant PM y’et due to not enoghalvfems posts… please Connect with me. thank you. Sorry…noob here…need 10 posts Got it!
  13. Canuck33

    [MOC] Greeble wall in Lego Room

    Fantastic! Wish my wife would allow me to apply Lego greebles to some of our Walls. what adhesive did you use? Temporary i hope…