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  1. 2mpaired

    [MOC] Imperial Star Destroyer - The Eviscerator

    Hey Daniel, So to the answer the first three, absolutely! With difference between the O and U clips, are you talking about the 1x1 tile clip ones? If so, there's a reason between the two. They have different grip strength which becomes kind of important in a few ways. There are quite a few areas where you connect the two different clips together, this is helping make the connection less stressful to the pieces. There is also the ease of connecting to a bar. As you can tell, that's how I achieved all that greebling with little space. And finally, for aesthetics. Now if you're not too worried about damaging the clips (since they break easily anyways) or don't mind the look, then yeah, you can go all in on one of them. Hope this helps! Cheers!
  2. 2mpaired

    [MOC] Imperial Star Destroyer - The Eviscerator

    So you should have received an email from BrickVault with the updated parts list and instructions for the destroyer 2.0. If you have not, please reach out to them as I was told that anyone who had purchased the model before would automatically be notified with a download link to the revision. Oh no! Please let me know if you come across any other discrepancies. I will get that change and send it off to BV.
  3. 2mpaired

    [MOC] Imperial Star Destroyer - The Eviscerator

    @lowlead Thank you for the kind words! I'm happy you love the build! It was one that I indeed put blood sweat and tears into. I really wished I released it where it is at now originally. Would have been a little less of headache for people I know who took on this build.
  4. 2mpaired

    [MOC] Imperial Star Destroyer - The Eviscerator

    I think you are saying the turntable base? 3680 ? If so, that must be an older parts list. I've sent an updated one to brickvault just in case. But the build does not call for those bases. It did in one of the earlier versions, but because it was so rare, I just threw a 2x2 plate there instead. It was originally making the tractor beam arrays on the bottom spin. Kind of a pointless feature for the price of that piece.
  5. 2mpaired

    [MOC] Imperial Star Destroyer - The Eviscerator

    As a matter a fact, there is! Sorry for the delay to update you all. The edit is now live! If you already purchased the model, check your email as you will have access to the updated model for free.
  6. 2mpaired

    [MOC] Imperial Star Destroyer - The Eviscerator

    Just a quick update. I'm working on the fixes for the edit instructions that BrickVault sent back to me. I'm really trying to make sure there are no errors on this. Especially for the ones that have built it already. The guide that I created explains what to do in english. Which it didn't occur to me, that some people can not read english very well. So I'm trying to get pics of what I'm describing by looking at what it currently looks like compared to what the final look should look like. It is taking longer then I like, but I really want to make sure no one has a negative experience trying to build it or make the edit from an already built state. To answer your questions. The new thinness does not affect the stability of the model in anyway. As far as pieces, most of the edit is just a reallocation of pieces that were already on the destroyer. There is a small parts list that will be needed to make the edit, which I'll go ahead and post that now. That way once the edit drops, the ones that bought it and want to edit, you can already have your pieces ready to go. XML Edit Parts List
  7. 2mpaired

    [MOC] Imperial Star Destroyer - The Eviscerator

    I'm not totally sure. They kind of set all of that up on their end. Maybe you could send them a message and they could do something, but they may want to wait until their finished with their side. Totally their call.
  8. 2mpaired

    [MOC] Imperial Star Destroyer - The Eviscerator

    Hey everyone, I have finished the edit for the Star Destroyer. So I’m a bit disappointed that BrickVault didn’t reach out to everyone who has already bought the destroyer instructions and let you all know of version 2. Maybe they want to test them first, I don’t know. I know there may be a video noting the changes but either way, the changes have been made and submitted. The changes are as followed: There were quite a few errors on the instructions that I was not aware of until I re-built the model myself. Which was pretty upsetting and I did not want people who bought these instructions (especially since I don’t get to set the price) to feel like they could not complete the model, which was happening for some. To the others who successfully built it, outstanding job! So version 2 has a complete revamp of the instructions. I’m hoping I got rid of all the errors, but due to the size of this entire project, some may have gotten through. I gave BrickVault everything, so they should be able to make fixes a lot easier from here on out. Now this wasn’t just an instruction fix, it was also an edit to the model. I made the entire thing thinner. I thought the model was too fat in the center so I reduced the thickness by half. So instead of the greebling being 2 studs wide, it’s now 1 stud wide. Now here’s the great part, if you already built the model, you do not need to tear down your entire model to edit. I made it to where you can make the changes without destroying your entire model. The things that were edited can stay assembled except the side greebling, since this is where all the changes happen. Now this isn’t a, “buy a ton more parts to edit” kind of thing. I made it to where this was mostly a reallocation of pieces. I made sure that the Needed Extra Pieces for Edit parts list was as small as possible. The last thing I wanted was for people to have to spend way more money on something they already bought and built. The parts list for the edit is about $20-$25 and it’s about 100 pieces. These extra pieces are for the small amount of frame editing, that better accommodates for the thinner profile, as well as the front of the bottom panels to attach to the frame. This is where some people thought there might have to be a front support stand because it looked like it was drooping. Which the people who have built this, know this not to be even close to true, as that frame is built to withstand a hurricane, but I digress. So it was confusing that the front anchor didn’t make it into the final instructions, but whatever, it’s fixed now. And then the last few extra pieces are for some small aesthetics as well as some slight engine changes that work with the thinner profile. Now as for what files are in the update. So the current instructions that you all have, those are null and void. I have redone all instruction books (1-7). For the people who have already built it, there is a word doc (As well as an edit parts list) that is in there that will walk you through the editing process using the new and updated instructions as a reference. For anyone who hasn’t built it yet, now worries, just follow the new instructions like before. There are also two different versions for the engines. There’s the one using the cones as the standard, since the half domes are so rare. And then there’s the half dome engines as an alternative. So if you have the half domes, I got you covered with that as well. Ignore the alternative engines I made before this post as they will not work with the edited model. I will try to remember to edit that post so no one uses those again. I think that’s everything. If you have questions, I will try my best to respond to them as quickly as I can. Here is a render of the old and edited version of the destroyer so you all can see the changes yourself. https://www.flickr.com/photos/156132500@N03/50409041622/in/dateposted-public/
  9. Thanks everyone! Definitely not as big as the destroyer!
  10. 2mpaired

    [MOC] Imperial Star Destroyer - The Eviscerator

    No problem! I'm excited to see the doc! Also, you may want to hold off. I will possibly be putting out a pretty big edit as well as updating instructions that had errors soon.
  11. Hello fellow Lego enthusiasts! The time has come to drop my second project! The CR90 Tantive IV and Liberator! I really tried to go for an accurately proportionate model, which was a challenge at this scale. The scale of this model is exactly 1:250 scale, measuring at 75 studs or 60cm/23.62in. The Tantive and Liberator are 3,178 pieces and 3,195 pieces respectively. This model really started to come together when I came up with a cone design for the CR90. I ran across Inthert’s Jellyfish Shiptember MOC last year. I saw how he did his engine cone and wondered to myself if I could half the size and mirror it to make a unique front cockpit cone for the Tantive. I was able to capture a lot of detail with this design that I feel is very difficult to capture at this scale, especially since I refused to use the 8 or 6 stud wide cone halves. Overall I’m super pleased with how this turned out. As it is, in my opinion, one of the hardest things to nail in Lego. Another big challenge I set for myself was I did not want to see any studs or plate undersides. I really try to make this a focal point of all my designs. So going more for a brick build rather than plates in some areas was a hurdle to overcome, but I learned so much doing this and I think it really adds to this model at this scale. I used the silver hats in the engines as I’m always trying to go after that studio model look. I really liked how it added more detail to the engines. However, you can easily change them out for the transparent orange dishes, I know some people love seeing that engine glow! Just like my star destroyer, the model is supported all on one removable stand. It really makes more sense to have that feature with this model than the destroyer. Since the CR90 definitely has a “swoosh” factor. On top of it all, I also made the Liberator. I know so many people would want to see a Liberator variant of this model and I couldn’t pass on the opportunity to do it. Now I did not build the Liberator physically myself, but you can view both physical models over on BrickVault’s video. I just made a few renders of the model that way you can get the gist of the Liberator variant. I hope you all enjoy it! It was a challenge and one that I’m very pleased with the results. You can build either the Tantive, Liberator, or both by picking up the instructions over at BrickVault.
  12. 2mpaired

    [MOC] Imperial Star Destroyer - The Eviscerator

    Yeah. Since as far as I know the piece doesn't exist digitally.
  13. 2mpaired

    [MOC] Imperial Star Destroyer - The Eviscerator

    Hey everyone! This is long overdue. I've had a few people ask me now about my previous engines, as well as seeing a few people editing their engines to utilize the death star domes. I took some inspirations from those and added some of my earlier designs to create some alternative engines. That way if you have those domes you can have the better looking engines without having to try and figure out on you own own. "Edit - The entire model has been edited, so this is no longer relevant."
  14. 2mpaired

    [MOC] Imperial Star Destroyer - The Eviscerator

    My goodness @bricksmarlin! Those are some beautiful pictures! They're so clean! I need to work on my photography for sure. Thanks for sharing, you did an amazing job! I'm definitely going to use the half domes as well whenever I'm able to rebuild it and display it some where.
  15. 2mpaired

    [MOC] UCS Harrower-Class Dreadnought (WIP)

    This looks amazing!! I can't wait to see more!