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Found 5 results

  1. nerdsforprez

    [MOC] Crossroads

    Admittedly, I am not sure where to post this one. Built more out of Technic bricks than anything, and I am a regular at the good 'ol Technic subforum, but the good o' eye test indicated to me that this was the best place for the post. And sorry for the bold typing. I wrote this up elsewhere and when I pasted it here it was bold font. DK how to change it. If the MODs would like to, that would be great. This build is a symbol of sorts. Mounted just above the entrance as one comes in my Lego room. Arched road bridge with two Ford Mustangs approaching one another; one a 1960’s Ford Mustang (Lego 10265) and the other a 2020 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 (Firas Abu Jaber’s B model for Lego 10265) about to cross paths. A cross-roads of sorts. The moment at which one’s past intersects one future, or vice versa, however you choose to see it. Cars can also be placed going in the same direction, with one ahead the other, as a sort of metaphor. Building with Lego serves as a time portal for me, as I step back 30 some odd years. Does this mean the past is winning the race? The future? I suppose the real answer lies open to interpretation. I can appreciate the metaphor as I enter my Lego room. Lego was a big part of my life growing up as a kid, I probably spent as much time building, sorting, etc. as I did playing with other kids. But then puberty kicked in, hanging with friends, graduations, and life all followed and Lego was forgotten. But once school was done, careers were solidified, and children raised I found myself returning to Lego. Returning to a root of sorts, some 30 years later, resembled closely (off about a decade in each direction) by the two Lego models shown in this build. The past and future of a hobby I enjoy. Right about the entry of my Lego Room. About the build, as can be seen, the framework of the bridge is built mainly with a Technic chassis. Lots of triangles, to provide strength but keep the build lightweight. Still light enough to be lifted by a model crane. The road part of the model uses the SNOT technique for interlocking 2x4 DBG bricks (mostly, there are 2x8, 2x6, and other sized bricks as well). The SNOT technique road separates and is notched, to help with separation and removal, as a one-piece road would not work for installation. Watch the video for a better demonstration. Really the only place to install a build like this in my Lego room was in the entryway, which also serves the metaphor, and could only be done at this odd angle. This added to the complexity of the build, but I must say added to the fun as well. My YT channel is new. As described in the YT post. I have a near-decade old channel that died after the school which was affiliated with the account decided to end their relationship w/ YT. So, any new subscribers would be great. If you want to check out any old stuff, here is the old channel: Video for the Sci-fi Lego Wall you see in the background is here: Video for the whole room renovation is here: Thanks for checking this out. Any comments are welcome!
  2. nerdsforprez

    [MOC] Greeble wall in Lego Room

    Usually I am a Technic builder but as can be seen in my signature block, I have dabbled in other areas as well. Specifically, as well as Technic, I have always loved Sci-Fi ships and greeblies, as my "Tribute to Greeblies" project can attest. Well this past year I completed my Lego Room. The closest room to the entrance looks like this: Cropper and zoomed in to give a better idea: I would like to plate this whole wall with a Sci-Fi look. I am not sure exactly how to word it, but like the armor plating of a spaceship or base, inside of a hangar bay or something. There will be some greebling, but I would like it a bit more structured, with better flow and less random than my "Tribute" project above. Few things I am learning: Depth is important. I began only two studs deep and realized I had more to work with. When I say "more" I don't want the Lego portion of the wall to extend past the moulding of the door frames. But luckily for me, I can go three studs deep without extending past the moulding, so I changed that. Depth allows for more contrast and embedded details. More 3D. Wish I could go four, but then I violate the "extending beyond the frames limit" I set for myself. So that is out. I want to strike a good balance between not being too busy, but not being too boring or block-y either. My "Tribute" project was meant to be random, unstructured, more of an artistic piece than what I am striving here for, which is something much more functional and realistic, though still in the Sci Fi genre. So far, I like what I have achieved. Here are a few pictures for reference. Too random, unstructured, but still something: Here is something much more in line with what I am thinking, I will need a bit more variance because the wall itself (shaped around the door frames) is variable itself, but I could do something like this, or differing renditions of this for the different areas of the wall: Perhaps I will do something like the above with crevices or creases with exposing more of an unstructured, random core (like first picture). At only three studs deep, this is difficult, but possible. I have started, and here are some WIP shots. Few words and thoughts as well. As I begin to work I realize I also liked varying the levels of the Lego-portion, both in depth and the extent it covers the wall. I thought I wanted to cover the whole wall, but I have changed that. See the right side of the below pics. I think I like just the slightest bit of varying wall coverage. Breaks up the blockiness of the project. Also, I thought I would keep the whole thing 3 studs deep; but that seems to be changing as well. I plan on changing to 2 studs as some point, then back to three (see right of the image). Mostly will remain at 3, so as to keep depth perception and 3D nature of things. When I am away from the door frames I may even be able to change to four as some point. I thought I wanted everything to be LBG. I have the most elements for this project in that color and that seems to be my preference for all things sci-fi and greeblies anyways. Even though the wall-portion of what I am covering is not that big, this project will already need several thousand pieces, so that is kinda important. Also, although it is difficult to see in the lighting, that is really the exact color, or really close, to the paint color. The greebling wall will be the same color of the rest of the room, which is planned. But it will noticeably be all Lego because of the differing contrast, shadows, etc. the Lego greebling will offer. But as I began building, keeping it that color is too monochromatic. Not in comparison to the paint, but in comparison to itself. Lego on Lego. So I will be adding some DBG in there is as well. Above is what I have so far. These are just prototypes. None of it is final. It will also all be modular. I am building each section about 20 studs or so high.... which will result in 20-30 sections. But this will allow for easier installation and removal. And in the future, if there is any section I want to look different or change, I can change it out at any time. For additional information or context, video of the complete Lego room is here:
  3. There are tons of bins, dividers, and boxes out there that people use for storing or sorting LEGO. But which one of them is the best? Feel free to show us your opinion.
  4. Hello. I am involved in a Make-A-Wish for a 12 year old boy in Pennsylvania, USA with a brain tumor. His wish is to visit the Lego factory in Denmark and Lego has already volunteered to make that happen (thumbs up to LEGO!). He also mentioned that he would like a Lego table to build a Lego Town. So locally, we built the Lego table in the attached picture and put several of his previous builds on it. To finish the Wish we would like to give him a nice stock of loose Legos to support his Lego building. The base of the table is made up of shelving units and we would like to fill these with loose Legos. I attempted to order loose pieces and quickly realized I was in way over my head. So we are looking for a kind volunteer to provide us with a suggested list of pieces to purchase. Since he is interested in building a Lego town I think the inventory should be somewhat focused on providing pieces for buildings and foliage (or whatever else goes into building a town). Or does someone sell a large set for this purpose? We'd like to do better than the official Lego sets (like 10704). We would like to do this well and a budget of $1000 for the pieces was suggested but none of us really know what we are talking about. After looking last night and doing some quick calculations, I'm thinking that a budget of more like $2000 may be necessary to do this right. Or what is an appropriate budget for what we are attempting? I realize that this is not a simple question but what would be most helpful would be a detailed shopping list of specific pieces and colors. Is it better to stick with a limited number of colors and lots of different shapes or vice versa? Or should we give him a basic set and then give him a credit at an online store? I am thinking that it is better to try to physically stock what he needs since in talking to him I think the thing he really likes about building Legos is that it is within his control (as opposed to his current real life) and he might need help to do ordering. I think some general suggestions as to budget and scale would be helpful to start, then I can provide a final budget number and perhaps some direction to be used to generate the final parts list to order. I suspect that there will be offers of donations of used pieces but we do need to order these as new parts since his immune system is compromised from the chemotherapy. Thank you.
  5. AnkTales

    [MOC] LEGO Room Studio StopMotion

    Hello guys, I have designed the moc with ldd and then I made a video in stopmotion. I like so much the solution I have used for the radiator heating. It is small but I tried to put a lot of details. How does it look? you have tips?