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    mecha!!! but in official i say : Creator/ ninjago/ space classic / mtron/
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    Batmobile 1989

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  1. PsyroTtunTomato

    MOC benny’s gundam- Gundam Benbatos

    Lego Benbatos, benny’s gundam, armor suit with nexo knight cockpit, >1900 pieces.... just to enjoy Benny!!!!
  2. PsyroTtunTomato

    Hello! my name is PsyroTtunTomato

    Hi! my name is PsyroTtunTomato and I'm an AFOL, it's one of my addcition and i'm really proud of it. I fell in lego when i was a kid, (born in 1980), and i liked to make robot... I became an adult ( on my ID!), and i went back to Lego with a daddy's status... And i still love to make robot, it became mecha.... i discovered all the new pieces, the new color and Bricklink!!! I make mecha, i learned by looking from other MOC; i also made specially gunpla to understand mecha... I posted on Flickr but i changed and i'm now on instagram. I just want to share, to look at other MOC, to be amazed with all the great MOC people do and to enjoy my afol life. nice to share! olivier