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  1. Thank you, Im glad it turned out the way it did. I agree and definitely try to make the masts a bit bigger next time. Thank you, the center piece is a little design I've been trying to incorporate into all my builds. the planks were added mainly because I didn't want the studs showing . I am also a fan if 1x1 round pieces for water as opposed to flat (which I'm not to good with). Thank you. in hindsight I could made it look like they were firing from the broadside but it work out well without it.
  2. While the war with Terreaversa, Eltina's shiyards are constantly at work building new ships in record time. The Augeas was simply another ship that has been build and sent off to continue the fight. Thanks to the extension on prizes earned from the last challenge, I decided to attempt a microship build. I feel as though scaling ships to meet a certain class is rather difficult. C&C welcome (The ship is supposed to be a class 4)
  3. Nice recruiting build. I like the table and the stage. The faces really add to the build and made me chuckle.
  4. I am really impressed with the brick built sky backdrop. Nicely done
  5. Unit name: Chevau-leger Lanciers de New Oleon Unit type/specifications: Light Cavalry Uniform description: Single or double breasted tunic in blue or navy, white scimitar belt, white trousers with dark green sash, brown boots, and a white turban. Some have been known to adorn their turbans with a sarpech. Equipment description: Long-shafted lance with a pennon and scimitar for close quarters Recruitment center: New Oleon Unit history and description: Campaigns: War of Guelphian Succession (Olean Side), Pacification of Guelph (Olean Side) Unit motto:
  6. Nice build! The colors on the tower are really vibrant and add nice detail to the stone tower.
  7. I debated whether to split the tirailleurs from the post. As for the others, the unit is supposed to be light infantry (chassuer a pied is a fancy word for light infantry) that is trained for rapid action. I will modify the text to reflect what they really are along with a reshoot of the unit. The horse in the background was more for show but they are not a cavalry unit. is the musketeer’s torso officially designated for musketeer’s units only or can they be used in other areas?
  8. Thank you. Yea there are a few places that could’ve used more cover unfortunately hind sight is 20/20. Thank you. With a war going on I tried to display enough figures with different poses to help show the effort Oleon is putting. And I do wish LEGO would use some more colors. While I like blue, it would be nice to be able to display other colors and nations. Thank you. I’m glad that the two sides were discernible. Given that there is a war going on, it gave me an excuse to use as many troops as I wanted. At one point I did think myself of doing water slide decals because I’m terrible with sticker though that idea quickly faded when I started crunching numbers. Thank you. I agree with you about the green. When I looked at the photo I did notice the amount of green without much else made the scene too green. The next time I do a larger scene, I plan on adding more of something to add some diversity.
  9. Here is my second build for this war.
  10. Unit name: Chasseurs a pied 11eme Compagnie Type: Light Infantry Uniform description: The Colonial Olean troops wear a short blue coat emblazed with the Fleur De Lis or a blue and white coat, a morion or musketeers hat, and a black scarf with a black cloak. Equipment description: Sharpshooters muskets, longer barreled pistols, and cavalry sabers. Recruitment center: New Oleon, and the Western Oleon Colonies Unit history and description: This newly formed unit was placed under the charge of Captain Jean-Batiste De Moncey while the unit was new, many of the officers were veterans from other units. They are designated as a foot Chasseur unit and deployed for rapid action. Within the unit is a mixture of both colonial Olean troops and Guelph Tirailleurs The battle for Terraversa will be the units first engagement. Campaigns: Liberation of Terraversa Unit motto: N/A More about the unit:
  11. The battle for Terraversa continued with coastal bombardments from Olean Warships along with strategically placed artillery positions. News spread amongst the company that forces had breach the city from shore and were making they way inwards. Now the difficult task lay ahead. Jean-Batiste had gotten his orders, while troops were coming from north of the kings river and east from the sea, he was to scout out and try to block the major road leading out from King's port in the south. the objective was two fold: firstly cause a big enough disruption that would draw some attention away from the coast and second cut off any retreat from the city. With his company of Chasseurs and Guelph Tirailleurs Jean knew that time was of the essence and critical. Should he fail, it could mean that officials from the city could evade capture. As he made his way to King's port along one of the roads, his company came across some Olean sympathizers being assaulted by Terraversan troops. While he may not have fully mastered the tactics his unit could perform his officers sprung into action. Each sergeant took a position to surround the Terraversans with the goal of capturing them. With these extra hands it may give him the numbers he needs to create a proper diversion. Once the skirmish has ended it was onward to King's Port. So I finally got around to posting this build here. Unlike most depictions of the Terraversans, I decided to go with the blue coats with yellow epaulettes. Hopefully its not too confusing. C&C welcome
  12. That is an awesome build. The effects really add to the drama. I don’t know if it was intensional but the faces of those minifigures is spot on.
  13. Nice intro build. I really like the autumn feel, especially the tree you build. The figures are well done with an old and new look to them. Welcome to B.o.B.s
  14. Nice scene and build. I like the transparent blue that was used for the river, and the vegetation used on the sides definitely gave off a swampy feel.