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  1. I like the boat and the curves are really good! It’s looks sleek and fast and ready for a new duty. The captain is happy with his purchase
  2. Nice mortal and pulley system.
  3. I like it! Like others have said the posing and faces work really well with the scene. I didn’t expect the wall to catch on. It was something I saw once and thought it would work really well. Glad you like it!
  4. merc

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    Thank you @Ayrlego that troop count makes more sense. I did a quick count of my troops by goi. Through old posts and I came up with a similar count so I’m glad I’m not miscounting by a lot.
  5. merc

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    Could I request a troop audit as well. While I feel like my current troop count is fairly accurate, I want to double check cause I did not think I was that high. My current count makes it look like I have my own private army
  6. merc

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    Thank you! This definitely helps with future building, licensing and recruiting.
  7. That’s awesome thanks for the heads up! I’ve been waiting to order the set myself
  8. merc

    Trade MRCA deadline July 28

    Thank you so much for doing that! I'm sure it took alot of time and I as a player is very grateful.
  9. Thank you! And for more angles here is a spoiler though it has different figs and has a different story it uses the same base model. Haha, I think the sad part is that I upgraded my table to a significantly larger one about a month ago , and then started to remodel our bathroom which has taken up alot of my time.
  10. Thank you! Thank you. I went through 3 iterations before i settles on this version. Thank you, It was hard trying to create some terrain for the cannons without it looking a bit too square and flat. I know it took me long enough. Funny enough it has sat on my table for a good two months! Thank you. the mystery of who those people are is the fun of it. Though I will reveal some characters in a later build.
  11. In Eltina, two individuals were heard finishing up a transaction. As men of foreign descent sign up with an individual with a parchment and quill. “My dear Captaine that concludes all negotiation. I shall have my men bring you the supplies along with these new recruits.” Said the man in the burgundy clothing. In the same area, three men can be heard describing there new orders. “Are you sure we have to dress in these?” Asked the man in the Morion. “Sergeant's orders.” Answered another man Somewhere on one of the bridges near Nola Mar. A man in a wide brimmed hat with a yellow feather and a yellow cloak beckons to the men around him. “Companions, a gift from Lord De Moncey.” This is a build I've had for months now. Glad I have been finally able to post it. C&C welcome. This serves as a recruitment and free-build, +1 Company (30 men) in Eltina.
  12. I agree, expanding it was a great idea. All the details are very cool and the scene gives a sense of busyness without being over crowded.
  13. Thank you. That was a fun category to build for. As far as prizes go, when are we allowed to activate them? Is it now since the winners for the category have been announced, or is it after the entire challenge has closed?
  14. So it did that to me. I think it’s forces combine posting if you do it in quick succession. Maybe just copy and paste the new post underneath one of these posts. I had to do that in order for it not to merge
  15. I like the troops and the scene is very dynamic. I get the sense of a road being build with all the components being put into place. Great idea of creating a unit that is usual used for civil building but also can be redeployed for military operations.