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  1. Congratulation on the promotion @CapOnBOBS.
  2. Nice build. I like how the building shows damage at the roof and window. The build does remind me of an assassins creed building escape.
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    Thank you!
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    @Ayrlego is there a way to get clarification on the ship license expense on my account. I know I had recently built a micro that was an activation of a license I won from the last challenge. Is there another one that I have missed?
  5. Nice build! I wonder if the crabs feel crabby after being forced ashore. In any case. I really like the frame work of the building and how it is diagonal to the baseplate. Just curious is there an interior to the building?
  6. The whole build is nicely done and detailed. Both you and Jodi did a great job! That lighthouse is spectacular and really takes the cake on the build IMO.
  7. Thank you for the write-up. It is cool to see some of our tactics played out well!
  8. Thank you Thank you! I didn't have enough pieces to replicate a full ship, so I thought this would be a good alternative. Added in the spoiler is a side shot as I still had the build lying around. Thank you. I figured a simple repair build was needed and sometimes simple is better then overly complex.
  9. Haha. thank you I didn't have the pieces to build a new ship outright so I thought this was a nice alternative. I feel like all my sailors look a little too piratey and less like sailors even though I tried to make them look uniform(ish). Thank you. did my best to model a typical ship as best I could and came up with this idea. Glad it worked out well.
  10. Good build and funny story. I like the brick built sheep both clever and cute.
  11. With the battle for Terraversa continuing on, the repair of vessels is under way. The Tartarus was one of those ships. Damaged during the assault on Tarlor, it sustained enough damaged to put it out of temporary commission. The crew of the Tartarus along with nearby ships have assessed the damage are are working to repair it back to working order. A quick build to repair the Tartarus and put it back into working order. C&C welcome
  12. Thank you, Im glad it turned out the way it did. I agree and definitely try to make the masts a bit bigger next time. Thank you, the center piece is a little design I've been trying to incorporate into all my builds. the planks were added mainly because I didn't want the studs showing . I am also a fan if 1x1 round pieces for water as opposed to flat (which I'm not to good with). Thank you. in hindsight I could made it look like they were firing from the broadside but it work out well without it.
  13. While the war with Terreaversa, Eltina's shiyards are constantly at work building new ships in record time. The Augeas was simply another ship that has been build and sent off to continue the fight. Thanks to the extension on prizes earned from the last challenge, I decided to attempt a microship build. I feel as though scaling ships to meet a certain class is rather difficult. C&C welcome (The ship is supposed to be a class 4)
  14. Nice recruiting build. I like the table and the stage. The faces really add to the build and made me chuckle.