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  1. Thank you. I do like making different units that represent more that the typical "Blue coat" with a shako and epaulettes. Thank you! Many of the units are found in the Olean Gran Military Encyclopedia Thank you! He is not. Technically he is of Corlander descent, he is just an Olean citizen. Also fun fact is that I used those medium flexible legs that just came out not the still small legs so he is not as short as it appears.
  2. Headquarters, New Haven Military District, Fort Arltrees, El Oleonda (License Pending)
  3. Dec, 622 Mere, It has been a long time but after months at sea, I have finally arrived at Ft. Arltrees. Unlike the Terraverse campaign the but us against the nations of Corrington and Eslandola, we have begun to cooperate with them against the Lotii threat from the south. I wish I could tell you that I would enjoy this but after my unsuccessful capture in Terraverse, I fear that I my military skills may not be as well adapted to this terrain as I would like. I have reported in to the local military HQ in order to get my duties for this campaign. The recent arrivals of troops from all over the kingdom to take part in this campaign is most interesting. The 3rd battalion is unlike any other battalion that I have ever seen. The numerous different soldiers taking part in this campaign are so vastly different. I will be intrigued to see how this turns out. Addtionally, a few of my troops were able to make it with me. Though we have had to adapt out uniforms. I do hope that the new gear will prove better to this environment. Mere, I cannot wait for you to join to the new world. The island are very beautiful and may be better for your health. Please consider it. Your Son, Jean-Batiste de Moncey To be licensed by Oleon. C&C welcome
  4. Thank you! I tried my best to bring them to not be so medieval. Thank you! I really tried to challenged myself into figuring how to make them without using yellow torsos. Thank you. I really searched around to see different hat styles so that I was not just using the "rice pickers" hat. Thank you! Glad you like them. Thank you! The nose less guard was a piece that had broken off years again and when I was looking at some inspirational pictures it seemed to fit well. Thank you! Based on the description of being in the north it conjured up large expanses of land that had to be covered by a small number of troops on horseback.
  5. Yellow, the Lightning Dragon Banner - In times of war, the Yellow Lightning Banner is assembled in the north. It has a small core of professionals which guard the border with the barbarians of the Gerlo Empire. L-R Cavalry (x4): Due to the large borders with the Gerlo Empire, the need for cavalry is very important. As such cavalry units are well armored and equipped with both a Dao and Qiang. Commander (x1): Commanders tend to lead from the frontlines in order to keep morale high and gain prestige. Musketeers (x2): Quicker than other armies, the small number of units has cause them to adopt muskets in order to better defend themselves from fortified positions.
  6. Thank you! Glad to know I inspired you to learn something new! Thank you! I was looking at some of my pieces and thought of the warrior monk from the total war series which is how I came up with the idea. Thank you! I tried to not make them all uniform. Thank you! Yea I was smart (or young and ignorant) and bought 5 of the prince of Persia sets so I ented up with 5 white capes. Thank you! Thank you! Yea I have been of fan of the lego keffiyeh (the hoods) for a different type of look.
  7. Nice troops. I really like the swivel gun! nice use of the harpoons as feet.
  8. These monks are followers of the philosopher Nirvan Emmet. Real world inspiration from the Japanese Sohei monks. Since the challenge came out, these guys were floating in my head for a while.
  9. I believe Mesabi made one a while back Here is the Flickr link/picture
  10. I agree with Keymonus, I really like that tree!
  11. Congratulation on the promotion @CapOnBOBS.
  12. Nice build. I like how the building shows damage at the roof and window. The build does remind me of an assassins creed building escape.
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