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  1. Haha thanks. I had a lot of blue and naturally went with the best color Thank you. I may need some help with the licensing/free build sheet entry. Not sure what qualifies for what. Thanks I am trying my hand at a certain type of character reiterated in a series of letters. An yea she is a handful, mostly happy baby. Since she has gone into the independent exploring phase, I have a bit more opportunity to build small things. Thank you glad to know I'm not alone The furniture is taken from a few tutorials here and their modified to meet the build.
  2. Brenshaun July 618 Mere, It has been a long six months in Brenshaun. I should probably explain my lack of letters. It all started…… Tavern Scene by Mike Mercado, on Flickr "Knock knock knock" "Hmph, who could this possible be?" "Jean-Baptiste de Moncey?" "Yes boy, now what is it?" "I have a letter for you sir" "Thank you for your services" (reads letter) “WHAT IS HE DOING HERE!?!” The boy stared at me for a few moments “Boy, do can you direct me to here?” (points to the name on the letter) “Yes, I can” “Fantastic, you will be paid for your services.” 2 hours later.... “Sir we have arrived.” “Wouldn’t it have been easier to take a carriage” “What’s the fun in that? Horseback riding is a lot more fun!” “If you insist.” “Sir you are at the house of Captaine de Moncey.” “Yes I know, that is why I am entering” “No sir you may not enter unless you have an appointment.” “Bah, I do not need an appointment. Do you know who I am! I am……” “Jean? Jean is that you my darling?” “Clarissa, how good it is to see you my dear sister in law. Can you tell these buffoons to let me in.” “Louis my dear please let in this young man in. He is the younger brother of Rene.” “As you wish Madam” Plantation Scene by Mike Mercado, on Flickr “Ah Jean welcome welcome so how did you like this new place? Marvelous no?” “Yes brother it is a very beautiful place. I take it that it suit Clarissa.” “But of course. The warm air, beautiful vineyard, lively city. She is at home here on this magical paradise. How do you like this place?” It’s alright. Hard to find a job though. That stupid judge. How dare he do this.” “Well you know how you are. Tempers rise and out come fisticuffs.” “I swear it was not me.” “Anyway I may have a way for you to get a commission or maybe a way to get into the academy.” “What what is it. I’m anxious to get this over with” “Have you heard of the orchid on Celestia.” “No I have not nor do I like where this is headed” “Yes my suggestion is to get the flower and gain prestige.” “No! No way! Do you know who I am!!” “Watch you tongue! (The smile he had shifted to a frown) You have neither titles nor rank!” “.....” “My dear brother, you have a different station now, your arrogant attitude will get you into trouble. (A look of compassion replaced the frown)” “....” “Try searching for the flower, it may bring you some good luck whether you succeed or not.” “I’m sorry brother and thank you.” “Well, I am off. Another mission of protecting convoys, this ought to be fun.” As Rene put on his hat getting ready to leave he turns around.” “Jean, do me a favor, yet not to get into any more trouble. I may not be able to bribe another judge again.” After Rene left, I went to find the messenger boy. “Boy what is your name?” “Lyle sir” “Well then Lyle, how you would like to go on an adventure?” “Sir?” “Well, off we go, we are going to need a crew and a ship” “Where to Sir?” “Celestia” [OOC] SO this scene may look a bit out of place. I currently have an 11th month old baby and she hasn't let me be able to build for a couple of months. The story was done around the time of the Celestia challenge but the creations were done recently. Stay tuned for part 2.
  3. Name: Jean-Baptiste de Moncey Bio: Jean-Baptiste de Moncey is the fourth son of the Lord de Moncey, the only son of Lord de Moncey's second wife. As the foruth son, Jea had the ability to follow in whatever road he wanted. His elder brother was to be a noble, his second older brother was a captain in the Orleon Navy, and his third brother became a priest of the Faith. While Jean may have been a womanizer and have had close calls with the law, he had never gotten into any trouble. Well until he was acused of starting a brawl with a captian in the Orleon Navy. Taken before a judge he was given two option, one renouce his titles and enter into the Orlean Army, or keep his titles and be sent to a far of colony as a prisoner for ten years. Prefering his fredom over a few titles (again the fourth son so not much left inheritance wise) he chose the first option. He back his bags and went to the city of Breshaun to await further instructions. Jean-Baptiste de Moncey by Mike Mercado, on Flickr
  4. Hey @Bodi you had mentioned something about visiting Monsieur de Roseabeau. I just want to know who that is and whose character that is.
  5. The build is awesome. I like the story an how it portays the culture of Orleon. I especially like the place of minifigures and the various poses. The archways are well done and eye catching.
  6. I like the interior detail and the guy working on the cannon. The wall on a hinge is also a neat idea.
  7. The build is awesome, filled with alot of detail. I like the story and how it fits well with both the build and the BoBS lore. Specifically, the tying in of ceremonies.
  8. Thank you, I needed to show how disciplined Orleon Soldiers are. Haha, Thank you. Thank you, I normally build using a black border, I'm glad this turned out good. As for the bloody knuckles, it builds character. Thank you, I was under a slight time crunch and had to dismantle the build to us for the hospital. That's a good idea to get different angles. Thank you. Funny story, I removed him and another one for something and forgot to put him back in the same pose. It's not warmongering til your lands are taken. Thank you, I am happy that the transition turned out ok. Thank you. Don't forget, Corrington is the one who disgraces Hades by where his sacred color.
  9. Thank you. I had to remember that this building takes place on a tropical island and not the main land. Thank you. I know the symbol was adopted later than the period but I needed something to hint at it being a hospital. I took inspiration from some of the church run hospitals and adapted it to the BoBS Lore. THank you. I had taken the comments for my gate house design and adapted them to a larger build. The fence idea kinda came out of seeing this picture's_Hospital00.jpg. Thank you. Like I said above, the idea kinda came out of no where and I just rolled with it.
  10. merc

    [OL - FB] Candy shop

    I like the build. I really like the color scheme and the timber frame on the side.
  11. OL-Royal Arsenal of Astrapi: Gatehouse by Mike Mercado, on Flickr One of the smaller gatehouses to enter the royal arsenal. Two men always stand guard to keep out those who should not belong there. C and C welcome
  12. OL-Royal Arsenal of Astrapi: Gun Range by Mike Mercado, on Flickr A platoon of soldier practicing a line formation and shooting at targets. Their commanding officer is behind them shouting orders under the hot sun. P.S. No Corries were hurt in the process of making the build. C and C welcome
  13. OL-Royal Arsenal of Astrapi: Hospital of Asclepius by Mike Mercado, on Flickr This is the military hospital at Astrapi. Headed by Dr Ambrose Pare and Brother Antonin it has a unique blend of science and religion. While Dr Pare works on new and innovative medicines to combat both jungle afflictions and sea sickness, Brother Antonin and a group of sister work around the clock to provide care and pray with those who in need. There is an interior however I had time to only finish one of the two floors. I will post additions when the second floor is finished. Side Note: Forgive my American naivety, the symbol on the hospital is the caduceus the common medical symbol in America. While doing this build I found out that we use the wrong symbol and that the rest of the world uses the rod of Asclepius as the correct medical symbol. C and C welcome
  14. merc

    Dee Wheelworks of King's Harbour

    I really like the color combination. I was also not expecting to see giant water wheels. Those things are impressive and huge.
  15. The ship looks awesome. I really like the black and blue color scheme.