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  1. I really like how you got the fort to a point. It looks like the corner of a star fort.
  2. merc

    [OL - FB] Revelations

    Yea I see that now. Thank you that is corn in the background though as you said it’s hard to tell. I might try posing the figs as you suggested going down the walk way. Thank you. I’ll try and see if I can you the whole landscape as you and roadmonkeytj suggested. Thank you for the comments. I did have quite a bit of trans-yellow but I also say someone else use trans yellow and found it more appealing than regular yellow. I might try doing some more pictures and sing if I can get a shallow angle an such.
  3. A Chance Encounter Pt. 1 A Chance Encounter Pt 2 Dramatis personae On a road near the fields outside of Brenshaun….. Jan 618 Mere, I hope this letter finds you well. Since our last correspondence, it seems as though a lot has happened on the brick seas. Additionally I have found a small temple outside of the wonderful city of Brenshaun dedicated to the god Boreas. While on my way there, my inquisitive friend and I had a most interesting conversation. It’s started as…… .....Why do we have to visit this temple? Well for one thing, any respectable Olean citizen would do well to honor Boreas god of the cold north wind I see your point, you Oleans are very pious and blinded by faith. I object to that statement, and what do you mean you Oleans? Exactly what I mean, we Corrish base our beliefs on science and tangible things. Some are even promethean. Since when are you Corrish! How could I not notice? Well I mean you are…. I cannot believe it, am I talking to a Corrish spy? Don’t be silly, I may be Corrish by background but I do enjoy being an Olean citizen. That Padre Francois I have read about seems very intriguing in his no nonsense priestliness. ……..this revelation has come as a surprise. We shall see what this future brings. I hope you had a wonderful merriment day and I shall see you soon. Your Son, Jean-Baptiste ~~~~~~~~~~ This buld has been sitting on my table for quite some time. Finally got around to photographing it. I tried to use my wife's camera and I'm not sure how I feel about the way they came out. I do not know if the lighting is what played a factor. C&C is welcome and appreciated. Below is an image of the full scene. Thank you to @Roadmonkeytj and @Bodi for the constructive feedback. I slightly altered my original post to reflect some simple changes I did to the story.
  4. As everyone has commented it is a really awesome build. I really liked the base and the palm tree. How did you get the roof of the tower to say at those angles?
  5. Thank you I always enjoy reading the stories, even when I don't have the time to build.
  6. merc

    New troops at Eltina

    Nice troops. I really like the cavalrymen. And I agree with Prof Thaum, the spoiler is good and funny.
  7. I echo your same sentiment. Seeing this fleet is very impressive.
  8. Thank you. It was thought trying to make them uniform but still distinct. The epaulettes were the hardest to try and coordinate. Thank you. The grey (gray) torso is Loki’s torso.
  9. Thanks. The fact that New Oleon borders some more middle eastern countries, it gave me the ability to portray that area with a bit of diversity while still maintaining a portion of uniformity. Thank you. Oleon is know for being regal right Thank you. The fact that New Oleon borders some more middle eastern countries, it gave me the ability to portray that area with a bit of diversity while still maintaining a portion of uniformity. Yaaaaay. I managed to take 5 minutes to get pictures. They have been built for almost a week lol. Also is it New Oleans or New Oleanders or?....... It is a bit confusing the demonym. Thank you, I think they are a bit happy to be out of a desert climate and into a tropical climate. Unfortunately the visor on the shako was not my idea, i say it on jackdaw2211's post of Napoleon troops and thought it would fit nicely with Oleon's army. Thank you. I was inspired by @Ayrlego's Sepoys, @Khorne's drawings, and French Moroccan Colonial troops. Also for some reason I picture Oleon's people having nice mustaches.
  10. Dear Sir or Madam I would like to present to you a new company of troops. Raised in his Majesty’sterritory of New Oleon. Financed by the De Moncey family. These troops have been trained in some the the harshest conditions and come from both New Oleans and native Guelphs. Accompanying them is Leuitenant Colonel Bernard and his three lieutenants. They are ready to serve in any capacity as seen fit. In service of His Majesty Lord De Moncey P.S. Please allow me to extend my deepest apologizes for them not arriving sooner. It seems that the ship may have been blow of course. ———————————————— Here is a little troop built for Lavalette. Below is a picture of each unit pictured. C&C welcome And here are the officers
  11. As a New Englander, you did a good job capturing the style. I saw the resemblance immediately. Clever use of the Épée as the top of the steeple. Good job on the story, it gave me a good chuckle.
  12. What can I say i am an old school guy , Thank you for the idea I had seen that done before but never though much about it. I like the idea and intend to try to implement it in the future Thank you. Out of curiosity what part was an improvement? I am trying to improve builds, photography, presentation and story. Thank you I did the best to portray a fellow Olean as a chivalrous as possible. Thank you on the duo i don't know how I came up with it but I really like where I can go with this. Thank you. I cant either.
  13. Previously A Chance Encounter Pt-1 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ...And Mere, in April the lad and I........ “That trip was fun. Aye sir” “Lyle.” “Yes Sir?” “Shut it” We approached the tavern that I had been staying at for the past few months. “Jean, a letter arrived for you while you were away” “Hm the letter has the seal of the RNTC?” “Well then, I guess not all is lost. Ms. Chloe two glasses of Brenshaun’s best. One for me and on for my....." “I’m only ten” “One glass for me and ju...” “Water...” "And water for the lad” “You’re really bad at this you know” “Lyle” “Yes sir” Off in on of the corner tables a crowd had grown. “And there it was, just through a waterfall. The most beautiful flower you had ever seen. I was a small climb and not an easy feat mind you.” The man with the blue feathered hat explained. He seemed to be a dashing man for very close to him were two young maids looking at him with hearts in their eyes. And the crowd around him was a large group of men and women, there to listen to his tale. “And if you thought it was difficult getting there, try carving your way back to Jamestown. It was a harrowing experience. We encountered many different creatures like the silent and cunning.......panther” “Oh!” The crowd stated. The one of the women clenched his arm tightly. “The panthers teeth were.......” “Oi, that’s me fiancée, get yer han off her” two sailors stumbled toward the man with the blue feathered hat. “My good sir, I would not have.....” “I dun’t car if yur mum wouldn’t hav. Your asking for a head smashin” the crowd had seemed to open up so that this drunken man and his friend could come through. Not wanting to see another fight break out, the barmaid went over to come them down. “Gentlemen please.. “Get uf me” the sailor responded and pushed her to the ground. No sooner had she been push that both the man in the blue feathered hat and I jump up to our feet. I rushed over for I had grown fond of the barmaid. “Excuse me but you just disrespected the owner of this fine establishment. I think you owe her and apology.” I said as I helped her up. …I wish I could tell you that I didn’t cause a fight, Mere, but the faith states that a child should respect his parents. I threw some punches and let’s just say that the drunken sailors learned their lesson. And additionally, the man in the blue feathered hat was impressed. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Thanks for viewing. Thanks to @blackdeathgr for use of his character in my story. The build is a simple one to move my character along. Under the spoiler is an additional view of the build from the other side. C&C is welcome.
  14. I laughed at the story because I was not expecting it to go that way. I like the small beach. The facial expression of the second guy went really well with the story.
  15. I really like the jungle vibe I get. And the faces for the dummies are really funny. Can’t wait to see the story that follows them.