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  1. The ship looks awesome. I really like the black and blue color scheme.
  2. All three of your entries are awesome. I did not expect a "close up" shot of each entry your character did. I also like the filters (?) that you use in the close up shots.
  3. I really like the snow and fish stand
  4. This is really becoming an interesting story. The builds and story are a create combination. Kudos to all of those involved in this.
  5. What is Oleon's position on natives an religion. Do we follow the French path of trying to ally or are we like the Spainards and conqueroring and converting. Etc etc
  6. So I took that advice for my first ship and tried to recreate it here is my second attempt. W.I.P. Rhodos v.2 by Mike Mercado, on Flickr More views below C and C most welcome
  7. If I can get the pieces in (money is always a problem.) I can do the gatehouse
  8. So this is my first attempt at ship. Name: Rhodos Class: 1 Rhodos by Mike Mercado, on Flickr This ship has been fitted more for cargo and as such has forgone the typical cannon associated with a gunboat. As my first ship I welcome any C and C Mike
  9. Thank you for the answers. Next question I have is once you have a build done and photographed, what is the steps for getting it posted registered etc. I think I registered it using a form but I did not post it anywhere nor do I know the correct format. Sorry for the annoying questions. I have seen some topics that have OL- AMCRA and others that Say SR-FB not sure if those matter or not
  10. For building and licensing buildings in different colonies, do your character have to be associated with the building? Can you even build building in different colonies? Same thing with ships? Does the ship have to be associated with you character etc.
  11. November 3, 617 Mère, I will start off by saying that the judge needs to retire because he is a senile old man who gave a verdict that was absolutely ludicrous. Je ne comprends pas. In my defense, I would not be so stupid as to start fisticuffs with a navy commodore. Why the thought of acting in such a barbaric manner is even more preposterous. Between you and me, I have a feeling Jean-Luc was the one you cause that fight. We both look similar and yes we may also share similar names but he has a temperament when he has drunk the fine wine of our country. And while I made have had relations with an admiral’s daughter that does not warrant the verdict that was given. Even more over, he backed me into a corner. He had the audacity to tell me that I had the choice to either retain my titles, which are few I might add, and start as a private in the army in some back water colony in the middle of nowhere. Or should I choose to give them up, I would be given the rank of a lieutenant and have a choice of being sent to a back water colony or New Orleon. I mean really, I am the fourth son of Count de Moncey, Jean-Luc is the eldest with all the titles. Rene is a captain in the Orleon Navy and Francis is a priest of Poseidon somewhere in Terraversa. What does a fourth son have left but a title or two? Revenons à nos moutons. As a lieutenant, I am awaiting my first assignment in Breshaun. Which I might add is a very wonderful city full of adventure. I am safe and sound mother. So please do not worry. Je t'aime. Jean-Baptiste de Moncey So this is my first entry and the picture is bigger than I'd like. If someone could let me know have to resize picture that would be greatly appreciated. C&C is always welcome. Mike