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  1. Pattspatt

    42110 - Land Rover Defender

    @Anio Nice analysis - you would be correct, except for the current sticker. I’ve taken a few screenshots from @kbalage’s video that should explain, as they include the hi-lo sticker: In other words, your analysis is right, but the hi-lo sticker is wrong.
  2. Wow, that is some serious bracing! So does the gearing down happen after the turntable, then? That makes sense - the innards of your superstructure looked crazy cramped with all those motors. Still can’t believe that you were able to fit the third reel (and its drivetrain) within the existing body. Mine had to be slapped on top, haha, as I wasn’t willing to do a complete rebuild. The L-motor in my build is geared down just slightly less than the stock model - so I got away with mostly the stock bracing, haha. Actually, the only reason why I added any bracing was because I had a gear skipping on the new track drive - I thought it was in the superstructure, but it was actually after the turntable. Which I only discovered after bracing and re-bracing the superstructure :P Go for it! 42042 has been my favorite modding experience so far.
  3. I took some pictures of the gearbox: The white clutch gears at the top connect directly to the motor. The red clutch gear on the shaft third from the top connects to a 16-tooth gear below it, which is on the same axle as the two 24-tooth gears. Also on the shaft is an 8-tooth gear, which meshes with two additional 8-tooth gears in succession. This allows the rightmost row of gears to be turning in the opposite direction from the left row, at the same speed. I was nervous about this solution because of backlash and torque, but I haven't had any problems yet. If anyone else has a solution using fewer 8-tooth-gears, I'd be interested in your tips! If someone wants to add this to their 42042 or see it from more angles, there's an album at
  4. I took a few pictures that might help: The "extra" track drive is to the left - the gray "T" liftarm helps keep it in place. Bracing detail #1: The bevel-gear bracket sits on a 16-tooth-gear, which meshes with another 16-tooth gear. Bracing detail #2. You can see the mesh a bit better in the pic above. On the left and in red, there's a glimpse of the 2nd track driveshaft from the gearbox. The above is a bit buried but the 16-tooth gear is sitting on a bracket with an axle-3 through it, and another 16-tooth below the bracket. This is the layer (reconstructed with different colors) sandwiched between the turntable and the other layers of bracing. The 16 tooth gear on the other side of this layer meshes with the top of the coaxial assembly in the middle of the turntable. The gray 7L liftarm on the right is about all you can see of the "sandwiched" layer from this view. Hope this gives an idea! Definitely a lot of brackets, liftarms, and 3L connectors in this section. :) I'll try to take some pics of the expanded gearbox tonight.
  5. I checked out the video of your mod again - amazing!! Can’t believe how dense it is, and that it still manages to slew. I’ve had this built for a long time and only recently got around to making the video - I’m sure I was helped along in the tinkering process by your claw pictures at the time, because they are very similar. Thanks for the inspiration! Yep, the independent track drive is through a coaxial. I pretty much disassembled the original chassis and then rebuilt it with the extra gears integrated, as any non-braced solution would “skip” when other functions were being used simultaneously. Now I can use all functions simultaneously with one motor, and no skipping - it’s just really slow 😜 The motor is protected with two of the white clutch gears.
  6. Pattspatt

    Transforming Lego Wall-E

    If I ever decide to take him apart, I’ll definitely do that - but I’m not sure if that’ll ever happen, besides a few future improvements. The album at is kind of like that, but could definitely be more in-depth.
  7. Pattspatt

    Transforming Lego Wall-E

    Thanks folks! @NathanR, let me know if you’d like any other pictures - I plan to keep him assembled pretty much indefinitely :)
  8. Hi folks - this is my first Technic post on Eurobricks. Excited to join the community! Like many modders before me, I wanted to do something to improve the fiddly-ness of 42042's claw. And I wanted to give the tracks independent control. I really enjoy 42042's looks, its playability, its stock gearbox, and I also like unnecessary mechanical complexity. So I wanted the mods to affect the looks as little as possible, and I wanted to keep it limited to one motor. My solution was adding a function to the gearbox for the right tread control, and I added another reel for "remote" claw control, along with a button that couples and decouples the extra reel from the main one. I'm pretty happy with this mod, and I love how playable the claw is now. The new reel: I made a video of the mod as well - if all you're interested in is the claw, feel free to skip to 3:30. Thanks for looking!
  9. Pattspatt

    Transforming Lego Wall-E

    Hi all - I'm a big fan of the 21303 Wall-E set, but I always wished that he'd be able to fold into a box like he did in the film. After a lot of tinkering, now he can! Peeking out: Fully unfolded: Almost all of the range of poses in the film are now possible, including poses in-between transformation. Here are a few examples: I also made a gif of the transformation (stop-motion): And there's also a gif of the improved range of arm motion, that almost matches the range in the movie: If you'd like to see more pictures, there are some at If you'd like tips on how to build this guy, I've compiled an album at Thanks for looking!
  10. Pattspatt


    Hi all! My name is Steven, and I'm from the US. I mostly tinker with Technic, and I have a lot of love for older classic sets (studded, like 8880 or 8479, or non-studded, like 8455). Recently I've been tinkering with 42042 to give it independent track control and remote claw opening-and-closing - it's a lot of fun. Now that I'm ready to make some posts, I thought I should introduce myself. Looking forward to getting to know the community. Cheers!