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  1. Pattspatt

    Decreasing number of MOCs

    Not related to the discussion on criticism, but re: the thread title, this hits the nail on the head for me. I was lucky enough to have started my most recent MOC before Covid really hit, but now the prospect of starting up another ~8 month process from scratch is now very intimidating. World events & quarantine can be pretty draining, and that might be affecting people’s creativity. Likewise I think “depression-lite” with the current state of things might be making people (including me) less likely to comment, and might be making even just a thoughtful comment seem like a more intimidating creative task than it would usually be. Not trying to diagnose anybody or anything, I just think it might be a contributing factor for some. I think Eurobricks has always had a “higher standard” of comment than other places to talk about Technic. Where else can you swap axle designs that include caster/kingpin inclination, get knowledgeable responses just from posting a schematic, etc. I’ve never seen that kind of interaction anywhere but here (in English, at least). I can’t imagine Facebook caring about a compact Macpherson strut suspension design if there wasn’t a car with pretty bodywork attached to it. Maybe that “higher standard” of discussion is more prone to suffer when world events are unusually depressing.
  2. Pattspatt

    First MOC - 42110 B-Model: Forklift

    Several people have encountered this - according to one person, it’s ok to leave the 3L bar out of the build, and the stability won’t be affected. I haven’t tried this though, so hopefully it works! Glad you’ve been enjoying the build so far.
  3. Pattspatt

    Effe's MOC Corner

    I also prefer the one to the right, except for the extra gap on that grill’s upper left. The red panels on the right give a much cleaner look in my opinion.
  4. Pattspatt

    First MOC - 42110 B-Model: Forklift

    Oops, should have disassembled that more - those light gray ball things are just towballs-with-axle parts. Glad the only completely indecipherable step was for a side-build!
  5. Pattspatt

    First MOC - 42110 B-Model: Forklift

    Thanks! Glad you like it :) It’s now on rebrickable; it took a little while to be approved: Glad they’re working out for you so far. Yes, there are lots of gears (almost all the gears that were in the A-model’s drivetrain), and they all spin all the time, haha. The ones that generally gave me the most problems were the tan 20-tooth gears on the side DNR gearboxes - during mid-build testing, it’s worth testing those gearboxes in both switch positions. Luckily they’re fairly accessible throughout the build.
  6. Very compact - I love that you managed to fit a working steering wheel + all that gearing up for the fake motor. Cool look to it, too!
  7. Pattspatt

    First MOC - 42110 B-Model: Forklift

    Hi all - instructions are now complete! (Reverse teardown photos). I tried to make them as clear as possible - sort by Name, descending, to get them in the correct order. Let me know if there are any problems with the link.
  8. Pattspatt

    Effe's MOC Corner

    Fantastic, thanks for sharing!
  9. Pattspatt

    Effe's MOC Corner

    I am completely astounded at the complexity of this MOC! Well done, this is an amazing achievement. While the unfolding operation may be a complicated process, I’m sure that is true to real life as well. In my opinion, 400g lifting capacity is more than enough - the main event for me is the unfolding, and the lifting/slewing capacity is plenty for playability. The performance is really stunning with all of the complex geometry and linkages. From the Flickr photos, it looks like there’s an LXF for this model. Will you be releasing it? I’d love to incorporate some of your solutions into future models of mine.
  10. Pattspatt

    First MOC - 42110 B-Model: Forklift

    Before I take this apart, I wanted to show a side-build that I made with the leftover 42110 pieces - some cargo and a pallet rack. The cargo is a mini-Land Rover (roughly the size that the lego set would be), an I-3 engine, and some sort of filtration unit. The pile of spares is very small, now that all the leftover panels are used in the side builds. There’s a gif of the side builds in use at Next stop, teardown instructions.
  11. Pattspatt

    Hubble 1:110

    Concrete Mixer 42112 uses four of the Technic Panel Curved 7x3 (24119) to make its propane tank, which is gives a 5 stud cylinder. Not sure if it’s a smooth enough look for your model, but it might be worth checking out.
  12. Pattspatt

    [MOC] Bergmann Swivel Tip Dumper

    If you go to, it’ll explain better than I have. From what I understand, LDraw is the library itself, and Bricksmith is the mac application that uses it.
  13. Pattspatt

    [MOC] Bergmann Swivel Tip Dumper

    In the past I’ve used Ldraw, which has a (almost) complete library of parts. There are a few different applications that use this library; for Mac I used Bricksmith. (Other applications are listed at It does take some getting used to (tip: mostly use the three small axis viewing windows for part positioning rather than the main window) but once you get the hang of it, it moves pretty fast.
  14. Pattspatt

    Steph77's Moc corner

    The truck is very fully featured - looks like a lot of fun to operate! I’m impressed with the styling of your motorcycle, too. The fact that a 4-speed gearbox fits in there is crazy to me! I’d love to see a picture of the internals.
  15. Pattspatt

    [MOC] Bergmann Swivel Tip Dumper

    Wow, very impressive! The model looks great and performs well. I bet a schematic of the internal mechanisms would be a lot of fun to see, with everything so densely packed!