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  1. Wow, great work - this is exactly what the set should have been! Nicely done, and thanks for the great photos & video.
  2. Assuming this is new behavior that wasn’t a problem with the old steering solution - are there any 1x1 round tiles, or 1x1 round plates, or 3/4 pins that you could add/swap, and see if that sorts it? Or a non-round 1x1 plate could work too, with the stud pressed into the pinhole.
  3. Really enjoyed reading this - thank you for the detailed look at your design process! Sounds like there are an unusually large number of constraints, even for a B-model. The idea for a combo diff-lock/gearbox seems pretty doomed, haha. The performance that you’ve achieved working within all these constraints is really exceptional - great job!
  4. In a flagship supercar set, I’d definitely appreciate rear wheel steering that mechanically switches steering direction in high gears. Not sure if the difficulty-to-marketability ratio is favorable, though - so I won’t hold my breath!
  5. Good point - although OP did ask whether 42110 or Sian should be considered 8880’s successor in their last sentence. Personally I don’t think 42110 beats 8448 or 8466 in terms of playability, “innovation”, or technical accuracy. For me 42110 beats the Sian in terms of playability and slightly loses the other two categories. I think it’s kind of similar to the emphasis on a transmission that most supercars have today. Ultimately the difference between adjacent gears is relatively subtle, even more so with the recent larger gearboxes. Likewise, you probably won’t notice much effect of Ackermann at this scale. But it demonstrates a real concept, which is a plus for many people. Rear wheel steering (especially if the steering direction was linked to the gearbox) is another opportunity for more “bells-and-whistles” to populate a supercar’s list of features. I still think it’s a significant missed opportunity that the Lego GT3 RS didn’t include something like this. That said, excited to see the more “out-of-the-box” features that you have planned!
  6. 8880 is such a perfect example of elegant complexity. While the build process wouldn’t fly today, the result is a 4x4x4 vehicle with the first Lego synchronized transmission, plus Ackermann geometry and a center diff. It implements all this technical complexity effortlessly. No transmission confusion like the Porsche. No suspension issues like the Chiron - and far more elegant structurally. No lime color issues like the Sian. 42110 is one of my favorite sets - it has an exceptionally well-implemented suspension, and an exceptional collection of parts. But its transmission, while ambitious, definitely has performance issues (as well as an incorrectly implemented reverse gear). And the steering, which is well implemented, is only 2-wheel and not Ackermann. So I don’t think 42110 can take up 8880’s mantle. The other supercars (Porsche, Chiron, Sian) make more sense as contenders for 8880 successor, but I think they still fall short. The Sian comes the closest for me, but you trade a center diff and rear wheel steering for a sequential transmission. If the next supercar can boast “4x4x4” with a sequential transmission and some other extra feature a la the Sian’s doors and spoiler, I think the mantle will be ready to be passed.
  7. Pattspatt

    [MOC] Crane-truck

    Wow, this is amazing - so many functions, so compact, and everything appears to be very thoughtfully laid out. And it looks attractive to boot! Great job. What is the purpose of the white clutch gear (brown in the schematic) that drives the winch? I could be wrong, but I don’t think it is able to slip since its teeth are being driven on both sides.
  8. A lot of great work here - especially impressed with the gearbox version. It’s far from easy to get decent off-road performance through a gearbox! Thanks for the detailed look at the design process.
  9. Wow, great functionality and very impressive presentation! Those animations of the render really help to understand how it all works. Great work!
  10. Thanks for doing that! I’ve added it to the Google Drive. Fine with me if you post the link here!
  11. I wasn’t able to comment on that yet Looking forward to seeing the “meat”!
  12. Whoa, it looks awesome! Amazing that you got two good looking models out of one set. Can’t wait to see them in action.
  13. Free instructions are up! So far feedback has been that they’re quite a bit easier to follow than the instructions for my 42110 forklift. Hope you enjoy!
  14. Great job! Your model is very attractive on the outside, and impressively function-dense on the inside, too. My favorite is the cabin section - amazing that you fit a functional steering wheel! I like the spring-loaded cabin tilt, too. It drives and steers very well - well done!
  15. Thanks! Looking forward to seeing your photos. The instructions (photo teardown) are 1-2 weeks away. Expect a fairly difficult build - but it will be free, at least! Thanks! Glad you like it. One of the things I like most about Technic compared to System is how much you can do with a relatively narrow parts selection. I don’t have a formal MechE background, but my current work as a quality engineer touches on some mechanical ideas every now and then. Mostly Technic is an opportunity to be an amateur mechanical engineer, which has been a hobby for a long time. Thanks very much!