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  1. Pattspatt

    [MOC] Poclain HC 300

    Much more difficult, but much more fun to see!
  2. Pattspatt

    [MOC] Poclain HC 300

    Great job! Highly functional, very attractive, and I love the modularity! It took me a while to figure out the dual differential drive because I was confused by the middle set of bevel gears, going to the engine. Love your implementation and it has a very satisfying symmetry. Is the dual differential drive inspired by the real-life excavator?
  3. Pattspatt

    Generic Contest Discussion

    Works for me!
  4. Pattspatt

    Generic Contest Discussion

    Not sure if there’s an easy answer to this question, but how studless is studless? If, for example, an entry has only studless beams/connectors, etc., except this part: Will cases like these be a “use at your own risk” situation - up to the voters to decide? Or is any studded piece hard-stop verboten?
  5. Thanks very much for the diagram! Very educational. Looks like it’d theoretically be possible to have two strings instead of three, by having the blue string (in the diagram) continue through its mounting point and replace the red string. Your solution has very nice visual symmetry, though - I can’t think of a way to have the best of both worlds.
  6. Very cool! Love how elegant your clamshell design is, and your expanded gearbox works great! I want to make sure I understand how the clamshell works. I know it’s on two reels, and that operating the reels simultaneously raises/lowers the bucket, and operating one reel at a time opens/closes the bucket. I can’t work out the pathway of the strings, though. I assume both reels have separate strings, one end of each string attached to each reel. Where are the other string ends attached - both to the blue/white 3L beams? Could you show the inside of the clamshell’s “tackle block”?
  7. Pattspatt

    Grohl's Creations

    Great work!! Impressive list of features, and all of them look to be very well implemented. Has the string been cut in half? A worthwhile sacrifice to experience this MOC, though. Would you be willing to share an image detailing the rear suspension? Is it an adapted version of your Stadium Truck?
  8. Pattspatt

    [MOC] Willys Jeep from Land Rover

    Gorgeous and functional model - very impressed by how compact the gearbox and hi-lo selector are, and the suspension is very well executed and a fun novelty. I definitely plan to give this a try. I could be wrong, but from the video it looks like the gearbox order is reversed in a similar way to the 42110 A-model - e.g. the pistons move slower in low gears rather than the other way around. When I try your build I’ll see if I can change this, and maybe swap 4th gear for R. Thanks for making this great model! Looking forward to trying it out.
  9. Amazing little build! As others have said, many creative solutions for so small a space. I agree that the functional handbrake is one of the best parts - very impressive that you managed to add it at the end when the build was already so fully-featured.
  10. Great implementation and very creative - thanks for sharing!
  11. Wow, amazing job - fully featured and very playable! I’m impressed that it has a drivetrain, with the fake engine in a realistic location, no less. Not a common feature of manual excavator models! How did you route the drive without a turntable? I’d love to see your solution.
  12. Pattspatt

    [MOC] Audi RS5 Cabrio

    Well done, especially at this scale. Lots of creative solutions, especially positive caster angle and the very compact engine. The convertible roof works and looks great! My one concern is the rear suspension - it looks like it relies on flex in the u-joints to work. In practice the springs are probably hard enough that it doesn't matter, but in principle it seems kind of like using a driveshaft as a leafspring. Edit: On closer inspection it looks like your rear axle has a floating diff! So nevermind - disregard my comment. Nice work!!
  13. Pattspatt

    [MOC] Snow Dozer

    Wow, fantastic job, and it performs really well. Amazing that all those motors fit in there, and the exterior still looks so pretty! You’ve found a great solution for the extending boom, too.
  14. Pattspatt

    [MOC] Mercedes-Benz Unimog U500

    Very impressive! Everything looks like it functions smoothly, and I think the aesthetics are great too. All that experience with cars and trucks looks to have translated!
  15. Pattspatt

    [WIP] High performance car

    Both of them look great! The bodywork is very impressive - no gaps, but it still flows naturally. I like the colors you’ve chosen, too. It’d be cool to see a video comparison of the two suspension set-ups you’ve got, if that’s in the works!