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  1. ben20

    Articulated truck question

    Articulated steering combined with turned wheels was done in this model
  2. Principe stays the same, just make sure 9v output and no 230 :D But the old lego train regulator or the control center is the best option
  3. How do you mean 'to the battery box'? It's better to couple a pf plug to a custom battery, saves space :)
  4. ben20

    Volvo L350F farming-style

    Because he wants to. The topic name said it. Not all has to be an exact scale model copy, or exist in the real world, many buiders enjoy making a model like they want And sorry for the off topic, ... M Longer you have superb builds, but i see a lot of time you replyd to a topic with a verry ironic twist in your posts, it is not nice to read by builders. Cool model btw, do you have a video?
  5. Aewsome model and functions. The goal for a good compressor is high rpm and two pumps for a good air flow in your model is more then enough. An air tank is only good when you need no contol over a cylinder, otherwise you have or no volume in the circuit or to much
  6. More soul :) And changed the wheel covers to M_Longer's version
  7. 'why not get the maximum out of parts or models?' For example the wheel hubs, why not make it so it has less freeplay?' 'or model example, with the Arocs they build a new part to extend the crane arm, but when making also a new pneumatic cilinder they made it for some reason 2 studs to short
  8. it depends if you buy new or used links If they are used in a model, they are sometimes streched (to much torque). There is also a difference in chain links. i have links from the 90s and they are a lot stronger than the new ones. The tolerance on lego parts i verry big, so you won't notice it when combine with gears
  9.{"showHomeItems":1} It's best to try out first your drivetrain with normal axles. If your model is finishd, then you swap the normal ones with the metal axles. This because you would damage the x hole if you slide it to much in and out lego pieces (not a tight fit after that). But when installed no problem, And since it's metal, try to avoid high rpm and use some lube for less wear of the plastic
  10. ben20

    Pneumatic hose maximum length

    No problem. A long tube is just like an air tank. The only thing... the longer the tube the more air in the system, and less contol over the piston
  11. Superb model! Smooth driving with 5kg is verry impresive. And now a vid with the Bucyrus loading the Cat to make it complete
  12. Try the older bush parts on the axles, they give more than double the force of 'normal' ones