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  1. Coal Fired Bricks

    [moc] MLW RS-18 CP Rail

    Can you put it in render, It is hard to see some of the details from those images. But overall, it looks great.
  2. Coal Fired Bricks

    Are smaller flanges possible on larger radius tracks?

    I was thinking about selling scale tracks switches and wheels with NE Brickworks but that has been put on hold because of the Brick Train Awards. But I don't know if that would be the best idea because the two systems wouldn't be compatable and for Lug Layouts that could be a major problem, and it will cost a lot of $$ to convert everything to Scale tracks and wheels.
  3. Coal Fired Bricks

    [moc] Siemens SC-44 Charger - Amtrak Cascades

    Looks good enough but needs some work. The big X in the ventilation area looks way off to me, maybe a sticker or no X at all would look the best.
  4. Coal Fired Bricks

    [moc] New Haven Steamlined I-5 class 4-6-4

    If you seel enough you might be able to build the models, you have to have 20 great models that could be sold as instructions.
  5. Coal Fired Bricks

    [moc] C&O L1 4-6-4 #490

    looks great to bad it would be pricy to build in real bricks because of all of the silver parts, Unless a can of spray paint doesn't phase you.
  6. Coal Fired Bricks

    EuroBricks - Brick Train Awards for LEGO train fans

    I was just wondering because now with the prize change for the US a loop of r56 is the same price as a 1/2 loop of r120. That was just a question that popped into my mind. Thank you, Coal Fired Bricks
  7. Coal Fired Bricks

    EuroBricks - Brick Train Awards for LEGO train fans

    @BricksMcgee I have a question. Can prizes be exchanged for example can I return my two r104 switches from BT and get $40 store credit or is that out of the question? -Coal Fired Bricks
  8. Coal Fired Bricks

    [MOC] BR 42.90

    Wow looks great. Do you have a Flickr?
  9. Coal Fired Bricks

    Brick Train Awards Prizes

    @BricksMcgee I have a question about the BTA. If you build 10 wide(1:38ish) would that fall under the standard loco/rolling stock category or in the other category? This doesn't apply to me because I build 8-wide and I'm 18 so I will be participating in the TFOL category but this was on my mind.
  10. Coal Fired Bricks

    9V Shunter

    Thanks for the credit. Coffie stirrers don't bend well and aren't always the correct diameter so I like to use them for anything that needs to be straight or if I want to use flex tube I experiment with those to find the correct size. NOTE a dab of hot glue may help hold them in place. -Coal Fired
  11. Coal Fired Bricks

    River Canyon Railroad

    Looking good
  12. Coal Fired Bricks

    Is it worth it to get into 9V trains now?

    I am a PF person same with my brother but you can always put conductive tape on the rails to do something "like DCC where you can power lights through the rails so you know where your trains are. Also if you took electrical engineering course you would know how to create your own power pickups so you can power PF motors from the rails(I believe @Shupp did something like that on his empire state express).
  13. Coal Fired Bricks

    Boston and Albany 4-6-6t (WIP)

    Thank you for that. It is a sturdy loco, that was a priority because for the last 3 years I have made 4 versions of that same loco. The first was build in six wide and the detailing was poor(there was nothing covering the back side of the battery box) but it was a good runner(mostly), the second version had better detailing and was 8-wide, but still not the best detail(not all aspects were captured correctly) and it was not a great runner. The third version had nice detail but still not the best proportioned like the last 2 because I didn't make use for the mechanical drawings I had. And still the detail wasn't the best. But all three suffered the same fate, going around r40 the back half was two heavy and unsupported so it would fall off and be dragged along the track. And all 3 had a vertical drive motors which made it hard to support the rear end. This is a sturdy loco I even can hang the back end unsupported off a table with no problems. Thank you. Believe it or not, the loco is motorized with a M motor. Yes true $40 for 6 wheels isn't cheap. But the LEGO wheels are a bit small, the true wheel size is between an L and XL so I rounded and went with an L. Not sure what this means. I would love to see one of the B&A's 2-6-6 locos as those are rarely modeled and the smaller wheels would be more to scale. Lastly, there are many differnt classes I have been thinking about modeling a D-3 or D-3a and some of the measurements are here Bye Bye Everybody Coal Fired Bricks(not my real name)
  14. Coal Fired Bricks

    Boston and Albany 4-6-6t (WIP)

    Some more updates. B&A 4-6-6 WIP by Coal Fired Bricks, on Flickr B&A 4-6-6 WIP by Coal Fired Bricks, on Flickr B&A 4-6-6 WIP by Coal Fired Bricks, on Flickr Thoughts, Comments, Demands
  15. Coal Fired Bricks

    Brick Train Awards Prizes

    Conner why did you have to post this. BT, Trix, and BTD have done a lot of hard work, and yes you have seen my work for NEBW where even task 11 is only $0.45 a section of track(but molds cost $3 so I need to get the cost way down) but 3d printing is not that cheap and even though bulk ABS is less expensive than potting soil you have to know how much Scot has put a ton of time, effort and money to get this idea off the ground. Yes, Europe may have more $$$ in prizes but at least US companies are giving away valuable products during a time where they may not have a ton of revenue. These companies are giving away their paycheck when they don't have much of it when they most need it. I'm sorry what you are building is not in one of the 5 categories that get the $25 and FRED that is life. -Coal Fired Bricks