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  1. timemail

    Batman (DC Superheroes) 2024 - Rumors & Discussion

    https://www.kmart.com.au/product/5-level-mini-figurine-display-case-43034109/ I did read once that Anko products were available in the US. Not sure if this is actually the case though. These fit the big-figs I have - 2016 Killer Croc, and Bane. Killer Croc is close to the top. Bane's tubes on his backpack fit but touch the top (flexible part). Note that most Anko products are trash, and I had to return 2 of the 6 I bought in total due to issues with the cases (scratched perspex and case corners not joined properly). The clutch is not great, but you can replace the generic plates with Lego. Edit - realised you are after an individual frame not a case. Disregard.
  2. Love it. I remember watching this video so many times as a kid. Fingers crossed they don't look up the lyrics either.
  3. timemail

    LEGO Errors!

    Since the thread is alive I will post the most recent one I found. This is in the instructions of 75315 Imperial Light Cruiser. The instructions show a sticker which is placed upside down (sticker number 8 on step 219 in the image below and the mistake is carried out throughout the instructions). The box image shows the sticker the correct way up basically it should start with the grey line in a forward slash not a back slash - the join between sticker 8 and 9 should show a triangle like the rest of the pattern instead it is showing a parallelogram. Step 220 shows the right hand side windows in the correct configuration. The box image is correct with the sticker put on upside down compared to the instructions. I didn't notice this myself until after putting the stickers on, but Lego sent out a new sheet so I could correct it. Images below taken from MKJoshA's review.
  4. timemail

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    You may want to hurry. A few of the items I noticed price drops on including cows and horses have gone back up. This is in the Australian store.
  5. timemail

    71046 CMF series 26: Space themed!

    I am going to work on the premise this is a continuation of Lego releasing a random reality show few people have heard of. A CMF based on making space - Marie Kondo. There will be 12 different versions of her each with an accesory representing a piece of junk removed from a home. It ties in well with all of those Lego collecgors with no room for their new purchase. As long as I assume it is this I can't be disapointed with whatever it turns out to be.
  6. timemail

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    One thing I haven't seen mentioned is a lot of the order limits have been removed (at least on castle pieces I was ordering) so no more limit of 35 for torsos and legs. Ordering in Australia. YMMV.
  7. As mentioned it depends on what you want to do. Straights are most important to me as most sets have enough curves to make a circle. If you want a lot of sidings you need straights and switches. If you want multiple circular tracks joined together you will need more switches and curves. Below is a site (not affiliated with me - first google search that looked good) showing what you could do depending on what you get. https://montystrains.net/workshop-blog/2018/2/21/track-planning-for-lego-trains-part-1-the-basics If in doubt - build your proposed track layout in Studio or similar, and then buy what sets fit that best.
  8. timemail

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    I received a standard bestseller order on Friday from an order placed on 23 Feb 2023. I got an email on 28 Feb 2023 advising it was shipped. So a bit over a month from "shipped" to my door. For some reason it was listed as shipping from "Grant OGorman" which I haven't seen before. I did receive an email on 23 Mar 2023 from Australia Post advising that it was delayed (which I originally thought was spam as I had no idea who Grant OGorman was). So you may not need to be too worried. Edit: I meant bestseller - not standard. That said the time from shipped to delivery remains the same. I suspect the only difference between bestseller and standard would be the picking time, not the shipping time.
  9. timemail

    Indiana Jones 2023 - Rumors & Discussion

    My understanding was that most of the discussion around cancellation was that the ToD set was that it was not available with the other three, however the DoD sets are also in that boat. Is it not possible that that the ToD set is just due to release with the DoD sets to give them some extra attention. It is often the case that sequels/reboots/prequels of movies are not received well by some nostalgic fans - we even saw this with KotCS. Potentially that would reduce people wanting to buy Lego sets associated with them. By releasing ToD at the same time as DoD they have the ability to go here are the new Indy sets, including one based on a movie you actually liked, in an attempt to get people to buy sets the otherwise might have ignored (I am getting ToD now so why not the others). I would also be happy with this as it would let me spread out spending over the life of the theme rather than everything released at once. It could even be a case of ToD being the flagship set with smaller DoD sets to go with it.
  10. timemail

    Historic Themes PAB Thread

    My quickest in Australia has been 4 weeks (although I did receive one bestseller order quicker than that just after the change). Normally 5-6 but sometimes more than 6 weeks. Received two Jan 19 orders (one both standard and bestseller, the other just bestseller) on Friday last week. Both best-sellers were in separate packages and the standard in a third.
  11. timemail

    Unpopular Opinions about LEGO

    Not only opening and stealing, but also opening to check the contents and moving on if it is not what is wanted. I have seen other blind boxes that have been opened but the contents is still there. I guess we will see some more of this as well where people don't actually want to steal, but also want to get the item they want. In theory the product can still sell so the shop doesn't necessarily lose out as much, but they will likely not sell to the unlearned consumer as they will assume if it is open then there are pieces missing. Given Lego are trying to reduce plastic I assume the contents will not be in a plastic bag in the box so any opened ones will be more likely to lose pieces. Other blind boxes don't have that problem when it is just a single toy that is being bought and easy to confirm that it is intact. Likely I will be moving to Bricklink as I normally get less than half of the series. I have not had any luck finding people who want to trade figures.
  12. timemail

    Unpopular Opinions about LEGO

    Absolutely nothing wrong with similar comments. This forum would die without people rehashing the same points again and again, popular or not, and I am not implying you do that - I just remember the previous discussions as I found it to be quite an odd way of stealing which I had seen little evidence of. Yes it did happen but I only saw it a couple of times over years of retail management. What I was referring to was the fact that the problem you are raising around opening and returning Lego does not seem to be backed up in responses here, nor previous responses to the comment, so it may be localised i.e. specific to your country or at least, not to the countries most Eurobricks commenters are from. Lego boxes here also don't get broken into much at all that I see, but the boxes with cheap plastic like Hot Wheels often do. Similar to Lyichir's post, our stores tend to have alarm cords around the larger boxes when displayed, and also larger boxes not kept on display at all in some stores so staff have to get them from the storeroom. Monitored in-store surveillance is pretty reduced where I live as the wages associated with it are too high to counteract what they prevent - it does depend on the store but the big retailers who sell Lego along with a lot of other items tend to have teams that move from store to store rather than being in one location all the time - it depends on the store crime but we were lucky (or not lucky depending on your viewpoint) if we saw loss prevention officers more than a couple of times a year. Yes there are cameras, but they do little to stop people who can just pick up a box and carry it out of camera view giving them plausible deniability. Unless people are caught in the act or there is high amounts of theft from the same person with decent evidence the police will rarely follow up on basic theft. Even when people were caught in the act you needed to have decent evidence for police to move forward with a prosecution, so the result was a lot of money spent by a retailer, and the boxes were destroyed or damaged anyway so there was little benefit. All up you have posted the comments in the right thread as this is about unpopular opinions.
  13. timemail

    Unpopular Opinions about LEGO

    Potentially this is a localised issue as it seems not many others experience this on the multiple posts you have made on this in the past. Not sure what part of the Arctic you are from where this occurs. I worked retail for many years and the scenario you talk about was very rare. People just steal things here either the whole box or rip it open in store and take what they want. They don't go to the trouble of buying things, substituting/removing them, and returning them. It may be different again elsewhere. What we did often see (and I still see when shopping as I am no longer in retail) is that anything with a plastic type container you are describing will be ripped open in store and stolen. Hot Wheels are a perfect example with the $50 plus sets with exclusive cars having the cars stolen off of the sets in the store and the rest left there. Cars, like minifigs, would slip straight into a pocket all too easily. It is the reason the hard plastic cases now exist on high risk (especially small) products. Removing Lego from a sealed cardboard box and putting the desirable items in an easy to see and access spot would lead to more theft here, not less (unless they went to a much sturdier plastic case which would raise packaging costs significantly).
  14. timemail

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    I personally think the red looks better. Although as a new Lego castle collector I think most of your heads look wrong. Lion Knights are predominantly female. ;) Patiently waiting for the day I can start ordering the new castle figs myself. My Black Falcons are itching for a real fight that forestmen can't give them.
  15. Been catching up on sets that have been sitting around for a while. Imperial Shuttle 75302 which I really enjoyed building. I was surprised with that one. I bought it on clearance for parts and figured I might as well put it together once. Now that I really liked the build process not sure if I want to take it apart. Imperial Light Cruiser 75315 which I didn't enjoy as much. This one also had a mistake in the instructions (which I didn't seen discussed anywhere else when I looked for it) which has the left hand side bridge sticker placed on it upside down. It continues throughout the build. The image on the front of the box (which is correct based on the sticker pattern) is different to how it is shown at step 220 of the instructions (image links stolen from MKJoshA's review). Lego supplied a replacement sticker reasonably quickly since I didn't notice until after I stuck it down. Given it looked like an easy to stuff up sticker I was very particular about following the instructions which proved my downfall on this one. Batcave - The Riddler Face Off 76183 Nothing special about this build. Hated the stickers but managed to place them well. I like the build overall though. Interestingly this one also had a "mistake" in the instructions where after bag 1 the step numbers started back at 1, and then counted up as normal through the rest of the book. Fortunately that made no difference at all to the build. Need to follow up with Lego though on a replacement for one a clear door piece which was scratched to buggery. Unfortunately it was one which had a sticker, which I haven't put on it yet, but have no idea where I ended up putting the sticker sheet with that left over sticker. Looking forward to getting the "otter battle pack" myself.