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    Enough is enough

    Once again some great sci-fi Ideas - licensed theme and space ones - are failing, some of them not even reaching 1.000 supporters or barely surpassing that amount. I am not sure if I can link the pages, you can check by yourselves if you care about it. I am sick of analyzing the reasons or philosophically debating about it or noticing that Lego never advertise these projects among the staff picks. No more words, designers have done their part, now it's time for us to act. I turn to afols having facebook or flickr or blogs or youtube channels, whether you like sci-fi or not, we are talking of beautiful Lego models that deserve not only your support but your active help to be properly promoted in order to reach 10.000 supporters. Then let's see what happens, with the knowledge that a final review with Ideas imagining the future is a benefit for the whole afols' community. The time of crocodile tears is over, if we want sci-fi Ideas to stand a chance, everyone has to do their share!
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    Enough is enough

    OT both in relation to the post and the sub-forum.
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    [MOC] Blacktron Betrayer

    What an interesting moc! About Blacktron, it is so sad to think that Lego had its in-house version of the Empire before Sw license was a thing. I wish they had bought Transformers' license instead.
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    Enough is enough

    I generally vote for the modulars I like even if I am not interested in the theme. I am doing it because I want to reward the time and effort of the designers and the fact that they never give up. I am rewarding technique, aestethic and perseverance by helping what I consider a good Idea to reach the final stage of the review. I couldn't care less if a modular - or whatever model from other themes - has few or zero chances to be chosen at the end, actually knowing that make me want to support these projects even more.
  5. astral brick

    Enough is enough

    You are not the only one, thank you for your answer. I hope that you will receive the support that you deserve. Because I think afols should support well done models even if they are not interested in the themes to which they belong.
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    Removing gender bias The thin line between a praiseworthy idea and profits.
  7. astral brick

    Removing gender bias

    Considering what I generally read in this forum, I wouldn't be so sure about that. For the same reason why many people are criticizing Apple selling expensive phones without a charger and justifying its absence with environmental protection purposes. Thank you for the first answer in this thread not being ot, you made your point arguing your political stance.
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    [MOC] [Classic Space] X-942 Launch Hangar

    I am glad that you are sharing your project here, and even more glad that it is advertised on the front page. I thought of your model when I wrote my previous "call to action" post in this sub-forum, the other Ideas I was referring to are a space base and a Macross' Valkyrie. Let's hope that the members of this community or the lurkers active on social media could help you even more. I believe that promoting each other's Ideas should become a standard among sci-fi designers.
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    Removing gender bias

    Excuse me? The thread is about the pros and cons of privatization claiming to serve the public interest. Pretty clear - even starting from the tags - and made even more clear in another message that you didn't bother to read. Then it is up to people to discuss about Lego sets instead of politics. Not really.
  10. Professional level review of Bruce Toretto's new car, from the upcoming movie The Bat and The Furious 10. Visible blue pins are horrendous.
  11. astral brick

    [MOC][Futuron] Patrol Corvette

    Great design and npu! Perhaps Futuron is my favourite combination of colours for Space.
  12. astral brick

    Raspberry Pi hat

    Finally, very good news.
  13. astral brick

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    I am rooting for Jazz Quartet.
  14. astral brick

    Removing gender bias

    Exactly. Their intent is both to increase profits - aiming at female customers - and to improve brand image. However, not only it is undeniable that promoting gender equality is admirable but the fact that an important company is involved can be very helpful to the cause. Therefore there is a moral dilemma: can a private company promote social politics without giving the impression of only caring about business? Do we need to ignore the facts for the sake of a greater good? Isn't it a primary government task to support affirmative actions? What if a company steps in achieving better results thanks to better resources? The answers reside in personal political beliefs.
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    REVIEW | 10294 Titanic

    Because the builder of the set knows.
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    REVIEW | 10294 Titanic

    No, I was referring to the fact that, in my opinion, they used too many colors to build the inner skeleton, I know that it may help to follow the instructions and that it won't be visible, however it is still an eyesore, especially considering the price of the set.
  17. astral brick

    REVIEW | 10294 Titanic

    Amazingly detailed review. About the set, considering its cost, weren't you bothered by the harlequin pattern of the internal structure?
  18. The presence of studs was the element of continuity between technic and the other themes. Same reasoning with the introduction of technic figures. I wonder what is the percentage and the age group of customers moving from system to technic nowadays in comparison to the past.
  19. What an interesting work! I wonder if the transition from bricks with holes to beams benefitted the sales. In fact we lost versatility to favour aesthetics.
  20. astral brick

    LL-928 Galaxy Explorer remake (with instructions)

    What a great model. Among advanced moccers, not only you are the first one to take the trouble of releasing the instructions of a true neoclassic Galaxy Explorer, but the fact that you redesigned your own project to make it more affordable proves the remarkable intent of democratizing your knowledge, thus improving, in a broader sense, the technical skills of the whole afols' community. What many designers don't get is that giving to others the chance of building a moc is a way to ensure that their legacy won't be forgotten, aside from some weekend exhibitions or a few moments spent admiring a flickr image, before moving to the next one. Your behaviour is examplary and it should be followed by many of your peers.
  21. astral brick

    Unsung heroes

    I think the post is self-explanatory (title, tags, content), anyway I confirm that I believe it's time to talk about the true responsible of the current disaster, i.e. us, and perhaps what could have been done but wasn't.
  22. astral brick

    Unsung heroes

    1 2 3 Bonus We can discuss about TLC being short-sighted, the cost-benefit ratio of the licenses, the designers' mistakes or their interest in (not) releasing the instructions, anyway, whatever the reasons, numbers don't lie, we aren't enough, we don't do enough. How to reverse this downward spiral is beyond me, maybe we just don't deserve these models.
  23. astral brick


    Sign of the times: - numbered bags - step by step instructions - use of different colors in relation to specific parts (regardless of the outcomes on the look of the models when the elements are visible). To be added: functional illiteracy, short attention span, inability to go beyond literal interpretation (the most serious issue of the aforementioned ones). Zeitgeist or just rhetoric of the old times? Whatever the opinion is, the need of focus and the sense of challenge may increase both personal satisfaction and skills development at the completion of the set. Therefore the excessive simplification does not simply concern the building experience, it is an a priori value judgement of paying customers.
  24. May someone with the appropriate "rank" please consider to create a poll with the same features of the official one? The timeframe should be the same, i.e. eight days, so if starting from today the deadline should be February 1st. Besides, if technically feasible, in order to avoid doubts about the results, I would suggest that: 1 The participants have to declare their votes in the comments section (so the number of comments should match the number of votes: no other commentaries allowed) 2 Only the accounts created until January 23th should be able to vote (regardless of their ranks) 3 If present, disable the function "view results without voting" After the end of the poll the vote count should be published and a new thread can be open to comment the results (and not before, i.e. while the voting or the counting are still under way). On February 10th another poll should be open (until February 17th) to vote one of the three top themes, allowing only the participants of the first poll to vote and following the aforementioned rules 1 and 3.
  25. Because I think that we shouldn't rely on other sites' polls or articles, we should have conducted our own survey for instance and then proceed to analyse the results. This forum deserves better than commenting on other blogs' comments and I am not only talking about this specific case - which is the straw that breaks the camel's back - but I am making a general argument. This virtual square should be a trendsetter, not a follower.