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  1. Thanks to all! And thanks Milan for the move and the front page!
  2. What a great LEGO version!
  3. Thanks everyone! I also like the photos in the dark. I hope I can take some decent photos in the dark. but than the wether should be better.
  4. It's both. I build as a hobby, and on request.
  5. Yes, it is done. I have finnished the Ievolie Amaranth. While I was building the model the ships name changed into Guardian. That's because the contract for the ship went to another shippingcompany. It's now in the hands of Mutltraship. 165 cm long 45 cm wide and 93 cm tall, built with more than 40.000 bricks. fully lit with more than 70 leds. ETV Multraship Guardian by Arjan Oude Kotte, on Flickr ETV Multraship Guardian by Arjan Oude Kotte, on Flickr Wheelhouse LEDs done. by Arjan Oude Kotte, on Flickr Some work on the Guardian. by Arjan Oude Kotte, on Flickr more to see in my flickr album :https://www.flickr.com/photos/konajra/albums/72157648274790716/with/36329029046/
  6. I do not have a complete MLcad file of this one. the 2018 version is based upon the incomplete MLcad file on my site.
  7. Big it is :) but Beat Felber has already built an excellent model of a 5760. I can't top that:)
  8. Thanks, but I think the shovel above is an ugly, ugly UGLY piece of machinery :) first thng will probably be a dumptruck and than a CAT 8200 walking dragline
  9. Thanks. Thanks, I have built of in 2015 but never really finished it. It turned out to be technical disaster. Caterpillar 8200 fully illuminated WIP by Arjan Oude Kotte, on Flickr Slewing was badly engineered and it could not walk any more, because of the total weight But I want to try again this year. I know, I used those on purpose, sometimes the ropes just wind up differently and than the bucket hangs out of line.This way I can keep it horizontal without constantly resetting the cables.
  10. Hello all, I would like to show my latest moc: a Caterpillar electric rope shovel. It is an improved version of my 2014 shovel, which can be found here This one has a better crowd mechanism, a latch free dipper system and it drives a lot smoother. I also redesigned the operatorcabin, superstructure and added almost all the outside lights that are on the real machine. The crowd mechanism of the 2014 model worked like the real machine with ropes. Those worked well untill they broke. That was the point that I took the 2014 version apart. In this one I replaced the rope by a 8 thooth gear and gearrack, which is way better than the rope. It took me about 4 weeks to rebuid it from schratch. Cat 7495 HF 2018 by Arjan Oude Kotte, on Flickr Cat 7495 HF 2018 by Arjan Oude Kotte, on Flickr Cat 7495 HF 2018 by Arjan Oude Kotte, on Flickr CAT 7495 HF by Arjan Oude Kotte, on Flickr CAT 7495 HF by Arjan Oude Kotte, on Flickr Thanks for reading!
  11. Konajra

    Brickton harbour

    I used around 40.000 plates. Thanks. Thank you.
  12. Konajra

    Brickton harbour

    Yes, there was a small part of it there. Thanks.
  13. Konajra

    Brickton harbour

    There are no interiors in the buildings. I would have to make one for the olive green though, because I want to put LEDs inside them to light it up. Without an interior that wouldn't make sense. Thanks for the nice comments, everyone!
  14. Konajra

    [MOC] De-Marco's Vehicles

    Your cars are really good. I'm thinking about building some of your pick up trucks so they can be placed in my harbour layout. With credit to you of course!
  15. Konajra

    Brickton harbour

    Hello All, For the last 1,5 year I've been building on a habour scene. I called the town Bickton Harbour. In this 1,5 year I have built 5 buikdings and several ships. It started with Harpers baitshop. A small wooden building on a pier. After this model I designed and built Gilbert. A fuel and oil company: But what is a harbour without ships. I had a few ships around but they were all to big in scale and size to fit this scene. So I built a LEGO City style trawler and somewhat later an American style tugboat. Brickton harbor is taking shape by Arjan Oude Kotte, on Flickr Tugger 1 is also on LEGO ideas, so....... when I put this all together it looks like this: And then the following problem: the catched fish needs to be brought to land, so i needed some fishing company. When I had built that I thought that the green trawler was somewhat small. And again I built a ship. This time a Shrimpboat. One ship let to another and now the company Patterson Seafood owns 2 shrimpboats. This piece of my harbour scene was on display at Skearbeak 2017: The last 2 buildings I have added are a shipchandler called O'Donnell Brothers and a small railway Freigt Depot from BR (Brickton Railways) Last week I connected everthing together and this is the result. The train in my harbour is a modified copy of the EMD model 40 from commander wolf. The darkblue fishingboat is a modified copy of a model from Mr.Zumbi.