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  1. Probably not. This is the case for pretty much all 3d software and not just free ones for LEGO building. If 2 faces are exactly at the same location the 3D engine doesn't know which one to draw first as by definition they are at the same distance from the camera, hence this glitch.
  2. Rendering LXF on apple?

    Hello, Depending on your model, you can try to import it into Mecabricks to easily export and render it in Blender or even use the one click online rendering function.
  3. Hello, You actually also used Mecabricks and the Mecabricks add-on for Blender from what I can see on your Blender screenshot. So geometry and some decorations are not coming from LDD ;-) Good work on the animation this a very time consuming task.
  4. I added a good amount of new options since I released the service a couple of weeks ago. Among others, it is now possible to use the HD minifigure parts I made last year. They are perfectly accurate and include molding marks. The image below is raw from Mecabricks. No post-processing. High Definition Minifigs by Nicolas Jarraud, on Flickr
  5. Hello, After 3 months of hard work, I finally released this rendering service fully integrated to Mecabricks. I already introduced at bit of it in this post during development and some of you may have already tried it during beta phase. The rendering mode available directly in the workshop offers a range of settings to easily customise your render - Lighting, background, depth of field, compositing, etc. I will regularly add more options. It is possible to render for free with some limitations and using some credits will unlock all the options. I made a page with a table to show what you can and cannot do. The idea behind this credit system is that I can maintain the free version. I designed and invested some money in a small rendering farm and I also have to pay for bandwidth and power. That said, it is more than affordable and price is calculated based on render time and node power. A HD image may cost about $0.25 and a 4K image about $1.00 depending on complexity. Small test images will be less than 1cent. This is also way faster to render than on your home computer. A 4K image that takes 3 hours on my iMac is easily done in 5 or 6 minutes. it is generally less than 1 minute for an HD image with all options activated. Image below is a screenshot of the rendering mode interface in Mecabricks and the second picture has been set up in just a couple of minutes. For indication, rendering time was 1 minute 21 seconds (1800x1080 @200 samples) and calculated cost was $0.196
  6. You can import LDD models directly in mecabricks (however it ignores flexible parts and decorations) or even better build directly in MB. This is Blender Cycles in the background. Test period is over now and I switched it off until proper release of the service sometimes in January.
  7. I didn't define yet all the ins ant outs and it may even evolve over time, but however it works I need to get some money somehow to pay for power and hardware. That said there are some good ideas in your post. Thanks.
  8. The LDraw import tool would be painful to make but a basic version (e.g. no flexible parts) like what I made for LDD may happen at some stage. If you are the only one in the queue, all 71 threads (I keep one free on the master machine for webserver and network rendering) and all 5 graphic cards are working on it. Then if multiple people are queuing, algorithm is a bit smarter, but it remains mainly true. If you are in the queue, you will know it - Yellow dot next to project name and position in the queue. These Ryzen are really good especially for the price. Quite impress by AMD on this one.
  9. Percentage field is used to make some testing from a base resolution. You generally want to try a quick version at low res to make sure it is al good before. Instead of calculating the new resolution you just change the percentage. Same if you want to go to 4k, you simply change to 200%. Resolution is limited for now as this is for testing only. Don't want to block the farm for 10minutes for 1 person. I am also the one currently paying the power for everybody. High resolutions will be available later as well as a lot more advanced settings but obviously not for free. I don't intend to pay myself hundreds of dollars every month. I am nice but not that much ;-) Rig includes 72 threads from 6x AMD Ryzen 1600 CPUs and 5x GTX1050TI GPUs all working together controlled by my custom software.
  10. I opened it to everybody for a few hours if you are keen to give it a shot. You just need a verified Mecabricks account
  11. Hello, I have been working for the past 2 months on designing a custom solution based on Blender to make photorealistic rendering directly in Mecabricks. I built a small render farm and created the network rendering software to control it as well as the interface to plug it to Mecabricks. It means that you can even render on an iPad as everything is computed on my render nodes. This is also way faster than doing it on your home computer. Normal images are rendered in seconds while a high resolution 4K image would take about 7 minutes.This is still early stage and real life testing has just started. Stay tuned for 2018! Here is a photo a the render nodes in development:
  12. The new Millennium Falcon 75192 is on Mecabricks. There are still a couple of parts and decorations to make but 99.9% is there. Millenium Falcon by Nicolas Jarraud, on Flickr
  13. They are definitely not the easiest to model and I don't own any of the elves set myself. However, you can already find parts of the Green ninja Mech Dragon on Mecabricks (nose 24232, jaw 25380 and whiskers 28870).
  14. We worked hard on the past few weeks to add the new LEGO Ninjago Movie pieces in Mecabricks. We already completed the collectable minifigs as well as most sets. There is still a bit of work to get everything done, but it is coming. Hope to see some great MOCs. LEGO Ninjago Minifigs by Nicolas Jarraud, on Flickr
  15. 15712 in LDD is way off. Centre of hook is about 0.25mm lower than where it shall be.