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  1. Some decoration files are clearly taken from Mecabricks and rescaled. As I mentioned before it is in breach of the Mecabricks license.
  2. Another great model built, animated and rendered directly in Mecabricks. Original design is by Jason Allemann. It took about one hour to render the 144 frames on Mecabricks servers.
  3. A couple of things that I'd like to share here. The first one is that the Mecabricks renderfarm code has been updated to better integrate animations that are now a big part of the platform. It is also much faster to render, even for still frames, and it provides new options like motion blur. I made this little test video for demonstration purposes. It took only 11 minutes to render the 54 frames (1920x1080) on the mecabricks render system. The second one is an awesome animation created entirely on Mecabricks by Sealund. It really showcase the possibilities knowing that there are still lots of nodes missing.
  4. Animation node and the other new features are all available in the production version of Mecabricks now. It is really fun to play with. Do not hesitate to open the public animated models to check how they are made. I will regularly add new nodes. The scene below has been made with just one brick in the scene.
  5. I have been following him on instagram for a while now. It is interesting to see a 3D artist with real LEGO knowledge embracing mecabricks. There isn't this preconception that some older LDD users may have. A couple of more animated models to showcase the current animation possibilities: JK brickworks Orrery MOC and a few models by saabfan - Planes, Revolver, Clock
  6. The Mecabricks 3D player has been upgraded to support animations. Check this model.
  7. The development version has been made public if you wish to try (use at your own risk) Users already started to have fun with like IstakaCiti
  8. I have been quickly checking and found out that some of these elements are Mecabricks parts integrated to the LDraw library without my consent. I guess it is not your fault and it is something I need to sort out with the LDraw admins.
  9. Yes, it is already working. It is how I made the gear video above. For now, it outputs a sequence of images properly labeled. It takes a couple of minutes to stitch them in a software but the plan is to generate automatically a mp4 (or other) video file as well as the frames. That is not super hard. I think it could be easily achieved with the node system. That would actually be a fun exercise later to show what it is capable of. Lot's and lot's of other ideas in my mind that I need to code now.
  10. New short video about the development. Node editor is now functional:
  11. I don't know where the parts are coming from but remember that assets coming from mecabricks are not allowed to be redistributed.
  12. If you follow Mecabricks on Twitter, you may have seen that a few days ago I started to work on animation tools for the workshop. It was not planned at all but I felt like it was the perfect time. That is very very early stage and it won’t be released soon however I published a little video showing what it may look like: And the (almost) first ever animation rendered:
  13. Another quick render made online with Mecabricks. All parts of this little model have been upgraded/modeled to the latest standard with all the little details. 4K version is available on flickr. It only took about 8 minutes to render (and actually not much more to set up before hitting the render button).