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  1. For the past 2 months I worked on a re-design of the viewport code. I took the opportunity to improve the real time rendering quality and add lots of customisation options. Here are a few of these: Shaded or wireframe mode HDRI, flat or matcap lighting Single Color or Materials Multiple edge calculation type options (boundaries, wire, etc) Background Color or HDRI Environment reflection activated or not X-Ray mode Save these settings for your Mecabricks account etc. Rendering mode improvements: Accurate floor material in viewport Accurate HDRI lighting in viewport (image, rotation, strength) This is just the start and much more will be available at the start of 2019. Follow this link to start building: Here is a short video showing how to use the viewport options:
  2. I am not talking about the bevel modifier but the bevel shader. It fakes bevels at render time without extra geometry (normals recalculation). It works perfectly for non close up shots.
  3. Hello, Remember to use the bevel shader in Blender. It will add this nice bevel to bricks without spare geometry. Did you try the geometry from Mecabricks? It imports nicely in Blender without any cleaning.
  4. This week we tackled the Bugatti Chiron on Mecabricks. The model is 100% complete with all parts, decorated elements and stickers: That deserved a couple of renders: Bugatti Chiron by Nicolas Jarraud, on Flickr Render of the Bugatti Chiron by Nicolas Jarraud, on Flickr
  5. Scrubs

    Comparison of LEGO rendering engines

    Yes, as explained in another thread, I can not afford to pay for people. I invested in hardware and I still need to pay every month for power (and even a small render farm sucks a lot of it) and proper bandwidth among other things. So it is possible to render for free but with some limitations. More info about what you can and cannot do here: Otherwise, you can still download the free addon for Blender that I made and use your own computer to render.
  6. Scrubs

    Comparison of LEGO rendering engines

    It has been closed for a few hours this week as I have been installing new hardware. Otherwise it is always up. If you see a green dot in the top right corner, service is open. Make sure you have verified your account too as this is required.
  7. Scrubs

    [MOC] Post Office & Art School

    I shall try to model this part. I don’t have the real element but I think I can do it without. This one is long overdue
  8. Scrubs

    Comparison of LEGO rendering engines

    Mecabricks can import LDD and Ldraw/ models if you wish to try rendering something you already built somewhere else. I based all my work on Blender to make it accessible to most people as this is a free software. Cycles is a beautiful and modern raytracer - Next Gen on Netflix has been made with Blender and rendered with Cycles. Eyesight from 2 is actually also using Cycles under the hood. Just a simple example here that I made today after modeling new elements for this set (using exclusively the online rendering tool which is also based on Cycles and Blender compositor): I also recently added an option to subdivide selected meshes. It allows to smooth rounded parts. It doesn’t work for all elements but it can be really useful.
  9. Mecabricks works well on iPad now.
  10. Thank you. I can still do better. Having designed the system I can see all the little inaccuracy that I could work on. But it is getting there
  11. Thank you Ldraw support has been added earlier this year. Not all part have been updated with conversion data but we are slowly getting there.
  12. Another image I am quite proud of. I made this one today exclusively with the rendering mode of Mecabricks. I added a lot of functions the last few months including custom lamps to light your scene with or without an HDR image as well as the possibility to subdivide specified meshes to smooth them. You will probably recognise a scene made from new Harry Potter set 75954. I made the 3D models for a good number of new elements belonging to this theme but I still have quite a few more to make. Hogwarts Great Hall by Nicolas Jarraud, on Flickr
  13. @anothergol I don't know what Mecabricks and I did to you but sharing your hate of this software everywhere on the web seems to be something you really like doing. After trashing a post dedicated to online rendering on Mecabricks a few months ago here on eurobricks, then posting the same type of comments on the forum, you keep going on here... By the way for your information, the new renderer of is nothing new despite what they try to make you believe. It is simply Cycles from Blender repackaged. I actually found some of my work in their configuration files so who knows what else from my add-ons they use compiled in their code. Sorry for being off topic here.
  14. Don't hesitate to ask if you need any help to build/import/render with Mecabricks
  15. I had a quick read of the your github page. I don't understand everything but I see some cool stuff that it can be used for. I shall try to play with it at some stage. That may be something of interest to include to Mecabricks - I can run python scripts on the server side - but that may be a discussion for later