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  1. A little update that may interest some of you guys. We started to test the custom decoration configurator. Still some work to do but it is looking nice and easy to use.
  2. I started the proper integration of the new part system in Mecabricks. The first stage include the redesign of the part manager with an easy configurator. I thought that it was also the good time to include the support for custom decorations that so many people ask for. Here is a short video showing what has been already made. This is also a little taste of what the workshop will be capable of.
  3. No, they actually do. They name these software on the contest page rules of the official ideas website. Just found this on the jurassic park contest page
  4. After a month of hard work, I finally completed my demo model based on set 70672 Cole's Dirt Bike. It is available here for everybody to try. From a concept I started a couple of months ago I am now close to the production version. I don't believe that any of the other 3D software currently provide this visual quality. Now the next step is to implement all of this in the workshop as well as the whole Mecabricks eco-system - Blender add-ons, online render mode, etc. Here is a list of what will be possible with the new system: Fake bevels Mould lines and engraving for all parts Knobs, tubes and pins are not part of the shell geometry anymore and can be substituted at render time LEGO logo on studs of multiple types Parametric surface finish (real roughness) Base materials of any decorated or multi-material parts can be changed Realistic speckle and glitter materials Eevee support for Mecabricks add-on Custom lighting, shadows and post-processing available to customise the models in the 3D player. Mecabricks Development by Nicolas Jarraud, on Flickr
  5. I have been doing a lot of work on the part library and the Mecabricks player recently. Here is a little update to show my work in progress. The player supports custom lights - that can be added in the workshop - as well as shadows and compositing options. All parts need to be upgraded too. You can notice on the tyre the different level of roughness as well as the text. Some of the other elements in this model also include mould lines and other details. That will be a very big task to modify the parts one by one and it will probably take a good year but I think it will be really worth it.
  6. Thanks let's put that in the (long...) to do list.
  7. Glitter and Speckle materials are now properly rendered in the Mecabricks player which has been also fully rewritten and moved to a different material system in order to be ready for all the new features that I will bring in the next few months. I am also working on the part system and trying to find ways to increase the quality while keeping or reducing the amount of data transfered. Here is a quick video of my development version. This is what Mecabricks will look like very soon.
  8. No problem. Your code is not really obfuscated as beautifier tools like does a perfect job at reconstructing the source. So it is not just a feel, it is a fact. I will go through it and let you know by PM the sections but pretty much every single class and functions I provided are included even if it may not be used.
  9. I for sure acknowledge that you put lots of work into it and that it has evolved a lot however: Wrong - or you did not clean up legacy code which means that your are still bound by our agreement. I have your main javascript file from your builder page open in front of me and it still includes big chunk of the original code. No, it was licensing. Anyway. I do not wish to continue this discussion and I wish you good luck with your platform.
  10. No we didn't as a matter of fact. But obviously I do not intend to disclose our initial talks. It was just a little bit surprising to see your app popping up a little while ago presented now as a direct competitor to my activity. There is no denying that it has significantly evolve though. It is all good as long as everything remains within the boundaries of our agreement. Good luck.
  11. I did some work a few years ago for this company. Apparently the business model has significantly shifted. I can still find some very old Mecabricks code in the Builder
  12. Actually, there is currently a limit of 5MB for the file to upload. I just noticed that I doesn't display any error message if the file size is above.
  13. Here is a proof of concept of the Mecabricks future. This is really exciting to see what can be achieved in a browser. Please find below a screenshot and a video of my development version of Mecabricks. I really believe it is next level and not seen before in a LEGO CAD Software. Mecabricks Proof of Concept by Nicolas Jarraud, on Flickr
  14. @Philo Thanks @Dilvish That is a solution if you have the knowledge. But if you really want power, you shall go for special render services with 1000s of CPUs and GPUs available. 64 cores remains very small. On my little rig alone I have 72 cores and 5 GPUS including top of the line RTX 2080 Ti. What you get with Mecabricks even for free, that is a start to finish system and one button to click. All the 3D complexity is handled for you.
  15. Sorry I thought you talked about the nvidia one. I cannot see your link. I have a nice message from youtube telling me that the video is blocked in my country for copyright reasons