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  1. I actually think that Dreamz is pretty cool, but I loved Time Twisters and see it as a similar idea-show off Lego's flexibility by mashing together different ideas, and design models that follow a kid's MOC logic. I also will acknowledge that the design of new sets _as toys_ has gotten a fair bit better-as fun as it was to build a Mega Core Magnetizer, the technique is just a big box and wasn't terribly inspiring. For me it's absolutely nostalgia. But I think you need to expand your idea of what someone's 'time' is. I probably started with Lego in about 1997. But I still got my hands on an Ice Sat V. I still looked at 'limited quantities, order now' Starhawk II and Monorail in a slowly tattering catalogue. I saw old pieces in an idea book (I still promise to scan that if I can't find it!) My cousins had the instructions for the Magnetizer kicking around because they were older. You got glimpses, in other words, of older themes. The unattainable nature make them potent nostalgia; I was a fan of old Lego before it was even that old!
  2. EamonnMR

    [MOC] Frost Driller

    This slaps, excellent work!
  3. EamonnMR

    Who coined MOC?

    It's not a natural phrasing in any English dialect I'm familiar with. I can't imagine people saying it casually. 'My Own <noun>' isn't a common construction and 'creation' isn't usually used to describe the type of thing a MOC is. But dialects change over time! I tried looking for some of the oldest threads on this site. Here's one from twenty years ago! Sure enough, MOC being thrown around casually already. So the term must date back at least that far.
  4. EamonnMR

    Who coined MOC?

    For years I assumed 'My Own Creations' was a section of the Lego club mag, but I wanted to verify that and... low and behold, the section was called "Maniac Madness" and "Cool Creations" during the years I would have read it. So, where does this term come from? Was it alway AFOL jargon, or was it used in official TLG communications first? Anyone know?
  5. EamonnMR

    2024 Space sets

    Lego really threw us a bone with the 2024 space sets. Teased us with the space coaster though (they want us to build a monorail out of it.)
  6. I loved the idea books. They kept 697 available long after all of the themes in the book were gone, if I remember right, and it was a rare early window into the types of parts available before my time. I swear someone had scans up, if not I have a copy and can scan it myself.
  7. EamonnMR

    [CSE] Beryllium Buzzard

    This chunky utilitarian craft really nails what M-Tron is about, great job!
  8. EamonnMR

    [CSE] Spyrius Robot Retreiver

    This is fantastic. The subtile asymmetry, the octagon motif, the articulation on the robot... completely nailed the eccentric color scheme spyrius uses (three transparent colors!)
  9. Boston is a major metro area with a much larger population. Enfield is kind of a backwater by comparison. I moved from Hartford County to Metro Boston myself, as it happens. Shame to see CT lose one of the cooler companies there, but I suppose I understand. They held FIRST Lego League events there, so I actually visited once. Memory of that period is fairly foggy but I remember being very excited to go. I remember they sold bags of random loose parts which was mind blowing.
  10. EamonnMR

    Thoughts on 3D printing Legos?

    May become feasible to replace long-gone difficult to obtain parts like Monorail pieces, but you're not going to get the insane tolerances that Lego does.
  11. The first few chapters that cover up to the 70s are great, but once we hit the 80s and 90s it really pulls the focus away from the lived experience of the people described, away from the development of the product, and becomes more and more like a corporate brochure. The print quality is lavish for a regular sized hardback-not too glossy, still fun to turn the pages. But it's the same problem; the Peace Gun (ha, for all of lego's pacifist posturing, they sold a full on working kid sized toy gun as one of their first plastic products!) gets several pages of description, whereas the entire 90s/2000s push towards video games and multimedia is basically glossed over. Maybe it's just that the 80s and after just don't have enough room. There's vague discussion of the parade of suits walking through the boardroom, but collapses and meteoric rises in revenue are treated as acts of god with no explanation of what the company was doing right or wrong. There's one gripping section where they were about to do a huge layoff, then revenue surged up and yay, they didn't. No attempt to explain why. It almost feels like two books. One is a saccharine account of a bygone era and the other is the world weary account of an adult doing adult things. This makes sense, because at end of the day that maps to Kjeld's childhood and Kjeld's adulthood. A lego fan will thrill in the early details of the company's rocky start, but a seasoned business professional will be bored to tears of the second part, and I cannot imagine who else it's aimed at. One thing that's also fairly disappointing is that it really only covers leadership, not anyone on the creative side. The second part of the book could have been written about any large company, there's nothing that made it especially appealing to the Lego fans that the first part courts.
  12. EamonnMR

    A Classic Space Piece Pack would work for Classic Space fans?

    I'm more concerned with the retirement of trans neon colors myself.
  13. EamonnMR

    Black Hole Mk. II

    I missed this the first time around, and all I have to say is wow!
  14. There's also a microphone! A look through the vidyo (sp) theme might turn up more - I think there was a DJ booth or turntable too.
  15. EamonnMR

    The Betrayal of Captain Magenta

    Those ice planet recolours are sick.