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  1. Alpha Bernini

    [CSE] Beryllium Buzzard

    Hi, this is my entry to the Classic Space Era Spaceship Contest. The spaceship is about 39 studs long (including the antennas) and about 38 studs wide. The Beryllium Buzzard is a prospecting vessel in charge of mapping remote celestial bodys, focussing on deposits of natural resources. The secondary vehicle is a Space ArachnoMobil, perfect for excursions on raw surfaces of asteroids, moons and uninhabited planets. It can be hung up magnetically at the ship’s middle section. The front section contains two decks: Pilot’s and navigator’s seats on the upper deck, scientific workstations and vidiyo communication on the lower deck. The upper deck is connected by clips and can be removed: The crew from left to right: Yeboah: Pilot, adrenaline, music. She gets you safely to every imaginable unstable dusty rock out there. And picks you up performing the most dramatic flight maneuver you’ve ever seen. Khan: Captain, communication, coffee. Like his infamous ancestor, he leads the crew with a rough hand and great passion. He often needs his diplomatic skills, e. g. when local leaders lay claim on "their" asteroid fields. Kowalski: Security, navigation. He usually serves as copilot and navigator. Always keeps a nervous eye on the surroundings. Da Silva: Science, tech, outdoors. She does all the cool spacewalks, rides the ArachnoMobil and analyzes the dust samples. Outsiders think her job is the best one. You might wonder, why the ship contains 5 workstations, while there are only 4 crew members. The sad truth is that I only have 4 M:tron-minifigs Crewman Five tragically died on the latest outdoor mission, just to reinforce the situation’s hazardousness ;P Thanks for reading/watching! I hope you like this little exploration ship :)
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