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  1. Wow! Some very professional work on display here. Good to approach some source material nobody has covered and especially at the UCS scale. While the speeder looks awesome, your printed booklet is just stunning in every way. I can only imagine the amount of editing to make absolutely sure everything was good for expensive printing. The pictures, steps, and format are very clean and on par or better quality than I've seen from Lego instruction manuals.
  2. Brickshipyard

    Classic Space Era Spaceship Contest - Results

    Wonderful to see an M-tron and Spyrius MOC in the top two spots! Congrats to the winners who really brought a lot of talent to bear! I really enjoyed participating in this contest with the community and thank you mods for making it possible.
  3. Brickshipyard

    [MOC] Classic Space Nebulon-B Frigate

    Thanks Guybrush and heh, yes indeed I took at least one G.E apart (wasn't easy!). Much better to start from fresh out of the box :). Re the open panel shot: your classic space feel perspective is interesting and I never thought of it like that before. I needed the window open for the X-wing to park with a bit of nose sticking out, but now that you mention it - open vistas (platforms with panels, etc) could be found on quite a few official C.S. sets. I just remembered that iconic scene from the Empire Strikes Back and said "alright, I have just enough room to swing this shot". Turns out I did.
  4. The mountain's scale and volume captures my imagination! Side benefit of the mountain's flat, back side which allows for better displaying against a wall backdrop too although that was probably forced by the contest rules. Overall, just a gorgeous contest entry and I wish you a top placement for your efforts.
  5. Brickshipyard

    [MOC] Classic Space Nebulon-B Frigate

    Thanks Max and Viper! You'd be surprised how many parts are leftover after combining two galaxy explorers into this MOC. Enough to fill half a large ziplock bag, but of mostly generic pieces. My goals was to make a Nebulon-B for $200 or less (for budget and sales reasons) and the galaxy explorer fulfills that role handsomely. This price point is also about the top end I would want to pay for an official, system scale Neb-B, excluding a UCS version of course.
  6. Brickshipyard

    [MOD] Dagobah Jedi Training with a Midi-Scale X-Wing

    Lovely X-wing at better scale than Lego's official models. I have made a midi scale version and much prefer it to anything official of the last 13+ years and you demonstrate why: it fits SW scenes like Dagobah perfectly. I like your approach to the wing mounted laser cannons also.
  7. Hyper cool! As someone who is experimenting with blended ship and theme designs I really like your take here! The double swept wing look is phenominal and I will def support you on BL! Best of luck!
  8. Brickshipyard

    [MOC] Classic Space Nebulon-B Frigate

    Thank you all for sharing your thoughts on my build! Yes - I tried to be discreationary as I applied the colored pieces in areas that made sense, reserving the blue for the front, upper sections where the eyes would be drawn too. Mechanical, exposed areas work best with the light gray of course. Yellow and black really pops against it all in Classic Space style. "Lunar frigate" is a great name! :) The internal technic beams make this form possible, because otherwise regular brick and plate attaching would not be enough. I may try some other SW vehicles, such as the Falcon, in this mash up. Thanks for the encouragement! Also, thank you Eurobricks team for the frontpaging! First time that's ever happened to me on a Lego website, so a real honor. Much appreciated! - The Brick Shipyard
  9. Brickshipyard

    [MOC] Classic Space Nebulon-B Frigate

    Thanks for the compliments McMurder_them_! Photoshopping these images is still not the best for me, but with Apple's new update on the Ipad, the quality has improved quite a bit!
  10. Brickshipyard

    [CSE] Space Police - Multi Purpose Striker

    Thanks Lyichir for taking the time to comment on my ship :). I pretty much pulled the pieces directly from an SP-Striker and a Mission Commander (wings) so that helps a lot with the authentic look. Exposed studs don't detract on classic themes so that works here also. I think the angled wings remind me of the X-man Blackbird ship, which have such a sharp geometry that carries over to Space Police well. Removing the cargo bay would improve the aerodynamic look of the ship, but I dk, I love transporting a full scale Spy Trak-I! ;)
  11. Hey eurobricks community. I meant to post this a few weeks ago during the CES contest because it would have been a fun entry with the small X-wing and hangar. However, it also wouldn't have qualified because it's definitely over 40 studs long (75.9 studs in length). The Neb-B moc represents some of my highest building accomplishments such as taking an official set or two and making something totally fun, big, and new out of them. Plus mashing classic space with Star Wars is special and unique. I've long wanted to try my hand at the Nebulon-B design.... just something so unusual and quitessentially Star Wars about the ship frame. This MOC is made purely from 2x 10497 Galaxy Explorers with some pieces to spare. I spent a long time with many phases of the model: first by making it with real bricks completely from my head (2 weeks couple hours each day, then by replicating the design digitally into Studio which as some of you probably know personally takes forever, and then equally long is the process of creating instructions with sub builds and all that jazz. I probably will not get a return on my investment of time and energy (2 months of back and forth), even though instructions are for sale. Still, I feel like I've ranked up from a Padawan Studio user to a Jedi Knight level from the experience and the skills are useful for future creations. I think in the future I will stick to making digital creations only up to medium sized MOCs as the ROI (return on investment) and the conservation of resources is much better. I'm thinking of doing some quick parts swapping of the blue pieces and making it totally Star Wars themed because the frame is surely proven (stable) and in place. You can find out more details about the MOC here at my flickr: Overall, I'm just pleased to reach the finish line on this project because I have a lot of other Star War universe ships I want to build. I would love to know your thoughts and comments! Thanks, The Brick Shipyard
  12. Brickshipyard

    [MOC] Pirate Snubfighter

    Your Snub fighter rendition is quite nice and compact! I would be buying a dozen if Lego used this design. Sadly, Lego's Snub fighter just doesn't look as good.
  13. Brickshipyard

    [CSE] Space Police - Multi Purpose Striker

    Thanks soccerkid6. I meant to respond earlier, but things have been epically busy for almost two weeks. Yeah the cargo room is spacious! The rover was fun, but wasn't what I actually wanted to produce. I'll take another stab at it in some future point.
  14. Brickshipyard

    [MOC] UCS Cloud Car

    You have turned the "least interesting" (I personally love the Cloud Car's funky bubble design) into one of the most interesting UCS Lego SW sets ever! So beautiful and I would totally buy it off the shelve! Great dedication!
  15. Brickshipyard


    Awesome Blacktron launch control! The functions are impressive.