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  1. n1majneb

    Limited Time Challenge [Pre-season]

    Hey W0Lv, A Figbarf is, in essence, creating a character from new parts. So imagine a Mandalorian helmet on top of a mini fig head which is then added to the torso of a Ninjago figure with a cloak or a brick built back pack, finished with some legs from Nexo Knights. If you look at some of the LTC entries in place it'll help you further
  2. n1majneb

    [O7-Mandalore-MA] Trooper Figures CMF

    Yeah, that Sith trooper is a great design. You've made some great figure designs for this challenge!
  3. n1majneb

    Faction: The Mando'ade

    Welcome to The Mando'ade Rokk Latern, I'm looking forward to seeing his adventures!
  4. n1majneb

    [O7-Mandalore-MA] Extra Figures CMF

    The Mando's cannon is incredible. Gives me vibes of Tartarovsky's Clone Wars ARC Troopers
  5. n1majneb

    [O7-Mandalore-MA] Urban Figures CMF

    Stick and hat guy! Some great brick built figures in here!
  6. n1majneb

    Faction: The Mando'ade

  7. n1majneb

    Faction: Clan Eldar (CE)

    All, Let it be known that Clan Eldar will continue to Factions: A Galaxy Divided. In the time since Factions 1, Clan Eldar have gained acclaim and the clans have united alongside them. In Factions: A Galaxy Divided you can find Clan Eldar and the wider Mandalorian culture behind the banner The Mando'Ade Vor entye bal akay te projor battle...
  8. The Mando'ade (The sons and daughters of Mandalore) Faction Leader: N1majneb Capital: Mandalore Planets: Bandomeer (O6), Botajef (O6), Celanon (O6), Fedje (L5), Lantilles (P8), Ord Mantell (L7) Updated to reflect changes regularly Grid: O6 Sectors: Members: Wombat, Ekule, Wolv Description Mandalore is a free world. Decades of Imperial dominance are finally over. The Mandalorians have wrestled away control in the vicious battle remembered as the Liberation of Mandalore; Kote Yaim'ol, the "Glorious Return." The faithful warriors of Clan Eldar have provided something to all Mandalorians they have not had for far too long: a home. Now comes the time for rebuilding, for looking to the future. We must work to unite the Clans, sounding our call to bring all the exiles home. We extend the offer of friendship to all Mandalorians. Every day, more return. They join the fold, bringing their experience, their craftsmanship, their excellence. Every Mandalorian strengthens the others, strengthens us all. As in time immemorial, we fly the ancient banner of the Mando'ade. It reminds us of where we came from, and who we are. The great history of our people, our conquest, our destruction, and now, our rising again. While not every Clan has joined us, all are welcome. Together, we will build great things. History During the Great Purge, many Mandalorian families and clans were entirely wiped out. Some members of Clan Eldar were fortunate enough to escape by fleeing their homes - a hard act for any Mandalorian. These disparate groups managed to keep in touch and, now that the Empire has fallen, are tentatively making contact again. With the fall of the Empire, Clan Eldar led the charge to return Mandalore to its people whilst the Galaxy dealt with the larger threat of Pyerce and his Imperial ideals. Eldar's attention turned to restoring people's trust and faith in Mandalore. The Duchess rallied the returning Houses and Clans under the banner of The Mando'ade, in the hope that Mandalorians could once again be unified in the Galaxy... Leadership Mandalorian society is pyramidal: it has a ruler, big internal factions known as houses, and familial units (clans) allied with said house. The Mando'ade unite behind The Duchess, for her efforts uniting the Clans and forming a resistance against Imperial oppression. Once more restoring a free Mandalore. Beneath the Duchess, a council formed of the Clan heads sit to ensure no Mandalorian is forgotten. Costume Famously clad in the beskar'gam (Iron Skin), many Mandalorians honour their family by wearing the Beskar passed down to them through the generations. Many choose to reforge and redesign their armour to make it more befitting to it's new owner, others choose to let the imperfections of time tell their family history. But not all Mandalorians wear armour, owing to the scarcity of Beskar. Those that do may wear incomplete armour too. Nonetheless, Members of The Mando'ade, and their allies, wear a wide range of different-coloured armour, and some wear no armour at all. No Beskar helmet (Buy'Ce) is gender specific. The Art of The Mandalorian states it denotes a sub faction and not gender in much the same way as the helmet designs of ancient Greece offered regional variation of the same design. All buckets are welcome within The Mando'ade! But times have not been kind to the Clans, and many new members still need to earn their armour... The Mando'ade does not expect its members to follow The Way. Removal of your helmet does not make you any less Mandalorian - Giving up does Build notes Territory A Current list of Worlds and Assets Current Planets: Bandomeer (O6), Botajef (O6), Celanon (O6), Fedje (L5), Lantilles (P8), Ord Mantell (L7) Grid: Hyperspace Lanes: Braxant Run, Celanon spur, Hydian Way, Junction Tierrel Loop, Salin Corridor, Randon Run, Relgi Run This map updated regularly to note The Mando'ade's influence. How to Join Enjoy all things Mandalorian? Whether you've been a long time fan or you've decided 'This is the Way' recently? Do you enjoy building your own Star Wars themed MOCs and enjoy adding a little narrative to these builds? - Things you will need to do: - Make a EUROBRICKS Account (You can't post to the forum if you do not have this) - If you don't have one, be sure to make an account with a Photo-Hosting site such as Flickr or Bricksafe (You will need this to post the photo to the forum) - Contact N1majneb (On Eurobricks) or Discord https://discord.gg/P4ea72VR - Create a Build for the Mando'ade on Mandalore (O7) and post to the forum (This will give you access to the Mando'ade Primary Channels & Ensure the willingness to post on the forum) - Have Fun! Useful Links Mandalorian Language Inspiration Build Inspiration from Art of the Mandalorian Spaceship Ideas
  9. Thanks, I was short on time in the end but keep an eye on these two children fighting with sticks. Clan Eldar noticed their prowess...
  10. n1majneb

    [Korriban - R5 - FF] LEGO® VIP Sith™ Temple

    A good little vignette build but all the fun comes from Bob and the VIP fig Very great job !
  11. *This entry has earned 6 XP* After Mandalorian informants discovered fleeing Imperials on Nar Shaddaa, their investigations led them to Bastion. As Pentastar Alliance forces took the battle to the Triumvirate across the surface of Bastion, Clan Eldar dispatched a small force to cause disruption and disarray from the lower levels of the sewer and up. Taking the limited guards out, The Mandalorians headed to the surface to see what other chaos they could cause.
  12. *This entry has earned 11 XP (including a 5xp bonus)* Imperial remnant in retreat! As the Triumvirate flee across the Galaxy, a prominent military leader flees to Nar Shaddaa seeking refuge in an old safe house. In the street below the safe house outside the Bar Shaddaa, two children play overlooked by Mandalorian spy Kor'So Pr'ied. Hidden in rare shadow as neon glows bathed all else across Nar Shaddaa. Later that night, the informant makes contact with his Mandalorian contact. Come the morning, the Imperial Agent would be no more and Clan Eldar would know of the Triumvirate's infernal plans...
  13. I agree @Wombat544 did a fantastic job with both ship designs
  14. *This entry has earned 13 XP (including a 5xp bonus)* A pair of ships made their approach to Lah'mu. Traversing over the ring around the planet, the two ships flew on a synchronized vector, when the pilot of a smaller V-19 saw a glint of silver flash in the corner of his eye. 'Look... what's that?' Hayk spoke into his headset. He heard a slight static, followed by the familiar, stoic voice of Naruun, his Mandalorian mentor. 'It appears to be a space station... probably left here when colonists first settled on Lah'mu.' 'Should we check it out?', Hayk inquired. 'We have some allies searching the ground, but what if the Triumvirate found this station? It is fairly well hidden in the ring of the planet, and at this rate, we are pretty much turning over any stone we can, right?' 'We should have a look... once we are aboard, we should get "R-Thur" to a terminal. He might be able to find out something we can't.' 'Aight, Vod. Meet you inside.' As the two ships changed course, and the small silver speck began to grow, an old, seemingly forgotten space station took form. From the outside, the station appeared to have fallen into disrepair a couple decades ago. On the hull, faded letters read: HOMESTEAD STATION The inside was only in slightly better shape. Hayk, Naruun, and the astromech, R-Thur, moved like ghosts through the corridors of the station, until they rounded a corner and spotted a narrow, black terminal with an interface socket. The hallway ahead of them was lit, and a dim shadow danced across the floor, stopping the trio dead in their tracks. Hayk cautiously moved forwards to the next corner, and slowly peeked around, finding an imperial trooper fixing a speeder, blissfully unaware of their presence. He leaned back, and signalled his findings to the others. Naruun signaled back to him that R-Thur had found something. Posted on behalf of @Wombat544