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  1. n1majneb

    [P6 - Yavin IV - CFS] Markets on the Jungle Moon

    So much detail to be had here, you're really knocking it out of the park with these recent builds. The detail in the ruined temple wall is brilliant and then i love the transition to the jungle floor as you move away from the wall along with the tree framing the pathway from the other side. The watch tower is a faithful rendition in lego too, And does that market stall have the remnants of a speeder bike for sail? The jungles, it seems, hide all manner of items that can be sold.
  2. n1majneb

    [L10 - Tython - BS] A strange bright in the temple

    Oh thats quite nice and faithful,
  3. n1majneb

    [P9-Trandosha-CE] It wasn't his Brightest idea

    There was but as I mention, juggling this with one hand to reposition lead to quite some severe breakage of the walls so had to abandon the sides
  4. n1majneb

    [L10 - Tython - BS] Bright search

    I like it, a much better cockpit then the battle pack set. Great build, and I think you're right - the contrast of the red bike makes it stand out from the grey surround
  5. n1majneb

    [L10 - Tython - BS] A strange bright in the temple

    I think the water compliments the build well, those additional images help show off the intriguing light much further
  6. n1majneb

    [P9 - Uyter - CE] Bright Eyes

    Yes, it's a shame but theres always the chance we'll see it in the next build
  7. I'm a sucker for a great bar build. I really like those booths and the wall decoration - Great design all round! And it looks we have Mandalorians on the ground on Tython too!
  8. n1majneb

    [L10 - Tython - BS] Bright search

    I'd love to see a side on view of that speeder as it looks to be a great design! Reminds me of the R1 Imperial Patrol speeder with a nice custom job!
  9. n1majneb

    [L10 - Tython - BS] A strange bright in the temple

    A brilliant build in this temple MOC. The steps are some nice detailing and i like the brick built blue light glow but i'm not sure theres enough of the single colour for the LTC. Bar this slight critique, this temple is brilliant and i'm enjoying the little narrative you have going now!
  10. n1majneb

    [P9 - Uyter - CE] Bright Eyes

    A great build. I'm a sucker for a classic brick build. I like the design of the doors here along with the vegetation around this, the broken paving is a really nice touch
  11. n1majneb

    [R4 - Lur - CE] Saying farewell to Lur

    That is a great Y Wing design, a long gestating idea of mine is to turn the ROS Y-Wing into a more classic design
  12. n1majneb

    [J12 - Atrisia - CFS] Bright Taco Delivery

    I love this (and the classic space colours too) It reminds me of a miniature republic shuttle too. Some really nice detailing too from the gun placements at the front to engines at the rear, I really enjoy seeing the angled walls, roof etc Nice job!
  13. n1majneb

    [O10 - Gorse - TT] Bright Red Demon

    This is fantastic design. I really like the warehouse design of this, left abandoned for some time, along with seeing it in it's former glory too. I appreciate the little detail here too such as the handheld holo display to the Pod's cockpit Great work!
  14. n1majneb

    [K21-Delrakkin-TT] Bright: Smuggling

    I agree, the GNK looks brilliant. I like the design of your shipping container here