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  1. n1majneb

    [I7 - Ankus - CFS] A GNK's Horror

    I said this on Flickr but great work - I love the Gonk build and canister builds
  2. After Ziost, we’d uncovered rumours of an abandoned research facility on Lur with a varied history dating back to the Clone Wars and earlier, geneticists by all accounts. Already in the sector I adjusted course and made my way there. From space, it was like looking at a ball of ice. The closer I got to the planet, buffeted by wind and ice in equal measure, my initial thoughts hadn’t changed The terrain was snow and ice capped rocks, whilst the screams and howls of the wind was at war with the report of Thunder above and around me - my whole ship shook with the effort of remaining aloft but eventually I made landfall and took some time to recover from the landing, watching the land ahead of me as if alive in this storm. Bucket on and teeth of rock biting into the sky ahead of me, I wrapped a cloak around me, hoping for some bastion of warmth and set out on foot toward the facility ahead. I made for one of the high points to see if I could gain visibility over the facility ahead and chart a way in. From my vantage point stood the facility, a great chasm stood between me and the facility opposite. The facility. A scar dug into the very rockface with a landing pad reaching across and above the ice flow between me and the building. There was clearly activity within, a stream of smoke escaped for the sky only to be lost to the storm out here. At the bottom of the rock face lay a glacier of crystal clear ice, staring into the depths of that felt as though i’d lost myself to the abyss…The screams of the storm made it feel as if was walking through the graves of those who had come before. I needed shelter from this icy storm... Stealing myself from below, I referred to my holomap for access, to my surprise it looked as though a cave system across from me would grant me access without having to walk through the front doors. With the storm being of benefit to hide me, I flew across the chasm to the ledge in front of the cave system. White behind me, blackness ahead of me I surrendered to the darkness and let it envelope me as I made my way out of the storm. The deeper I went, the colder it somehow seemed though it was with relief that the ice and snow continued even down here, adding some lightness to my descent deeper. After sometime, I reached an opening, the final resting place of someone unknown. I didn’t recognise their clothing but he was now blue, frozen much like the stone around us. I uttered a prayer for the poor man's soul and continued deeper...
  3. n1majneb

    [U12 - Teth - TT] Fear, Pain, and Horror...

    Those bubbles in the - gulp - blood work incredibly well! I may look to make similar as a lazarus pit for Ra's Al Ghul albeit in green! Those pillar builds are great too
  4. n1majneb

    (I7 - Ankus - CFS) Horror in the Tunnels

    Really nice build, the framing speaks volume and with the lighting adds an incredible amount of anxiety to the character
  5. n1majneb

    (I7 - Ankus - CFS) The Horror of Rampart Station

    The reflection from that corner piece adds such a depth to the image! Nice detailing in this build!
  6. n1majneb

    [M10 - Balmorra - BS] Silent Horror

    Nicely done, I like the legs under the metalwork! A really great build, and very atmospheric - a shame the build is hidden almost!
  7. n1majneb

    [S3-Kir-CE] Kir reprise

    I did think about keeping it for additional detailing - it’ll likely work well
  8. n1majneb

    Faction: Clan Eldar (CE)

    Welcome to Clan Eldar!
  9. n1majneb

    [S3-Kir-CE] Kir reprise

    *Your entry has earned 3 XP* Going further into the tunnels of Kir, Torak discovers the final resting place of a Jedi. They were one of the lucky ones, laying down their life for a republic they still believed in, one that hadn’t yet betrayed them... A quick build, for my Kir build I made a figbarf deceased Jedi but I felt it didn’t fit with the original build so I built a small scene to add it in! Additional info, I succumbed to the red/brown curse with a plate building this!
  10. n1majneb

    [S3-Kir-CE] Kir Royale

    This came together within half hour and I’m really pleased with this! Thanks! I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to show a cave or a more open cast mine so kept this purposefully vague. The little mechanism I envisaged to be an old piece of mining machinery long since abandoned. I’m surprised how well the sand blue works for the ground, it is unfortunate this is 100% of my sand blue pieces! I’m also pleased that the trans pieces worked so well, I purposefully placed the bricks to show the white background through them
  11. n1majneb

    [S3-Kir-CE] Kir Royale

    It’s a Bionicle piece I believe but it’s also been used as a launcher trigger in an infinity war set
  12. n1majneb

    [S3-Kir-CE] Kir Royale

    *Your entry has earned 4 XP* Ever the explorer, Torak had discovered a series of holonet articles mentioning a terrific battle waged across Kir in the waning days of the Clone Wars as the Old Republic looked to secure it's currency source. Whilst in the system, Torak investigates... - I'd heard of this planet before, more it's odd colouring and it's wealth of semi-precious gemstones just beneath the surface - but it's since been known for an epic battle which ravaged large swathes of the landscape. Bringing the Abiik down i'd set out on foot to explore the landscape along with some Clansmen, We didn't discover a battle site, we uncovered a grave yard...
  13. n1majneb

    [S3 - Kir - CE] Kir At-rt

    As in I noticed that too as nice part usage,
  14. n1majneb

    [S3 - Kir - CE] Kir At-rt

    You know I almost flagged that too!