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  1. JetBricks Studios

    [O17-Naboo-CE] A Search Through the Past

    *Your entry has earned 6 XP* Report Author: Constantine Vindicus   Time: 0500 GST Location: Naboo Mission: Search for a location to hide or destroy to Crystal Relic Well, it had been some time since the whole debacle on Ziost. I had tried to readjust to my life, but something felt off. I couldn’t shake the feeling that I could constantly hear the relic whispering to me. I was struggling to focus from day to day, so I decided I needed to take a leave of absence from the Clan. Striking out into the galaxy, I left to do some soul-searching and figure out what exactly this relic was that I had. My search lead me far and wide across every corner of the known galaxy, and it taught me more than I’d ever learned before. Traversing through ancient temples and the ruins of cities that fell long ago, I came to understand what exactly I had been carrying with me. I discovered that it was a crystal that housed the spirit of an ancient being of extreme power. The being infused part of its essence, it’s very life, into the relic. There it lay dormant, and for a long time fed off the sacrifices provided by the cultists on Ziost. Apparently, the ancient being was trying to gather enough power to inhabit a host, so that it could walk among the living once again. After I learned that, I swore that I would find a way to seal the relic away forever, or destroy it, so that the ancient power could never be unleashed upon the galaxy. I began searching through the galaxy to determine where I could hide or destroy the crystal. My hunt lead me to the peaceful planet of Naboo. I had heard stories of a sector of the planet where no one dared to venture. It was devoid of most life, and sat as a graveyard of a war from long ago. Upon arrival, I set out for this sector. When I first laid eyes upon it, I saw immediately why no one ever ventured to this area. It was a barren landscape of mud, dotted with craters across its landscape, and enveloped in a thick layer of fog. I slowly began to trek across the wasteland. Looking around, I could see remnants of the brutal battle that had taken place: pieces of armor and helmets, droid bits, machinery, crates, destroyed blasters. This seemed to be a battle from the fabled Clone Wars, and a particularly horrendous one at that. As I continued further, I stumbled upon a massive complex in the middle of the battlefield. It lay in disrepair, clearly having not been used in a long time. It seemed to have been battered and shelled into submission during the battle. I found an entrance and slipped inside. Walking through the corridors, I turned on a light attached to my helmet so I could see around. I found more remnants of clones and droids scattered around, along with more evidence of the battle that had transpired. The walls were charred with blaster bolts, and some were even strewn with dried blood from hand-to-hand combat of some sort. Throughout the halls I saw nothing but the evidence of the absolute chaos from all those years ago. By the time I was about halfway through the facility, I had determined it wasn’t the right place to hide the crystal. Although many claimed it was a place that no one would dare venture, I had a suspicion that any raiders or bandits who heard whispers of this place would love to come through and pick it clean. I couldn’t risk a slimy pirate lord getting his hands on something as dangerous as this, so I decided to simply continue to hold onto it. Suddenly, I could make out a faint light up ahead through the darkness. It was a door leading outside of the base. It sat partially opened, no doubt the mechanism that controlled it had failed long ago. I shimmied through the open out into the fog-covered wasteland before me. Then I noticed something shining out of the corner of my eye. A faint sunbeam had made it through the murky fog, and it was glinting off of a small tube by the door. I picked it up to examine it further. It was a silver tube with small details across its surface that looked like switches of some kind. I found what look like an activation switch, and pressed it. Suddenly, a beam of energy sprung from the tube. It hummed melodically, and the pitch shifted as I slowly swayed it back and forth in my hand. I had heard legends of a weapon like this from my fellow members of Clan Eldar. An ancient race of sorcerers, sworn enemies of the Mandalorians, were said to wield swords of energy like this one and supposedly moved objects with their minds. I figured I might as well take the blade with me as a memento from my journey. As I clipped it to my belt, my communicator sounded. I activated it and was greeted by a Mandalorian. Apparently I and the rest of Clan Eldar were needed in an important operation. They couldn’t tell me all the details, but I needed to return to the Clan as soon as possible to assist them. It seemed my mission was on hold for now. I was needed. <End Transmission> Idk what was happening with the font size, I copied the whole story part from Notes. This is a MOC I built as an application for Dark Times RPG which I repurposed for here.
  2. JetBricks Studios

    [O6 - Dathomir - CE] Horrors of Dathomir

    Awesome story and those nightsister are amazing!
  3. JetBricks Studios

    R4 - Ziost - CE] Sacrificial Horror

    *Your entry has earned 4 XP (x2 for limited challenge)* Report Author: Constantine Vindicus  Time: 0100 GST Location: Ziost  Mission: Escape from Cultist imprisonment I awoke in another room. There was a massive stone table, gold torch stands, and a gold stand holding the red crystal relic. The Grand Master was bent before the crystal, muttering to himself, while 2 cultists stood on either side of the table. Suddenly, Red walked in with another worried man. Red left the guy then walked out. He was put up on a table, whimpering to himself. Then the Grand Master turned around. He brandished a large sacrificial knife and told me that the relic required blood sacrifices to absorb its power. Then, he and the other cultists began to chant. The Grand Master tore into the scared man. It was an awful sight, and I don’t think I’ll ever forget it. So much blood. After that, they cleared his body out and I knew I was next. They dragged me up onto the altar. Then, when all Hope seemed lost, my Mandalorian brother’s and sisters turned up. they cleared out the cultists, and the raiders to they said. I thanked them because I knew I was a goner without their help. and maybe I took something to remember this whole ordeal by too...
  4. JetBricks Studios

    [R4 - Ziost - CE] Horrors Awakened

    *Your entry has earned 3 XP (x2 for limited challenge)* Report Author: Constantine Vindicus  Time: 2100 GST Location: Ziost Mission: Eridicate the Raider Presence from Ziost Needless to say I was a bit worried about more raiders returning. Obviously they had issues with people trekking through the ruins, so I got out of there and tried to hide out somewhere. But I’m not one to wait and hide, so I obviously got antsy while waiting for backup. I set off and found the raider camp all right. And when I tried to attack I was unfortunately outnumbered and soon overpowered. However, they didn’t kill me, merely captured me and began to drag me off to their leader. They took me to a cave where he resided. He was a man cloaked in red, even wearing a red mask. He called himself the Crimson Bandit. I just called him Red. Unfortunately Red didn’t like me all that much. He dragged me off by himself into a deeper part of the caves. He brought me to a large room with men robed in black, standing around a Pau on a throne with flames beside him. The Pau introduced himself as the Grand Master, and he was holding the most enchanting red crystal I had ever seen. It seemed to whisper to me, and it seemed to hold great power. The Grand Master noticed me staring at it and explained that he and the other robed men were Masters of the Crystal. They worshipped it, and in exchange, it gave them great power. The raiders, he said, brought them people to sacrifice, and in exchange were allowed to use the caves as their base of operations. When I asked him about the sacrifice part he said I’d find out soon enough. Needless to say that made me uneasy. Then Red left and it was just me and the Cloaks. Suddenly they got up and seemed to almost emit a sort of darkness. The others began to huddle around me and bend toward me as the Grand Master reached out his hand. It shot a sort of red energy from it as the crystal began to glow. He cackled as everything around me seemed to be consumed by the darkness, until it all went black. <End Transmission>
  5. JetBricks Studios

    [M13 - Devaron - TT] A deal with the devil

    Awesome build! Where did you get those incredible hair pieces for the devaronians?
  6. *Your entry has earned 4 XP* Report Author: Commander Cody (CC-2224) Time: 1400 GST  Location: Kir Mission: Reinforce the 107th on Kir to retain control over its abundant resources. Following our most recent battle, General Kenobi and I received orders to join up with the 501sf on route to Kir. Apparently our forces there were under assault and the resources we were gathering from our operations on the surface were vital for the GAR. General Kenobi and Skywalker, along with Commander Tano were all needed back on Coruscant for an urgent meeting with the Council, so Rex and I assumed control of the mission. We arrived on Kir in the midst of chaos. The Separatists were mounting an offensive on the Republic base, and they were making steady progress. We unloaded the gunships and got into the fray, sending troops to the ground to stave off the droids. Rex, Fives, and I, along with more troops made our way to the base in several gunships. We unloaded and went inside. The troops of the 107th told us the south end of the base had been overrun and that we needed to hold them off there immediately. Rex and I made our way there with Fives and more troops, and came face to face with a horde of super battle droids. We did our best to hold them off, and soon there were only a few of us left. I don’t know how we did it, but we got rid of those supers. After that, we secured the south entrance and moved on to aid in the battle elsewhere. So far the battle is going well, but it’s far from over. <End Transmission> Overall picture
  7. JetBricks Studios

    [R4 - Ziost - CE] In Pursuit of Raiders

    Good job! I like the reference to my build about bad things happening around ruins, and overall the build looks pretty great!
  8. JetBricks Studios

    [R4 - Ziost - CE] Raider Ambush

    *Your entry has earned 5 XP (x2 for limited challenge)* Report Author: Constantine Vindicus Time: 0700 GST Location: Ziost Mission: Scout the Surface for the Location of the Raider Camp Mission Debrief: I arrived on Ziost shortly after we received Gregor’s distress signal. Gregor made it clear he didn’t want us going near his property, for fear it may bring more trouble to him and his droids. All he wanted was for us to find the raiders and take them out. Therefore, I landed a good distance away from his property, but not too far, because I knew the raiders couldn’t be too far off from his home if they had previously attacked him. I quickly got to work, searching the barren wasteland for any signs of raiders or pirates. Obviously I wanted to help the Clan repay their debt to an old ally and protect him, but I knew we had an ulterior motive here. The presence of raiders here on Ziost threatened the security of our forces of Gigor, a vital planet to the defense of our territories. So I traveled quickly, looking for small details that could point me in the direction of their camp. I traveled through the rocky land, broken up by patches of dead petrified grass, when suddenly, I came across an ancient statue. It sat atop a stand that was cracked and had pieces falling from it. The shape of the mighty figure that, at one time, probably stood as a sign of power and control, now stood broken and crumbling. The statue was missing a head and almos the entirety of its right arm. It bore a staff in its left hand, which had been broken off in the middle, part of it still fixated in the stand, the other still in his hand. No doubt this statue had been of someone of great importance. They appeared to be robed, with a cloak around their waist. I do not know the history of Ziost, only that a war here thousands of years ago turned it into a dead wasteland. Perhaps this was a statue of the ruler of the planet, who lost the war, or perhaps the victor, who had this statue built in their honor before shortly abandandoning it along with the planet when they saw that the world had died. Unfortunately, I was so caught up in the statue and it’s meaning that I didn’t even realize I had let my guard down. Thankfully those raiders were loud and sloppy, or else I might not have lived to give this report. I quickly sprung behind the statue for cover, assessing the size of the enemy force and their strength. It appeared as though they were only a small scouting party, only 5 strong, and no doubt searching for supplies or unsuspecting fools to prey on. Unfortunately for them, I’m no unsuspecting fool. Needless to say I made short work of them, tearing through each of them with ease before tackling the lieutenant, who had brought up the rear. By threatening him, I learned that he was part of a raider gang know as the “Ash Bandits.” They were hiding out near here in a small camp, regrouping to set out to conquer more planets for their plunder. After knocking him out so he wouldn’t wake up for quite some time, I put together this report, which I am now sending to you, with a request for more Mandalorian brothers and sisters to back me up, as I am going to be searching for the raider camp to put an end to these “Ash Bandits” once and for all. <End Transmission>
  9. JetBricks Studios

    Faction: Clan Eldar (CE)

    Meet Constantine Vindicus. His road to Clan Eldar was a bit of an unusual one, but he’s still a true Mandalorian at heart. Constantine was born on Vardos in the year 18 BBY. His father was an Imperial Official on Vardos, and so Constantine naturally enrolled in the Imperial Academy there. As one of the top cadets in his class, he was selected with 10 others to go on a special mission in the year 0 BBY to see an imperial operation in action. 2 Star destroyers arrived over the planet Voss to put down a small insurgency that was disrupting the mining operations. However, before ground troops could be deployed, ships from the greater Rebel Alliance appeared and attacked the star destroyers. Constantine and his fellow cadets attempted to escape the crippled destroyer in a shuttle, but they were shot down, crashing into the surface below. Constantine was the lone survivor, and attempted to find the imperial mining complex on the planet. However, he was captured by several Mandalorians in his first night. They held him as a prisoner, but over time, he came to understand the atrocities that the Empire had committed against the Mandalorians and other groups of people across the galaxy. He denounced his imperial ties and learned the way of the Mandalorians, receiving his own set of armor. Constantine and his fellow Mandalorians operates together across the galaxy for 5 years, working to survive, until the final fall of the United Empire. Now he and his allies have found and joined Clan Eldar, and they are ready to stake their claim in the chaotic, disorganized galaxy. Constantine hopes to rid the galaxy of the tyranny of ththe Empire, and wants to help his Mandalorian family find a home.