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  1. legofro_profuctions

    [P9-Trandosha-CE] Pandjulias L’taak on Trandosha

    *Your entry has earned 9 XP* Log of Pandjulias L’taak Clan Eldar needed the planet of Trandosha under control immediately. I decided to go. As I entered the planet I landed on a large checkpoint to one of the major cities. I noticed many elevators transporting people and various types of crates underground. I sneaked over, making sure no one suspected anything. The closest elevator was already being boarded and I noticed a smuggler holding a Wookiee at gunpoint. I knew that if I could cause a distraction, I could get onto the elevator, which would allow me to enter the city and send my coordinates back to Clan Eldar. The question was: what do I do to get on that elevator?
  2. legofro_profuctions

    Faction: Clan Eldar (CE)

    Clan Eldar Sig-Fig Name: Pandjulias L’taak Species: Human “As a young boy in the galaxy, Pandejulias L’taak learned the secret his parents have been hiding. Both of his parents were Mandalorians in Clan Eldar. He wanted in, so he became a youngling in the clan. Through his trainings, he learned many useful things that would help him succeed as a Mandalorian and as a citizen in the galaxy.” LINK W/ PICTURE AND STORY HERE