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  1. So bright! Love the construction. As always, fine work.
  2. That Guillotine reveal was a dark twist! Love it though.
  3. "Seriously? An organ?" asked Lieutenant Saint-Clare. "Yes, what's so remarkable about that?" replied the Bishop. "It's just that, when you said you had something they desperately needed, I thought you meant food or medicine, clean drinking water, something like that..." Bishop François frowned. "Oh no, they're fine in that department; I think. It's their choir that's in need." And Michel made a mental note not to make assumptions about his master. Too often they fell apart on impact.
  4. Loved Sid Meier's Pirates! Great little game. But this is a fantastic scene, I love the comic-booky style you've gone for. I'd be very happy to see more builds in this style. I think we're very grounded and square on this forum. This is a welcome break.
  5. @NOD @evancelt @Professor Thaum @blackdeathgr @_TLG_ Thanks guys! I think you might be able to find all the parts in silver metallic colours (as in the spoiler), but yeah, I think that's off the table for gold. For now.
  6. Didn't even spot those. Excellent attention to detail!
  7. Ross Fisher

    [GoC] The Queen's Crown Public House

    Woo! Red and grey; it's a thing now! This is certainly better than my recent attempts. Lovely stuff.
  8. Don't do that to me! But thanks. Don't wanna upset another GM.
  9. "Isn't it a bit... provocative, letting them have a building here?" asked Gallo. "Jah, und so?" replied the Chapter Master, warily. " No, no, it's no big deal. Really. It's just that the Terraversans might not like it. Mardieran flags flying over the island again..." he let the implications hang. "Zey vill just haff to deal viz it." replied the gruff Essenlander. Gallo made a mental note to buy a small, well-manned vessel, and have it permanently moored at a quiet dock. "Why even bother? What is Mardier going to give us in exchange?" he queried, changing his tack. "Trade." came the reply. "For four years, Mardier hass had no konnection wiz zeir colognes. Many sousands of miles of oceans. No friendly ports. Zat changes now! All zeir ships will komm zu Nola Mar. Efery one gets taxed, efery one spends zeir pay in our taverns. Ve sit, und smile, und collect coin." And you couldn't really argue with that, Gallo conceded.
  10. "Well, there it is," said the preacher, simply. "Silithonia Monastery." "Fires of Hades!" his companion muttered. "I can see why the RNTC were put off visiting." "Indeed," replied the older man. "It is a very strategic position. One does not visit this place unless you are invited." "I assume we are, then?" asked Gallo. "Oh yes," smiled Bishop François, "I have something they desperately need..."
  11. "A warehouse?" asked the scribe. "Why do we need that?" "Becoss," replied the Chapter Master, "Nola Mar iss now ze hub of all trade beyont Terrawersa for anywunn who hass annoyt ze Terrawersans. Ve cannot be neglectink ziss important asset." "You honestly think it'll make the Order money?" he asked, skeptically. "Jawohl," replied Von Braun, "it cannot fail." "I'll ask the big man for the funds." answered Gallo.
  12. Name: Nola Mar Ownership: Oleon Location: Royalist Terraversa Mayor: Knights Treasurer Chapter Master Sir Helmut Von Braun (Ross Fisher)  Who can own property in Nola Mar: Anyone Who can freebuild in Nola Mar: Anyone Size for EGS purposes: City Needed to upgrade to Large City: 8 Artisan, 8 Commerce, 8 Factory, 4 Education, 1 Royal property (45 total) Trade value: 1210 Troops: 60 Architectural guide: As one of the oldest settlements in the Brick Seas, Nola Mar has a large number of buildings built in the local blue-grey stone. The remainder are usually built from local timber, with white or tan plaster. Buildings from the Mardieran or Independent era are often accented with yellow elements, whereas those associated with the current Oleonaise administration are frequently accented in blue. The only exception to this seems to be in the port region, where buildings are commonly painted red. Fortresses: 1 Artisan: 8 Commerce: 11 Factory: 8 Residence: 31 Art and Culture: 12 Plantations: 0 Mines: 0 Other builds:
  13. Ross Fisher

    [COR - Faction Flavours] Shrine to the Winebibber

    Checks out. Nice parts usage throughout!
  14. In the absence of a definitive answer, does anyone mind if I put the monastery in North Silithonia (Oleon territory)?
  15. Ross Fisher

    [OL - CH IV - Micro Reward] Pilnton farmlands

    Seconded! At first I thought this was a palisade brick, but this works even better!
  16. A really lovely little micro. Nice work! I'd live to see this get updated as the town develops.
  17. Really like mangrove builds. Puts me in mind of the bayous. Your build is spot-on for the architecture of the settlement. All round a great idea!
  18. Ross Fisher

    [COR-FB] Sea Bird Viewing Point, Wullham

    A really nice build. Both the autumnal colours and the collection of birds work really well. And it's a really nice idea for an educational build. Kudos!
  19. @Ayrlego I mean the one mentioned in our AMRCA: Was this ever built, canonically? If you don't get a response from Kotz about your priory, let me know and I'll pay the fees on behalf of the settlement.
  20. Does anyone know which half of Silithonia the monastery ended up in? Asking for a friend with a massive organ :
  21. Congratulations, guys! Very happy with those results. I've got some microbuilding to do!
  22. Thanks for adding me! I'll get on this.