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Found 4 results

  1. After the Heroes of Mitgardia, here is a new GoH custom minifigure serie! This time all the Guilds are featured, seen through the eyes of little Solveig, 8 years-old - the niece of my Mitgardian sigfig Sigrid. So be warned : the depictions of the characters may be biased! Italic text indicates in-character descriptions. Hidden sections contain back views of the minifigs. Custom Collectable Minifigures : Ladies of Historica Avalonia 1 - Forest Kid If I were from Avalonia, I would live in the forest and my best friend would be a Spriggan. 2 - Beastmaster Snorri the Skald says that Avalonian Druids are able to tame all living creatures - even dragons and direwolves! 3 - Mermaid A fisherman once told me that the mermaids from the Mystic Isles lure sailors to shipwreck with their enchanting bagpipes. I have already heard bagpipes and did not find it enchanting - I think the fisherman lied to me. Kaliphlin 4. Fire Dancer I went to the Erikson fair once, and there was a Kaliphlini fire dancer! 5. Efrit We have ice sprites in Mitgardia. Do Kaliphlini have fire sprites? 6. Illusionist Snorri the Skald says that Kaliphlin is more than just a desert, and that there are beautiful temples in the mountains where mages practice a very fine and elegant kind of magic. Mitgardia 7. Shieldmaiden We Mitgardians are the most fearsome warriors of all the Guilds! 8.Shaman We also have some of the most powerful sorceresses. 9. Huntress There are centaurs in the Clan lands. I have never met one, but I'm sure they're awesome! Varlyrio 10. Messenger I don't know Varlyrio very well. Do Centaurs live there too? 11. Swashbuckler Snorri the Skald has never been to Varlyrio, but he has heard that Varlyrian ladies can be fearsome too! 12. Harpy Snorri has also heard that a group of winged warrior women lived in the Varlyrian mountains. It should be so great to be able to fly! Nocturnus 13. Necromancer The men who went to war against Nocturnus said that even the greatest, the fairest of all people could fall into evil. 14. Strix My dad never came back from the war. He was killed by a stone creature called a Strix. 15. Mermaid The men also said that in Nocturnus, merpeople hunt fishermen. And last but (definitely) not least... 16. Queen Ylspeth I have never really seen our Queen, only on silver coins. Auntie Sigrid says she's a very clever lady!
  2. After Mitgardian Heroes and Scientists, I'm glad to share a third custom Collectable Minifigures Series with you! This time, the theme is Adventure. Inspired by adventure literature classics, pulp fiction novels, and vintage archetyps... Note : just like with the previous one, I hesitated between posting it in this forum or in the Action & Adventure one. I chose this one because this is sort of a MOC within the Collectable Minifigures Series theme... Sorry if I made the wrong choice! Jungle Adventures - A Custom Collectable Minifigures Serie Spoiler sections contain a back view of each minifig, and sometimes additional pictures too. 1. The Hunter 2. The Guide 3. The Ingenue 4. The Captain 5. The Place Miner 6. The Boss 7. The Bush Pilot 8. The Airplane Mechanic 9. The Archaeologist 10. The Bookworm 11. The Jungle Guy 12. The Damsel in Distress 13. The Priestess 14. The Castaway 15. The Warrior 16. The Ophidiophobic Bonus! The Video Game Heroine
  3. I deeply enjoyed creating last year's advent calendars and sharing them here with all of you, so I decided to set myself a similar challenge : create a Mitgardian Custom CMF series. But, in contrast to the advent calendars, I chose to follow strict rules - which are listed in the spoiler section below. Now let's get to the heart of this topic (warning : long post ahead). Heroes of Mitgardia Note : the spoiler sections contains a back view of each minifig. 1. Völva Mitgardian seeresses are renowned all over the Guilds for their clear-sightedness, their wisdom and their knowledge of powerful rune-based spells. Inspired by the Norse Völur (sing. Völva). 2. Elite Marksman It is often said that dwarves lack the necessary finesse and precision to be good archers. Funnily enough, those who have encountered dwarven crossbowmen rarely say so. 3. Pathfinder Even in the thickest fog or most violent blizzard, Clan Lands pathfinders always know where they are and where they go. It is said that this uncanny sense of direction is due to sunstone, a magical mineral they always bear as a talisman. Inspired by the Viking sunstone theory. 4. Weird Hermit In a crooked hut deep in the deepest forest of the Heavenly Mountains, lives a jolly old man. He spends his days chirping with the birds and philosophizing with the hedgehogs, but he'll always be there to help travellers in need. 5. Geologist Yes, dwarves do have thousands of words for stone. Thanks to the rigorous classification of minerals continually enriched by their tireless geologists. 6. Bear Tribe Shieldmaiden Many sagas tell the exploits of the She-Bears, a legendary tribe of all-female warriors who still inspire young ladies today. 7. Dwarven Blackguard Didn't we talk about dwarven finesse previously? Well, this definitey does not apply to the Blackguards. 8. Svellbjorn Captain Svellbjorn, the mythical bear-people from the Frozen Beyond, are among the toughest people of all Mitgardia. 9. Icemage Dwarves are not natural-born wizards. Nonetheless, some of them are able to stand up to the best Avalonian elven mages. 10. Outlaw Heroic outlaws, who rob from the rich and give to the poor, are popular characters of Avalonian and Mitgardian folk tales. 11. Ulfhedinn Shieldmaiden Ulfhednar are shamanic warriors, able to shape-shift into a frightening wolf-like creature during combat. Inspired by the Viking Úlfhéðnar (sing. Úlfheðinn). 12. Ulfhedinn Warrior Unfortunately for their opponents, Ulfhednar figth in packs. 13. Frost Sprite It's not just monsters who live in the Frozen Beyond. 14. Fisher King According to the old sayings, the secret of eternity is held by an old, wounded king who peacefully lives in a castle somewhere along the river. Many adventurers have sought him, but only a pure heart can find him. Yes, he's inspired by this Fisher King. 15. Kobold Miner Kobolds are discreet underground creatures who excel in mining. Many dwarven kings and mine masters owe their wealth to the intelligence and hard work of an unselfish Kobold counselor. 16. Valyrie in Training All heroes were once just small kids.
  4. It all began with that Spider Man heart torso. As soon as I saw it, I thought it would be perfect for any spider lover. So I made an arachnologist. And since I had much fun building my first custom minifig series in the Historical forum, I decided to build an other serie, dedicated to scientists. To keep my arachnologist company. Note : I hesitated between posting it in this forum or in the Minifig Customization one. I chose this one because this is sort of a MOC within the Collectable Minifigures Series theme, using only non-customised LEGO parts. Sorry if I made the wrong choice! Science & Nature - A Custom Collectable Minifigures Serie Links in minifig titles lead to the Wikipedia page of their discipline. Spoiler sections contain a back view of each minifig. 1. Arachnologist 2. Glaciologist 3. Oceanographer 4. Primatologist 5. Future Wildlife Veterinarian 6. Ichthyologist 7. Ornithologist 8. Herpetologist 9. Chiropterologist 10. Speleologist 11. Mineralogist 12. Wildlife Photographer 13. Paleontologist 14. Entomologist 15. Botanist 16. Future Astronomer