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    Cavegod UCS Sandcrawler

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    Mos Eisley
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    Star Wars MODs/MOCs, Modulars, Neuroscience, P-Chem, Physics, Fantasy, College, Spanish Literature, Political Science.


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  1. Jerry McGlade

    Pencil Holder

    I really enjoy the build, really like how you did the sides of the container. Fantastic work.
  2. Jerry McGlade

    Sonic Building (MOC)

    Cool build! I really enjoy the incorporation of colours.
  3. Jerry McGlade

    [MOC] Billsville (My LEGO Town...)

    Really cool! I like the town!
  4. Jerry McGlade

    [MOC] Modular School

    I really like the size of the build. Great job!
  5. Jerry McGlade

    Whomping Willow Micro

    I really like how you did the trees form. Awesome build.
  6. Jerry McGlade

    [MOC] Palpatine's organ

    Very nuisanced build by how everything flows from one thing to the other. I really like the turret! Great build!
  7. Jerry McGlade

    Death Star surface for X-wing display

    Greebly galore! I really like the surface of the Death Star!
  8. Jerry McGlade

    [MOD] Darth Maul Spider

    Awesome MOD! Great build!
  9. Jerry McGlade

    Defend the Food!

    Very refined build. Fantastic job!
  10. Really realistic build! Great job!
  11. Jerry McGlade

    MOC - The Lair of the Green Goblin

    Really awesome build! Really enjoy on how you did the gas!
  12. Jerry McGlade

    [MOC] Leonardo da Vinci Collab: The Polymath

    Awesome build and scene!
  13. Jerry McGlade

    [MOC] Infantry Command

    Really enjoy how you did the corners of the building. Great job!
  14. Jerry McGlade

    New Century Corner III

    Really enjoy the smooth lines of the build. Great job!
  15. Jerry McGlade

    Island Rush - Bandaud - 1 of 4

    Really cool build. Enjoy the way you made the water.