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    Cavegod UCS Sandcrawler

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  1. Jerry McGlade

    [MOC] Tragic Band

    I like it!
  2. Jerry McGlade

    [MOC] Coral Hotel

    Really cool!
  3. Jerry McGlade

    [MOC] Midiscale Modular Cinema

    Good job!
  4. Jerry McGlade

    [MOC] Greenhouse

    I like the motif a lot, it almost feels like a Steampunk thing. The Steampunk genre has become more apparent lately.
  5. Jerry McGlade

    [MOC] Department store

    Very nice job!
  6. Jerry McGlade

    [MOC] 8-Wide City Pizza Van

    Very nice
  7. Jerry McGlade

    [WIP] UCS-scale Impellor-class Fleet Carrier

    I like the structure
  8. Jerry McGlade

    Ginivex-class (Fanblade) Starfighter

    Really refined, good job.
  9. Jerry McGlade

    [MOC] Modular New Orleans Jazz Club

    I like it a lot!
  10. Jerry McGlade

    [MOC] "The Mandalorian" Skyline

    Very nice model!
  11. Jerry McGlade

    What is your favorite UCS Set of all time?

    Its either the Millennium Falcon or the Cavegods Sandcrawler
  12. Jerry McGlade

    MOCs: ROTJ Vignettes

    I like the sail barge a lot! Nice work.
  13. Jerry McGlade

    [MOC] "Feldbahn" System - Toy Train

  14. Jerry McGlade

    [MOC] "Feldbahn" System - Toy Train

    Good scaling job