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    Cavegod UCS Sandcrawler

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  1. Jerry McGlade

    [MOD] The Child get airsick

    Really great MOD! Awesome placement of the bricks on the robe.
  2. Jerry McGlade

    MOC Blurrg and modified Razor Crest

    I really enjoy seeing a Blurrg in Lego form. The photo said it all.
  3. Jerry McGlade

    [MOC] The Razor Crest by Edge of Bricks

    This build is very cool, it really looks like something that the lego designers would have built. Great work
  4. Jerry McGlade

    [MOC] Patrol on Endor

    A really gorgeous piece of art. I think I saw this on Flickr like yesterday. The landscape really just pops out at you because of all the detail in the build.
  5. Jerry McGlade

    10278 Police Station

    The building of this set makes me feel like I am in NYC. It is really from what I can see, a beautiful set
  6. Jerry McGlade

    Steam-locomotive DR BR 38.2-3 XII H2 and custom 3D-printed rods

    The gold accents make this design pop out when you look at it. Fantastic job.
  7. Jerry McGlade

    MOC: Brickchester Central Station

    It looks so exquisite! So much sophistication to the design and the lines. Beautiful design and workmanship.
  8. Jerry McGlade

    [MOC] Ferrari Testarossa

    Beautiful shaping of the vehicle. Fantastic build.
  9. Jerry McGlade

    [MOC] NCS Recon Bubblescout

    I really like the shaping of your design. Great job!
  10. Jerry McGlade

    AT-ST Raider from The Mandalorian

    Absolutely stunning! I really like the way that the legs are shaped.
  11. Jerry McGlade

    [MOC] Modular: Mediterranean Way

    I feel like I am in Italy when I see these models! Great job!
  12. Jerry McGlade

    MOC: The Cook's Camp

    It feels very nice to be there around the fire. Great job.
  13. Jerry McGlade

    AT-ST MOC by A_C

    I really like your build because of how it feels like it's from the movies and shows. Fantastic job.
  14. Jerry McGlade

    Slave 1 MOC [Instructions included]

    I really like the curvature of your build. Great job!
  15. Jerry McGlade

    LEGO Ideas - 123 Sesame Street

    I am so excited to mod it to make it into a modular. So excited!!! I remember watching that show when I was young.