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  1. SEmrys

    Marvel Superheroes 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    Pretty cool set, for sure. Not what I was expecting (mostly in regards to the colour of the dragon and the look of the Mandarin) but that's on me. I guess Wenwu's look is meant to contrast with that of Trevor. I like Shang-Chi's design. I've always been a fan of his simpler costumes, but until we get a clearer pic it's hard to say how well that translates into an interesting figure. Do we know what figures are in the other set? I'm assuming since Akwafina is playing one of the main characters and she's not here the smaller set will have her character and Shang-Chi?
  2. SEmrys

    Marvel Superheroes 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    You could also argue that some of the 'comic' sets aren't even that. Several of the non-film sets are based on the various TV shows.* And then on top of that a lot of the 'comic' sets that aren't based on the TV shows are just weird random assemblages that Lego has made up (all the Spider-vehicles, for instance, although I guess the same could be said about various MCU sets). At this point though, I'm happy for the CMF to go either way. I just hope it's a healthy balance like the DC line. I know you all want all the missing costumes, but I hope we get some new stuff too. 6 redesigns and 6 new characters would be cool. Edit: *Luke Cage is a good example of what I mean. He's one of my favourites. But if you want MCU/Netflix Cage, you're out of luck. And if you want a comic-book Cage, well, you're still out of luck because it's based on the Ultimate Spider-Man show.
  3. SEmrys

    Marvel Superheroes 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    True, but Asgard has been present throughout all three phases so far, so it could take elements from each film it appears in. Kind of like the Death Star. And I agree - I was just speculating. I'm glad us Marvel fans are finally get our time in the sun. Very true. There is quite a lot of stuff they could build now that you mention it. Again, it would have to be rather Hoth-like, but it could work.
  4. SEmrys

    Marvel Superheroes 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    I'd say (old) Asgard is one of the more likely options in my opinion. New Asgard wouldn't be the most exciting to look at. Sakaar would be, but it would be an odd choice, same with the refuge ship. Endgame final battle is one a lot of people would want, but what would it be? A Hoth UCS type thing? Maybe some scenery paired with Sanctuary II could work. I'm very excited to see how it turns out, regardless.
  5. SEmrys

    Marvel Superheroes 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    I hope to see some kind of architecture, but agree that the Gauntlet is something I can see them doing. Also, I just got hold of the new Captain America minifigure from the new mech sets while the site was down. Great little figure, love the detail and it's good to finally have his helmet piece (I know it's not new but this is the first time I've owned it), which looks better in hand than I thought it would!
  6. SEmrys

    Marvel Superheroes 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    This got me more than it should have That would be pretty cool, although I only just finally got the Infinity War one so I rather selfishly hope not! I think it's likely to be something Avengers related (because it always is). Alternatively, something from Black Panther just because of how big it was. But I've been looking at the Diagon Alley and Ninjago city sets recently; if Marvel could do something like that it would be awesome. Although the problem is a) the buildings in the MCU aren't lined up next to each other and b) are there that many points of interest in New York? (Avengers tower, the Sanctum, digging a little deeper you've got things like Nelson & Murdock Law firm, Alias investigations etc... Anything else?)
  7. Oh yeah, my experience has been the same. But a few people have mentioned seeing it over the last few pages. Will that translate over to the newer model though?
  8. - Solid points, both. I just think with a set like this it would be possible to ride both waves. Slave I stands out because its not like the Ghost or the Bad Batch shuttle. People already know what it is, and recognise Boba's new look. You release the set this year, you get the Mando fans buying it now, then the additional Boba fans around Christmas time buying it then. Either for themselves after enjoying the show, or as Christmas presents. Otherwise, they'll have to wait until whenever the next wave, and those aforementioned potential Boba sets hit. As such, I do also agree the new figure in those BoBF sets is also a strong argument for holding it back - if there are any at all ((bear in mind, Mando got sets, but WandaVision just started and thus far the Marvel fans have nothing, currently making it the exception, not the rule) although I do believe there will be sets). It also then it becomes a question of how successful this OT-era Slave I's sales will be? Especially when, as many point out, there is currently a Slave I on some shelves right now. Of course, marketing isn't my field of expertise so I concede they probably (hopefully?) know what they're doing.
  9. It'll be like those Kenner 'Early Bird Certificate' sets from the 70s. Except this time, rather than lack of stock, the certificate will just say "We haven't decided what this helmet is yet" Also, the more I think about this Slave I set the weirder I find it. I mean, we're getting Fennec, who, without her connection to Boba Fett would just be a random one off character. We're getting Bo who's armour is pretty much the same across the various TV shows. Another Cara. The updated Mando we just recieved. With all those characters coming in season 2 appropriate attire in one wave,, the lack of painted-Boba really stands out. I really hope that's a mistake.
  10. Pretty great wave from the sounds of things, although realistically I probably won't get much of it. Although Slave I is the weak link, I am interested to see if it turns out anything like 6209 since I missed the 20th anniversary one and it's doubled in price since Mando came out Hopefully, if not, this release gets that set (and the Maul figure, if its the Crimson Dawn one) to go down in price. At very least I forsee a lot of my time being spent on eBay and Brjcklink looking for the figures. What a selection!
  11. SEmrys

    Marvel Superheroes 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    While I lean towards wanting a comic CMF, I'll be personally happy with either as long as there is at least something new. I'm not getting my hopes up, but if the Netflix heroes were mixed in in some form that would make my day. Not because I'm a big fan of those shows necessarily, but because heroes like Daredevil and the Punisher are some of Marvel's most popular and I don't see them popping up anywhere else (although I realise Punisher probably isn't that likely - but hey, we've had Deadpool and Lobo in the past, so who knows?)
  12. I don't recall anyone talking about this before. Looks like it's based on some hitherto unrevealed scene where Yoda took Luke's X-Wing for a joyride across the galaxy after lifting it from the swamps of Dagobah
  13. Just finished my builds. I agree that the hut isn't the best, but I like it enough that I'll keep it to use as background scenery behind my figures. The ballista will probably get disassembled for parts. Really love Beskar Mando's body, but the lack of detail on the helmet makes it look a bit... Off? Especially when stood next to the fairly detailed Boba Fett. Grogu is adorable, obviously. Enjoyed putting together the TIE fighter, repetitive though it was. Stuck the 2nd Bill Burr episode of Mandalorian on in the background and breezed through it. Good shape and size. Nice to finally have one of the main SW ships that my collection had been lacking. It is however the first time I've owned the stormtrooper with the dual moulded helmet. In isolation it's okay, but next to the rest of my figures (older Stormtroopers, Darth Vader, etc) it looks pretty goofy/bad. Will probably replace it at some point if I can.
  14. Oh definitely! I didn't know it at the time but it came out a few days early at... The Entertainer (I think? On the 28th?) and apparently was gone within the day.
  15. True. I was banking on Argos anyway. Got my order in. Only one delivery slot left today. Could mean nothing. Could mean people are already quickly buying up ToT. I think it was around this time they ran out of the 501st sets last year.