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  1. I wasn't sure how interested I'd be in the set itself, because the playsets aren't really my thing, but it does look quite fun Those minifigures look fantastic though. It's just a shame buying them separately will probably cost a fortune in itself.
  2. I could buy these rumours being true (mostly because I want to buy that Resistance transport set if the rumours are true). The prices for the builds themselves don't seem unrealistic, they do describe the transport as small scale and compact, after all. But those figures do make me skeptical. Leia and Nien Nunb though... I need the rumours to be true for them alone.
  3. SEmrys

    Marvel Superheroes 2018 - Set Discussion

    That's fair. I'm a big fan of these films as well as the comics. I just don't think there is enough memorable content in them to adapt into LEGO form; hence why we only get a couple of sets for the smaller films like Homecoming, Ragnarok and Panther. In fact, I generally like the movie minfigures more than the standard, more comic-book-y ones. It's just the builds themselves I think can be lacking. It would be great if they could make supplementary sets based off comics to coincide with the movies to bulk up the line (like the X-Men sets we got a couple of years ago).
  4. SEmrys

    Marvel Superheroes 2018 - Set Discussion

    Oh, don't get me wrong, Star Wars does the same, but Star Wars also has a decade or so headstart, so you have all the other ships as well. That part was more a 'how do I know which Milano/Quinjet/etc to go for?', I'm fine with variants of a product, as long as that's not the only product that ever grabs my attention. But outside of the Milano/Quinjet etc., I feel like the theme is lacking all the (to use your example) Fantasticars or Avenger's Mansions or Asgardian realms, if you know what I mean? I would, personally, get more enjoyment out of them than say, a third of an arena from Ragnarok or a random escape pod from Infinity War.
  5. SEmrys

    Marvel Superheroes 2018 - Set Discussion

    As a long-time comic fan I've been wanting to get into the superhero themes for a while, and after seeing these sets (and everyone's reaction) I can see I'm also in the minority when it comes to my opinion of them. Don't get me wrong; the Hulkbuster, (Doc Strange's half of) the Sanctum and the Last Battle sets look cool, but overall, I feel like LEGO don't mine the superhero genre as much as they could. With 70+ years of comics at their disposal, why not go a little bit more crazy with it? Also, with regards to these sets, where's the best jumping on point if the best ones (The Milano ships) get re-made every couple'a years? Sorry for being a downer, guys, just seeing these photos encouraged me to voice my thoughts. (Also, I don't think I've posted in the superhero section before, so Hi everyone!)
  6. I really love the Solo wave. There was a moment when I thought to myself 'I may actually buy all of these'. I love the Falcon in particular because it's helped me get over the UCS version. I'm probably never going to buy that beautiful £650 set, but the Solo variant, displayed next to my TFA Falcon... That'll do quite nicely.
  7. Someone's posted the box on Instagram, really doesn't look like much of a worthwhile buy for anything other than play value (and even then..)
  8. Been loitering around these threads for a little while now and thought I'd get in on the conversation. Hey everyone! Saw TLJ the other day; loved it, and seeing it again today. Also, more importantly, noticed a few sites pop up on Google today saying the Ahch-To set is out on the 26th!