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  1. I saw the new Rey on eBay (UK) the other day. Unfortunately the seller listing it is someone who, while they often have the newest figures, charge quite a high price for them. Almost twenty quid for Rey? No thank you.
  2. I managed to get a good deal on the TFA one (from someone who worked on the movie, no less!) but seeing that Falcon kind of makes me wish I'd held out for this one. The proportions of the mandibles and lack of gaps really make a difference (although in an ideal world, I would just get the UCS)
  3. I kind of get their reasoning. It's just a shame such a central character has so few variants outside her Tattooine garb. I was quite keen on getting the Mustafar set due to her rumoured inclusion. Now, less so. Those battle packs still have my attention though!
  4. I already have Poe's Black X-Wing from TFA but a line-up like that would be enough to get me to buy another (at a discount, at least). Shame about the seeming lack of Padme in the duel set also. Is it too much to ask to have a non-TPM variant of her that isn't battle damaged or with those CW cartoon eyes (ie a regular adult Padme)?
  5. A good iteration of Kylo's shuttle is all I really wanted from this wave, and I'm so glad with how both the build and the mini figures have turned out. The rest of the wave is pretty decent too. The Falcon in particular catches my eye because I used to toy with my TFA variant in the hopes I'd get the cockpit at the right angle and close up the gaps. I finally managed it - then dropped it and haven't rebuilt it since (I never made any notes of the modificiations I made). It'll be interesting the read the instructions and check out the changes between the two (unless I miraculously come into the money to buy the new one).
  6. That looks excellent, thanks for the pictures. So far all I've done is messed around with the back fins (?) to make them longer like they are in the films. I'll have to study yours and see if I can capture that bulkier look you've achieved. I agree about the Quinjet (it's the only one I can comment on currently). That trike is a bit superfluous. Mine's been loaded into the back and will probably never make an appearance again. As for the Quantum/Tech Suits, that made buying the set without the minifigs a very easy decision.
  7. Could do! The War Machine Buster does pique my interest. And the majority of feedback for that set on here has been pretty positive. Also, that figure does look pretty sweet!
  8. Managed to pick up the Quinjet half-price (without figures) on eBay the other day. Great set, really love the way it's come together. Only problem is I planned to display it alongside the Benatar, but it's so big it makes the Guardians ship look less impressive in comparison
  9. Have to say these Far From Home sets are a lovely surprise. At the moment, my focus is still on the Quinjet, but I may have to pick up that Hydro-Man set too! The Peter Parker fig is probably my favourite figure to come out of the superhero line in quite some time. Mysterio being in the cheapest set is also a bonus. Like others have said, I'll probably just Bricklink Fury. And in regards to Peter's other classmates, I would have preferred them to the firefighter but maybe if the Hydro-Man set sells well we'll be treated to more characters like Ned and Flash whenever the Spider-Man 3 sets come around.
  10. I also can't wait, but there's a part of me that feels like the film (and thus the Lego sets) may be somewhat lacking in the new ships department (although it sounds like there'll be a ton of new characters to translate into minifig form). I don't know if you've ever read The Art of the Force Awakens, but it starts off with all these wonderful new designs, and after J.J. Abrams comes aboard everything starts to look more and more like the Original Trilogy. So personally alongside that supposed new Falcon I imagine we'll be getting at least one new X-Wing and maybe even another TIE too. Still, if they're good enough improvements, I won't mind. I only have Poe's X-Wing, the Millennium Falcon and Luke's hut from the ST sets.
  11. I assumed it was meant to be the silver blaster that Han gave her. In the film she tries to shoot Kylo only for him to force throw her into a tree. Then the Finn/Kylo fight happens. I actually quite like this little set, but that gun does look quite out of place.
  12. There's an Avengers 2012 Quinjet on sale on FB Marketplace that I had my eye on but was holding off until I saw the Endgame variant. And I'm glad I did. The new quinjet is gorgeous. Easily the best designed version in my opinion.
  13. I don't mind the arms myself. Personally I think the real issue is actually the legs. If the legs were dual moulded (not that I expect that, just an observation) then that shade of gold would be spread out more and I think the figure would look more balanced and visually pleasing, even without extra printing. As it stands though, the slightly muted colours in the legs (as a result of printing) make the arms stand out more. Still, the other armours are all solid so I don't mind.
  14. The Quinjet was the main set I was gunning for (the only one I've had was the rather stubby Civil War one) and to find out it comes with the helmet I wanted the most is ideal! Personally, I may just pop the helmet onto one of the old mask-less Caps to bypass the skin colour issue. But that may look a bit off without the chin strap.
  15. I wasn't sure how interested I'd be in the set itself, because the playsets aren't really my thing, but it does look quite fun Those minifigures look fantastic though. It's just a shame buying them separately will probably cost a fortune in itself.