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Found 10 results

  1. Jellyeater

    Legrang Gompa

    Johnny Thunder goes to the more distant Legrang Gompa to study ancient Buddhist manuscripts to find out where the Marco Polo Treasure is hidden. Monastery is on 48 x 48 baseplate.
  2. Niku


    Monastery by Arfelan Nest, en Flickr This one is based on Spain-Guatemala monasteries. Hope you like it. Thanks for watching. More pictures. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Please help me. Thanks. :) Hello, i am on the finals on lego ideas contest, if you could vote and help me would be very much appreciated. Thanks! If you want to support me please vote for me. Thank you very much. :) Home by Arfelan Nest, en Flickr
  3. Hey all! Was struck by inspiration over the past few days and decided to attempt my first non-construction MOC: a TV show scale Monastery from the Pilot and Season 1 (and apparently next year’s special as it’s been rebuilt). The trickiest part was getting angles right - I took a few creative liberties with the show version as I couldn’t really get the back most building to the right length to scale with the other walls, and I’m only just now noticing there’s a super tall spire with a hook that’s present in the show that I’ll have to add in later. The “dojo” aspect of it is a tad rushed - I originally had plans to make the training parts rise up from the ground and build a hefty part of the mountain, but given time constraints (I started this two days ago and go out of town tomorrow) I just threw them together really quickly. Let me know what you think! Since this is my first MOC using system parts, go easy on me :) The one thing I wish I had more time on was the interior; besides a simple bed for Sensei Wu and a container for the Sacred Flute, I didn’t have time to include some other memorable locations like the video game console or Kai’s mirror/bathroom.
  4. LittleJohn

    Katoren Monastery

    I actually finished this build around the beginning of June, but haven’t gotten around to posting it until now. This was just a build for fun to mess around with the dark blue/white colorscheme and to finally do something for Kaliphlin again. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out, though unfortunately the pictures are rather poor. Located on the Eastern outskirts of Katoren, this monastery survived the Kaliphlin civil war better than most. A natural spring was the reason for the monastery’s location, and the spring continues to provide fresh water for all the inhabitants, as well as make the surrounding area very lush compared to much of the Kaliphlin landscape. More pictures on Brickbuilt. Thanks for looking, C&C welcome
  5. BrickBuilder7622

    [MOC] Rodgenhalian Monastery

    Rodgenhale is home to the unique Rodgenhalian monks, whose monastery is pictured below. Several years back, these pious monks encountered a severe attack, and were forced to make sturdy modifications to their abbey. Since peaceful times have returned to the countryside, the Rodgenhalian monks have been pioneers in agricultural technology as well as aid and support for the village community. Housing men from all walks of medieval life, Abbott Martin Owen attempts to preserve the traditions of the monastery and retain peace in Rodgenhale. Well, well, well... two months since I've posted a build? Honestly it feels like a year. I've been more busy than I have ever been in my entire life with school. work, and business in general. My guess is that this creation has about 15,000 pieces or more, and during its two month construction period, I came up with MANY more building ideas, so you'll see some more builds from me really soon hopefully.
  6. Hi all, For my 100th post, I will show you a MOC that I made quite some time ago, in February 2014. First some pictures, thereafter I'll give you the story behind it. Time for the story. When I started building this, I had a few goals in mind: - It had to be a home for my 4 Ninjago ninja. - The inside had to provide them with a place to eat, sleep, meditate, train and store their weapons. - The inside had to be accessible - It had to be sturdy enough to pick up without it being attached to baseplates. (I achieved all of these goals ) This was my first attempt at a building with two wings (and single attempt to this date), also the first time I put this much thought in the needs of its users, the way it is used. On top of that, it was the my first building that was for the most part closed up (except for the middle section, but I'll get to that shortly). All things considered, this build is an important piece in my MOC portfolio. Back then, I was really proud and satisfied with this monastery. How I look at it now: The roof is not SNOTted, it shows almost all studs. I don't think it looks so bad on the tower in the middle, but I do think it looks somewhat ugly on the wings. The interior is obviously very simple and not very aesthetic, but the studs serve their purpose: to put minifigs on them and maintaining playability. I didn't show the back side for a reason: it looks ugly. I think the front makes up for that. I'm still proud as ever of the middle section . The colours and shape are still nice, but the technique I used to attach the 'head' of the tower to the lower level is still special to me. Bonus pictures: Thank you very much for viewing, opinions and tips are always welcome!
  7. Anfauglir's lieutenant, Samarkand, reached the old monastery just before dawn. Needles of light from the rising sun revealed the ruins as he approached, its crumbling walls a testament to the destruction Nocturnus had suffered for as long as anyone could remember. Abandoned many years ago, it was a perfect place to meet an old friend and an ally to the Nocturnian resistance. Fortunately the journey was uneventful, though long. Only a few small patrols evidenced the Black Spire's increasing chokehold on the Darklands, and they were easily skirted. Samarkand had ridden almost without stop to the monastery, he placed such importance on this meeting. He dismounted and left the tired animal to rest in the treeline surrounding the ruins. Pulling out his sword, Samarkand cautiously left the woods. Upon approaching the monastery a cloaked figure emerged from the entrance. The figure lifted its hood and Samarkand instantly recognized the beautiful Avalonian woman underneath. She smiled and then spoke. "You still know how to take a girl to a beautiful place. Things haven't changed a bit, have they Samarkand?" Samarkand sheathed his sword and relaxed. It had been too long since he had seen her. "If my memories still serve me well then it was you, Hexana, you chose to meet here. Of all the lands in Nocturnus, I don't think you could have picked an uglier one. These colors give me a headache!" "Oh, I forget how much you Nocturnians love your dark caves and foggy swamps, but there was little alternative. Hand soldiers are patrolling the roads, and there are few places his spies do not stalk. At least here we can enjoy some privacy." Samarkand looked away. In the distance he could see the great Rakarth Mountains, where Anfauglir's rebellion was staging against Raavage and his crony, the Covenant lord Senurhem. It was only a matter of time before their hidden redoubt was no longer safe, either. "Unfortunately, Hexana, we cannot enjoy it together for long. It is pressing that I get back to my men. I do not haste our departure, but Anfauglir parted several nights before myself to meet with Lord Vladivus and Lord Mortis of the resistance. I take grave risk leaving my men leaderless in the mountains." Senurhem returned his gaze to Hexana. "You said you found something of great importance - what do you have?" Hexana opened her side pack and revealed a piece of ragged parchment. She handed the scroll to Samarkand, who could see terrain features and a written language he could barely make out. Hexana could see he was intrigued. "It's a map, but to what I don't know. From the look in the Hand commander's eyes when I took it from him, though, I figured it was pretty important." Few things surprised Samarkand about Hexana nowadays, her past feats were so great. She had fought in almost every battle - and on almost every side - since the Revolwood wars. She even served for a time with the prestigious Shadowmere Assassin and Intelligence Guild. But Samarkand could tell instantly that the captured map was more than just the usual intelligence exploit. "How in Historica did you come across this?" "Six days ago I stumbled across a Hand patrol. At first I thought nothing of it, but then I noticed the leader - by his uniform, a full-fledged field commander. These guys usually don't leave Raavage's side, so I knew something was up. I followed the patrol and that night snuck into the tent the soldiers had set up to house their pig-commander. The idiot had a case chained to his wrist, so I figured he had something he didn't want to share. Unfortunately, his screams when I removed the chain alerted the camp and I had to leave in a hurry. My horse fled in the panic, so I had to walk here the rest of the way. I think that deserves a pat on the back, wouldn't you say?" Samarkand laughed. "Indeed, that was quite the story! I cannot say for sure, but from what Anfauglir has told me, this map appears to show the location of the artifact Raavage is looking for. This piece, it is told, would allow him to raise an army of the dead. I must show this to Anfauglir at once, he would know for sure. Hexana, if we can get to the artifact before Raavage we may have a chance in stopping him, and your name will be heralded across Historica! This coup ten-thousand soldiers could not accomplish!" Hexana stared impatiently at Samarkand. "I just pray for peace to find its way to Nocturnus and all of Historica. I tire of the soldier's life, of death and hardship. I want to live the rest of my life in tranquility - with you, Samarkand." Hexana grabbed his hand. "Do not think I have forgotten our nights together." Samarkand reached in to embrace her. They held each other for several moments before he spoke. "How could I forget the best moments of my life. When this is all over, I promise we will be together. Forever. We'll get a nice little place in the mountains, away from all these colors." Hexana laughed. "As long as you let me have that flower garden we talked about." A rustle in the nearby woods caught Samarkand’s attention. He did not hear the twang of the bow until the arrow had already found its mark. In front of him, Hexana moaned and fell into Samarkand’s arms. For a moment time slowed as Samarkand held her, oblivious to the dozens of black arrows that were now falling all around them. Quickly he picked up Hexana and began to run. Samarkand had covered only a short distance before he was struck in the leg, causing both to tumble to the ground. “Samarkand, I cannot survive this wound – you must leave me here.” The words struck Samarkand like a cold hammer. “No! You’re coming with me even if it means my death. You’re not-“ Hexana cut him off. “This map has to reach the resistance, with or without me.” Hexana coughed, and began to breathe slower. Samarkand could see the light fading from her eyes. “You made a promise that we would live together forever, once this was all over… stop Raavage, and make sure this is really over. You shall find me in the afterlife, and then you can fulfill your promise. Don’t let a lady down…” With those words, Samarkand watched the last trace of life leave Hexana’s body. Hazily he stood up, narrowly avoiding the axe swing from a Hand soldier who had neared to finish them off. More were following closely behind, and Samarkand killed nine before unsheathing his sword, his wrath was so great. Two dozen more were quickly dispatched. The second wave of soldiers witnessed the slaughter and briefly recoiled. Their hesitation allowed Samarkand to reach his horse and escape, soon leaving the pursing foot soldiers far behind. Still clutching the map in one hand, he turned and could see Hexana lying near the monastery. Samarkand saw a group of Hand soldiers approach her martyred body before he turned a corner and lost sight of her forever. Several troops were already pilfering through Hexana’s equipment when an officer wearing ornate battle armor approached. He kicked the soldiers to the side and ordered them executed on the spot. The commander reached down to pick up the empty map case and tossed it furiously to the side. Silently, he signaled a group of mounted Hand riders to follow Samarkand. Bandages on one arm betrayed a grievous wound, as if a hand had been recently removed. ------------------------------------------------------------------ A full shot of this MOC and a few other angles: ------------------------------------------------------------------ About this MOC: Greetings again! Sorry if you guys have seen some of these pics already on Flickr - I got snagged by life when I tried to get the story and other pics finished for GoH. In any case, thanks for checking it out! Feedback is of course welcome!
  8. Brother Steven

    Naughtston Abby

    Naughtston Abby by Brother Steven, on Flickr On a warm, sunny afternoon, Brother Steven was at his usual place in the abbey library, quietly studying passages of the Holy Scriptures and contemplating ancient texts, The atmosphere of the little alcove was pleasant, cheerful and inviting. Without a doubt, it was his favorite retreat for a bit solitude and seclusion. Built for the Classic Castle seed part challenge!
  9. Toltomeja


    Entry for CCC Miscellanous For many years the Synneora Rock was dwelled by a lone monk Athios, who had decided to spend the rest of his life meditating and devoting himself to God. When Athios passed away, the rock soon became the center of the country's religious life. Hundreds of pilgrims and the nearby villages inhabitants volunteered to help building a new chapel for the memory of Athios - a man of Faith and Sacrifice. Thea main sources of inspiration were Greek monasteries of Meteora, Zhangjiajie rocks (China) and Ha long Bay in Vietnam. I came across an article about Ha Long Bay and that was when I promised myself to try a new "tilted rock" technique, attaching part of the layout diagonally. I recommend it to hardcore-builders. It was the most extreme rock that I've ever made and that is because it is not really a strong construction and once you put a segment to place, nothing can be done... :) Well, it was fun. See the full gallery at Brickshelf: http://www.brickshel...ry.cgi?f=536195 Flickr Enjoy!
  10. Diidy

    [MOC] Drunk monk

    Hi all, today I finished this little vignette. Hope you'll like it. Full sized image