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    Iron Foundry for Weelond

    Very nice build indeed weelond is lucky to have such a fine operation Question on the fire ... Is that a light brick inside or just clever flashlight placement?
  2. Roadmonkeytj

    [COR-FB] Karst Geographers

    Im pleased to see a roof with pitch ... Clever idea and good fig placement ... The cluttered charting desk is very realistic of a geo office lol
  3. Roadmonkeytj

    [SR - FB - LDD] Shipwright Brothers

    I missed the plane at first good brick usage there ... You should probably patent your drill design and recharging system though you could really corner the market considering historically the first was built in 1889 lol
  4. Next to The Drunken Monkey
  5. Roadmonkeytj

    [OL-FB] The Pearl of Loyalty

    What an amazing build I love the details everywhere seriously impressive ... Would you mind some more detail on how your tiller works?
  6. So quick question ... When I posted the drunken monkey it was mentioned that it could be a class three (it was small prefabs and a center section) Ive built another of similar construction but I brick built the center half the size of a prefab ... This one has a longer prow but has two flying sails a main and a top and a spanker. Would that fall under class 2 or 3?
  7. Roadmonkeytj

    [ESL] A ship for a pirate hunter

    Im really enjoying your retro builds ... Its inspiring me to put some retro ships on the water as well
  8. Roadmonkeytj

    [SR - FB - LDD] Shipwright Brothers

    Haha I laughed at the drill myself ... Its a clever build ... I like the steam bender
  9. I just had this happen I ordered the ship in a bottle and it generated the promo in my cart ... No promo ever arrived but the ship in a bottle did a couple weeks later ... I called Lego customer service and had a great and helpful conversation about how the backorder system works .... More or less in my case My shipment was held waiting on the ship to arrive in the distribution center ... In the meantime the stock of the promo ran out even though it was on my order ... They are sending me the next promo instead ... All I had to do was call.
  10. I really like the way you showed the rough seas ... Seems the decks are rather short but over all its a solid build welcome back
  11. Roadmonkeytj

    Sea Rats: Sign-up and Discussion, ERA II

    It seems as of lately bastion is becoming the hub for piratey pirates and charlatan bay as the free traders that are less piratey lol ...
  12. Roadmonkeytj

    [COR WTC] WTC Drunken Dragon

    I rather like this ship its got a nice shape for its size... And that figurehead
  13. Roadmonkeytj

    [OL-FB] Frigate l'Acharnée

    Love all the details great looking ship sir
  14. Roadmonkeytj

    [ESL] Blood Diamond

    See ive done the two rows of 45 before and it never looked quite right .... Maybe its the dark grey
  15. Roadmonkeytj

    [ESL] Blood Diamond

    I love the sails you come up with ... Is that the same size as the original lego set sails? I Intend to do something very similar to mine but in brown ... I think the colors suit it very well ... The "blood red" actually is a good contrast to the green If its not too much to ask could I get a break down of your grey hull center sections ... I have a all grey fore and aft that could really appreciate some mids
  16. And here I thought the 11 bricks was intentional .... Good build ... I think the styling translated well ... The columbs are a nice touch as well. And let the 7 year old be known thats some fine gardening lol
  17. Meanwhile several days ago in Fuerte Unido somewhere on the edge of the jungle .... Capitan Larvey loads several bottles of Bru-Haha and a sealed letter addressing the members of Council. I want you to take this crate directly to council in Weelond after you deliver the rest of the Bru-Haha around the settlement. After sealing the top the boys got the wagon loaded... Once deliveries were made the hired driver set sail for Weelond with his special assignment and a bag of silver for his troubles. After a couple days travel the driver finds the council hall he stops and takes in the details before heading inside the red brick structure crate in tow. Upon entering the main hall he sought out head of council and opened the crate and handed him the letter. Dear gentlemen and ladies of council - I am writing to you today in hopes you take a moment and enjoy the latest drink to grace the settlement of Fuerte Unido. It is called Bru-Haha ... Its quite a superior drink to any currently on the market and after a long day of politicing your sure to enjoy a good relaxing calm. Weeks ago myself and others ships were detained. We set out into the jungle to explore ... And explore we did ... Many of you may be unaware of this plant Minifigurous failurous as it is a recent discovery. Lady Glycol and her great understanding of science was the first to formulate the brew. After this we scaled up her experiment to a much larger set up ... And began full scale production. We already have most of the settlement requesting Bru-Haha exclusively in taverns and inns. Its properties store well for sea travel ... As well as Sherry and tastes better ... Works are underway to set up Bru-Haha shops that will distribute and sell Bru-Haha exclusively. You see gentlemen and fair gentlewomen may refer to us as pirates because we bow to no crown no government. We may sail under the Sea Rats colors but we be not mere pirates ... We be traders and businesspeople as well. We really have been enjoying your beautiful settlement and are in hopes of leaving it improved not destroyed as some may think we do. We at this time believe that the Minifigurous failurous can be cultivated and farmed as a cash crop not only in your settlement but others with favorable growing conditions. Please Enjoy some complimentary Bru-Haha as a gesture to improve all our situations. Signed Captain Larvey of the Drunken Monkey
  18. So after scrapping the small hull and migrating over to the friends hull ... Originally had 3 mids and was having trouble getting the stearn shape ... So I borrowed a spare black hull bow as Ive seen done before. Now I just have to figure out a new stern and decking. Then I can order the bricks for final colors. Still unsure about the "hawse holes" I think that's what they are called ... I may also change the bow cannons to on top of the deck instead of below Also took the advice on the masts and will be going forward with brig rigging .... Thoughts on the new direction?
  19. Roadmonkeytj

    [COR-FB] The BoC

    This immediately came to mind hahaha
  20. Roadmonkeytj

    Londa, capital of Mardier

    So many fine architectural details in this ... The minifig statutettes in the wall and the little golden ones as roof embelishment The stone work is impressive ... The dark red works well under it I really enjoy the statue of the explorer ... I will use a similar technique sometime in the future. I did laugh when I saw the couple on the balcony ... Seems there is a bearded lady in town ... Actually the princess torso works well to show a wealthy figure as the curves are subltle. The choice to add the stores below and the center courtyard(appearences) really makes this feel like a stately home. All around good build ... I love the photos making it feel as if it were a full city
  21. Roadmonkeytj

    [COR-FB] The BoC

    Im only lightly ribbing ... at ease
  22. Roadmonkeytj

    [COR-FB] The BoC

    What have you gone soft man ... Now what are we to do with our freshly popped corns and frosty Bru-Haha's ... Its as if it fizzled out before it got started ... No horse heads or blood trails from repayments or nothing ... Is the young Mesabi conforming completely to Corish ways ... Will the WTC cease to be an strong arm organisation ... Will I ever get to finish my popped corns and Bru-Haha ..........
  23. Loving the sighting glass ... But wheres the surveyors staff? Im also keen on that cleverly implemented plate Looking forward to the future constructions
  24. Roadmonkeytj

    [SR-FB1] Feb '18 - Power Shifts

    I like the approach you used for the floor ... Did i miss something whos head was burried
  25. Roadmonkeytj

    Sea Rats: Sign-up and Discussion, ERA II

    Thats quite some ship ... What about making the arch supports appear to extend into the cabin above ... Maybe extending that could raise the height 2 bricks and bring the whole cabin forward 3 or four studs ... Or keep the balcony where it is and slide the cabin forward then extent the balcony around the sides... Just brainstorming