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    Working Hopper

    Oh sure now you post this lol... Well I was inspired by the little tipper car but I have issues with short wheel base cars so I modernized the mechanism and made it sit lower (the bucket is structural to the car) with the heavy use of technic bars with stop bushings I was able to come up with this design I moved the gearing to the top of the car so I could make it sit lower. You simply drive it through a set of gear plates and it tips the gear on the other side will right the car Edit: I just realized I left the idler gear in on the reversing gears this should be removed I will fix the renders at a later time. The return side should be two 6 stud half beams without the 8 tooth idler gear instead of the 7 stud with idler. This the correct gear configuration: Challenge Accepted lol
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    Studded battery box cover

    I actually seen one of these for sale on bricklink the other day and considered it!
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    O-my, get a load of this MOC

    Ohhh that looks good in "scenery" I really like this engine and my favorite is the tender... Because of the shape but the Lego lines brings it home lol
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    [OL-FB] RNTC Terraman le Gaillard

    That's a great way to present a boat... Good story! The jewel is the ship it's quite impressive... I like the way you included the side cargo holes
  5. Roadmonkeytj

    Southern Pacific J1 #1111

    Nicely done indeed... Seeing Jason's big boy in person was impressive... But I can say I was just as wooed by his American with well hidden pf components.. I would enjoy seeing yours pulling the 25 car trains as well!
  6. Roadmonkeytj

    [MRCA result] Patrolling the coast

    Such a lovely shaped target for the mortars
  7. Yes! Thaum did an excellent job on replicating our ships in micro!
  8. Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum Main Characters: Captain Mason Wardell - Captain Odin's Scorn The Stranger - Currently aboard Odin's Scorn Professor Thaum and crew - of the Andromeda Location... Somewhere in the New Haven Sea region ---------- The ships had sailed for weeks when on a foggy dawn the topmast hailed “Lotii war junk, clear off the larboard bow!!” Captain Mason Wardell was under a tough decision. "We clearly out number her and out gun her: we can tear her to shreds with ease. Our mission is of the upmost importance and can not be compromised. Secrecy of our presence is vital for success. Signal to the others: we will use the fog to gain a favorable position: and cut her to pieces. Hoist the Red flag!" the captain commanded. The first mate questioned: "The red flag sir?" "AYE the Red!" The Captain’s voice boomed across the deck, "We will show no quarter men, there will be no man left standing, there will be no survivors. We will tear the ship to ribbons, board her, resupply and ensure there is not a man nor boy left to tell the tale!" "This seems like an act of war on the Lotii Sir". The first mate replied. We cannot let them go and compromise the mission. They will report our position and this mission will be doomed! We will sweep the area for survivors." He said firmly to the first mate before shouting to the deck: "We’ve taken ships before men we will take one more – she is not a prize, but a threat to our existence: Drag Her To Hell Boys!" So the ships tacked round, using the fog to their advantage, and proceeded to lay iron to the Lotti junk tearing her main beams to splinters. However as the ships were engaged three more ships dropped out of the fog. Aboard the Andromeda: Foretop : Sails to leeward !! Capt B. WOLF : Oliver, there many sails straight ahead, but I can identify the Octopus and the Odin's Scorn, they have a lotti junk engaged, and the Stormbull right behind the junk's stern probably closing for the kill... Dr Thaum : Finally, we've found them... Capt B. WOLF : ... and all 3 are flying the red ! Dr Thaum : The red !!??? What kind of madness is this !! S. SPILLET : Doctor, the Jolly Rogers is speeding up, no doubt they want to board the junk's larboard. Dr Thaum : Eh !!!??? Lets bear away !! The Andromeda will intervene between the Rogers and the junk !! Rowboats to the sea ! Fully loaded with weapons, you take their lead, Saul. Terminate all the survivors, you're in charge ! Barney, signal the Thunder to enter the fight.  S. SPILLET : Row... row... row S. SPILLET : We're closing to the junk! You sailor, see to those survivors!  Sailor : Aye aye Saul !   BAOUM !!   Paw!! The Lotti Junk was boarded, any usable supplies or cargo transferred to the other ships, and finally the Lotti ship scuttled. The remaining ships finished sweeping for survivors then continued on course. The fleet had sailed for two more days without sight of another ship when the top mast hailed“LAND HO!”. Captain Wardell pulled his spyglass and checked it to his charts – this was the island. They sailed around the island noting the landmarks and scanning the horizons for masts. Finally they sailed into the hidden cove to make berth. OoC: the Red flag was historically flown by pirates as a symbol of no quarter. Meaning no survivors. Also the Andromeda, the Jolly Roger and Thunder all join the AMCRA Once again thanks to my fellow rats for making this happen.
  9. Thanks it really was a group effort ... In due time ... This half of the adventure has no way to get off the island as they have no boat until the resupply shows up so there is no way a map could even circulate beyond the confines of this adventure currently.
  10. Roadmonkeytj

    Chances of an Emerald Night re-release?

    Is there links to your trains somewhere? I've only seen a couple of these before.
  11. Roadmonkeytj

    [MOC] Track Inspector

    So I got some inspiration from a model on MOC pages... Apologies I lost the link to give proper credit but I feel safe not knowing it as about the only element that is the same in my version is the running boards lol. Model T trucks were used for just about anything some were even sold as the cab engine and frame with nothing mounted. In the 30's and 40's it was not uncommon to see them modified into track vehicles. This is powered by an M motor (the mic page model used an old 9V motor but was taller because of that. The gearing is 16:1 and I plan on powering this direct from a 9V battery. The only part that is not shown it a bit of tan embroidery cloth to simulate a canvas tarp draped over the load. This will hide the battery and gear housing (the black over the motor to prevent the cloth getting in the gears) and part of the M motor. I chose an m motor because it resembles an old generator motor so it could be something they would haul. This will not be remote controlled... Or controlled at all for that matter (that's why it's geared) just will go in forward till its pulled off the track or the battery dies. Comments and criticism welcomed
  12. Roadmonkeytj

    [MOC] Track Inspector

    Thanks my thought was make it work with what you have available. Many of the yardmen were great at turning junk into something workable and usable.
  13. Roadmonkeytj

    Working Hopper

    Just a couple links in my searches for "what's already been done" And I was going to post the one @Andy Glascott already posted lol. @AlmightyArjen has a lot of programming involved but it makes for a neat display I'm not sure your looking for a programmed method... From the sounds of it you want a static point that you have to drive across? So you have more physical control? Am I thinking correct? Edit: a couple GBC that might be more your style... Not sure if it can be modified to "coal studs/bricks" but I don't see why not. This may be more your mechanism
  14. Roadmonkeytj

    [SR - MRCA result] Somewhere in Trador

    Looks like a real shady part of town... Is this brothel one street off the warf? Lol Great little build... Very criminal
  15. Thanks! it's labeled as Dinosaur Tail in LDD. This actually started as a small statue and sorta grew... Quickly
  16. Marooned with a Mission Main Characters in this episode: Lt. Donley Harris - Head of Expedition Chief Timone - Leader of the Natives -------- As the masts of the fleet disappeared on the horizon Lt. Donley pulled the missive from his rucksack and preceded to read it. "To the Chosen one: If you are reading this then you have been chosen as a trusted and competent man in good standing of Captain Mason. The mission we have is imperative to the success of men free from imperial rule. With the push for future expansion I realize the importance of a resupply hub on the way to the New Haven Sea region. I’m sure your aware of the strong arm taxes implied on ports in the old world. Our goal is to keep a free port in line to the newly discovered worlds. Years ago I had the pleasure of hiding out on this island. I made friends with the natives, in particular: Chief Timone. He always admired my pistols – this is why you will give him my pistol as a gift. He and his tribe will aid you in setting up your outpost. It is imperative that you make contact with Chief Timone prior to construction as he will show you a pre-chosen location for the outpost. It is well guarded and the bay is deep. I realize this is a lot to take in, but I trust that you will succeed in your endeavors. Signed  The Phoenix" After reading it he called the men over and unfurled a map. There was some misguided talk about fortifying themselves there on the beach but Donley was focused on his mission. Lt. Donley spoke to the men: We have the location of two villages. One to the north and one to the south. I have on good faith that the natives will assist us in our mission here. We need to make contact before beginning construction as the native chief knows the right location. I say we head to the temple as that is where he resides.  The men were in agreement and they set out for the temple at day break. They had been warned of the boars on the island: they could be quite vicious. By mid-day the men reached the temple village. It was a sight to see. None of them had ever seen a 40-meter-high pig statue before. The villagers all stared at them … as if looking for a familiar face that was not among them. Donley approached one of the Tribes men and asked: "Where can I find Chief Timone?" The tribesmen pointed towards the mouth of the Pig and made a motion for them to go up the stairs that ascended the stone beasts internals. Once inside the Temple walls they could see a courtyard with another grand structure on top of a lush hill. They made their way to it and were greeted by the chief. "Come, come my Friends sit tell me your stories!" The chief exclaimed. The men gathered round and Lt. Donley explained that they have brought gifts to gain the chief’s’ good favor. The men presented the gifts, but when Lt. Donley asked considering the man who referred to himself as 'the Phoenix', the Chief became very guarded. He then said: "I know nothing of such name, perhaps you have mistaken his presence here on my island!" To this Donley pulled the engraved pistol from his coat and presented it to the chief. "Perhaps this will refresh your memory … he said you were quite fond of his pistols during his stay here. He wanted you to have one for your own. Donley replied with a smirk as the chief’s eyes widened and he rubbed his fingers over the finely carved pistol butt. "He said, someone would come! But its been years I never thought this day would arrive!" Cheif Timone replied, "We will feast then I will show you what you seek!" After they feasted on some roasted Pig they hiked a short way through the interior until the jungle gave way to the sea. It was just as the letter described. The bay was very defendable and the water deep enough even for a Man-O-War to make berth. Donley turned to the men and stated: "We will move camp and begin construction of a dock first thing in the morning!" OoC: we visited the old village to see the chief and discovered the location of the future outpost. Additional photos:
  17. Roadmonkeytj

    Working Hopper

    While not "automatic as the car passes" car tippers are really neat to see in action... Would take some engineering in Lego but would be neat to see. the other option would be simply designing a slide ... Perhaps with the spring suspension parts that catches a latch to push it open during a section of track the once off the latch the slide snaps shut.
  18. Roadmonkeytj

    [MOD] Modern engines

    So I finally laid eyes personally on the 10219 Maersk Train set when a LUG member brought the unpowered unit to our last show. Now while it's a great looking set ... I'm not fond of Diesel ... let alone modern equipment(anything after the 50's that's not steam) ... However saying that, I saw some real potential in this model. There seems to be an army of these rolling around my part of the country with CSX paint on them and I said what the hell I love the motor detailing for a "B" unit and our local yard rarely runs single units (aside from the yard dog) So I borrowed the instructions and assembled it in LDD. Then I took to the task of verifying if the parts are available in CSX livery. Turns out they all were. The only parts I changed were the seat detail in the cab. The side 6x12 plate for a full stud plate to mount the car tiles to. And instead of the 2x4 tile that had the stripe decal on it I changed that (on both sides) to 2x3 blue tile and 1x2 yellow tile. All of the parts are available in the New livery although I have not priced this yet It will be built in brick in 2019 sometime. I plan to use the PU hub and motor so I also swapped a 2x4 tile into where the IR sensor would have mounted. So without further adieu here is my recolor.
  19. Roadmonkeytj

    [MOD] Modern engines

    I honestly couldn't say as I was specifically looking for blue or dark blue. Most of the parts are pretty common I don't see why you couldn't do that livery but it would just be a matter of checking parts avalibility Vs the parts list.
  20. Roadmonkeytj

    [MOD] Modern engines

    I did not check the availability of all yellow... You thinking chesie paint?...
  21. Roadmonkeytj

    [MOD] Modern engines

    I intend to keep the mock motor in the "towed unit" but the other unit I pulled the motor for the powered up hub and replaced one of the trucks with the train motor.
  22. Roadmonkeytj

    Are the Creator Expert trains finished?

    I think trains in general are marketed (lately it seems) towards targeted audience in hopes for better sales. As where others are wide audience sales.
  23. Roadmonkeytj

    Changing the polarity of Powered Up train motors

    Is this powered from both ports on 1 hub or do you need to place 2 hubs and sync them to one remote?... Or are you installing a splice and running off 1 port?
  24. Roadmonkeytj

    Sea Rats: Sign-up and Discussion, ERA II

    @Vedauwoo Welcome back yard scoundrel... Pop into the Sea Rats pm if you have any questions... There's a few familiar members left from ERA 1 and a few new since your absence. Outside of your ships being drydocked you should be able to jump right in
  25. Roadmonkeytj

    Gold smelting factory

    Very well thought out Bart! I may borrow a few techniques I spy in this!